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18V Lithium Ion
Portable Battery Charger
- For use with all ProShot™ and TrueCoat Pro™ sprayer batteries IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS
Read all warnings and instructions in this manual and the
sprayer manual. Be familiar with the controls and the proper
usage of the equipment. Save these instructions.
Model 16F628
The battery may leak, explode, cause burns, or cause an explosion if mishandled. Contents of an open battery can
cause severe irritation and/or chemical burns. If on skin, wash with soap and water. If in eyes, flush with water for at
least 15 minutes and seek immediate medical attention.
Do not short-circuit the terminals of the battery.
Keep the battery away from fire.
Charge only with Graco approved charger as listed in this manual.
Do not expose to heat above 170° F (80° C).
Do not expose battery to water or rain.
Do not disassemble, crush, or penetrate the battery.
Follow local ordinances and/or regulations for disposal.
Improper setup or usage can cause electric shock, fire, and explosion.
Charge only Graco 18V Lithium Ion batteries; other batteries may burst.
Use only in dry locations. Do not expose to water or rain.
If the supply cord is damaged, it must obtained from the manufacturer to avoid a hazard.
Ensure that the outside surface of the battery is clean and dry before plugging into the charger.
Do not attempt to charge non-rechargeable batteries.
Place charger on flat non-flammable surfaces and keep away from flammable materials or fumes when recharging
To reduce the risk of damage to cigarette lighter connector and cord, pull by cigarette lighter connector rather than
cord when disconnecting charger.
Make sure cord is located so that it will not be stepped on, tripped over, or otherwise subjected to damage or stress.
Do not operate charger with damaged cord or cigarette lighter connector; replace it immediately.
Do not operate charger if it has received a sharp blow, been dropped, or otherwise damaged in any way; take it to
a qualified service person.
Do not disassemble charger; take it to a qualified service person when service or repair is required. Incorrect reassembly may result in a risk of electric shock or fire.
To reduce the risk of shock, unplug charger before attempting any maintenance or cleaning. Turning off controls
will not reduce this risk.
If a vehicle fuse opens repeatedly, do not keep replacing it. The cause of the overload must be found. On no
account should fuses be patched up with tin foil or wire as this may cause serious damage elsewhere in the electrical circuit or cause fire.
Charging the Battery
Batteries may leak, explode, cause burns or cause an explosion if mishandled.
NOTE: Do not leave charger plugged into vehicle power point
when engine is not running. Charger will continue to deplete the
vehicle battery.
Make sure vehicle engine is running when charging a battery. Charging will deplete engine battery and may cause
the vehicle to not start.
If the inside temperature of the vehicle is greater than
130° F (55° C) or less than 32° F (0° C) the battery will not
NOTE: It takes approximately 45 minutes to charge a cooled
dead battery to 80%, at which point it can be used. It will take
approximately 85 minutes to fully charge a dead battery.
NOTE: The amount sprayed with each battery varies depending
on material, tip size, battery charge, and battery temperature.
To reduce the risk of electric shock, only use Graco
batteries with the Graco charger. Do not insert any
foreign objects into the battery charger.
Battery Selection
Part Number
18V Lithium Ion Premium Battery
18V Lithium Ion SlimLine Battery
Operating Instructions
Fuse Replacement Procedure
Connect charger to vehicle power point.
Unscrew the silver cap, located at the tip of the power cord,
and remove the fuse inside the adapter.
NOTE: Leave the spring at the bottom of the adapter.
Slide battery into charger as shown (light will turn on within
5 seconds).
Insert new fuse into the adapter above the spring.
Insert small fuse holder through the bottom of the silver
4. Screw the silver cap back onto the adapter.
NOTE: To ensure the fuse is properly aligned, press the small
fuse holder down inside the cap, then release.
Charger Status Indicator Lights
(Not on Label)
Solid green light
Indicates a full charge. Use the battery or leave it in the charger.
The automatic Maintenance Mode holds the batteries at full charge.
Flashing green light
Battery is charging, indicates 80% charge.
Battery can be used.
Flashing red light
Battery is charging, indicates less than 80% charge.
Do NOT use battery.
Solid red light
Battery is too hot to charge and must cool before charging.
Leave battery in charger.
BOTH red and green lights flashing Vehicle power point is either below 10V or more than 15V. Vehicle battery
is incompatible with charger and cannot be used to charge batteries.
All written and visual data contained in this document reflects the latest product information available at the time of publication.
Graco reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice.
For patent information, see
Original instructions. This manual contains English. MM 3A0153
Graco Headquarters: Minneapolis
International Offices: Belgium, China, Japan, Korea
Revised B, April 2015
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