User Manual - Pro Link Travel

User Manual - Pro Link Travel
User Manual
Travel Booking System
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Home page
Search Hotel
Search by Location
Search Results
Advanced Filters
Details Hotels
Booking Rooms
Amendment and
cancellation of bookings
Recap Reservation
List of reservations
Filters reservation list
Book a flight
Bookings packages
Vehicle rental
Table Of Contents
Authentication page:
Place identification:
Company Code;
User name;
 A password.
One can check the option to retain ID and name.
Choose the language in which you operate the system:
English / French;
It authenticate the user before entering the system.
Home Page
Links to the most important pages of the system
Last Book of the office and the last reservation agent
User statistics and statistics related to agent.
Search Hotel
Type the city chosen for the search;
Enter the date of entry into the hotel and left or number of nights;
Choose the desired number of rooms;
Choose country of residence of the tourist, which is the default
 Choose the number of persons per room.
If you are looking for 1 single room and 1 double will select 1 room with 1
adult and a room with 2 adults.
If you are looking for two double rooms will select quantity 2 bedrooms
and 2 adults per each camera.
If we look for two rooms, one for 2 adults and 1 child 3 years and one for 2
adults and a child of nine years, will be conducted two searches,
rates are different depending on the age of the child
Search Hotel:
The system defaults to look both available hotels and those
on request.
If we enter the hotel name we can specially created field.
If searching for a particular category can be selected only
hotel that.
 You can also select one or more supplier and to display only
Search hotels by location
Search by Location Select window (see "select by
 Click the button to select map coordinates (see "click to
select lat and long papers").
Search Hotels by location
In the "Search Location" enter the destination (eg Paris) and click
 After the search, zoom to the red pointer is positioned in the desired
area and press "ok".
Search hotels by location
After "ok", set the radius around which will make hotel search (eg 500m,
1km, 2km, etc.).
Fill the remaining data search, data input and output, number of rooms
and distribution tourists and hit "Search".
 The answer to this query will contain available hotels or on request
depending on the option chosen 9in) Search within range selected.
Hotel Search Results
Hotel Search Results
Link to Tripadvisor;
You can check the cancellation period;
Room status that guarantees instant confirmation chosen room is "A" and yellow "R" is available on requst *;
Link to reserve room type;
Number of rooms that can give the provider;
Room type and occupancy;
 Link Details hotel.
* We recommend booking a room AVAILABLE status not guarantee rooms on request.
Advanced Filters
1. The map will click to view all the hotels position
2. Filter Search by hotel name.
1. Filter on the map
1. To move forward press the "Apply Filter".
Details of hotels
For detailed hotel information, click the
corresponding icon (see photo). From the
result we can see at a glance the hotel name,
address and category (see photo 2).
The description given by our partners and list
of facilities can help in choosing rapid hotels.
 Photos and map can help your clients choose
Booking rooms
1. Payment options you type the two possibilities Prepaid - allows you to book and after realization of payment will be able to
download your voucher and the reservation will be canceled automatically by the system. If bookings are available only think of
those who have the ProLinkTravel credit and voucher bookings will be active and will end immediately. It will also introduce the
ref agent, that agent's name who made the booking.
2. We introduce behalf of clients and possibly their e-mail
3. Remarks of this page will appear on the voucher.
4. Cancellation policies.
5. Price per night.
6. Remarks that reach ProLinkTravel reservations department and are forwarded to the hotel.
7. Completion reservation after accepting the terms and conditions.
Amendment and cancellation of bookings
Cancellation of reservations is simple and instantly by pressing the red button for cancellation.
The changes are usually the cancellation and recovery correct them. *
Responsibility for cancellation and cancellation deadlines belongs entirely travel agents.
* Please check before you cancel the booking, to be available at the same hotel on the required data. If not, please contact us to amend the
initial reservation.
Recap booking
Now you have confirmed your
reservation and eels chance to
review it.
We present the details again, you
can download and print.
You can go directly to the booking
page or to return to the search page
to make another appointment.
List of reservations
The viewing area hotel details and confirmation numbers. In the info will appear again CANCELLATION terms.
Data check-in check-out, room type, name tourists.
Area of fees and commissions.
Creation date and time of booking.
The status of the reservation, voucher, reservation details.
6. Form of payment or prepaid credit.
Book filters list
Filter by:
Data input and output or the date the reservation was made.
Hotel name, or the tourist agent, the supplier's, the city.
After the reservation status or after the date of cancellation.
After payment status.
After the reference agent.
Book a flight
Flight type and class of service.
The city of departure and destination.
Departure and return dates respectivsi time interval at which the
client prefers to fly (to leave or arrive).
The number of passengers.
Advanced Filters where you can select only direct flights airlines
or only certain company.
Search Results
1. Filter by price, by stopping or by type of aircraft.
2. Number of results found sort by price and
3. The total price of the ticket.
4. Flight itinerary including flight times, flight
number, type and class of service.
5. Link selection flight.
Book Flight
1. Information outward - back, hours,
airports, terminal, flight number, class, type
of aircraft.
2. Prices - type of passengers (adults, youth,
seniors, etc.), number of passengers, the
price without taxes, fees and the total
charge tariffs.
3. Information passenger name and surname
(last name not be used craters or name)
and date of birth - mandatory and if the
passenger has frequent flyer card and its
data are inserted.
5. Ticketing time limit is the time limit CAN That issue tickets at this price, the display is updated our ticketing agents Will reappear in your
booking if it is Another.
6. Comments on the reservation who arrive at our ticketing agents.
Booking terms and conditions
7. That shouldn't BE mandatory reading the before finalizing your reservation by pressing the lower right red.
Booking details
Acest ecran va aparea dupa ce apasati butonul rosu de
"Create reservation".
Aici puteti verifica inca o data rezervarea si de
asemenea veti primi record locatorul sau codul de
identificare al rezervarii, dupa care aceasta se poate
indentifica de agentii nostrii.
Dupa ce cititi si revizuiti reveniti la rezervari apasand
butonul din dreapta jos.
View PNR PNR details and ticket issuance.
The voucher will be active only after issuing the ticket
(important disable pop-up blockers in your browser used to
be downloaded).
Clicking this button you will be redirected to check my
website for information on flight trip.
After checking timelimit's ticket (2) and ticket information
may be issued by the simple click of button issue ticket (1).
Dupa emiterea biletului va aparea imaginea din
stanga care contine informatii noi cu legatura la
persoana care a emis biletul si ora si data
In lista de rezervari a agentului zborul va aparea
ca in imaginea de sus avand si voucher-ul (V)
Change or cancellation
Cancellation is done by simply pressing the red X button and confirm the cancellation by introducing the word YES in the box that
Change of reservation information can be made by the booking agent unuiou flight in the same class with the data correct and
previous cancellation.
!!! BE CAREFUL !!! Cancellation or change of reservation can not be made by the agent after the ticket was issued. To achieve this
will turn to one of our agents will act respecting Ticket change or cancellation policies for that ticket.
This document briefly describes the sale of tourist packages and east TBS application for travel agent (affiliate or
direct) who has an account in TBS and access can search and book tour packages.
To make a booking agent must follow these steps:
Fill data in the search form and click "search".
View and compare the available packages.
Select a package and a departure date.
Performs online booking.
1. Filling data in the search form
1. Select the "Search" button and then "Packages"
2. make searchable by month or a fixed date desired by the client.
3. Select the country.
4. Select the desired region.
5. Select the city in which the client wishes to travel.
6. Select the desired number of rooms.
7. Select nationality.
8. Select the number of copies.
9. Select the total number of adults who wish to travel.
2. View and compare the packages available
The system will return packages available depending on the
search criteria. The result list is comparative and allows the
agent to see all packages Catalog same screen with the following
Pre "Starting from" (according to room selection set);
The package name and the name of the hotel;
Number of stars;
Number of departures and departure cities.
1. Filter Search by hotel name.
2. Select city (airport) from which the leaves and then the city
(airport) destination.
3. A list of existing tourism packages from which you can select
the desired version.
To virzualiza departures available and their prices selects
one of the packages. The system will departures available
for the selected package with the following information:
- Date of departure;
- Duration package that departure date;
- Time pelcare;
- City - starting point;
- Price "since".
After selecting the desired package can be selected:
1. Type of service;
2. Finally press "Select" to go on.
To select another package, click on it in the same list.
Departures will be displayed for the selected package. To
iinchide, click on the red [X] in the top right corner of each
• Once you have selected the right package, departure date and room Agent must complete the booking:
1. Seleacteaza additional services (if necessary);
2. Fill passenger name;
3. Associate passengers with optional services (if necessary);
4. Complete your reservation.
• The agent can view optional services for each packet based tour operator offer (transfer table type, attractions, tours, activities,
• To select the services they checked and configured according to the date and passengers;
• Cancellation Policies displays deadlines and penalties in case of cancellation;
• It displays the total price of the reservation and updated with their status.
If some services are included by default, the agent can not eliminate them from the pack;
When selecting transfer date is usually irrelevant because the transfer is a round trip;
Changes in service configuration can determine price and booking status change (if one is optional services upon request, booking
status will be RQ);
The system will access the tour operator to fiacre step and answer in seconds.
Travel information
The agent must complete names of all passengers for each room.
For special segments (children or seniors) the date of birth of passengers is required.
The date of birth check completed for it to be correct at the time of check-in.
If you are selected for one passenger only optional services (eg only one of the two passenger wants to go on a trip), the agent must
associate passengers services.
This is an optional step, because services usually reserved for all passengers;
Pair ensure accuracy of the information on the voucher correct.
• Check the name and number of tourists and
then select "Continue" to
go on.
Finalizing your reservation
The agent must select the payment method (credit or prepaid) and complete
Add comments that will reach the tour operator.
The agent must be agree with the terms and press <DO
Instant booking is made tour operator system.
Complete cancellation policies are displayed with all the rules.
The system also displays all fees paid with deadlines
time limit.
1. We inform tourists about the period and
penalties relating to the period in which it can
Cancel stay.
2. Select "DO Reservation" to go
further and conclude the deal.
Based on cancellation policies, the agent has the option
to cancel the booking until the beginning of the first rules that
not involve penalizari.Abia after overcoming that date,
reservation may be subject to penalties in case of
Credit or prepaid payment mode is determined by
commercial relationship between agent and tour - operator:
- Credit - a limit accredited agent can perform
reservations and issue voucher imediat.Penalizarile are
but paid directly by the agent.
- Prepaid - agent can book a package (which is
are outside limits cancellation penalties), and then
Once you have paid reservation possible. Otherwise
the system will automatically cancel the reservation before the limit involving
cancellation penalties.
Once done, it fiseaza summary reservation.
The system displays the following:
Payment status (PR - [payment is required] if the reservation was made using this
manner of payment, and must be checked as paid by the tour operator for the voucher
to be issued; OK - [paid] if the reservation was made using the payment method Credit.
Reservation status (Ok - the reservation was made based on availability allotment or RQ
reservation must be confirmed by the tour operator).
ID -number of reservation booking front-office platform (TBS).
Acknowledgment Number - the number of reservations in inventory.
• RQ status:
- Reservations require confirmation tour operator;
- An appointment with status RQ may be rejected or confirmed;
- If RQ service is an optional service agent can restore your reservation without this service
make a reservation with status OK.
• OK status:
- Services have confirmed availability and seats;
- There are cases when Tour- operator must reconfirm with its suppliers.
List of appointments
Once the booking can be viewed in the list of reservations.
• Syndicate voucher (V button in law))
• Add comments (balloon button to the right))
• Cancel your reservation (X button to the right)
If the list has more reservations can be filtered using the <filter Book> button
Moreover, they can complement or check the option to find the desired book.
This document briefly describes the sale of tourist packages in application
TBS and is intended travel agent (affiliate or direct) which has an access account
TBS and can search and book tour packages.
To make a booking agent must follow
next steps:
1. Fill in the search form and data
click "search".
2. View, compare and select cars
3. Perform online booking.
1. Filling data in the search form
1. Select the "Search" button and
then "Cars".
2. Select the city.
3. Select the date and time
will reach customers
4. Select the date and time
will leave customers
5. Select nationality
6. Select the "SEARCH"
to perform search and go
any further.
2. View, compare and select cars available
1. Filter search by type desired car.
2. Select the type of equipment desired.
3. Select the number of seats and doors.
4. Select the class car.
5. Currently viewing type of car.
6. viewing facilities and technical information car.
7. viewing rate of which gives 4%.
8. To go further select type car wanted "SELECT CAR".
3. Perform booking online
1. View site in which are taken clients.
2. Currently viewing date and time which will be picked clients.
3 hours viewing time schedule.
4. viewing teaching instead of the car.
5 viewing date and time must be delivered car.
6-hours viewing.
Outside office hours will be paid a fee additional.
1. Payment shall be made directly to reception desk.
2. Fill in the details contact the tourist.
3 viewing services included in the rental agocar.
4. You can select the type of insurance desired. Maximum
5. After the cancellation date penalties levied.
6. You can add comments on the car rental.
7. Select "FINISH BOOKING" Content to go on.
Once done, it fiseaza summary reservation.
1. After viewing the summary booking select "GO TO RESERVATION" to view the booking.
List of appointments
Once the booking can be viewed in the list of reservations.
Syndicate voucher (V button in law);
Add Comments (balloon button to the right);
Cancel reservation (X button to the right).
If the list has more reservations can filter using the <filter Reservations>
out above, which can complement or check the option to find desired reservation.
If you select X to cancel, the system will post the message: 'Are you sure
You Want to cancel this reservation? "
It should be viewed cancellation period, the penalty for not occur and add
in the white box "YES" to cancel or "NO" to return to the previous menu.
1. After selecting the "YES", the reservation is canceled.
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