Instructions for Use Important Note Please read these

Instructions for Use
Important Note
Please read these instructions completely before using the
GENOTROPIN MINIQUICK. If there is anything you
do not understand or cannot do, call the toll-free
number listed at the end of this leaflet.
If you have any questions about your dose or your treatment
with GENOTROPIN, call your healthcare provider right away.
Use this device only for the person for whom it was prescribed.
GENOTROPIN MINIQUICK is a device used to mix and administer a single dose of GENOTROPIN
Lyophilized Powder (somatropin [rDNA origin] for injection).
Each GENOTROPIN MINIQUICK comes preloaded with a two-chamber cartridge of GENOTROPIN.
GENOTROPIN MINIQUICK is available in ten different dose sizes. Be sure you have the dose your
doctor prescribed.
The GENOTROPIN MINIQUICK is disposable; after you administer the dose, you throw the empty unit
away. IMPORTANT – always throw away the GENOTROPIN MINIQUICK properly, as directed by your
healthcare provider.
This system consists of the delivery device, the two-chamber cartridge of GENOTROPIN packaged inside
it, and a separate injection needle. The diagram below identifies the different components.
A needle for injection is provided with each device. If you need additional needles, ask for Becton
Dickinson Ultra-Fine pen needles, either 29, 30 or 31 gauge.
The two-chamber cartridge of GENOTROPIN contains the growth hormone powder in one chamber and a
liquid in the other. When you turn the plunger rod clockwise (to the right), the GENOTROPIN MINIQUICK
automatically mixes the growth hormone powder and the liquid.
Before the drug is reconstituted (the powder mixed with the liquid), you can store the GENOTROPIN
MINIQUICK at room temperature (77° F or less) for up to three months. Keep it in the carton to protect it
from light.
You should inject the GENOTROPIN right after you reconstitute it. If that is not possible, you can keep the
GENOTROPIN MINIQUICK in the refrigerator (in the carton) for up to 24 hours after reconstitution. Do not
freeze. If you do not use the GENOTROPIN MINIQUICK within 24 hours after reconstitution, throw it away.
Single Use
There are no preservatives in the GENOTROPIN MINIQUICK.
Use each GENOTROPIN MINIQUICK only once and then throw it away.
To help prevent infection, always wash your hands well with soap and water
before using the GENOTROPIN MINIQUICK.
1. Wipe the rubber stopper on the GENOTROPIN MINIQUICK with a pad or swab
moistened with rubbing alcohol.
2. Peel the paper covering from the back of the injection needle. Leave both
protective caps (inner and outer) on the needle.
Screw the needle onto the GENOTROPIN MINIQUICK, turning it until it stops.
3. Hold the GENOTROPIN MINIQUICK with the needle pointing up. To mix the
growth hormone powder with the liquid, turn the plunger rod clockwise (to the
right) until it will go no further.
4. Do not shake the GENOTROPIN MINIQUICK. Shaking may inactivate the
growth hormone so it will not work.
Check to make sure the solution is clear, indicating that the growth hormone
powder is completely dissolved. If you see particles, or if the solution is
discolored, do not inject it. Instead, call the toll-free number listed at the end of
this leaflet.
If using the optional, reusable Needle Guard to hide the needle, go to step 5.
If the Needle Guard is not used, go to step 6.
5. To attach the optional reusable Needle Guard, remove the outer protective
cap from the needle, place the Needle Guard on to the GENOTROPIN
MINIQUICK, and press gently until the Needle Guard snaps into place.
6. Select and disinfect an appropriate injection site, as instructed by your
healthcare provider.
If the optional Needle Guard is not used, remove the outer and inner
protective caps from the needle. If the Needle Guard is used, remove the
inner protective cap from the needle.
7. Pinch a fold of skin at the injection site firmly, and push the needle straight
into the skinfold at a 90-degree angle. When using the Needle Guard, the
retractable plastic needle shield will push in as the GENOTROPIN
MINIQUICK is pushed against the skin.
8. Push the plunger rod as far as it will go, to inject all the medicine in the
Wait a few seconds to be sure that all the growth hormone has been injected.
Then, pull out the needle.
9. After injection, carefully replace the outer protective cap on the needle if you
are not using the optional Needle Guard. If you are using the Needle Guard,
carefully replace the inner protective cap on the needle while the Needle
Guard is on the unit. Then remove the Needle Guard and save it for future
use. Throw away the GENOTROPIN MINIQUICK in a suitable container.
Always throw away the GENOTROPIN MINIQUICK properly, as
instructed by your healthcare provider.
The reusable Needle Guard may be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth or
alcohol swab. If it cannot be cleaned satisfactorily, or does not function
properly, throw it away and contact Pharmacia & Upjohn for a replacement.
Questions about how to use the GENOTROPIN MINIQUICK?
Call Pharmacia & Upjohn Company toll-free at (800) 645-1280
Rx only
Manufactured by:
Vetter Pharma-Fertigung GmbH & Co. KG
Ravensburg, Germany
Revised January 2009
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