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Battery Temperature
For use with solar
charge controller
Model No.:
1. Battery Temperature Sensor Model No. DC-BTS-A-C (Fig 1) is designed for use with Samlex Solar Charge Controller Model No. SCC-30AB. It senses the
temperature of the battery installation and sends this information to the
Charge Controller, which automatically adjusts its voltage to ensure proper
battery charging depending on the ambient temperature of the battery
Fig.1 Components of Battery Temperature Sensor
1. Ring terminal with embedded sensor
2. Bare Positive (+) end (Red wire)
3. Bare Negative (-) end (Black wire with red stripe)
4. 10 Meters of two wire color coded cable
• Positive wire - Red
• Negative wire - Black with red stripe
2. It consists of a sensing element that is embedded in the ring terminal
• (1, Fig 1). This sensor is attached to 10 meters of two wire, color coded
cable (4, Fig 1). The cable is polarized i.e. red wire has Positive polarity
and the black wire with red stripe has Negative polarity. The other ends
of the wires
(2, 3, Fig 1) are bare and are required to be connected to the terminals
on the charge controller marked BTS+ and BTS– (Fig 2).
3. Detailed operation of the Battery Temperature Sensor is further explained in
the Owner’s manual for the Charge Controller Model No.SCC-30AB
Note: Voltages shown below are for 12V battery.
For 24V battery, multiply these voltages by 2.
Connect the wires of the Temperature Sensor here.
Fig 2 Wiring connections on the back of the Charge Controller Model No. SCC-30AB
4. This ring terminal should be mounted on a terminal post of a battery in
a bank.
• Switch off all devices operating from the battery
• Route the sensor cable to the charge controller
• Connect the Positive (+) bare end of the wire (2, Fig 1) to the Positive
terminal marked BTS + on the Charge Controller (Fig 2)
• Connect the Negative (-) bare end of the wire (3, Fig. 1) to the Negative
terminal marked BTS – on the Charge Controller
Connect the ring terminal of the sensor (1, Fig 1) directly to the Negative battery stud. This provides a very good thermal sensing of the battery as
well as preventing error in temperature sensing due to loss of contact
under vibrations
Please ensure that the Positive wire is connected to the
Positive connector BTS+ and the negative wire is connected
to the Negative connector BTS–.
The Battery Temperature Sensor DC-BTS-A-C, manufactured by Samlex America, Inc. (the
“Warrantor“) is warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal
use and service. The warranty period is 2 years for the United States and Canada, and is in effect
from the date of purchase by the user (the “Purchaser“).
Warranty outside of the United States and Canada is limited to 6 months. For a warranty claim,
the Purchaser should contact the place of purchase to obtain a Return Authorization Number.
The defective part or unit should be returned at the Purchaser’s expense to the authorized
location. A written statement describing the nature of the defect, the date of purchase, the
place of purchase, and the Purchaser’s name, address and telephone number should also be
If upon the Warrantor’s examination, the defect proves to be the result of defective material or
workmanship, the equipment will be repaired or replaced at the Warrantor’s option without
charge, and returned to the Purchaser at the Warrantor’s expense. (Contiguous US and Canada
No refund of the purchase price will be granted to the Purchaser, unless the Warrantor is
unable to remedy the defect after having a reasonable number of opportunities to do so.
Warranty service shall be performed only by the Warrantor. Any attempt to remedy the defect
by anyone other than the Warrantor shall render this warranty void. There shall be no warranty
for defects or damages caused by faulty installation or hook-up, abuse or misuse of the
equipment including exposure to excessive heat, salt or fresh water spray, or water immersion.
No other express warranty is hereby given and there are no warranties which extend beyond
those described herein. This warranty is expressly in lieu of any other expressed or implied
warranties, including any implied warranty of merchantability, fitness for the ordinary purposes
for which such goods are used, or fitness for a particular purpose, or any other obligations on
the part of the Warrantor or its employees and representatives.
There shall be no responsibility or liability whatsoever on the part of the Warrantor or its
employees and representatives for injury to any persons, or damage to person or persons, or
damage to property, or loss of income or profit, or any other consequential or resulting damage
which may be claimed to have been incurred through the use or sale of the equipment,
including any possible failure of malfunction of the equipment, or part thereof. The Warrantor
assumes no liability for incidental or consequential damages of any kind.
Samlex America Inc. (the “Warrantor”)
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