Tender No : PUR/01/2014-15.

Tender No : PUR/01/2014-15.
Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Centre
(Indian Council of Medical Research)
(Deptt. of Health Research, Min.of Health & F.W. Govt. of India)
Raisen By Pass Road , Karond Bhopal -462038 (M.P.)
Ph. 2742212 -16 Fax:2748309
Website : www. bmhrc.org
Tender No.PUR/01/2014-15
The Director, Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Centre (BMHRC), Bhopal invites sealed tender in two bid
system for Heart Lung Machine And Heater Cooler machine for supply ,Installation & commissioning on TurnKey basis from original Manufacturers (Principal company) or authorized distributors for imported equipment if there is no
marketing office of Principal Companies in India. The Tender form will be issued from 27.06.14 to 24.07.14 during the
office hours. Last date of Submission of Tender is 25.07.14 up to 2.00 PM.
For details please refer to website of BMHRC http://www.bmhrc.org or website of ICMR, New
Delhi www.icmr.nic.in.
[Note : All subsequent corrigendum / amendment shall be published only on BMHRC website and not
in press. ]
Indian Council of Medical Research
(Department of Health Research)
Ministry of Health &Family Welfare, Govt. of India
Raisen By Pass Road, Karond Bhopal (MP) India -462038
Ph No. 2742212-16 Fax No. 2748309
Website: www.bmhrc.org
Tender Enquiry No. PUR/01/2014-15
The Director, Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Centre (BMHRC) (ICMR), Deptt. Of Health Research, Ministry of
Health & F.W. Bhopal invites sealed tender in Two Bid System up to 25.07.14 at 2.00 P.M. at BMHRC, Bhopal. The Tenders
(Technical) will be opened on 25.07.14 at 3.30 PM before the tenderers i.e. original Manufacturers (Principal firms) or
authorized distributors for imported equipments .The bids should in the form of :
(1) TECHNICAL BID providing detailed specifications and detailed technical proposal as per required specifications
at Annexure 'A' together with manufacturer’s original data-sheets supporting the specifications in sealed cover and
Earnest Money & tender fee Deposits in separate sealed cover and (2) PRICE BID for supply, installation, additional
warranty/AMC and commissioning of the following equipments:.
Name of Equipment
Heart Lung Machine and Heater cooler
2 Nos.
Detailed tender documents (Non-transferable) can be purchased up to 24.07.14 (5.00 p.m.) either from Dept of purchase in any
working day (Monday to Friday) during (10.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M.) on submission of written request clearly mentioning the name
of equipment with payment (Cash/DD) of Rs. 2000.00 (Rs. Two Thousand only) (Non-refundable) as a cost of tender form for
each item or can be downloaded from the website of BMHRC http://www.bmhrc.org or website of e-procure.gov.in, for this
payment of Rs. 2000.00 as cost of tender documents for each item will have to be paid separately by D.D. in favour of Director,
BMHRC, Bhopal at the time of submission of tender documents, otherwise tender will not be considered.
Tender Document
Tender Notice
Instruction to Bidders
General Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions for Indigenous Offers
Terms & Conditions for imported Offers
Requirement Specification Annexure-‘A’
Format of technical compliance of specifications Annexure ‘B’
Deviation statement form-Annexure ‘C’
Part of Price Bid- Annexure ‘D’
After Sales Service Support Details-Annexure ‘E’
Warranty Certificate-Annexure ‘F’
Bid security/Earnest Money Deposit form-Annexure ‘G’
Check List to be furnished by the bidder Annexure ‘H’
List of Users-Annexure ‘I’
Format of Performance Bank Guarantee Annexure ‘J’
Under taking Annexure “K”
fulfill or not
The Director, Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Centre, Bhopal invites Sealed Tenders in Two BID
SYSTEM under buy back from original Manufacturers (Principal firms) or authorized distributors for imported
equipments if there is no marketing office of Principal Companies in India .The bids should in the form of (1)
TECHNICAL BID providing detailed specifications and detailed technical proposal as per required specifications
at Annexure 'A' together with manufacturer’s original data-sheets supporting the specifications in sealed cover
and Earnest Money& tender fee Deposits in separate sealed cover and (2) PRICE BID for supply, training,
installation, additional warranty/AMC and commissioning of the following item:
Name of Equipment
Heart Lung Machine and Heater cooler
2 Nos.
2. The tender documents can be obtained (in person) by depositing a non-refundable amount of Rs. 2000.00 (Rupees
two thousand only) in the shape of a Banker’s Cheque/Demand Draft, drawn in favour of “Director, Bhopal Memorial
Hospital & Research Centre”, payable at Bhopal or cash along with written application from the office of Purchase
Deptt., BMHRC, Bhopal . The above can be downloaded from BMHRC, Bhopal web site at http://www.bmhrc.org
and e-procure.gov.in for which as a document fee of Rs. 2000.00 non-refundable by a Demand Draft only in favour
of “Director, Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Centre,” payable at Bhopal separately for each item should
be submitted at the time of submission of tender, otherwise tender will not be considered. Tender application forms
are not transferable.
Opening and closing dates and time of issue
of tender documents
Last date and time of submission of tender
Opening dates and time of Technical bids
Pre Bid Meeting Date & Time
Address for issue and submission of tender
Non-refundable fee for tender document for
each item/instrument
Tender documents will also be available at
Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) (Interestfree, refundable) (to be sent with the
Technical Bid)
27.06.14 at 10.00 A.M.) (Opening) to 24.07.14
(2.00 PM) (Closing)
25.07.14 up to 2.00 P.M.
25.07.14 at 3.30 P.M.
09.07.14 at 3.30 P.M.
Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Centre, Raisen By
pass Road , Bhopal 462038
Rs.2000.00 by Demand Draft/Banker Cheque in the
name of Director BMHRC payable at Bhopal.
http://www.bmhrc.org and www.icmr.nic.in.
Amount of EMD is required to be deposited by Demand
Draft/ Banker cheque in the name of Director BMHRC,
Bhopal, payable at Bhopal or by submitting “Bid Security
/Earnest Money Deposit Form” as per Annexure G, duly
certified by the Bank. (Along with Technical Bid in a
separate envelope) compulsory.
The specified tender fee should accompany with internet-downloaded tender document. Failing which tender will
not be considered.
4 . Eligibility Criteria:
Original Equipment Manufacturers with Sales and service support facilities in India through their branch office
/ authorized representative in India.
4.2 The minimum turnover of the manufacturer during last three years should be Rs.20.00 Crore per annum.
Please submit the audited balance sheets of last three years (2010-11 to 2011-12, 2012-13.) As a proof &
statement of annual turnover certified by Charter Accountant (C A), otherwise tender will not be
4.3 Indian agent with extensive sales (Minimum 3 years) and service support in India preferably in MP, representing
foreign principals / Original Equipment manufacturers Firms/companies with either of the above eligibility criteria
are eligible to quote for the equipment. The Indian agency /dealership/reseller ship certificate with details of sales
and service support should be enclosed with the technical bid.
4.4 Submission of Earnest Deposit Money (EMD) as defined against the equipment.
4.5 Submission of an Undertaking as mentioned in Annexure – K.
Pre Bid Meeting : Pre Bid Meeting will be conducted on 09.07.14 at 3.30 P.M.in conference room Administrative
Block, BMHRC, Bhopal
5. Instructions to Bidders
5.1 Scope of Work (1) The scope includes Supply of complete equipment, Installation, Testing, commissioning on basis.
(2) The installation which includes satisfactory demonstration, required Training Obtaining final acceptance
certificate from the user department,
(3) Providing warranty for five years free of cost for Equipment and thereafter maintenance or five years
(payable extra) after expiry of Warranty as CMC/AMC
5.2 Formats for Bids: Tender should be submitted in two parts viz. Part I – Technical Bid (without Prices) in
sealed envelope and separate sealed envelope of EMD & tender fee and Part II - Price Bid. The all
sealed envelopes should be kept in large envelope & sealed. The tenderers are requested to give
detailed Quotation in the formats mentioned in the Tender Document. The bidder should furnish the
following:5.2.1 Technical Bid: A detailed technical proposal supported by pictures, diagrams, design as per the specification at 'Annexure
A'. A Technical Compliance Statement for each parameter required for equipment ‘Annexure B’ exactly in the
order as mentioned in the tender document. (Point wise must) The Deviation statement ‘Annexure C’ if any Tender specifications, terms and conditions are deviated by the
bidder. If there is no Deviation then the bidder should record ‘No Deviation ’ in the Deviation Statement Particulars of price bid must be given as per ‘Annexure D’.
6 After Sales support details must be in the format ‘Annexure E’. CMC/AMC cost should be quoted in Rupees
not in percentage. The warranty certificate to be given by the Manufacturer / vendor should be as per ‘Annexure F. If the bidder is furnishing EMD by Bank guarantee then the format given in Annexure G is to be used. Check list as per Annexure H’ and enclose with the Technical Bid. List of Users for a period during 3 years preceding this tender (If possible similar equipment)- ‘Annexure I’ Performance Bank Guarantee as per format given as ‘Annexure J’ (to be submitted by selected
company/vendor only) Undertaking to be submitted by manufacturer as per format given as “Annexure K “. Multi option quotations for desired equipment will be summarized rejected without any information
to bidder. Technical Evaluation: i.
The technical bid shall be opened at the scheduled time and date in presence of tenderers i.e. Date & Time
25.07.14 at 3.30 PM
The eligibility of the Technical Bid shall be examined by the Technical Evaluation Committee with regards to
quoted item.
The technical bid shall be examined of the qualified tenderers, on the basis of information/documents submitted
by the Bidder with the Technical bid and professional recommendations of the Technical Evaluation Committee
5.2.2 Price Bid: The Price Bid should be submitted in the format enclosed as ‘Annexure D’.
5.3 Tender Document Fee:Tender Document Fee is also payable by companies who have downloaded the
tender documents from the website http://www.bmhrc.org or http://www.icmr.nic.in. They should submit
the tender along with a bank draft of Rs. 2000/- payable to Director, BMHRC, Bhopal which should be
enclosed with the Technical Bid. In case of purchase of tender document from BMHRC original money
receipt should be submitted along with Technical bid.
5.4 Earnest Money Deposit:- The Technical Bid (Part-1) should be accompanied by Earnest Money Deposit as
indicated in our detailed technical specifications in the form of Demand Draft/Bankers Cheque, Bank
Guarantee (Format enclosed Annexure G) from any commercial bank drawn in favour of Director, Bhopal
Memorial Hospital & Research Centre, Bhopal. Tenders not accompanied with EMD in the Technical bid
will be summarily rejected. The EMD will carry no interest. EMD will be refunded after finalization of bid to
the unsuccessful tenderers. The EMD is liable to be forfeited, if the bidder withdraws or amends, impairing
or derogates from the tender in any respect.
Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of the successful tenderers will be refunded only after completing all the
tendering procedures in all respect i.e. submission of Performance Bank Guarantee and other required
formalities as committed by the tenderers in their bid and/ or during negotiation/discussion etc., if tenderer
fails to complete their promises/ words within the stipulated period, EMD will be liable to be forfeited in favour
5.5 Exemption from payment of EMD: - Firms registered with the Central Purchase Organization (e.g. DGS&D) and
NSIC who are exempted from payment of EMD are also allowed for exemption from payment of EMD if the
product being quoted is actually manufactured by them and the product is registered with these agencies. Firms
registered with these agencies which are selling products of other companies and not manufacturing the
products being quoted by them are not allowed exemption from payment of EMD. To avail EMD exemption, the
firms should submit a legible photocopy of valid Registration Certificate of the products manufactured and
registered with DGS&D and NSIC in a separate envelope along with the technical bid.
5.6 Bid Submission:- Completed tenders signed by the bidder on each page at the bottom, super scribing the
Enquiry Number and closing date should be sent to
The Director,
Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Centre (ICMR)
Deptt. Health Research, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare,
Govt. of India , Raisen By pass Road, Bhopal-462038 (MP)
Each quotation sent by post/courier is to be enclosed in Double Cover. The inner cover should be SEALED
WITH WAX AND SUPERSCRIBED as “Tender for “(write name of each equipment)…………” Tender
Enquiry No. ………………….. Dated ……… Date of Opening ……………” etc.. The Separate covers
containing the Technical Bid and Price Bid for each item should be clearly superscribed as
“Technical Bid” and “Price Bid” respectively with quoted equipment name and both these sealed covers are
to be put in a larger cover which should also be sealed and duly superscribed name of bidder firms address
and name of equipment . Quotations delivered personally should be put in the Tender Box kept at BMHRC,
Bhopal. The tenderers themselves should ensure that their tenders with all requirements reach this office
within the stipulated date and time. No late-tenders or delayed-tenders will be accepted. BMHRC, Bhopal will
not be responsible for non-receipt / postal delays.
5.8 Bid Submission last date and time: - The last date and time for submission of bid is 25.07.14 at 2.00 P.M.
(Indian Standard Time).
5.9 Technical Bid Opening Date and Time: - The technical bid of the vendors whose tenders have been
received at BMHRC, Bhopal before the closing date and time will be opened on 25.07.14 at 3.30 P.M.
(Indian Standard Time). Vendors or their representatives who wish to be present at the time of opening of
Tech. bid may present.
5.10 Price Bid Opening: - Only those bids, which meet our technical requirement & recommended by Technical
evaluation committee (TEC) will be considered for opening of Price Bid. Those vendors who qualify in the
technical evaluation will be permitted to be present at the time of price bid opening.
5.11 The date and time of price bid opening will be intimated to all technically responsive bidder through email.
5.12 Price Reasonability Certificate: Please quote the best minimum prices. A certificate regarding the quoted
rates must be given by the bidders to this effect that they have neither quoted nor sold/ supplied the same
item to any other customer on lesser rates than those offered to BMHRC, Bhopal.
5.13 Language of Bid: - The bid prepared by the bidder, the technical brochures and all correspondence relating to
the bid shall be written in English language only.
5.14 Validity of offer: - Offer shall valid for 1 year after the date of opening of technical bids at BMHRC, Bhopal.
An Offer valid for a shorter period may be rejected as non responsive by BMHRC, Bhopal. In exceptional
circumstances BMHRC, Bhopal may solicit the vendor’s consent to an extension of the period of validity. The
vendor accepting the request for extension will not be permitted to modify the bid.
Tender Documents are not transferable under any circumstances.
The bid should be complete in all respects otherwise liable to be rejected. Tender should be duly signed.
Incomplete and unsigned bids will not be considered.
Quotations must be clearly written or typed without any overwriting. The person signing the bid must attest all
corrections / over writings if any.
All rates / prices in Price bid should be given in figures and in words. If there is any discrepancy between the
Prices given in figures and words the Lower of the two shall be taken for our comparison.
Installation of Equipments: Equipments will be installed at BMHRC, Bhopal.
Director BMHRC, Bhopal reserves the right to defer the above dates or cancel the Tender in part or whole
without assigning any reason what so ever.
All terms and conditions of the tender/quotation will be dealt as per instructions guideline of Central Vigilance
Printed terms and conditions of the firms sent along with offer, if any shall not be binding on us, if they are in
full or in part are not consistent with the terms and conditions specified in this Tender.
Installation& Commissioning means Supply, installation, and commissioning and satisfactory demonstration
& training to staff to operate of the whole system as per the specification ordered for.
6.3. Liability for Late delivery & installation - If the Vendor delays in supply, installation & commissioning with
all respect beyond stipulated period mentioned in purchase order, a sum equivalent to 1 (one) percent of the
Order Value for each week of delay will be deducted from the Contract Value, as liquidated damages, subject
to maximum deduction of 10 percent of the Order Value.
In case the supplier/agent defaults in the installation & commissioning including supply as per the order
placed by Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Centre, Bhopal (MP), India fails to time period within the
stipulated time as indicated in the Purchase order or even within the extended delivery date, the purchase
order lying with the tenderer should stand automatically cancelled and BMHRC, Bhopal shall be at liberty to
get work done from other available sources at the risk and cost of the defaulting tenderer . The additional
expenditure so incurred for work done shall be borne by the defaulting tenderer and this amount will be
limited to amount of Performance security and tenderer will be blacklisted for five years.
6.5 Inspection: - BMHRC, Bhopal may decide to inspect the equipments in the following modes.
Pre shipment inspection may be done by the Personnel of BMHRC, Bhopal.
Pre shipment inspection may also be done by any reputed Inspection agency.
BMHRC, Bhopal shall inspect and test and where necessary reject the equipments after its arrival at
BMHRC, Bhopal in addition to Pre shipment inspection if any. The Pre shipment inspection shall in no way be
limited or waived by reason of the equipments having been inspected, tested and passed by BMHRC, Bhopal
or the inspection agency prior to shipment.
6.7 Packing:- The Supplier shall provide such packing of the Goods as is required to prevent their damage or
deterioration during transit to their final destination as indicated in the Contract. The packing shall be sufficient to
withstand, without limitation, rough handling during transit and exposure to extreme temperatures, salt and
precipitation during transit and open storage. Packing case size and weights shall take into consideration, where
appropriate, the remoteness of the Goods' final destination and the absence of heavy handling facilities at all
points in transit. Suppliers will have to make good the shortages, if any, which are revealed after opening the
packages. The stores which are spoiled / damaged during transit due to faulty packing will have to be replaced
by the suppliers.
Force Majeure clause:- The vendor shall not be liable for forfeiture of its bid security, performance security,
liquidated damages or termination for default, if and to the extent that, its delay in performance or other failure
to perform its obligations under the contract is the result of an event of Force Majeure. Force Majeure means
an event beyond the control of the supplier and not involving the vendor’s fault or negligence and not
foreseeable. Such events may include, but are not limited to, acts of the vendor either in its sovereign or
contractual capacity, wars or revolutions, fires, floods, epidemics, quarantine restrictions and freight
embargoes. If a Force Majeure situation arises the Vendor shall forthwith notify BMHRC, Bhopal in writing of
such conditions and cause thereof. Unless otherwise directed by BMHRC, Bhopal in writing, the vendor shall
continue to perform its obligations under the contract as far as is reasonably practical, and shall seek all
alternative means for performance not prevented by the Force Majeure event.
6.9 Dimensions and weight:- The dimensions of the equipment, the net weight and gross weight of the equipment
should be clearly mentioned in the technical bid.
6.10 Applicable Law:- This tender documents and contract is subject to the Indian law and Indian Contracts Act as
applicable &amended from time to time
6.11 Jurisdiction:- All disputes are subject to the courts within Bhopal, India jurisdiction only.
Full and complete set of documentation manuals, Operation manuals and service / Maintenance manuals to
be provided in English.
6.13 Arbitration:
All dispute or difference of any kind shall arise between the purchaser and the supplier in connection
with or relating to the contract, contained herein, shall be mutually discussed and settled between the
However, disputes which cannot be settled, shall be finally decided and resolved by arbitration in
accordance to the provisions of the arbitration and conciliation act 1996 and any subsequent
amendments thereto. The matter requiring arbitration will be referred to a sole arbitrator to be
appointed by the Director, BMHRC only. The proceedings of the arbitration shall be conducted in
English and shall be constructed as domestic arbitration under applicable laws.
iii) All the disputes/issues arising out of this transaction will be subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of
courts at Bhopal.
6.14 Language of contract:- The contract / Purchase Order and all correspondence relating to the contract /
Purchase order shall be written in English language only.
6.15 Notices and communications:- For all purposes of all notices, the following address shall
be used by the Bidder / Vendor:The Director,
Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Centre (ICMR)
Deptt. Health Research, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare ,
Govt. of India, Raisen By pass Road,Karond ,
Bhopal – 462038 (MP), India
6.16 Termination for default:- BMHRC, Bhopal may, without prejudice to any other remedy for breach of contract,
by written notice of default to the Vendor, terminate the contract in whole
6.16.1 If the vendor fails to execute work as purchase order or within any extension thereof granted by BMHRC,
6.16.2 If the vendor fails to perform any other obligation under the order.
6.16.3 If the vendor in the judgment of BMHRC, Bhopal has engaged in corrupt of fraudulent practices in competing
for or in executing the order.
6.16.4 If the vendor is declared insolvent / bankrupt in a court of law or such proceedings are contemplated by
BMHRC, Bhopal.
6.16.5 If the vendor goes into dissolution or liquidation or transfers substantial part of its business or assets.
6.17 Termination for Cause:- BMHRC, Bhopal may at any time terminate the purchase order in giving written
notice to the vendor, without compensation to the vendor.
6.18 Intellectual Property Rights:The Vendor shall indemnify BMHRC, Bhopal against all third party claims
of infringement of Patent, Trademark, Copy Rights or Industrial Design rights arising from the use of
the equipment / goods or any part thereof in India.
6.19 Training clause:- Tenderer shall provide free on-site training.
6.20 Pre installation requirements:- The Technical Bid must contain details with specification of items required
TEMPERATURE & HUMIDITY CONTROL / FOUNDATION / SPACE and any other requirements to complete
work /project at BMHRC, Bhopal.
6.21 Order acknowledgment:- Within 15 days from the date of Purchase order/work order / Contract the Order /
Contract should be acknowledged by the Vendor (Indian OEM / Foreign Principal) failing which it will be
deemed that the vendor is not interested in the contract / purchase order and the bid security will be forfeited
without any further recourse.
6.22 Performance Bank Guarantee:- The vendor shall furnish a performance bank guarantee from a commercial
bank in India. The Bank guarantee should cover the warranty period and CMC/ AMC as mentioned in clause
5.1 (Scope of work) plus three months from the date of installation of the equipment. The value of the Bank
guarantee is 10% of the order value.
6.23 The system (equipment) should be able to operate on 220/230V, 50 Hz single phase AC power supply.
6.24 Risk Clause:- If the tenderer fails to complete the project within the period specified in the purchase Order,
BMHRC, Bhopal may get execute the work from other source upon such terms and in such a manner as it
deems appropriate and tenderer is be liable to BMHRC, Bhopal for any excess costs incurred for such
similar Goods or Services. Liability of the Vendor on this account will be limit to the Performance Bank
6.25 Responsibility:- The responsibility lies with the successful bidder, if any damage or loss to the property of the
Institute occurs while executing the order. Liability of the Vendor on this account will be limit to
the Performance Bank Guarantee.
Guarantee/Warranty, Defects & Liability Period:- The Warranty should be valid up to 5 years
Comprehensive warranty from the date of completion of satisfactory installation and demonstration as
certified by BMHRC, Bhopal and 5 years Non comprehensive services or Comprehensive for equipment
on payment basis as per quoted rate in Annex.D .
6.26.2 Down Time: the vendor shall ensure that down time on any occasions will not be more than 7 working
days, desirable < 72hrs. However all calls should be attended within < 72 hours , desirable < 24 Hrs.
Failing which warranty/CMC/AMC shall be extended by two times that of breakdown period after seven
6.26.3 Bidder/firm should provide rates list of spare parts & related consumables to maintain the equipment up to
10 years( 5 years warranty & beyond the warranty period in case of AMC for five years). Discount on all the
parts & related consumables should be given at least upto 5 years beyond the period of 5 years warranty.
During warranty / CMC/AMC of equipment, there should be at least 4 preventive and unlimited breakdown
visit/services in a year (one, every Ninety Days).
6.26 .4
If there is delay in providing preventive maintenance, the period of warranty/CMC/AMC shall be extended
by same nos. of days of the delay in preventive maintenance.
If any equipment or part of equipment is required to sent to company service centre
during warranty/CMC/AMC period then complete transportation charges shall be borne by company
User List:- A signed list of similar equipment / stores supplied by the bidder (or the OEM) to the Other
ICMR, CSIR labs, other medical Institutions like Government or private Hospitals or any State and Central
Govt. Departments, Undertakings in India during last three years, should be furnished, indicating capacity,
model, type of equipment, cost etc. and address of the parties to whom supplied.
The acceptance of the tender/quotation will rest with the Director BMHRC, Bhopal who does not bind
him/herself to accept the lowest quotation and reserves the right to him/herself to reject, or accept any or all
the quotations received, without assigning any reason. The quotations are liable to be rejected, if any of the
conditions are not complied with.
The bidder shall supply the following documents at the time of Acceptance Test:
Complete set of Technical/Operation and Maintenance Manual.
Comprehensive inventory with list of accessories delivered.
Node & connectivity details (if applicable).
System diagram.
6.29.5 Firm which will not fulfill the conditions accepted by them in their tender may be declared “black listed” and in
that case all type of future business with that firm may also be stopped for five years.
6.29.6 If single response is received, then tender may be re- floated, however, second time again
single response is received, and then it can be considered with the permission of Director.
The same is not
applicable for proprietary items.
There should be numbering on each and every page of tender documents and list of enclosures should also be
mentioned at first page of tender where details for tender is written along with the number of pages of enclosures to
avoid any un-happening /confusion etc.
6.29.8 If quoted equipment or model is discontinued by the firm/mfg. after quoting the item, then the firm will inform to the
office and after getting acceptance from BMHRC , the firm will have to supply the equivalent or higher version of the
same make at the same price, other terms and conditions of the tender will remain un-changed.
7.1 Prices:- Prices in the Price Bid should be quoted either Ex-works or on Free Delivery at BMHRC, Bhopal basis. If
it is Ex-works then the packing and forwarding charges, Insurance (from ware house to
warehouse with all
risks covered on 110% of the value) charges, Freight charges by road (any reputed transporter) / Courier
(any reputed courier) on door delivery basis must be clearly mentioned. Quotations without these details will
be summarily rejected.
7.2 Taxes:- In the case of indigenous item, the RATE OF SALES TAX / Value Added Tax should be clearly
indicated wherever, chargeable. “C’ or “D” form shall not be issued by Hospital.
7.3 Packing and Forwarding:- The packing and forwarding charges should either be included in the Unit rate or
quoted as a percentage of the PO or quoted as a lump sum amount.
7.4 Banker’s address:- Our banker is State Bank of India, BMHRC ,Branch, Bhopal. All cheques / demand drafts
will be crossed account payee only.
7.5 Registration Numbers:- The following certified copies should be attached with the technical bid.
7.5.1 Sales tax / Value Added Tax Registration Number
7.5.2 Service tax registration number
7.5.3 Current Income tax clearance & PAN
7.6 Service support:- The post installation warranty support is required to be provided by your Bhopal/ nearest
place service centre. Hence mention the contact address, with name of contact person and telephone
7.7 Payment terms:- No advance payment shall be made. 100% Payment will be released within 45 days after
successful installation of the equipment at BMHRC, Bhopal and on submission of performance Bank
Guarantee of 10% value of the order price, valid till the expiry of the comprehensive warranty period(
Five Years) and additional three months thereafter by the bidder.
7.8 Payment For CMC / AMC: The payment for CMC/AMC after 5 years on 3 monthly basis after satisfactory completion of
said period. And on receipt of bank guarantee for an amount equivalent to 2.5% of the price of the
equipment as per contract in the prescribed format valid till three months of expiry of entire CMC
8.1 Cost: - Ex-Works Price to be clearly indicated in the Price Bid. The Indian agents commission if any
will be subtracted from the Ex-works Price in the Purchase Order. FOB Charges up to the
nearest gateway International airport to be indicated in the Price bid.
8.2 Export License:- If the required equipment are subject to Vendor procuring an export license from the
designated government agency / Country from where the goods are shipped / sold , the vendor has to
mention the name, address of the government agency / authority. The vendor must also mention the time
period within which the license will be granted in normal course.
8.3 Customs duty: - The BMHRC is exempted from customs duty under notification no.148/94-Cus dated
13.07.1994 as amended by notification No. 173/94-Cu, dated 6.10.1994. However the tenderer must
indicate separately the customs duty (percentage & amount) and excise Duty (percentage & amount) if
applicable. BMHRC shall provide the custom duty exemption certificate (CDEC) with purchase order.
8.4 Banking charges out side India for opening of LC shall be borne by bidder.
8.5 Custom clearing activities will be done by company / tenderer on their cost & required documents should be provided by
BMHRC Bhopal on request by them & ship the equipment /instruments up to Bhopal ( BMHRC store) free of cost by
Company/ Tenderer.
INDIAN AGENT’S COMMISSION, if any: If you have any Agents in India, please show specifically whether the
amount of commission payable to them is included in the Ex-works Price. Please note that under the Government of
India regulations, Commission to Indian Agents is payable only in Indian Currency. The role played by the Indian
Agents in rendering assistance to BMHRC, Bhopal must also be specified and copy of authorization letter enclosed in
technical bid.
Please specify PLACE / Country of Origin and the Place / country from which goods
will be finally shipped. These particulars are very important for establishment of L/C, arranging insurance etc.
8.8 Inspection:The Indian agent / Indian branch Office will be intimated immediately after the receipt of the
consignment at BMHRC, Bhopal Stores. The consignment will be jointly inspected by the Stores
personnel, Technical Personnel of BMHRC, Bhopal and the representative of Indian agent within 24 hours
after receipt. The consignment will be compared with the work order and packing list. Any excess supply,
shortage, wrong supply and any damage will be noted immediately and intimated to the vendor. Damaged
and unaccepted supply for work will be returned to you at your risk and cost. The vendor should make
good the shortage and replace the damaged / wrong shipment at no cost to BMHRC, Bhopal.
8.9 Installation and commissioning:-
After opening of L/C The successful tenderer shall supply,
undertake all site works, install, commission, demonstrate satisfactory performance and hand over the
equipments with all respect within 12 weeks or mentioned period in purchase order otherwise
penalty should be imposed accordingly .Time shall be the essence of contract.
8.10 Service: - The Indian agent / Indian branch office of the foreign principal should support the equipment fully
during the warranty. If BMHRC, BHOPAL requires AMC during the post warranty period the Indian
agent / Indian branch office must fully offer full support.
8.11 Merger and Acquisition:- Any merger and acquisition of the Foreign principal by other companies / firms must
be intimated to BMHRC, Bhopal immediately.
8.12 Change of Indian Agent:- If there is any change of Indian agent during the warranty period / post warranty
period the foreign principal must intimate BMHRC, Bhopal immediately with the new company’s
name and address.
8.12 Insurance:- If the contract requires the foreign principal to insure the goods, the vendor unless otherwise
agreed on the face hereof, insure the goods.
8.12.1 For a value equal to one hundred and ten percent (110%) of the FOB amount of the contract on warehouse
to warehouse basis.
8.12.2 On the basis of All Risks (Institute Cargo clauses) or on equivalent terms.
8.12.3 With underwriter (s) or insurance company(ies) of good repute.
8.12.4 Any additional insurance coverage shall be arranged by vendor upon the special request and on the account
of BMHRC, Bhopal.
8.13 Import Payment:- Letter of Credit (L/C) will be established for 100%. Payment will be released in
two parts:
8.13.1 80% payment after presentation of original documents after dispatch of the item ordered and
furnishing 10% Performance Bank Guarantee on any commercial Bank in India by Foreign Principal / Indian
Agent valid till the expiry of the comprehensive warranty period and additional three months thereafter and all
other promises committed by the tenderer in their tender and/ or during the negotiation/discussion.
8.13.2 20% payment after satisfactory supply, installation ,commissioning and demonstration of the item ordered &
submission of Performance bank guarantee.
8.13.3 If the Letter of Credit is required to be extended / reinstated for reasons not attributable to BMHRC, Bhopal
the Bank Charges thereof shall be charged to the beneficiary’s account.
8.13.4 Documents: - The following documents are required by us at the time of negotiation of documents for Letter
of Credit within 48 hours of shipment. Commercial invoice – 3 copies (original) Packing list – 2 copies Country of Origin – 1 copy Master Airway Bill/ Bill of lading – 2 copies Warranty certificate – 2 copies
Heart Lung Machine and Heater cooler machine
1. Description of function
1.1 Heart Lung Machine is an apparatus through which blood is temporarily diverted, during
heart surgery, to oxygenate it and pump it throughout the body, thus maintaining circulation until
the heart and lungs are able to return to normal functioning.
2. Operational requirements
2.1 BASIC EQUIPMENT will consist of the following unit
1) 5- Pump Console
2) Temperature Control Module (Hypo-Hyper thermia unit)
3) Monitors:
a) Pressure monitor – arterial and cardioplegia with transducers
b) Time – at least three timers
c) Temperature Monitor with at least two probes
d) Display of total volume of each infusion along with delivery time
4) a). Air- Oxygen Blender with hoses and Flow meter
b). CO2 Blender Optional
5) Safety Devices –
a) Level Sensor
b) Ultrasonic air sensor (optional)
2.2 ACCESSORIES will include
1. Stainless steel line clamps
2. Stainless steel intra cardiac suckers
3. Remote Control module for Temperature Control Monitor Instrument tray with
mounting arm S.N. Technical Specifications
3.1 5- Pump Console
1. The unit should have 5-pump console compactly arranged with separate power supply
and control modules. Should have easy access connectors for interchanging the pump.
2. Each individual roller pump should be capable of running independently on 180-270 /5060 Hz supply.
3. Should have a spill proof base.
4. The unit should be supplied with a Battery backup for at least two pumps, all safety
systems and accessories for a minimum of 60 minutes. Switch over from main power to
battery backup should be automatic and immediate. The battery unit should be built in to
the pump base and it should be recharged automatically when the system is operating
with main power supply.
5. Individual pump heads should have Harvey Roller pumps with facility for tubing to be
used adjustable from ¼” to 5/8” through 3/8” and ½” by easily changeable mechanism
6. Individual pump heads should have display in digital –The total infusion volume in litres
and delivery time, the flow rates in LPM and in RPM
7. Each Pump should have easy mechanism for occlusion setting for different thickness of
tubes available in the market, 1/32” to 3/32”.
8. Should have unidirectional hand crank facility as a critical safety feature hand crank
loading should be from top for faster access.
9. The Console should have a compact base mount for the entire pump heads together, with
pole and handles.
10. Should have variable, changeable tubing holders in each pump head:1/4”, 3/8”, ½”, 5/8”
and double ¼”.
11. Should have movable oxygenator holder.
12. Roller pump should have a self diagnostic circuit with provision to detect and display
critical alarm conditions. Optional Pulsatile module which can be mounted on any of the
blood pump.
Should have a venous control module with single pole mast with electronic venous line
Should have a monitor mount with adjustable monitoring arm
Instrument tray positionable with long monitoring arm
Lightweight surface table; writing surface
with the following features:
1. Simultaneous delivery of water for arterial and cardioplegia heat exchangers and to
thermal blankets to be available from suitable ports.
2. To work with power supply of 220± 20 V 50 Hz.
3. Pressure regulated blanket ports maintaining the temperature of the arterial port.
4. Temperature display range of 0- 50 ° Celsius; remote accuracy of 0.3 ° Celsius and
remote temperature display unit module with 3-temperature display.
5. Microprocessor based unit to control, cool, rewarm and maintain temperature.
6. Water outlet temperature of heat exchanger and blanket range 0-42° C.
7. Maximum flow performance of oxygenator heat exchanger supply port 15 – 22 LPM
for fast cooling; 480mmHg maximum pressure; Blanket 1.5 to 2.5 LPM at zero head.
8. Built in lce Maker to provide 50 lbs of ice in about 8 hours from 25º C water.
9. Should be capable of providing ice water for cardioplegia independently with variable
cooling rate
10. Rewarming facility with venous difference mode settable at 6 to 10 ° C gradients to
hold the water bath temperature at higher than the venous blood temperature.
11. Temperature probe module for the operating ranges of 0-50° C.
12. Temperature probes to fit in standard oxygenators (bubble / membrane)
13. Optional remote control unit should be capable of taking 9 Temp. Probes and display
temperature in digital readouts. Alarm limits setting for at least three probes at crucial
PRESSURE MONITOR: Facility to monitor one arterial line pressure and one cardioplegia
line pressures (total 2); along with necessary pressure transducers, cables six (2 x 3 = 6)
and domes reusable, with accurate digital display and alarm facilities audio and visual.
TIME MONITOR: Facility for 4 time displays -- 2 for arterial and 2 for cardioplegia
delivery. With stop, reset and start function.
TEMPERATURE: 6 temperature displays for patient monitoring and for cardioplegia
monitoring with digital display in Celsius with 6 necessary compatible temperature 6
probes and 6 additional probes (6x2=12 probes) with 3x2 = 6 of them for nasal, rectal and
oesophageal use
To work at 50-60 PSI for membrane oxygenator with water trap attached with necessary
hoses and connections of minimum of 5 meters length and with triple flow glass flow
Safety monitor should have optional capability for computer interface
to retrieve perfusion data ULTRASONIC AIR SENSOR: Ultra sonic air sensor to detect
bubbles to work equally well with crystalloid and blood; should be possible to fit anywhere
in the circuit easily.
LEVEL SENSOR SYSTEM: Ultrasonic transducers to work well with crystalloid and blood
with adhesive pads, with alarm settings.
1. STAINLESS STEEL LINE CLAMPS for cardio pulmonary bypass 12 Nos.
Optional remote control unit should be capable of taking 9 Temp. Probes and display
temperature in digital readouts. Alarm limits setting for at least three probes at crucial
4. System Configuration Accessories, spares and consumables
4.1 12 Stainless steel line clamps
4.2 Remote Control module for Temperature Control Monitor
4.3 Instrument tray with mounting arm
4.4 Machine cover
4.5 System should be provided with appropriate furniture like adjustable revolving chair
for the perfusionist to operate the system. The system should contain all the above
accessories in Integrated or as separate accessories.
5. Environmental factors
5.1 The unit shall be capable of operating continuously in ambient temperature of 10 -400
C and relative humidity of 15-90%
5.2 The unit shall be capable of being stored continuously in ambient temperature of 0 500 C and relative humidity of 15-90%
5.3 Shall meet IEC-60601-1-2:2001(Or Equivalent BIS) General Requirements of Safety
for Electromagnetic Compatibility.
6. Power supply
6.1 Power input to be 180-270VAC, 50-60 Hz,/440 V 3 Phase as appropriate fitted with
special imported plug dedicated to the unit.
6.2 Resettable over current breaker shall be fitted for protection.
6.3 Suitable UPS of with voltage regulation and spike protection for 60 minutes back up.
7. Standards, safety and training
7.1 Should be US-FDA/ European CE approved product (Copy has to be enclosed)
7.2 Electrical safety conforms to standards for electrical safety IEC-60601 / IS-13450
7.3 One engineer should be posted for a week to impart training
7.4 Manufacturer should have ISO certification for quality standards.
8. Documentation
8.1 User manual in English
8.2 Service manual in English
8.3 List of important spare parts and accessories with their part number and costing
available in stock with the supplier.
8.4 Certificate of calibration and inspection from factory.
8.5 Log book with instruction for daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly maintenance
checklist. The job description of the hospital technician and company service engineer
should be clearly spelt out
8.6 List of Equipments available for providing calibration and routine Preventive
Maintenance Support as per manufacturer documentation in service/technical manual
9. Heart Cooler Machine
a) The unit shall be capable of operating continuously in ambient temperature of 2 – 40.5
degree Celsius.
b) The unit should have 3 independent tanks and 3 separate circuits and these circuits
should be able to control patients’ temperature and also heating and cooling of cardio
plegia and should work simultaneously.
c) The accuracy should be 0.1C. settings should be adjustable to 0.1.
d) The hearter cooler unit should also be compatible to get integrated into the heart lung
machine and can be controlled from heart lung machine apart from remote control.
Both the heart lung machine & heater cooler machine should be of same principal company.
Both the heart lung machine & heater cooler machine should be USFDA & European CE
Annexure B
point wise)
( Must attached
Signature & seal of bidder
If the bidder fails to enclose the compliance Statement, his bid is likely to be rejected.
Annexure C
Deviation Statement Form
Following are the Technical deviations and variations from the Technical specifications and scope of work .
Statement of Deviations/
The Following are the particulars of the deviations from the requirements of the Tender document terms and
SL. Clause in the terms Deviation
No. and conditions
These deviations and variations are exhaustive. Except these deviations and
variations, the entire work shall be performed as per your specifications and documents.
Signature of bidder
Annexure D (Part of price bid)
Cost of the Equipment, parts and Accessories and Other details Offered as per the suggested
mandatory components (Must be enclosed in the Price Bid)
Price per unit
of Goods,
Model, &
Country of
Freight /
Unit Price
Site) basis
which ever
Buy –
Total Price
Site basis
[%age &
in Rs. / in Foreign currency (as applicable)
/Tax/CST /
Installation &
(if any)
[%age &
and Training)
Total Tender price in Foreign Exchange (if any) & Indian Rupees (In words): ___
Note: 1. If there is a discrepancy between the unit price and total price The unit price shall prevail.
2. The tenderer must indicate separately the customs duty (percentage & amount), Excise duty (percentage &
amount) and CST / VAT (percentage & amount) if applicable.
3. The foreign exchange component (if any) & the Indian rupee component shall also be shown separately.
4. The charges for Annual CMC/AMC after warranty shall be quoted separately.
5. Above quoted price will be inclusive of 5 years comprehensive warranty
Signature of Tenderer________________________
Business Address________________________
Seal of the Tenderer________________________
Place: ________________________
Annexure D
Name of
of Services
Annual Comprehensive Maintenance Contract
/Annual Maintenance Contract Cost for Each Unit
year wise*.
6th,7th,8th,9th &10th
After completion of Warranty period
NOTE: 1. The Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC) shall include preventive maintenance including testing &
calibration as per technical/ service /operational manual, labour &parts, for complete equipment and its
allied items.
2. The tenderer must indicate separately the component of taxes in the cost of AMC / CMC as applicable on
the date of Tender. The taxes to be paid extra, to be specifically stated. In the absence of any such
stipulation the price will be taken inclusive of such taxes and no claim for the same will be entertained later.
3. All software updates should be provided free of cost during AMC / CMC period.
4. The supplier shall keep sufficient stock of spares required during AMC / CMC period.
5. In case the spares are required to be imported, it would be the responsibility of the supplier to import and
get them custom cleared and pay all necessary duties.
6. These charges will be added to the price at the time of evaluation of tender.
Place: ___________________________ Signature of Tenderer
Date: ____________________________
Business address___________________________________
Seal of the Tenderer_________________________________
Annexure E
After Sales Service Support Details
Address, Number
of Nature of training imparted to the
numbers, engineers / service service personnel especially at the
Fax numbers and email personnel who are principal’s company
address of the agent stationed
who will provide after local address
sales support
The bidder should clearly indicate in which cases it would be essential for the equipment to be sent to
foreign principal for servicing or in which cases it will be essential for service personnel to come from
foreign principal.
Signature & seal of bidder
Annexure F
We Warrant that everything to be supplied by us hereunder shall be brand new, free from all defects and
faults in materials, workmanship and manufacture and shall be of the highest grade and quality and consistent
with the established and generally accepted standards for material of the type ordered shall be in full
conformity with the specification, drawing, or samples, and operate properly. We shall be fully responsible for
its efficient operation. This Warranty shall survive inspection of any payment or and acceptance of the goods
but shall expire after (expect in respect of complaints of which the contractor has been notified prior to such
date) 60 months Comprehensive warranty after their successful installation, commissioning and acceptance by
BMHRC, Bhopal .
The obligations under the Warranty expressed above shall include all costs relating to labor, spares,
maintenance (preventive and unscheduled) and transport charges from site to the manufacturers work and
back and free repair/adjustment or replacement at site or any parts of the equipment which under normal and
proper use and maintenance proves defective in design, material or workmanship or fails to conform to the
specifications previously given by the BMHRC Bhopal to the contractor.
Signature & seal of bidder
Note: It should be provided in the letter head of the firm / company.
Annexure G
Whereas ...................……….......1 (hereinafter called “the Bidder”) has submitted its bid dated...................... (Date of
submission of bid) for the supply of............................. (name and/or description of the goods) (Hereinafter called
“the Bid”).
KNOW ALL PEOPLE by these presents that WE ..................... (name of bank) of .................. (name of country),
having our registered office at ...............……….(address of bank) (hereinafter called “the Bank”), are bound unto
............................. (name of Purchaser) (hereinafter called “the Purchaser”) in the sum of
_______________________ for which payment well and truly to be made to the said Purchaser, the Bank binds
itself, its successors, and assigns by these presents.
Sealed with the Common Seal of the said Bank this ____ day of _________ 20
__________THE CONDITIONS of this obligation are:
1. If the Bidder withdraws its Bid during the period of bid validity specified by the Bidder on the Bid Form; or
2. If the Bidder, having been notified of the acceptance of its bid by the Purchaser during the period of bid validity:
1) a) fails or refuses to execute the Contract Form if required; or
(b) Fails or refuses to furnish the performance security, in accordance with the Instruction to Bidders.
We undertake to pay the Purchaser up to the above amount upon receipt of its first written demand, without the
Purchaser having to substantiate its demand, provided that in its demand the Purchaser will note that the amount
claimed by it is due to it, owing to the occurrence of one or both of the two conditions, specifying the occurred
condition or conditions.
This guarantee shall remain in force up to and including forty five (45) days after the period of the bid validity, and
any demand in respect thereof should reach the Bank not later than the above date.
(Signature of the Bank)
1 Name of Bidder
Annexure H
Check List to be furnished by the bidder
When Quotation is from Indian agent / Dealer – whether letter of
Authorization of Foreign principal is enclosed in the technocommercial bid.
Whether the proof of turnover for is enclosed
(balance sheet) &
For Two Bid System – Whether Techno commercial and Price Bids
are kept in separate envelopes duly indicating Techno – Commercial
Bid and Price Bid respectively
Whether Tender Number, due date and opening date have been
written in all the envelopes
In Case of Tenderers who downloaded the documents from the
website – Whether the tender document fee (Demand draft in favour
of Director, Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Centre, Bhopal is
enclosed along with Techno commercial bid
EMD – Whether the required EMD is Enclosed along with the Techno
commercial bid
In case the firm is exempted from payment of EMD (Like SSIs
registered with NSIC, firms registered under DGS & D) – Whether
Valid Permanent Enlistment Certificate of NSIC / Valid DGS & D Rate
Contract copy is enclosed in the Techno Commercial Bid
If You are an Indian Agent / Dealer / Distributor for a foreign principal
have you enclosed the Letter of Authorisation / Agency certificate in
the Techno Commercial Bid.
Whether Technical compliance Statement in Annexure B is enclosed
in the Techno Commercial Bid
Whether the Deviation Statement in the format given in Annexure C
is enclosed in the Techno Commercial Bid
Whether the price bid submit as per Annexure D
Whether Details of After sales support is given as per format in
Annexure E and is enclosed in the Techno Commercial Bid
Whether the warranty certificate is enclosed as per Annexure F and
is enclosed in the Techno Commercial Bid
Whether the List of Users is given as per Annexure I and is enclosed
in the Techno Commercial Bid.
Whether the Under taking certificate submitted by the manufacturer
as per Annexure K
Whether the Pre-installation requirements is given in the Techno
Commercial bid
Whether the Price Bid has been signed in every page
Signature & seal of bidder
Annexure I
List of Users for a period of 3 years preceding this tender ( If possible similar equipment)
Order for
Purchase Description,
model and
placed by
and Date
(Rates to be
(full address
blacked out
of purchaser
in the
with contact
bid. The
Price bid of
bidder must
contain the
Signature & seal of bidder
Date of
Reasons if
completion of any, for delay
delivery as per in delivery,
contract and
Date of
installation / commissionin
as per contract
Annexure- J
(To be typed on 100 rupees Stamp Paper)
Performance Bank Guarantee
Bank Guarantee No.:__________________
Amount of Guarantee: Rs. _____________ Valid Up to
: ________________
Guarantee Cover from : _________ to __________
The Director,
Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Centre
(Indian Council of Medical Research)
Ministry of Health, Govt. of India
Raisen bypass Road, Bhopal – 462038(M.P.)
This deed of guarantee executed by (Name of Bank) ………………………………………. Constituted under the (Bank
Act) ……………………… having its Corporate Centre at …………………………… and amongst other places a Branch,
…………………………………………. ……………………………………………. (hereinafter referred to as “the Bank”) in
favour of Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Centre, Bhopal (hereinafter referred to as “the Beneficiary”) for
……………………………………………………………………………..) at the request of (Name of Firm)
……………………………………………………………………………. (hereinafter referred to as “the Contractors”).
This Guarantee is issued subject to the condition that the liability of the Bank under this Guarantee is limited to a
maximum of Rs. ………………………. (Rupees ……………………………………. …………………………………..) and
the Guarantee shall remain in full force upto ………………….. and cannot be invoked otherwise than by a written
demand or claim under this Guarantee served on the bank on or before ………………………….
Where as you have entered in to a contract reference No. ………………. P.O. No. …………………….. ---------Dt:
……………………………………………………………………………………..……………………… for the supply of
………………………………. …………………………………………………………………… which is hereinafter referred to
as “the said contract” and where as (Name of Firm) ……………………………………………. has undertaken to produce
Bank Guarantee for the 10% of the contract price amounting to
Rs. …………………… (Rupees ……………
………………………………………………………………) to secure its obligations Bhopal Memorial Hospital &
Research Centre, Bhopal for the warranty of the equipment supplied.
We, (Name of Bank) ……………………………………………………………. Hereby expressly irrevocably and
unreservedly undertake and guarantee as Principal obliges on behalf of
(Name of Firm)
………………………….…………………………………………….……….. that in the event Bhopal Memorial Hospital &
Research Centre, Bhopal declares to us through you that (Name of Firm) …………………………………………… has
not fulfilled the warranty/other obligations according to the contractual warranty obligations under the said contract to
pay you on demand without any reference to M/s ………………………… …………………………………………….. an
amount of Rs. ………………………. (Rupees ………………………. ………………………………………………..)
Notwithstanding any right/disputes raised by (Name of Firm) …………………………………….………….
………………………………………………… or any said or proceedings pending in any competent Indian Court or
before any arbitration tribunal, your written demand shall be conclusive evidence to us that such payment is payable
under the terms of the said contract and shall be binding in all respect on us.
We shall not be discharged or released from the aforesaid undertaking and guarantee by any arrangements, variations
made between you and (Name of Firm) …………………………………………… indulgence to (Name of Firm)
…………………………………………………………………. by you with or without our consent and knowledge or by
alterations in the obligations of (Name of Firm) ………………………………………………………………..…. by any
forbearance whether as to payment time performance or otherwise.
We further agree and undertake not to revoke this guarantee before the same is discharged in writing by you.
This guarantee shall remain valid until …………………………
Notwithstanding anything contained herein.
This Bank Guarantee shall be valid up to …………………………
We are liable to pay the guaranteed amount or any part thereof under this bank guarantee only if your serve upon us a
written claim or demand and received by us or before ………………………. i.e. the date of expiry of this bank
The Bank Guarantee should be returned to us after the expiry date for cancellation purpose, even if the original
guarantee is not returned, our liability on this guarantee ceased to exist.
Dated at ………………….. at this ………………… Day of ……………………
Dated: _____________
Place: ______________
(Signature of authorized Officer of the Bank)
Witness (Name, Address & Signature)
Annexure K
Undertaking (To be submitted by the manufacturer on Rs. 100 stamp paper)
1. I undersigned certifies that I have gone though the Terms & conditions mentioned in the tender document
including annexure and undertake to comply with them. The rates quoted by me/us are valid and binding on
me/us for acceptance for the period of one year from date of opening of tender.
2. It is certified that rate quoted are the lowest quoted for any institution/Hospital in India.
3. Earnest money deposited by me/us viz Rs._______ in the form of Demand Draft /Banker’s Cheque in
favour of Director BMHRC, Bhopal is attached herewith and shall remain in custody of the Director
BMHRC, Bhopal as per terms and conditions.
4. I/We give the rights to Director, BMHRC, Bhopal to forfeit the EMD deposited by me/us if any delay occur
on my/agent’s part or fails to supply the article at the appointed place and time and of the desired
5. There is no vigilance/CBI case or court case pending against the firm/supplier.
6. On Inspection if any article is found not as per supply order, it shall be replaced by me/us in time as asked
for, to prevent any inconvenience at my /our own expenses.
7. I/we hereby undertake to supply the items as per specifications and directions given in supply order within
the stipulated period.
8. I/we undertake in case down time of the equipment is more than 3 working days, the period of
warranty/CMC/AMC shall be extended by two time of the total break down period unless stand by
arrangements are made. Also undertake to supply all spares for optimal up keep of equipment for at least
10 years after handing over the unit to the institute.
9. I/we undertake to provide guarantee/warranty/ AMC/CMC as mentioned in specifications for ten years from
the date of satisfactory installation and inspection. I also undertake that I will maintain the equipment during
this period and replace the defected parts free of cost, if necessary.
10. I/we understand that Director, BMHRC, Bhopal has the right to accept or reject any or all the tenders
without assigning any reasons (s) thereof.
Name, Signature & Address of the tenderer
With rubber stamp
Note: Undertaking can be submitted by the authorized distributor for imported products if there
is no marketing office of principal companies in India.
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