4:00 pm Room 212 A 49502 Custom Set and Layers

4:00 pm Room 212 A 49502 Custom Set and Layers
EQ7 Quilt Layers and Layouts
Barb Vlack
All Levels
Friday, 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Room 212 A
Custom Set and Layers have been vastly improved in EQ7. It’s so easy to just drag and drop what you
need into the quilt. If you are tired of designing quilts only in straight sets with blocks all the same size,
then come learn how to use EQ7 to make custom quilts with blocks of all different sizes. In addition to
custom quilts, we’ll work with medallion quilts, row quilts, and other complex-looking layouts. After that
we’ll practice setting appliqué motifs, stencils, photos, and embroidery on our quilts. By the end of this
class you will have a stockpile of ideas and tricks for creating your next masterpiece.
Member: $48
Retail: $60
Please bring the following to class:
 Laptop with EQ7 installed, activated, and validated. You must have been on the Internet and
open EQ7 before class in order for the validation to be up-to-date.
 Mouse and mouse pad
 Power cord for laptop
 Spare battery for mouse.
 Note-taking materials
 EQ7 User Manual
Note: A trial version of EQ7, with an expiration date, will be available for those who have not
purchased the program or do not want to install it permanently on their laptops. Contact
[email protected] to request the trial, which will be downloaded in the classroom before
class (show up ½ hour early).
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