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ASD-MDBT0100 Single Battery Box (For An
Absolute Encoder)
Instrunction Sheet
Please thoroughly understand and observe the following safety precautions. Failure to observe these
precautions may void warranty! In order to prevent damage and danger, please use batteries in accordance
with the specified specification.
> Do not use the product in a potentially explosive environment. Install the product in a clean and
dry location free from corrosive and inflammable gases or liquids.
> Do not place the battery dispersedly to prevent short circuiting and accidents.
> Do not short circuit the positive pole and the negative pole of the batteries or install batteries in
reverse polarity.
WARNING > To prevent electric energy loss and lifetime reduction, it is recommended to use new battenes
> Do not store batteries within an ambient temperature above +100°C. Failure to observe this
precaution may cause fire or explosion.
> The batteries are non-rechargeable. Do not charge the batteries or explosion may result.
> Do not directly solder the battery surface.
Further information about the Single Battery Box can be obtained from the ASDA-A2 series User manual. You can
download the PDF format manual via the link
The content of this instruction sheet may be revised without prior notice. Please consult our distributors or download
the most updated version at http://www.
O Introduction
Single Battery Boxes are applied to the servo systems with the absolute encoders. After power off, the encoder
will continue working with the batteries. The encoder will constantly record the actual position by the built-in
coordinate system at any time. So the latest position of motor shaft will be recorded even if the motor shaft is
rotated after power off. One servo drive uses one single battery box. Two servo drives can share a dual battery
box. We recommend the users to choose Delta's battery boxes and Delta's encoder connection cables for
absolute encoders.
® Applicable Models
ASDA-A2 (for all AC servo drive models)
ECMA-5A (for all AC servo motor models)
= The boxes (0) in the servo motor model names are rated voltage and rated speed, please refer to the ordering information of
NOTE the actual purchased products.
O Wiring and Connection
Servo Drive
CN2 Connector
| EYE e e o
> NOT The scale of the objects does not match the dimensions as shown in the drawing above.
For different models of AC servo drives and motors, the connection cables may differ.
1) Please refer to @ Connection cable to choose the encoder cables.
2) The connector connected with the servo motor is Quick Connector or Military Connector.
O Connection Cables
Specifications of Absolute Encoder Connection Cable:
A. Quick Connector
Delta Model Number: ASD-A2EB0003 + ASD-AZ2EB0005
{ —. 355%10 —
Pa _L _ a
Title Model Name L :
mm inch
1 | ASD-A2EB0003 | 3000+100 | 118+4 _
2 | ASD-A2EB0005 | 5000 + 100 | 197 +4
B. Military Connector
Delta Model Number: ASD-A2EB1003 - ASD-A2EB1005
ue | rn
a y > + E EE
í Г и ох = | | BE
A ai | = || BE
= © § | 355410 — , I= E EE
Title Model Name L Er
mm inch
1 | ASD-A2EB1003 | 3000 + 100 | 118 +4 |
2 | ASD-A2EB1005 5000 + 100 | 197 + 4 |
Attached wire rods
If not using Delta's absolute encoder connection cable , users can use the attached wire rods for wiring.
Delta Model Number: 3864850600
5+1 15+5
| 20010 | |
= ee os AP Sl AN 1 т Td
The suggested wiring method:
CN2 of the servo drive Corresponding terminal of wire 3864850600
7 1
9 2
© Battery Specifications
Items Li/SOCI2 Cylindrical Battery
Model Number ER14505
Delta Model Number ASD-CLBT0100
nerañonal Standard Size TT AA :
Nominal Voltage | 3.6V ВЕ a
Nominal Capacity 2700mAh
Maximum opus Operating 100 mA
Maximum Pulse Current AE 200 mA a a
Dimensions (D x H) o 14.5 x 50.5mm Ш |
Weight Approx. 19g
Operating Temperature 40 - +85%C
O How To Install A Battery
Put on the plastic clip. Please note
Loosen the tenons of both sides to open that the closer the heat shrink tube
the top cover. and the plastic clip, the better.
D Plug in connection cable
@ Screw to tighten it.
Arrange cables in the box
and cover on the lid.
@ How to Replace A Battery
Fully open the top cover
Release the latches located on both
sides to open the top cover.
Remove the cable and disconnect the
wires from the battery. Then, replace Finish the wiring, put the cover
with a new battery. To prevent the data on the box and lock the latches
loss, please replace the battery in 10 to complete the replacement.
Please do not remove the
power connection, or power
interrupt may cause data loss.
© Dimensions
Delta Model Number: ASD-MDBT0100
35 99°
Unit : mm
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