Hurricane 1009 - AV-iQ
Hurricane Moving Light Enclosures
It’s Hurricane Season
again, and the new
Hurricanes are here
– ready for the new
generation of highpower moving mirror
lights, and featuring
Tempest’s revolutionary DEC3TM control
system. Hurricane
protects your scanner anywhere, in any
Hurricane 1000 protects
Tempest’s DEC3TM control system — all the security and
moving mirror scanners
reliability of Digital Enclosure Control generations 1 and
up to 2000 Watts from
2, but now featuring DMX control, user-definable tem-
rain, snow, ice and
perature and humidity settings, and a nifty new control
humidity. Tempest’s
panel, so you know exactly what’s going on inside every
patented control sys-
tem makes sure your
Best of all, DEC3 is shipping now with optional RDM
light is never too hot,
remote monitoring, so you know exactly what’s going on
never too cold, and
— without climbing a ladder. DEC3 even features a lamp
never, ever allows
hour counter, so you know when to relamp — before the
deadly condensa-
lights go out...
tion to form.
Hurricane enclosures comprise
a stylish and corrosion-proof
fiberglass body, mounted
on a sturdy aluminum base,
containing Tempest’s patented Digital Enclosure Control
electronics, fans and heating
elements. Weatherproof air
inlet and exhaust cowls allow
the passage of large amounts
of filtered air to pass over
the luminaire when the lamp
is on, and a tempered glass
projection window assures
distortion-free projection, at
any mirror angle.
By monitoring the interior
The DEC3 User Control
Panel features weatherproof CapSenseTM pushbutton technology for
ultimate reliability.
eliminating condensation and
Tempest Lighting Hurricane
enclosures have been operating for over 10 years in
deserts, through winters, and
at sea, all over the world.
corrosion, 24/7. When the
Now it’s your turn.
temperature and humidity of
the enclosure, DEC3 controls
humidity and dew point,
fixture is running, Hurricane’s
powerful fans exchange the air
inside the enclosure every 2-3
seconds, ensuring long lamp
and equipment life.
Hurricane has been tested and
approved for all 1200W and
the new Cyber 2.0 moving
head luminaires.
Exterior grade fiberglass, powder coated aluminum and stainless steel. Tempered glass
optically clear wraparound projection window. Stainless steel hardware.
For Luminaire Type:
These fixtures have been
tested and approved with this
enclosure – call us for fixtures
not on this list.
Mounting Hardware
Two parallel 1 5/8” x 13/16” Unistrut. Use standard Unistrut hardware, or order any of
the mounting kits below. Tempest uses and recommends only stainless steel mounting
Clay Paky Golden Scan (1-4)
High End Cyber 2.0
And similar luminaires...
4900.MC Stainless Steel
pipe clamp kit, for pipes 1.5”
(38mm) to 2” (50mm) OD.
Four required per enclosure.
4925.MC Stainless Steel pipe
clamp kit, for pipes 2” (50mm)
to 2.5”/64mm OD. Four required per enclosure.
4900.MB Stainless Steel Bolt
Kit, for attachment to a (user
supplied) mounting plate up to
1/4”/6mm thick.
Tempest Lighting, Inc. accepts no responsibility whatsoever for damages arising from deficient mounting design
or installation by others.
3 Heavy-Duty stainless steel key draw latches, with padlock eyes for extra security. Padlocks are not included with the Hurricane enclosure and should be supplied locally.
Base up, Base Down, Horizontal or vertical, subject to any limitations stipulated by luminaire manufacturer.
Fiberglass covers, standard white enamel. Base, exterior grade epoxy powder coat,
black. Custom colors available to special order. All RAL colors and most Pantone colors
can be matched as required.
Climate Control
Patented Digital Enclosure Control (DEC3) System, microprocessor controller and display controls temperature, humidity and dewpoint. DEC3 system runs 24/7 for roundthe-clock protection.
Factory default settings may be used without any adjustment, or user may modify temperature and humidity threshold settings to optimize performance in different climate
types and with different equipment.
All values and status information are available for remote monitoring over RDM (for
more information, please refer to the Hurricane 2 User Manual, available at
Filtered fresh air cooled using two powerful AC fans. Washable air inlet filter may be
simply removed for periodic cleaning.
Proportionally controlled 500 watt heater dries intake air and maintains internal temperature within bounds in cold climates. Heaters pulse when fixture lamp is detected to
be off, to maintain internal temperatures above dewpoint and prevent condensation.
Fixture over-temperature double pole relay isolates luminaire if temperature exceeds
safe operating limit. This relay may also be controlled over DMX, providing a simple
‘hard reset’ in the event of fixture malfunction.
Control Wiring
DMX IN terminal on main circuit board. Two DMX THRU terminals - one for internal fixture, and one to next enclosure. Cable by others.
Electrical Connections
Connections landed through conduit entry port provided on enclosure base.
Enclosure – hardwired on site, 200-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 5amps (max)
Light Fixture: Americas: NEMA L6-20 receptacle provided
Asia/Europe: CE17 16amp receptacle provided
Digital Enclosure Control?
DEC3TM – that’s Digital Enclosure Control, 3rd Generation
– takes enclosure control to the next level. DEC3 is a an
entirely new controller, featuring high-reliability surfacemount electronics, extreme heavy-duty switching components, and a handy waterproof user control panel on the
outside of the enclosure. DEC3 offers communication via
DMX and RDM, or may be used in its entirely automatic
standalone operating mode. DEC3 monitors internal
temperature, humidity and lamp current at all times, and
uses this information to control its lamp relay, fans and
heaters, and report back over RDM if desired.
DEC3 works right out of the box – if you don’t want to
play with its default settings, you don’t need to. DEC3’s
mission is to maintain temperature and humidity inside
the enclosure within the ‘Goldilocks’ band – never to
hot, never too cold, and never, never, allowing deadly
condensation to form. Condensation is fatal to electronic
DEC3’s user interface uses
CapSenseTM technology for a
watertight control panel that’s
easy to use and easy to read.
LED indicators show the status
of all major functions, and the
display shows DMX address,
temperature, humidity and
any error messages you need
to know about.
Use the simple menus to
optimize temperature and
humidity settings, set DMX
address, view and reset lamp
hour counter, and more.
And if you need to step back
from the Hurricane enclosure,
all of this is available over
RDM, in your control room, or
over the internet.
equipment, particularly in polluted areas or saline environments, where condensation brings not only rust and
And while doing all of this, DEC3 can tell you what’s
short-circuits, but also a steady buildup of mineral and
happening over your RDM network – a real boon in larger
salt deposits. Incidentally, this is very hard to control with
air-conditioning type systems, which is why we don’t use
Operating Modes
DEC3’s function depends on whether the fixture/projec-
Standalone: The enclosure operates independently, and
automatically, requiring no user intervention. User may
tor lamp is on or off:
set parameters such as tempera-
Lamp ON
ture and humidity thresholds,
When the projector/fixture is
and monitor sensor information
running, the heat from the lamp
and DEC status at the DEC3 user
takes care of humidity, and
interface. Standalone is the default
DEC3 runs the enclosure’s fans
DEC3 setup mode unless specified
to change its air every few sec-
onds – ensuring minimal temperature rise above outside
DMX: All of the Standalone features, but the user can
override the lamp relay over DMX, to force a hard reset of
Lamp OFF
any moving light that loses its mind!
When the lamp is off, DEC3 goes to work. When conditions are within normal bounds, DEC 3 pulses the heater
RDM: As above, plus the ability to discover and monitor
DEC3 over RDM.
at a low level to prevent condensation, and gently chang-
DEC is why, again and again, users around the world have
es the enclosure air every 30 seconds or so. We call this
chosen Tempest enclosures to protect their investment in
‘pulse mode’, and it is the key to preventing damaging
Lighting and projection equipment.
condensation inside your equipment.
Tempest Lighting and DEC3 – A combination that keeps
If the temperature rises above the top set limit, DEC3
runs the fans to cool it down. In cold conditions, DEC3
will run the heater as required to maintain the bottom set
you looking good, and saves you money.
Ordering Information
The following information must be provided with each order:
Luminaire type, model number and lamp power
Orientation (base-down, base-up, or other angle)
Custom Colors - provide RAL or Pantone reference
.US style (NEMA 6-20 receptacle) or .INternational (CE17 16amp (blue) receptacle)
Hurricane 1000, 230VAC, CE17 Luminaire Receptacle
Hurricane 1000, 208-240VAC, L6-20 Fixture Receptacle
RDM Monitoring Functionality
Mounting Bolt Kit, 1/2” thread (4 required per enclosure)
Mounting Bolt Kit, M12 thread (4 required per enclosure)
Truss/Pipe Mounting Clamp Kit (4 required per enclosure)
Dimensions & Weights
Shipping Weights/Dims.
(Palletized Carton)
80”x24”x26” (h), weight 150lb - 1203 x 61 x 66cm, 68kg
Schedule B Export Code: 8536.30.0000
Designed to UL Standard 50, 508
CE: EN55015, EN61000-3-4, EN61000-3-5, EN61000-4-2, EN61000-4-3, EN61000-4-4,
EN61000-4-5, EN61000-4-6, EN61000-4-8, EN61000-4-11, EN60598-1
NEMA Type 3R Enclosure (approximately equivalent to IP54)
This product is protected by US Patent Number 6,352,358.
©Tempest Lighting, Inc., September, 2010
In the interest of continuous product improvement,
specifications are subject to change without notice
Tempest Lighting, Inc.,
13110 Saticoy Street, Unit C, North Hollywood, CA 91605, USA [email protected]
t: +1 818 787 8984
f: +1 818 982 5582
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