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Convenience for nuclear medicine and PET
Never before has there existed a gamma counter dedicated to Nuclear Medicine and PET applications. With
our optional onboard balance, samples can automatically be weighed and results reported as activity per
mass or volume. This saves the operator valuable time
and provides additional safety of correct results.
For short lived isotopes we offer an optional foot pedal
for precise timing of the sampling. The software automatically calculates decay corrected activities.
Sophistication for radiation protection
The 3 inch NaI crystal provides superb counting efficiency and our optimized lead shielding ensures low
background and minimal interference from samples
on the conveyor. LKB automatic gamma counter is
also equipped with a powerful multichannel analyzer
for detailed spectrum analysis. With our software, users
can enter their own calculation functions for automatic
reporting of results.
Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter
Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter
100-240V AC and 24 V DC.
Features Model (425-601) Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter.
General Description
Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter is the premier measurement system for high energy gamma emitters, as well as low
level gamma activity and environmental samples, suitable especially well for sophisticated research in nuclear medicine
and PET applications.
The counter is equipped with a 3 inch thallium activated sodium-iodine crystal to support gamma counting and a modern
MS Windows based touch screen operated interface for user-friendly operation. The design with small footprint and low
weight allows integration into small laboratories.
The instrument has 55 mm internal and on conveyor side 80mm Pb shielding design for low background and minimal
An optional automated sample balance with excellent weighing technology and weighing resolutions as low as 0.1 mg
provides high precision and efficient measuring.
There is no external radioactive standard needed. Transportation and movement of standard instrument does not require
licenses for handling radioactivity and decommissioning is easy and low cost.
The instrument is intended for professional laboratory research use by trained personnel.
The detector consists of a NaI crystal that provides optimal counting efficiency.
 1 x 3 inch sodium iodine (NaI) crystal.
1 x 3 inch Single Photon Counting Photo Multiplier Tube (PMT).
 The position of the detector provides optimum measurement geometry and low background and minimal interference
from samples on the conveyor.
Detector shielding
Optimal Pb shield design with a 4-pi 55 mm shielding
Lead shutter provides optimum shielding from cosmic radiation.
80 mm shielding on conveyor side to minimize crosstalk.
Sample vials
No minimum dimensions of the vials.
Maximum dimensions of the vials: with cap 13mm vs 28mm in diameter.
Maximum height 95 mm including cap.
No restrictions in vial shape.
Vial compatibility must be confirmed with Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter.
Sample racks and vial holders
Two different sample racks can be used. They can be mixed in the conveyor and are automatically identified and
processed accordingly. Racks are provided with individual vial holders which can be replaced in case of contamination.
Rack 1 for Ø13mm vials 10 samples/rack.
Rack 2 for Ø28mm vials, 6 samples/rack.
Vial holder for Ø13mm vials.
Vial holder for Ø28mm vials.
The sample changer has a storage capacity of 13 racks (78 samples, 20ml tubes) or 25 racks (250 samples, 6 or 5 ml tubes)
Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter
Sample ID
Each rack can be provided with an ID code plate to identify specific racks.
Supported barcode languages is code 39.
Analysis of data
Linear Multi-Channel Analysis with 2048 channels.
Several ROIs can be measured simultaneously.
Detection of gamma emitters
Gamma emitters up to 2000 keV.
Software assay library with 51 isotopes. Additional isotopes can be added by the user.
Performance Specifications
All the measurements are performed at temperature of 22C ± 2C and at normal humidity conditions of Hidex
Automatic Gamma Counter laboratory, Turku, Finland (relative humidity not measured). Background may vary
locally depending on natural environmental radiation.
Counting efficiency:
o typical 58 % for I-129
o typical 47 % for Cs-137
o typical 6% for Cr-51
Typical background:
o Full window 5-2000 keV 350 CPM.
< 30 % for I-129
< 9,5 % for Cs-137
Count Rate
up to 10 million CPM, with MCA
Performance Assessment
Using standard samples
Counting time
1 second – 1176 h (49 d) /sample.
Instrument operation and software
Counter can be operated using:
MS Windows based, Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter user interface software,
Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter service software.
Data reduction by:
MS Windows based, spectral analysis Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter UI software
By user definable export format (txt, xls, csv, etc.) to any other data reduction software or data base.
The assay templates include predefined settings for running the assay and calculation formulas for printing out desired
data. Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter software includes capabilities for biological assays, immunoassays, screening
type assays, data validation and control history.
Analysis of data includes features such as automatic calculation of activity, normalization of results, background
subtraction, precision, error of measurement, minimum detectable activity, half-life correction, etc. Also sample
identification with user definable ID is facilitated.
Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter Gamma User interface is compatible with Windows 7 or later.
Results are saved permanently in the Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter -folder in computer memory after
counting of each sample. Unlimited installations in customer site for Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter User
Data recovery
Automatic storing of measured data in Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter software database created before the start
of the measurement.
The data of every sample is stored permanently in computer hard disk after completing the measurement of that
particular sample.
Vial recovery
Automatic return of sample vials after power failure.
Power up diagnostics
Automatic power up diagnostics of instrument settings.
Physical Dimensions
Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter : 620 mm (Width) x 700 mm (Depth) x 600 mm (Height).
With balance: 620 mm (Width) x 830 mm (Depth) x 600 mm (Height).
Analyzer well dimensions: Ø32mm, 46mm (Depth)
Table (Optional): 800 mm (Width) x 700 mm (Depth) x 650 mm (Height).
Total weight 198 kg with balance 203 kg.
Operating conditions
+10C – +40C; maximum relative humidity 80% for temperatures up to 31C decreasing linearly to 50% relative
humidity at 40C.
Indoor use only.
Dust during operation: The system shall function in normal laboratory environment.
Light during operation: The system shall function normally in normal ambient laboratory illumination.
Storage and transport conditions
Transportation conditions -40C to +70C, humidity 5 – 90 %, packed in transport packaging.
Storage conditions -25C to +50C, humidity 5 – 90 %, packed in transport packaging.
Detector unit must be stored a minimum 24h in room temperature for stabilization before installation.
Electrical Connections
Voltage: 100 ~ 240 VAC
Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
Vial transport
Robotic loading arm with elevator mechanism.
Communication connections
Connection port using Universal Serial Bus (USB) allows communication with PC.
Safety Standards
CE marked
External power UL/CSA approved.
12 months.
Extended warranty and maintenance & service program available on request.
Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter
Equipment included in the delivery
425-601 Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter
840-086 Rack for Ø13mm vials, 12pcs
840-087 Rack for Ø28mm vials, 6pcs
840-088 Vial holder for Ø13mm vials, 120 pcs
840-089 Vial holder for Ø28mm vials, 36 pcs
840-097 ID code plates, 40pcs
431-207 Power supply 100-240V/24V
529-011 USB-cable
Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter User manual (on CD)
Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter User interface software with isotope templates for most common isotopes and
Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter service software for service use
QC report
Optional Items
425-640 MCA extension
High energy gamma emitters up to 4000 keV.
Linear MCA up to 4000 channels.
425-645 Sample balance
Automated sample balance with monolithic weighing technology.
High-precision readability as low as 0.1 mg.
Reproducibility: standard deviation 0.1 mg with 0.1 mg tolerance.
Linearity: maximum linearity 0.2 mg with ± 0.2mg tolerance
Off-center load: maximum deviation 0.2 mg with ±0.5 mg tolerance
426-005 PC with touchscreen
Can be obtained locally.
Requirements of the PC:
Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter runs under Microsoft Windows 7 or later operating systems.
o The computer requires a minimum of 32 MB available memory (64 MB or more is preferable).
o Super VGA or higher resolution monitor is required (XGA is recommended).
o MS Excel is suggested to facilitate results export.
o Internet connection is suggested to facilitate updates from software manufacturer and remote desktop
support from Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter.
525-007 Instrument table,
Dimensions: 800 mm (Width) x 700 mm (Depth) x 650 mm (Height).
Maximum supported weight: 300 kg
Contact LKB LKB Vertriebs GmbH Wurzbachgasse 18 A‐1152 Vienna, Austria Tel: +43 1 982 9527 Fax: +43 1 984 3714 E‐mail:
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