View the Drop Ship Customer User Manual

View the Drop Ship Customer User Manual
M & M Enterprises, Inc.
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User Manual
November 16, 2004
PO Drop Ship Customer – v1.1
For Retail Pro v8.40 and Above
M&M’s PO Drop Ship Customer modification allows you to put a Drop Ship Customer on a Purchase Order.
Note: This modification uses the Customer ID to identify customers and will not operate properly if you allow
duplicate Customer IDs.
Purchasing>Purchase Orders
The Drop Ship Customer modification works with new POs or when editing an existing PO.
To add a Drop Ship Customer to a PO, click the Drop Ship Customer button on the PO side menu:
The Drop Ship Cust button is only active for “Drop Ship” POs.
The button is disabled for “Marked For” POs.
You will see the “Select Customer” screen. This screen is used to select the Drop Ship Customer:
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M & M Enterprises, Inc.
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In order to view and select a Customer, you must click either “Show By Last Name” or “Show by Company”.
Prior to clicking either of the “Show” buttons, you can enter a filter for the Customer’s Last Name or Company in
the “Filter” box or use the Keyboard to enter the filter.
In this example, no filter is entered and “Show By Last Name” is used. In this case, all Customers with a Last
Name are displayed:
If “Show By Company” were selected, all Customers with a Company would be displayed.
Select a Customer by clicking on the row or using the Up and Down arrow keys.
Once the Customer is selected, click OK. The Customer will be added to the PO as the Ship To Customer.
Where the Ship To Customer appears depends on how your Purchase Order screen has been designed.
But you should see something similar to:
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M & M Enterprises, Inc.
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Note that you cannot edit the Ship To Customer information from the PO screen. The Ship To Customer can only
be set using the Drop Ship Cust button.
Removing a Drop Ship Customer
To remove a Drop Ship Customer from a PO, select the Drop Ship Cust button and click Cancel. The Drop Ship
Customer will be removed.
Purchase Orders Generated from Sales Orders
If the Purchase Order was generated from a Sales Order and you click the Drop Ship Cust button, you will see:
Click “Yes” to use the Sales Order Ship To Customer for the Drop
Ship Customer.
Click No to select a customer.
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