PP009 Passive Probe Operator`s Manual Rev A

Passive Probe
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922222-00 Rev A
January 2013
PP009 Passive Probe
Safety Instructions
This section contains instructions that must be observed to keep this
oscilloscope accessory operating in a correct and safe condition. You are
required to follow generally accepted safety procedures in addition to the
precautions specified in this section. The overall safety of any system
incorporating this accessory is the responsibility of the assembler of the
These terms and symbols may appear on the probe body or in this manual to
alert you to important safety considerations.
High Voltage, risk of electric shock.
CAUTION of potential damage to equipment, or WARNING of potential for
bodily injury. Attend to the accompanying information/product manual to
protect against personal injury or damage. Do not proceed until conditions
are fully understood and met.
To avoid personal injury or damage to property, review and comply with the
following safety precautions. Use product only as specified.
Connect only to grounded instruments. Use only with compatible Teledyne
LeCroy oscilloscopes that have their BNC input connected to an earth ground. Do
not connect the probe reference lead to any point which is at a potential other
than earth ground.
Connect and disconnect properly. Connect probe to the oscilloscope before
connecting the probe to the test circuit. Disconnect the probe input and
reference lead from the test circuit before disconnecting the probe from the
oscilloscope. To avoid injury or death due to electric shock, do not connect or
disconnect probes or probe accessories while they are connected to a voltage
922222-00 Rev A
Operator’s Manual
Do not overload. To avoid electric shock or fire, do not apply any potential to
the probe leads that exceeds the maximum rating of the probe.
Comply with voltage derating curve. When measuring higher frequency signals,
comply with the Voltage vs. Frequency Derating Curve.
Observe all terminal ratings. To avoid electric shock or fire, observe all markings
on the oscilloscope before connecting. Consult the respective oscilloscope
product manual for further ratings information.
Do not remove probe casing. Removing the probe’s case or touching exposed
connections may result in electric shock.
Use only within operational environment listed. Do not use in wet or explosive
atmospheres. Keep product surfaces clean and dry.
Use only accessories compatible with the probe.
Handle with care. The probe tip is extremely sharp and may puncture skin or
cause other bodily injury if not handled properly.
Keep fingers behind the finger guard of probe body and accessories.
Do not operate with suspected failures. Before each use, inspect the probe and
accessories for any potential damage such as tears or other defects in the probe
body, cable jacket, accessories, etc. If any part is damaged, cease operation
immediately and sequester the probe from inadvertent use.
Operating Environment
The accessory is intended for indoor use and should be operated in a clean, dry
environment. Before using this product, ensure that its operating environment is
maintained within these parameters:
Temperature: Operating, 0° to 50° C; Non-operating, - 40° to 71° C
5% to 85% relative humidity (%RH) up to +30° C
5% to 65% RH above +30° C to 40° C
5% to 45% RH above 40° C
Up to 2000 m (6540 ft)
922222-00 Rev A
PP009 Passive Probe
The PP009 is a miniature high impedance passive probe. Its high input resistance
and low capacitance make it ideal for general purpose probing of signals with
frequency content from DC through several hundred MHz. The PP009 has a large
selection of connection accessories, supplied standard with the probe and
available from Teledyne LeCroy as optional accessories.
The PP009 is designed for use with 600 MHz and lower Teledyne LeCroy
WaveSurfer Xs series oscilloscopes.
922222-00 Rev A
Operator’s Manual
Electrical Characteristics
10 1%
Input Resistance
10 M 1%
Input Capacitance
9.5 pF
Input Impedance
(see plot on next page)
Compensation Range
10 - 20 pF
500 MHz (-3 dB)
Electrical Ratings*
Maximum Input Voltage
Measurement category I: 400 V rms,
1250 V transient overvoltage
(see voltage derating curve on page 5)
Measurement category II: 300 V rms CAT II
Pollution Degree
* See Certifications for an explanation of ratings.
General Characteristics
Operating Temperature
0 to +50 C
Storage Temperature
-40 to +71 C
Altitude, Operating
up to 2000 m (6560 ft)
+30° C
5% to 85% relative humidity (%RH) up to
5% to 65% RH above +30° C to 40° C
5% to 45% RH above 40° C
Cable Length
1.3 m
Weight (probe only)
46 g
922222-00 Rev A
PP009 Passive Probe
Max. VIN versus Frequency,
Measurement Category I
Typical Input Impedance
922222-00 Rev A
Operator’s Manual
Connectivity Accessories
Teledyne LeCroy provides 24 individual accessories for the PP009 probe, which
enable reliable connections to any physical requirement. In addition to those
provided with the standard probe, several optional varieties are available either
individually, or grouped in sets related to specific application needs.
The PK005A series of connectivity accessories are compatible with any Teledyne
LeCroy 5 mm PP009 series probe. Accessories are shown with the Teledyne
LeCroy part number followed by the description.
Standard Accessories
Sprung Hook
Standard Ground Lead
Adjustment Tool
Rigid Tip, 0.8 mm
Insulating Cap
Color Coding Rings (set)
(Not shown)
Instruction Manual
922222-00 Rev A
Protective Cap
PP009 Passive Probe
Optional Accessories
Spring Tip, 0.8 mm
Spring Tip, 0.38 mm
IC Cap, 2.54 mm pitch
Ground Spring
Single Lead Adapter
Dual Lead Adapter
Pico Hook™
PCB Adapter
Adapter, 2 mm plug
Micro Clip, Long
Adapter, 4 mm
Micro Clip, Short
BNC Adapter
(For low voltage use only  42 Vpk AC + DC)
922222-00 Rev A
Operator’s Manual
Ground Lead with mini clip
Ground Lead with 8 mm socket Ground Lead with 2 mm plug
Ground lead with 4 mm plug
High Frequency Compensated Ground Lead
*The PK1-5MM-123 High Frequency compensated ground lead allows operation with long ground lead with
minimum signal distortion.
The following kits containing an assortment of probe connection accessories can
be ordered directly from Teledyne LeCroy. Refer to the illustrations on pages 4-6
for identification.
PKIT1-5MM-102 Basic Adapter Kit replaces the common standard accessories,
with 1 each of PK1-5MM-110, PK1-5MM-104, PK1-5MM-103, PK1-5MM-108,
PK1-5MM-117, PK1-5MM-101, PK1-5MM-102, PK1-5MM-118, PK1-5MM-123; 6
each of PK1-5MM-109; and 5 each of PK1-5MM-124.
PKIT1-5MM-101 Micro Clip Kit adapts the probe for use with 0.5 mm IC lead
clips. It contains 1 each of PK1-5MM-115Y, PK1-5MM-115G, PK1-5MM-114Y,
PK1-5MM-114G, PK1-5MM-111.
922222-00 Rev A
PP009 Passive Probe
Use and Maintenance
This probe is a high quality, precision instrument. To maintain accuracy and
signal fidelity, mechanical shock should be avoided, as well as damage to the
cable through excessive bending.
To achieve the small 2.5 mm tip size, the input tip diameter is narrower than
those in larger probes. Avoid placing excessive force sideways on the tip.
Should the tip become damaged, it may be replaced by the user using the
procedure listed on the last page.
Other maintenance and component replacement should be referred to qualified
The outside of the probe should cleaned with a soft cloth dampened with either
deionized / distilled water or isopropyl alcohol. Allow the surface to dry
completely before returning the probe to service. Never immerse the probe in
any liquid.
Use of PCB Adapter
The PCB adapter (Teledyne LeCroy P/N PK1-5MM-107) is intended to be
designed into and permanently installed in circuit boards to provide a reliable,
high frequency test point which eliminates the need to hand hold the probe.
Probe connected using PCB Adapter
PC Board hole size and pattern
922222-00 Rev A
Operator’s Manual
Probe Compensation
Proper compensation of the probe is required to assure good amplitude
accuracy in the dynamic portions of the waveform being measured. LF
compensation matches the probe to differences in oscilloscope input
capacitance. The LF compensation should always be checked and adjusted as
needed when first connecting a passive probe to the oscilloscope input. HF
compensation matches time constants within the probe to compensate for
normal component tolerances. It is typically not necessary to adjust HF
compensation unless the probe is being used with an oscilloscope with large
differences in input characteristics than the oscilloscope model it was designed
LF compensation is performed by connecting the input of the probe to a low
frequency square wave, such as the oscilloscope calibrator signal set to 1 kHz.
The compensation is adjusted by rotating the adjustment accessible through the
small hole in the center of the housing near the BNC connector. Use the tool
supplied with the probe for this adjustment.
Should HF compensation be required, access the
adjustments by sliding the black plastic cover off
the compensation housing near the BNC connector. A pulse generator with low overshoot and
a 300 ps risetime is the required signal source,
along with a set of attenuators. The probe must
be connected to a terminated probe tip to BNC
Correct adjustment
Typical optimum HF
Some overshoot and ring will be present at some
settings of V/Div.Adjust both trimmers for the overall best response on all
922222-00 Rev A
PP009 Passive Probe
Tip Selection and Exchange
The PP009 probe is supplied with a rigid tip. The spring tips PK1-5MM-109 (0.8
mm) or PK1-5MM-124 (0.38 mm) combine sharp points with on-axis compliance
and can be ordered directly from Teledyne LeCroy as optional accessories. All
three tip styles provide reliable connections under a wide range of physical
interconnect situations. While lacking the on-axis compliance feature of the
spring tips, the rigid tip has a larger diameter and is more robust when exposed
to physical stress at the tip. Select the proper tip for your application needs.
To change the tip or replace it when damaged, carefully grip the outer most
portion of tip and pull straight out, along the axis of the probe, using needle
nose pliers. Do not attempt to grip the plastic insulator with pliers when
removing the tip, as this will squeeze the tip, which will make it difficult or
impossible to remove. Do not grip the outer gold plated tube which the tip slides
into. With the tip removed, align the replacement tip with the hole and begin
the insertion with the pliers. The tip may be fully seated by placing the probe
against a hard surface and gently applying pressure.
To remove tip, grip the spring-loaded
Do not apply pliers to the plastic insulator.
portion of the tip beyond the outer sleeve
and pull straight out.
922222-00 Rev A
Operator’s Manual
This section certifies the probe’ Safety and Environmental compliance.
EC Declaration of Conformity - Safety
The probe meets intent of EC Directive 2006/95/EC for Product Safety.
Compliance was demonstrated to the following specifications as listed in the
Official Journal of the European Communities:
EN 61010-031/A1:2008 Safety requirements for electrical equipment for
measurement, control, and laboratory use – Part 031: Safety requirements for
hand-held probe assemblies for electrical measurement and test.
Measurement Category I (CAT I), measurement performed on circuits
not directly connected to a mains supply.
Measurement Category II (CAT II), measurements performed on circuits
directly connected to the low-voltage installation.
Pollution Degree 2, operating environment where normally only dry
non-conductive pollution occurs. Conductivity caused by temporary
condensation should be expected.
Environmental Compliance
The probe is marked with this symbol to indicate that it complies
with the applicable European Union requirements to Directives
2002/96/EC and 2006/66/EC on Waste Electrical and Electronic
Equipment (WEEE) and Batteries.
The probe is subject to disposal and recycling regulations that vary
by country and region. Many countries prohibit the disposal of
waste electronic equipment in standard waste receptacles. For
more information about proper disposal and recycling of your
Teledyne LeCroy product, please visit teledynelecroy.com/recycle.
This probe has been classified as Industrial Monitoring and Control Equipment
and is outside the scope of the 2011/65/EU RoHS Directive until 22 July 2017
(per Article 4, Paragraph 3).
922222-00 Rev A
PP009 Passive Probe
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922222-00 Rev A
Operator’s Manual
922222-00 Rev A
PP009 Passive Probe
922222-00 Rev A
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