1U Rackmount Keyboard Drawer, Trackball or Touchpad Type
The retracting keyboard that fits into only 1U
of rack space.
Models available with trackball or touchpad mouse.
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Chapter 1: Specifications/Chapter 2: Overview/Chapter 3: Installation Steps
1. Specifications
Construction — 16-gauge steel
Size — 1.75"H x 17.4"W x 15.75"D (4.4 x 44.2 x 40 cm)
Weight — 15 lb. (6.8 kg)
2. Overview
2.1 Introduction
The Rackmount Keyboard Drawers are available in two models. The RM419-R3 has a two-button touchpad, and the RM418-R4
has a trackball mouse.
2.2 What’s Included
Your package should include the following items. It anything is missing or damaged, contact Black Box Technical Support at
724-746-5500 or info@blackbox.com.
• Rackmount Keyboard Drawer with Trackball Mouse (RM418A-R4) or Rackmount Keyboard Drawer with Touchpad Mouse
• (2) rear-mounting L-brackets
• (4) fasteners for rear-mounting L-brackets
• (1) 2-in-1 PS/2 keyboard and mouse cable
• (1) PS/2 to USB adapter
• (1) set of keys
• (1) CD-ROM containing this user manual in PDF format
NOTE: You may also need hardware (not included) to mount the drawer in the rack.
3. Installation Steps
1. Install each rear L-bracket using two fasteners. Leave the fasteners slightly loose. See Figure 1.
Figure 1. Installing the fasteners.
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Chapter 3: Installation Steps
2. Measure the front and rear mounting depth of the rack and align each rear L-bracket to a suitable length. Tighten the
fasteners. See Figure 2.
Figure 2. Aligning the L-brackets.
3. Install the keyboard drawer into the rack. See Figure 3. Hardware for mounting the drawer to the rack is not included.
Figure 3. Installing the keyboard drawer into the rack.
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Chapter 3: Installation Steps
4. Connect to the server via a USB or PS/2 interface. See Figure 4.
Figure 4. Connecting to the server.
CAUTION: The keyboard drawer is hot-pluggable, but components of connected devices may not be hot-pluggable. Before
attempting to connect any devices to the keyboard drawer, turn off the power to them. Apply power to connected
devices again only after the keyboard is receiving power.
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Chapter 4: Structure Drawing
4. Structure Drawing
Figure 5 identifies the components of the Keyboard Drawer.
Figure 5. Keyboard Drawer components.
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