The ADD3500 Wireless Automotive Noise Finder can make works quick
and easy .
It is a listening tool which can amplify sounds through a speaker or
earphones during a road test.
There are 6 sensitive clamps that can be attached adjacent to many difficult to diagnose
vehicle parts.
Some of the vehicle parts are:
1. Wheel Bearing
2. Brake Calipers
3. Leaf and Coil Springs
4. Differentials
5. Transmissions
6. Under the Dush
7. Fuel Injectors
8. Alternators
9. Water Pumps
10. Smog Pumps
11. Power Steering Pumps
1. Receiver Units
2. Transmitter Units ADD3500-1
3. Transmitter Units ADD3500-2
4. Transmitter Units ADD3500-3
5. Transmitter Units ADD3500-4
6. Cable Leads/Clamps ×4
7. Nylon Straps
8. Velcro Straps
9. AAA Batteries
10. AA Batteries
11. Vinyl Pouch
12. Earphone
13. User Manual
Attach the clamps to the problem position. If you are not sure where the problem is,
attach two more clamps to the suspect area. Listen to the Receiver Unites, see the
signal in which channel is better, then move the clamps, the signal will be better or
worse. The closer the clamp is positioned to the suspected problem, the better sound
reproduction you will get.
Make sure you tie the clamps fasten to the location chosen.
There are 3 methods to do this:
1. There are 2 internal magnets so that the transmitter can hold to a metal surface.
2. Wrap the transmitter around any non-moving part with a Velcro strap.
3. There is a spring-loaded clamp that can crab onto non-moving part.
You can use the earphone during the diagnoses where is noisiness.
When signals gets worse for a long time working, change the battery for a new one.
And we suggest that taking off the battery when you don’t use the machine for a long
It is dangerous to drive a car while wearing earphones(there is a earphone jack
available on the receiver). A separate driver is needed when use the machine.
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