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Bolt PP-400DR Dual Outlet
Power Pack with Removable Battery
User’s Manual
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PP-400DR Power Pack for Portable Flash. This rechargeable large-capacity
lithium-ion battery pack will supply up to 1400 flashes (depending on flash unit
and power setting) and fast recycling times for one or two portable flashes at the
same time. It’s compatible with most on-camera flashes, including Nikon, Canon,
Sony, Bolt, Sunpak, Vivitar, and Metz.
This Bolt Cyclone DR includes one removable and interchangeable battery
pack—the PP-400BP (additional PP-400BP batteries are available separately).
When the battery begins to lose power, it can be removed in just a few seconds
and replaced with a new, fully charged PP-400BP battery—you can extend your
shoot as long as you need to, without worrying about recharging.
The Bolt Cyclone DR features a microcontroller unit (MCU) circuit design with
integrated software and hardware protection for more efficient energy use as
well as heat-resistant lightweight construction.
Introduction | 3
1 Socket cover
2 Cable locking mechanism
3 Socket #1
4 Socket #2
5 Belt clip
6 Charging port
7 Battery pack
8 Battery pack lock
9 Control unit
10Shoulder strap
11Strap quick release
12LED battery level indicator
13Status indicator for Socket #1
14Power button
15Status indicator for Socket #2
16AC battery charger
4 | Overview
Overview | 5
• Do not disassemble or attempt to service this product yourself. Doing so will void the warranty, and Bolt
will not be responsible for any damage. There are high-voltage components inside. Contact can produce a
dangerous electric shock.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Do not touch the metal part of the multifunction socket.
• This product is not water resistant. Keep it away from water and all flammable gases or liquids.
• Do not store or use this product at temperatures above 104°F (40°C).
• Do not connect this product to a charger other than the included unit.
• To avoid overheating and damaging your flash unit, please wait for at least 10 minutes after 40 continuous
full-power flashes.
• Make sure the unit is powered off when plugging it in to a power source.
• Use only the correct, recommended voltage.
• Handle the unit with care.
• Clean the unit with a soft, dry cloth.
6 | Warnings
• Use only parts provided by the manufacturer.
• Please read and follow these instructions and keep this manual in a safe place.
• Make sure the item is intact and that there are no missing parts.
Charging the Cyclone DR
To charge your Cyclone DR with the included charger:
1. Plug the charger unit into an AC outlet.
2. Plug the charger cable into the charging port on the battery.
3. The charger indicator turning red indicates that the battery is being charged.
4. The charger indicator turning green indicates that the battery is fully charged.
If you own two PP-400BP batteries, you can remove one battery from the power pack and charge it using the
AC charger while using the second battery to power the Cyclone DR.
Charging Your Cyclone|DR | 7
To get the maximum capacity from your Cyclone DR:
Charge your Cyclone DR shortly before use to ensure that the pack retains the maximum charge. Charge
your Cyclone DR at a moderate room temperature, and avoid storing it in hot or cold environments between
charging and use.
Note: When charging the pack outside of the United States, plug adapters (available separately) may be used
to plug the charger into any 100-240 V AC power outlet.
Reading the indicator lights while charging:
The Status LED remains off during charging. The AC charger’s indicator light will be red during charging. When
the battery is fully charged, its light will turn green.
To check the battery level while the unit is charging, press the power button. The battery level will be displayed
on the LED battery level indicator for approximately two seconds.
8 | Charging Your Cyclone|DR
Checking the Cyclone DR’s charge level:
When the Cyclone DR is not charging and is not connected to a flash unit, its level of charge can be checked
by pressing the power button. The battery LEDs will illuminate to indicate the level of charge, as follows:
Battery LED 1 on: 25% or lower charge level
Battery LEDs 1-2 on: 25%-50% charge level
Battery LEDs 1-3 on: 50%-75% charge level
Battery LEDs 1-4 on: 75% or higher charge level
When Battery LED 1 is blinking, the Cyclone DR will disable power output—the battery needs immediate
charging before it can operate again.
If the Cyclone DR is in use continuously for 12 hours, its automatic power-off function will cause it to power off
Charging Your Cyclone|DR | 9
Connecting Your Bolt
Cyclone DR Power Pack to
Your Flash
You can use the Cyclone DR to power a wide range
of flash units. its level of charge can be checked,
you must use a compatible connection cable. Cables
sold by some flash and battery pack manufacturers
are interchangeable with Bolt cables, but other flash
brands use a different connector type. Make sure you
select the right one.
Important! Load your flash unit with its standard
batteries before connecting it to the Cyclone DR.
You may need to set your flash unit to recycle by
drawing power from the Cyclone DR only to avoid
draining the installed batteries. Check your flash
unit’s manual for details on the relevant setting.
10 | Connecting Your Cyclone|DR
To connect your Cyclone DR to your flash unit:
1. Plug the metal connector of the connection
cable firmly into one of the output sockets of the
Cyclone DR.
2. If using a cable with a locking mechanism,
rotate the locking collar on the terminal to
secure the cable.
3. Plug the other end of the connection cable
securely into the compatible power port on your
flash unit.
4. Press the power button on the Cyclone DR and
wait for the Status and battery LEDs to turn on,
then power on your flash.
To disconnect your Cyclone DR from your flash unit:
1. Press the power button until the Status and battery LEDs turn off.
2. If you’re using a cable with a locking mechanism, rotate the locking collar to the unlocked position.
3. Unplug the connection cable from the battery pack.
Connecting Your Cyclone|DR | 11
Using Your Flash with Your Cyclone DR
Your Cyclone DR can recycle in just 1 second with many popular flash units to keep you shooting and ensure
that you don’t miss important moments. With your flash firing at full power, it can power between 1200 and
1400 flashes, depending on the specific unit you’re using. It can power thousands of shots in automatic mode
with some flash units.
To get the best use out of your Cyclone DR:
• Use in environments with moderate temperatures.
•Don’t fire more than 40 full-power flashes in a row. Doing this can overheat and even damage your flash.
The Cyclone DR has a much higher power output than the typical built-in battery of a flash unit. Refer to
your flash unit’s manual for information on its continuous full-power flash capacity and limitations.
12 | Using Your Cyclone|DR
Reading the indicator lights while using the Cyclone DR:
When you’re using your Cyclone DR, its Red Status LED will remain on to indicate that the flash is ready to fire.
Its four blue battery LEDs will indicate the level of charge as follows:
Battery LED 1 on: 25% or lower charge level
Battery LEDs 1-2 on: 25%-50% charge level
Battery LEDs 1-3 on: 50%-75% charge level
Battery LEDs 1-4 on: 75% or higher charge level
Battery LED 1 flashing: The Cyclone DR has been drained and needs to be charged.
Status LED flashing: The Status LED flashing indicates that the battery is overheated. Stop using the pack for
at least 10 minutes to allow it to cool.
Carrying and wearing the Cyclone DR:
The Cyclone DR is designed to be easy to carry and inconspicuous. Its light weight and compact design make
it easy to wear for long periods, and its black finish and clean design make it unobtrusive. It also offers these
convenient features:
Using Your Cyclone|DR | 13
•Padded feet. Two rubberized feet give the Cyclone DR stability and protection when you set it down.
•Belt clip. One of the easiest ways to carry the Cyclone DR is to attach it to your belt with the included
clip. When you won’t be carrying the pack on your belt, you can give in a cleaner profile by removing the
clip. To do this, loosen the screws securing it with a Phillips screwdriver, remove the clip, then tighten the
screws again.
• Shoulder strap. Thread the shoulder strap through the built-in lugs on the Cyclone DR and through the strap
clips and buckles, as shown here. After threading it, pull it tight to take up any slack. Always make sure that
your strap is attached securely; dropping the Cyclone DR can damage it.
14 | Using Your Cyclone|DR
The Cyclone DR is charged and connected to a flash
with a cable, but no indicator lights illuminate when
you turn it on.
The cable is damaged or you are using the wrong
The Status indicator light is flashing.
The pack is overheated. Turn it off and wait for at
least 10 minutes before using it again.
The Cyclone DR is charged and connected to a flash
with a cable, but the flash does not fire.
Make sure you have AA or other internal batteries
installed in the flash. These may be required for its
computer functions to work.
Customer Service
For customer service, please go to
Troubleshooting | 15
Power Pack Cyclone DR:
AC Charger BO-1008:
Battery type: lithium-ion
Input: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz
Voltage: 11.1 V DC
Output: 12V DC 1500mA
Capacity: 4500 mAh
Recycle time with hotshoe-mounted flash units:
approx. 1 second (at full flash power)
Cord length: 60 in. (1.5 m)
Dimensions: 3.75 x 1.25 x 1.62 in.
(95 x 32 x 41 mm)
Flashes per charge:
approx. 1200-1400 (at full flash power)
Operation environment working temperature range:
-4°F to 104°F (-20°C to 40°C)
Operation environment working humidity:
85% or less
Dimensions: (W x H x D): 4.33 x 6.29 x 1.57 in.
(110 x 160 x 40 mm) including belt clip
Weight: 19.4 ounces (550 grams)
16 | Specifications
Bolt provides a limited warranty that this product is free from defects in materials and workmanship to the
original purchaser under normal use for a period of one (1) year from the original purchase date or thirty (30)
days after replacement (the “Warranty Period”), whichever occurs later. Our responsibility with respect to this
limited warranty shall be limited solely to repair or replacement, at its option, of any product which fails during
normal consumer use.
To obtain warranty coverage during the Warranty Period, contact your place of purchase (“Seller”) to obtain a
return merchandise authorization (“RMA”) number, and return to Seller the defective product along with proof
of purchase and the RMA number.
This warranty does not extend to damage or failure which results from misuse, neglect, accident, alteration,
abuse, improper installation or maintenance. EXCEPT AS PROVIDED HEREIN, BOLT MAKES NEITHER ANY
specific legal rights, and you may also have additional rights which vary from state to state.
Warranty | 17
Compatible Devices and Accessories
The Cyclone DR is compatible with a wide range of hotshoe and handle-mount flash units. Make sure you
select a connection cable that is compatible with your flash unit.
Many compatible accessories are also available from Bolt and other brands. Bolt connection cables are
interchangeable with some other manufacturers’ battery pack connection cables.
These optional accessories are available from Bolt:
Bolt PP-400BP Battery Pack
18 | Compatible Devices
Bolt BO-1008 Replacement Charger
BO-1006 CZ Canon Flash Cable
With Locking Mechanism
BO-1007 CKE Nikon Flash Cable
With Locking Mechanism
BO-1005 Sony Flash Cable
Bolt USB-C Charger for Mobile Devices
Compatible Devices | 19
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