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User Manual
Private/speaker switch
Steering Fastener
Hang up
aus e
Basic Function Kevs:
(1).CH: Channel control
(2).Play/Pause: Pla-v/pause control
(3).Last: Decrease/chamel decrease
(4).NexrTncrease/charnel increase
(5).Vol: Volume control
(6).Answer: Answer a call or redial last number
(7).Speaker: Switch offspeaker/speaker and FM change
(S).Hang up: End a call
(9). Steering Fastener
Operation Guide:
A, ) Charge the Bluetooth device with the help ofCharger provided in the accessories for 2 hous. Check the
indicator light ofFull Charge is on before installing the Bluetooth device.
B.)Install the Car Blue tooth on Steering Wheel
Separate the Bluetooth device from the fastener and keep the screw of fastener loose by using spanner(Key)
provided in the accessories. Fix the Bluetooth device on Steering wheel and tighten with the help of spanner
( Key).
C.)Pair and Usage of Bluetooth deyice:
a.)Tum on the Bluetooth deivce you will see the word of "Welcome",and "Bluetooth"on display at the same
b.) Press and hold on "Hang Up" key until the Bluetooth symbol are flash, to enter into Bluetooth pairing mode;
c.)Switch "on" your mobile's Bluetooth to look for Bluetooth pair of "CCC". Insert the code of "0000,,1o pair it.
d.)The Bluetooth symbol with stop flashing when pairing succeeds. It will be paired automaticly when you tum
on next time.
C.) Connectivity between Car Stereo and Bluetooth car kit
a.)Press the key
of' private/speaker switch" till
the state
b.)Then Press the key of"CH", you will see the fiequency, remember it.
c.) Switch"on" the Car 's FM radio, keep the Bluetooth device,s frequency same as this.
D.) Play music
cild into the TF adapter, the Bluetooth device will read the TF's music md play it automaticaly. The
nme md play time will be on display. You can Press the key of "private/speaker switch" to keep it on
Insert the TF
state of FM, md then the music
will be fiom cu's FM radio;
E,) Choosing Music
Press the 'Next"or "Pre" buttons for chmging the music play list.
F.) Volume Control
Press the
*VoI'button firet md thm Press "increase" or "deqease". Vol:0-16 range will appetr on display. You
cm select suitable Vo1: level to you satisfaction.
Press the key of"PlaylPause" for "Play''or "Pause" altematively.
II.) Cycle mode
Press the key of '?1aylPause", to chmse
tlree of cycle mode list ie. "RANDOIW' "ALL" "SINGLE";
I.)Play music by mobile
When the Bluetooth device is paired with mobile's Bluetooth, you cm play music from mobile without TF cud.
Of when the Bluetooth device is connected with cr's FM radio, cm play music from car radio without TF
crd-( Please notc that this featre should be supported by you mobile)
J.) Answer/Ilang up
This window displays the incoming
nmber md voice notice for incoming call. You cm Press" Answer,{Hmg up"
to Answer or Hmg up - Press the key of 'lrivate/speaker switch" to select my of
kif' or "mobile phone talking" featres,
FM radio" "Bluetooth
IC) Privat€y'Speaker Function
If you ae with somebody in yow cu, md you don't wmt the people to listen you conversation,For privacy of call
pleme remove the er piece md plug to you eil and Tm On. Upon completion of call same cm be tmed offmd
put back.
L.) Redial the lasl Dumber
Press the "Answet''to redial
M.) HangUp
lastmorded nmber
When you do not want the buletooth device "On".,please switch"
the power button.
3. Copy or delete documents in TF card:
a.)Insert the TF cmd into the TF adapter, then insert the adapter into a cild reader, which then is inserted into
the USB port ofcomputer;
b.) Select the musical document in MP3 fomat, copy it and then paste it uder the root directory of the TF
c.) To delete a muical document fmd it
out in
the root directory md
thm delete it.
4.Tiouble Shmting:
(l).Pleroe a just the @uency by step O.l MHz to keep the ca's FM frequency sme 6 Bluetooth device, if
there is noire who playing muic. Plw note : Do not keep the sme frequeury m lmal comlry FM radio.
(2)-If there is noire in mng or mmic or sreching soud, pleree delete them md domload again from PC(3)-Pleme charge li-ion battery if Blretmth device does not work. Please open the frout end chrger to check fuse,
(4).If you cm not solve problems, pleme bring it to you dealer. Compmy will not be responsible for failwe
caued by impropq use.
1. Pleree read the instruction before
2. Please do not chmge the device with other voltage
the indicated on the instructions.
3. Keep the device dr5z md away from humidity.
6.Working Time of Battery:
(l).Working time: 14 hous for FM Trmsmitter. 40 hous in Stmdby;
(2).Chmge battery if Bluetooth ca kit light blinks.
(3).Device will stops working md will ento into power-saving mode if there no TF cmd.
(4).The Bluetooth Device cm be chilged fiom a PC or travel charger with the USB cable provided
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