Blood Pressure Monitor LS802-E1

Blood Pressure Monitor LS802-E1
Blood Pressure Monitor LS802-E1
print date: 4/2013
Device structure
Systolic blood pressure
High pressure result
Diastolic blood pressure Low pressure result
User 1
Air connector plug
and cuff
LCD display
User 2
User 1
Power adapter
User 1
Provide measurement for User 1, and
then save the measure data automatically
Provide measurement for guests,
but not save the measurement data
User 2
Provide measurement for User 2, and
then save the measure data automatically
Data storage
Data has been stored in device
Wireless transmitter
The blood monitor and bridge in communication
Network connection
The bridge is not connected to the network
Motion detected
Movement will result in inaccurate results
Low battery
Batteries are low and need to be replaced
Blood pressure measurement unit
Date (hour:minute)
Current time
Cuff is deflating
User 2
Battery compartment
Install batteries
4 AA alkaline batteries are needed to power the device.
Battery installation and replacement
Before using
1. Install the data bridge. Please refer to the bridge instruction manual.
(If data bridge is already installed, skip these steps.)
1 Slide off the battery cover according to the arrow direction.
2 Install the batteries by matching the correct polarity, as shown.
3 Replace the battery cover.
Replace the batteries whenever the following occur:
2. Sync the device with your working data bridge. More instructions on syncing your device can be
found at
3. Ensure that you have an account setup at If not, you can register for an account
appears on the display
The display dims
The display does not light up
Remove batteries if the device is not likely to be used for an extended time.
Remove old batteries from the device and follow your local recycling/disposal guidelines.
AC adaptor: 100-240 V~, 50-60 HZ, 400 mA
(For use with AC adaptor model UE08WCP-060100SPA only!)
Register device
1. Log into your account at and choose
"Account Settings" > "Device Sync."
2. Enter your device’s serial number
and click "Sync Device."
3. If successful, the device will display
as “ Synced."
4. Finally, manually ”Sync” the device
In order to protect your monitor, only use
these recommended power sources
5. See "Activate device" on the
following pages if device does not
display as synced.
Operating instructions
Activate device
1. Bring the device within 3 feet of the data bridge.
2. Press the activation button
for 5 seconds.
(User 1) to turn on the device and complete the measurement automatically. The device will
save the measurement data for User 1. Use the same process for
(User 2).
(Guest) to turn on the device and complete the measurement automatically for guests, but will not save
the measurement data.
In this manual, we use the measurement of User 1
1 Press
1. The LCD display should indicate
the last measurement taken.
3. The screen
will appear. Wait for the screen
as an example.
to turn on the device.
2. The device adjusts to zero automatically and begins
inflating the cuff and measuring automatically.
to appear. If this screen does not display, see trouble shooting.
User 1
User 1
3. Once displayed, the results will transmit to the
data bridge wirelessly and save the data.
User 1
User 1
2 Press
to power off , otherwise it will turn off
automatically after one minute.
See trouble shooting
Move to next step
1. When finished with the first measurement, simply press another button, and the blood pressure monitor will
begin a new measurement.
2. If the blood pressure monitor is not connected with the data bridge, the icon
will display. A maximum of 60
records for User 1 and User 2 can be stored without a connection.
About blood pressure
The data from User 1 and User 2, including stored data, will be automatically sent to the data bridge when the blood pressure
monitor is close enough to the data bridge. The measurement data from guest button will not be updated.
What are systolic pressure and diastolic pressure?
Log into to check the result or use the mobile app.
When ventricles contract and pump blood out of the heart, blood pressure reaches its maximum value, the highest
pressure in the cycle is known as systolic pressure. When the heart relaxes between heartbeats, the lowest blood
pressure is diastolic.
blood discharging
blood entering
What is the standard blood pressure classification?
Diastolic blood pressure (mmHg)
Below illustrates the blood pressure classification mode by World Health Organization (WHO) and International Society of
Hypertension (ISH) in 1999.
If you change the stored user on the website, press and hold the guest button
device and website.
. This will ensure the same change on the
Grade 3 hypertension (severe)
Grade 2 hypertension (moderate)
Grade 1 hypertension (mild)
Borderline hypertension
High-normal blood pressure
Normal blood pressure
Optimal blood
Systolic blood pressure (mmHg)
CAUTION - Only a physician can tell you your normal blood pressure range and the point at which you are at risk. Consult your
physician to obtain these vaules.
Tips for measurement
Do the daily measurement at consistent times.
Keep the tube facing the
torso and in line with the little finger.
Incorrect measurement will result from the following:
Immediately after eating
or drinking
Immediately after consuming
caffeine or nicotine
after bathing or sauna
When talking or moving your fingers
In a very cold environment
When you have a full bladder
Use the same arm for every measurement.
You should be seated during measurement
with feet flat on the floor.
If cuff becomes too tight or uncomfortable
press any button to cancel and deflate cuff.
The cuff should not be too tight. You should be
able to insert one finger between the cuff and your arm.
To prevent the product from harming users and to prolong product life, please follow guidelines below.
Symbol meaning
About power adapter use
Avoid water, dust and extreme temperatures.
Remove adapter from the power interface if there is some unusual problem with the device.
Regular instruction
If the surface of the adapter is broken, do not use it.
Do not disassemble or repair the adapter without professional instruction.
Disassembly forbidden
About battery use
About the device
Do the daily measurement at consistent times. For instance, before going to sleep every night.
Use the same arm for every measurement.
4 x AA batteries should be used in this product.
Keep the tube facing the torso and in line with the little finger.
If the product is not used for extended periods of time, remove batteries.
This will prevent the batteries from leaking.
The cuff should not be too tight. You should be able to insert one finger between the cuff and your arm.
When you insert the batteries, make sure they are in the correct position.
During the measurement, place cuff on bare arm, or wear thin clothes to ensure accuracy.
Do not heat the batteries or expose them to flames.
Keep the device in a dry place and avoid direct sunlight.
Do not combine old and new batteries.
Keep the device on a flat surface when not in use.
Do not disassemble the product when you discard it.
Trouble shooting
1. Use a damp cloth to gently clean the device.
This section includes a list of error messages.
If the device is not operating as you think it should, please check here before arranging for service.
Fault cause
Dead batteries
No display
Wrong battery installation
1. The wireless is interrupted.
2. When activating the device,
the distance to the data
bridge is too far
When activated or
the LCD displays
2. Dry the device after cleaning it.
Install new batteries
Align polarity symbols (+/-)
Reactivate the device within 3 feet of the data
Network failure
Check the network connection
The device didn’t register
Reregister the device (see step 1)
Data bridge limit of 16 devices
has been reached
Go to the website and delete the unused
device or purchase a new bridge
Internet failure The data
bridge’s WAN lights flash
Check the internet connection
Low battery
Change the batteries
User A
While using the
product, the LCD
User A
1. The communication between
the device and the data
bridge is interrupted
2. The device is out of the
wireless range
Reset the device within 3 feet of the data
Network failure has exceeded
7 days
Product name
The cuff is not in the correct
Product dimension
Redo the measurement
Measurement mode
The measurement data is
near or over the identification
Blood Pressure Monitor LS802-E1
5.4 x 4.3 x 2.4 in
Reposition the cuff
Product weight
The measurement data is not
correct because of talking or
hand movement
Check network connection
Go into Device management >>
Product >> Data authentication,
Assign the data manually
Can’t check the latest data in
the website.
Approx. 424 g (excluding the dry cells)
3.7 x 3.1 in
Oscillographic testing mode
Pressure: 0~40 kpa (0~300mmHg)
Measurement range
Pulse value: 40~199 times/minute
Internet failure. The data
bridge’s WAN lights flash.
Check the network connection
Pressure: 41~105 ºF within ±0.5 kpa (4 mmHg)
Pulse value: ±5%
Measurement perimeter
of the upper arm
Working condition
Storage & transportation
About 10 ~16 in
Temperature: 32 ~ 104 ºF Relative humidity ≤ 80% RH
Temperature: -4 ~ 140 ºF
Relative humidity: 10%~93% RH
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