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1615 SC
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High Security Paper Shredder
Printed 08/09
Operating Instructions
1.366.999.135 A – 0908
1615 CC
1615 SC
1615 MS
1 Proper use, warranty
The shredder is designed exclusively for destroying paper. Depending on the cutting type, it
can also handle small quantities of the following
Shred width (mm)
Credit cards, CDs, floppy discs
Its sturdy drive mechanism is not damaged by
paper clips and staples. Only on machines with
safety level HS Level 6 (1 x 5 mm) can the paper not contain staples or paper clips.
The warranty period for the document shredder
is 2 years. In addition, there is a 10 year guarantee on the solid steel blade rollers (except for
security level HS Level 6). This warranty and
guarantee exclude wear and damage caused
by improper handling or actions taken by third
2 Safety instructions
• Read the operating instructions before
switching on the document shredder. Save
these instructions for later use.
• Observe all safety instructions on to the machine.
Risk of injury!
Do not reach into the paper feed
Risk of injury from being pulled
Keep long hair, loose articles of
clothing, ties, scarves, jewellery,
etc. away from feed opening.
Material with the tendency to form
loops, e.g. tapes, strapping material, etc. must not be shredded.
Keep paper shredder out of the
reach of children. Do not let the
shredder run if the person using it
is not present.
Switch the shredder off and disconnect it from the mains if it is
damaged, not working correctly or
before relocating or cleaning it.
Service work may only be carried
out by Customer Service or by the
service technicians of our contractual partners.
• Make sure that the mains plug is well accessible.
• Before you insert the mains plug, make sure
that the voltage and frequency of your power
supply comply with the information on the
name plate.
• Make sure that no liquid gets into the shredder.
• The shredder may not be placed near a
heater or other heat source.
• The ventilation slots must not be blocked
or covered and there must be at least 5 cm
space between the shredder and any wall or
3 Handling
• There are no special requirements for handling the document shredder.
• Reshipment of the document shredder only
in original packaging.
Before start-up:
Undo the wing screws securing the unit during
• After putting the collection bag in place, push
the frame (with bar A pointing to the front of
the cupboard) back into the guide rails.
1615 CC
1615 SC
1615 MS
4 Machine components
2 3 45 6
5 Operation
Switching the paper shredder on
 • Press rocker switch .
Rocker switch locks in place.
 Green LED lights.
 Paper shredder is ready for operation (standby).
Feed paper
• Insert the paper to be destroyed.
See „Technical data“ for sheet
 The shredding process is started by a photo–cell in the paper
feeding opening.
 Paper is pulled into cutting
system and shredded.
 When the paper feeding opening is free again, the cutting system automatically switches off
after approx. 3 sec. and returns
to standby.
Paper feeding opening
Feed opening for disks and CDs
Safety instructions
Paper shredder is ready for operation.
Paper jam or motor overloaded
Cut material container full or door open
Rocker switch
: On
: Off, Reverse
Shredding CDs and disks
(see “Proper Use”)
Feed CDs and disks
through the slot in the
safety element. This
protects you from splinters.
Switching paper shredder off
• Tap rocker switch .
 Switch returns to zero position.
1615 CC
1615 SC
1615 MS
6 Troubleshooting
Paper jam
You have fed in too much paper.
Red LED lights.
The cutting device runs in reverse
for approx. 2 seconds automatically.
Paper is pushed out.
NOTICE! Do not press rocker switch alternately forwards/backwards ( - ).
Cutting unit could be damaged.
• Pull out the paper from the paper
feed opening.
If the paper is too low and cannot be
taken out: Activate the rocker switch
  several times briefly. Light barrier must be free of obstacles.
• Acknowledge the fault by switching
the machine off and on again.
• Separate paper stack.
 • Press rocker switch .
• Feed paper successively.
In the event that your document shredder does not start up or does not switch
off automatically after the last paper
infeed, paper dust may have collected
on the light barrier: Switch the machine
off and clean the light barrier in the
paper feed with a cloth.
Shredded material container full
Red LED lights.
Paper shredder switches off
NOTICE! Empty the cut material container
immediately, because if it is too full,
malfunctions can occur in the cutting
• Switch equipment off. To do this tap
 rocker switch .
• Remove full shredded material bag
and insert new bag.
Door open
Red LED lights.
Paper shredder switches off.
• Check whether front door is closed
For all other malfunctions, check whether the
motor was overloaded before contacting our
customer service. Let the shredder cool down
for approx. 15 – 20 mins. before using it again.
1615 CC
1615 SC
1615 MS
7 Cleaning and maintenance
8 Scope of delivery
Switch off the shredder and pull out the mains
plug. When cleaning only use a soft cloth and
a mild soap-water solution. However, no water
must enter the equipment.
• Paper shredder, ready for connection, in carton packing
• 5 Bags for shredded material
• Special cutting block oil 50 ml (cross cut)
• Operating instructions
Check that the door switch is working properly:
If the following procedure cannot be
performed, switch off the document
shredder, disconnect the mains plug
and contact customer service.
• Insert the mains plug and switch on the
• Feed in a sheet of paper and open the front
door while the paper is being drawn in.
 The cutting unit must turn off immediately
and the “door open” indicator must light up.
• Close the door.
 The cutting unit must not yet restart.
• Pull the paper out of the feed opening. The
light barrier must be clear.
• Switch off the machine and then switch back
 The cutting unit starts when paper is fed in.
• Bag for shredded material
• Special cutting block oil
Oil the cutting unit when
cutting performance decreases or the device becomes noisy, or every time
you empty the waste container (Cross cut only):
• Spray special cutting apparatus oil through
the paper feed opening along the entire width
on to the cutting rollers.
• Run cutting system backwards () without
feeding paper.
Paper dust and particles are shaken off.
1615 CC
1615 SC
1615 MS
9 Technical data
Cutting type
Strip cut
Shred size (mm)
Safety rating DIN 32757 – 1
Cutting capacity (sheets), DIN A4
70 g/m
80 g/m2
Cutting speed
Noise level (Idle running/ load)
Loading width
Power for the maximum number of sheets
Dimensions W x D x H (mm)
Volume of shredded material bag
Cross cut
3.9 x 40
Level 6
40 - 42
33 - 35
25 - 27
20 - 22
126 mm/s
135 mm/s
48 kg
60 dB(A)/60-70 dB(A)
56 - 58 kg
60 dB(A) / 70 - 80 dB(A)
400 mm
100 V, 50/60 Hz – 115 V, 60 Hz
1400 W
595 x 510 x 915
148 l
3 Taft Court
MD 20850
(800) 243-9226
(301) 354-3000
Fax: (301) 354-3003
1615 CC
1615 SC
1615 MS
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