Cooling Mattress

Cooling Mattress
Cooling Mattress
User’s Manual
Thank you for purchasing our cooling mattress, please read the
instruction carefully before using.
I. Product Introduction:
This is a patented new product which suit to tropical region and
summer all of the world, with the unique technology, we designed our
first type water circulation and air cooling mattress which past number of
national patents in 2011. This product had solved the cooling problem of
human back and buttock, and finally get a systemic cooling through blood
circulation of human body.
The power consumption of this product just at 6W, but cooling will
reduce 4-10℃, which entirely conform to Green、Environment
Friendly、Low-carbon、Energy-saving idea of the world. to make
a brand new cool+energy-saving life in the hot days.
1. safe and reliable: freezing host used the DC12V power supply, lower
than international recognized safe voltage 36V, and mattress
without any circuit, very safety.
2. Energy-saving and environmental friendly: power consumption at 6W,
which means 1 kWh of electricity can use for around 180 hours, very
economic; without compressor and Freon to make cooling, it’s
available to sleep in the natural and ventilated surroundings, make
you to avoid dry skin, environmental friendly and healthy.
3. computer temperature control: this product has intelligent control
function, according to the temperature changing regulation of human
body during sleeping, we designed multi shift adjusting to meet
different cooling requirements.
4. air humidification: this product has air humidification function,
it’s available to increase humidity and improve comfort level of
human body as a humidifier.
5. elegant appearance: suit to put on the sofa、reclining chair、bed,
and available to send as a gift for cooling.
6. full range: variety of designs for single and double person type;
blue and white porcelain high class gift type; exclusively student
type; the cooling and heating dual-use type will on the market in
the Autumn 2012.
III. Technical Parameter:
Rated voltage: DC12V
Power consumption: 6W
Tank capacity 1.5L
Mattress size 160cm × 70cm(Single)
160cm × 140cm(Couple)
Packing size: 33.5 × 18 × 32.5cm(Single)
39.5 × 18.5 × 33cm(Couple)
N/W: 2.3kg
G/W: 2.8kg (Single)
N/W: 4kg
G/W: 4.5kg(Couple)
Button specification:
1. ON/OFF: Press to turn on the machine and cooling in maximum shift, and
defaulted to off automatically after 15 hours(the word A、B、C、D、
E、F which on the displayer means hours: 10、11、12、13、14、15).
2. Time: press to set time from 1hour-9hours.
3. High/Low: press to adjust the cooling level, there are 4 levels, level
1 is highest, level 4 is lowest.
4. Sleep: press to chose sleeping shift( the cooling of mattress will
reduce according to user’s sleeping time to avoid cold), there are
3 levels, level 1 suit to hot weather; level 2 suit to common weather
or cold-blooded person; level 0 to close sleeping shift.
5. Note: High/Low button works only when the sleeping shift is off(on
level 0), the indicator which on the lower right corner will flash.
IV. Product Advantages:
1.The cooling products in the market now: Mat、Fan、Air Cooler and Air
2.Mat will heat up according to human body, sleep longer and hotter, Fan
and Air Cooler can’t cool the part which between human body and bed, they
can’t solve the cooling problem of back and buttock.
3.Although Air Conditioner can reduce the temperature of whole room and
keep comfortable, it will take higher cost and energy. Meanwhile, the
ventilation is not good enough, air dried and odor, and AC disease maybe
happened. According to the survey, there are around 30%-35% of people
unsuitable or don’t like to use Air Conditioner, or use it at the very
hot days. Especially the old people、women、children、dry skin and sensitive
people、and throat allergies、pregnant women and smoking people, etc. and
Air Conditioner must work in closed room, not available to work outside
or opening buildings.
4.This product can be used as Mattress, Sofa Mat, Chair Mat. And for
outdoor(sleeping bag, fishing chair mat, picnic mat, etc. battery is
1. put the cooling mattress on the bed(sofa, chair, etc), connect the
connecting tube with the inlet and the outlet of the host respectively(no
need to distinguish the front and rear), be careful and don’t make the
connection pipe bend to plug.
2. check if the water plug on the bottom of the host is plugged and the
host is placed in horizontal position, and then add water to the maximum
water capacity.
3. plug in the power and press the ON/OFF button, the host began to work.
For the first operation, there is no water in the mattress, the host needs
to pump water into the mattress, so the water of tank will be drastically
reduced, this is time to add water, when the water in the mattress can
be stable circulating, the mattress will be working.
4. when you need to put it away, pull out the bottom plug of the host,
drain the water from the tank, put the plug back, then the mattress and
host can be well placed.
Ⅵ. Other Instructions:
1. a sheet or mat is recommended to put on the mattress for easier washing.
2. with smart water shortage protection system, the pump will stop working
when the water level of tank is low and you need to refill the water
to make it work properly.
3. In order to avoid a cold, please select the appropriate shift and adjust
the usage (for example, put a mat or a blanket on the mattress)
according to your actual needs.
1. In order to avoid sediment clogging which may decrease the cooling
effect, please clean the sediment regularly.
2. please drain the tank empty if it will be unused for a long time.
3. please don’t expose this product under the sun.
Ⅷ.Packing content
4.User’s Manual
5.12V Rechargeable Battery(Optional)
Rated recharging time: 3Hours
Working time for full recharged: 8-12Hours(according to selected shift)
1. please do not put the host to work on a leaned or uneven place.
2. the intake of the host must keep clear to avoid any clogging.
3. in order to avoid any damage, please never use the sharp objects to
scratch the Mattress.
4. in order to avoid liquid reflux, please do not kink or squeeze the
mattress and the tubes when they are placed.
5. when you fill the water, please don’t exceed the maximum capacity of
6. in order to avoid pump damage, please don’t use the product when it’s
without water in the tank or the water level is too low.
7. please do not wash the host under the tap, it may cause damage.
8. if the host with water accidentally fell down, please turn off the
machine and unplug the power cord immediately, dry for more than five
hours, then, try to turn on it again. Please ask for help from the agent
or distributor if it’s not working properly.
9. please do not put any objects into the wind wheel when the fan is running
10.children is prohibited to operate the host alone.
11.please do not place heavy objects above the host.
12.please check the power cord and plug before turning on, do not operate
it if there is damage.
13.please make sure that the local power supply is conform to rated
parameters before using.
14.please turn off the power before pull out the plug.
15.unqualified person is not allowed to dismantle or repair the machine,
or it’s not warranted.
Ⅹ.After-sale Service
1. if the product does not work normally, please contact your local agent
or distributor for services.
2. the warranty for host is 1 year, and 3 months for mattress.
3. but conditions
1). damage caused
2). damage caused
3). damage caused
following are not warranted:
improper using, storing, maintaining.
unqualified disassemble or repair.
force majeure.
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