• Add preset gain, using a single “stay-put” knob control
• Perfect for switching between guitars with unmatched output
• Use in long signal chains, or anytime signal dropoff is a problem!
To set up the M-133, plug your instrument into the Input jack and your amplifier into the Output
jack. Turn on the effect with the footswitch toggle, making sure the red LED is ON to indicate
that the effect is active.
Next, adjust the Gain knob while toggling the footswitch on and off, comparing the volume of
the unmodified (light off) signal with the modified (light on) signal. Match the gain level as
closely as you can to the unmodified signal. This is your reference point: if you plan to make
adjustments during your performance, it might be useful to mark this position with a piece of
masking tape and a marking pen. (Write on the tape, not the stomp box!)
Then adjust the Gain knob to the desired amount of added gain or cut that the situation
calls for. (If you’ll need to find this position again during performance, make another mark
on your tape.)
A common use of the M-133 is to leave it turned off until it’s time to solo, then kick it in for a
quick level boost during the solo. You can easily apply it to ANY situation where two different,
quickly accessible playing volumes are appropriate.
Single 9 volt alkaline battery or Dunlop ECB03 AC Adapter
• Footswitch toggles amp on/bypass (red LED indicates on)
• Gain knob adjusts total output volume when micro amp is engaged
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