Fluke 233 - Linktronix

Fluke 233 - Linktronix
Be here, work there!
Fluke 233:
The world’s first
Digital Multimeter
with detachable
display is here!
Fluke. Keeping your world
up and running.®
233 Remote Display Multimeter
Ultimate flexibility with removable display
The NEW Fluke 233 remote display digital
multimeter allows you to be in two
places at once. The removable display
solves the problems of holding both
the meter and the test leads to make a
measurement, making measurements
in hard-to-reach places, and making
measurements in machines or panels
that are physically separated from a limit
switch or an isolator switch. Wireless
technology allows the display to be
carried up to 10 meters away from the
point of measurement. The Fluke 233
is also designed to work in areas where
the operator can’t be close to the active
measurement point, like clean rooms or
hazardous areas.
Removable magnetic display
True-RMS measurement
Digital display counts
Display backlight
Built in thermometer
Resistance, continuity and diode test
Min/Max and average recording
Auto power off maximizes battery life
Radio transmitter automatically turns off when
the display is connected to the meter
Use as conventional multimeter when the display is connected
Safety rating
CAT IV 600 V / CAT III 1000 V
Auto and manual ranging
Fluke 233
Display Hold and AutoHOLD
Unsafe voltage alert warns for voltages above 30V
2 Low batteries indication
Ergonomic case with integrated holster
Selectable sleep mode preserves battery life
On all inputs
True RMS
Included Accessories
Test leads with 4mm lantern tips and
protective cap, AC 72 alligator clips, 80BK-A
temperature probe, CD-ROM, AA batteries and
user manual.
Voltage DC
Voltage AC
Current DC
Current AC
Wireless frequency: 2.4 GHz ISM Band 10 meter range
1000 V
1000 V
10 A
10 A
40 MΩ
9999 μF
50.00 kHz
-40 ºC to +400 ºC
Fluke 233
Max. Resolution
0.1 mV
0.1 mV
1 mA
0.1 mA
0.1 Ω
1000 nF
0.1 Hz
±(0.25% + 2)
±(1.0% + 3)
±(1.0% + 3)
±(1.5% + 3)
Accuracies are best accuracies for each function
Ordering Information
Fluke 233
Remote Display Multimeter
Battery Life: AA alkaline (3 for main body,
2 for display), 400 hrs typical
Size (HxWxD): 193 x 93 x 53 mm
Weight: 0.6 kg
Three year warranty
Recommended Accessories
11570-eng Rev. 01
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