Really Cool Touch User Manual

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The Really Cool Touch is a waterproof and contaminant resistant keyboard with
an integrated three-button touchpad mouse. The touchpad is positioned on the
right side of the keyboard under the same silicon rubber housing. This full size
keyboard with tactile feedback keys plus mouse saves valuable desk space. The
sealed and rigid surface is ideal for industrial, marine, and medical use, as well
as other applications where moisture, cleaning, and durability are a
consideration. Because the Really Cool Touch is also quieter than "standard"
keyboards and mice, they are great for applications where noise generated from
“key-clicks” and mouse button clicks are a problem.
Installing Your Really Cool Touch Keyboard:
USB: Attach the keyboard cable to the USB port on your computer. (You do
not have to turn off your computer. There is no software to install.)
Descriptions of the Special Function Keys :
Locking Key. Press and hold this key for three seconds to lock the
keyboard and the touchpad. Press and hold the key for three seconds
to unlock the keyboard and the touchpad.
Touchpad Locking key. Press and hold this key for three seconds to
lock the touchpad. Press and hold the key for three seconds to unlock
the touchpad.
Cleaning Reminder Key.
To set cleaning reminder, press and hold the Left Ctrl key and press
Cleaning Reminder key
1 time for every hour reminder,
2 times for every 2 hours reminder,
3 times for every 4 hours reminder,
4 times for every 8 hours reminder,
5 times for every 12 hours reminder,
6 times for every 24 hours reminder,
7 times for every 48 hours reminder, or
8 times for every 1 week reminder.
The C LED light (the LED to the left of the Num Lock LED) will blink
when it is time to clean the keyboard. After the keyboard is cleaned,
press the Cleaning Reminder key once to stop the blinking C LED and
reset the timer to the last setting.
Backlight Key. (optional) Press this key
1 time for 30% brightness.
2 times for 60% brightness.
3 times for full brightness. (maximum current: 350mA)
4 times to turn the backlight off.
840 g (1.9 lb.)
381 x 150 x 15 mm (15 x 5.9 x 0.6 ”)
Cable length:
1.83 m (6’)
Storage temperature:
-20 °C - 70 °C (-4 ° F - 158 °F)
Operating temperature:
0 °C - 70 °C (32 °F – 158 ° F)
Voltage and Current:
5 Volt, 26 mA without backlight.
100% Silicone Rubber
PVC Cable
100% Latex free
System requirements:
USB interface
Number of keys:
109 = US Layout keys
FCC, CE, C-Tick, EN 60601 and IP68
Warranty period:
Limited lifetime warranty
Cleaning Instructions:
1. To clean while the keyboard is plugged in, lock the keyboard by pressing
the Locking Key for three seconds. (Locking Key description on the left).
2. Clean the surface of the product by wiping, brushing, spraying or dipping
it. Use only rags, sponges or soft bristle brushes.
DO NOT place the USB connector into the fluid.
3. Either wipe with dry cloth or allow to air dry.
4. Unlock the keyboard by pressing the Locking key for three seconds.
Disinfectants recommended :
• Chlorine based (max 10% solution) – Chlorox, Novalsan, etc.
• Formaldehyde based - Formaldehyde Solution 37%, Vinco Formaldegen…
• Glutaraldehyde based – Aldacide 200, Lysofume, Wavicide, etc.
• Phenol based – Lysol I.C., Beaucoup, Magna Clean, Tek-Trol, etc.
• Alcohol based – Cavicide, Isopropyl Alcohol, Medicide, etc.
• Oxidizing – Hydrogen Peroxide 3% Solution, Lifegard Series, etc.
• Quaternary Ammonium – Roccal-D, Bacto-Sep, Parvosol, etc.
Soap and water.
• DO NOT USE: Petroleum based cleaning fluids, such as Gasoline,
Acetone, over 10% bleach solutions, temperature or pressure
sterilization, buffing pads or scrubbing pads.
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