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U.motion Builder
Technical Manual
Configuration software for U.motion devices
04/2014 Version 1.0.1
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U.motion Builder
Technical Manual
Schneider Electric SAS
If you have technical questions, please contact the Customer Care Centre in your country.
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U.motion Builder
Technical Manual
U.motion Builder - Introduction_____________________ - 4 -
What is the U.motion Builder ____________________________________ - 4 -
System Requirements __________________________________________ - 4 -
Version Control _______________________________________________ - 5 -
Recommended Documentation __________________________________ - 5 -
Usage of the U.motion Builder ______________________ - 6 -
Contents of the U.motion Builder-folder ___________________________ - 6 -
Execution of the U.motion Builder ________________________________ - 6 -
Import of a Project ____________________________________________ - 8 -
Export of a Project _____________________________________________ - 8 -
Closing the U.motion Builder ____________________________________ - 8 -
Credits ______________________________________________________ - 9 -
Usage of the U.motion Builder on other systems ____________________ - 9 -
U.motion Builder
Technical Manual
The U.motion Builder (Builder = configuration software) is a useful tool for the creation of projects for U.motion devices
directly on your own PC. Thanks to the U.motion Builder projects can be created and edited even in “offline mode”, which
means without physical connection to a U.motion device.
The projects created with the U.motion Builder are compatible with any type of U.motion device, as long as the software
version is the same. For example it is possible to export a project from one U.motion KNX Server/Server Plus, to edit it
through the U.motion Builder and to import it in the connection into the same U.motion KNX Server/Server Plus again or
even into another device, as long as the software versions of the devices and the U.motion Builder are compatible.
The U.motion Builder is not to be intended as a stand-alone visualisation solution: for example it is not possible to use to
U.motion Builder to communicate with your KNX system or to use other technologies supported by the U.motion devices
directly without any additional hardware. Rather, the U.motion Builder is to be understood as project editor; in order to
use the project together with the KNX system, you will always need a U.motion device.
The U.motion Builder can be executed on any PC with WINDOWS operating system (32bit and 64bit, XP or higher). In
order to use the U.motion Builder on other operating systems, please follow the instructions in chapter 2.7.
The U.motion Builder does not require any installation. Furthermore, no changes to your systems will be applied outside
of the U.motion Builder folder itself. Therefore it is possible:
 To copy the U.motion Builder folder to another PC and to continue to edit the project there
 To clone the U.motion Builder folder on your own PC and to work contemporarily on more than one project
without having to repeat the export/import steps
U.motion Builder
Technical Manual
In order to exchange projects between the U.motion Builder and one or more U.motion devices, the compatibility of the
software versions of the single systems must be guaranteed. In general, a project export (backup) can always be imported
on a device with newer software version, but not vice versa! Therefore, both the U.motion Builder as also the U.motion
devices should always be updated to the most recent software version.
The current software version is always shown in the TOOLBAR of the configuration area, as visible in the screenshot
In order to update your U.motion device, please contact the Customer Care Center and request the download link for the
latest software version.
In order to be able to work also offline on the latest software version, please download the latest U.motion Builder
version. Before doing so, please export your project from the old version of the U.motion Builder, in order to have the
backup file ready to be imported into the new version of the U.motion Builder. Both procedures will be explained in the
further chapters of this manual.
Before using the U.motion Builder, it is recommended to take a look at the user manual of your U.motion device. The
menu structure / usability of the U.motion Builder is the same as the one of the web server; therefore, all descriptions and
hints can be found in the user manual of the U.motion device.
U.motion Builder
Technical Manual
The U.motion Builder is available in form of a folder that contains all files necessary for its execution. No separated
installation is required, all important data is present in the subfolders of the U.motion Builder. On the U.motion USB-Stick
and also online the U.motion Builder will be available in zipped format. Just extract the main folder of the U.motion
Builder once you have copied the zip file to your PC.
In order to be able to save the projects within the U.motion Builder, its main folder must have read-write permissions.
Generally this is done automatically when copying the U.motion Builder to a hard disk (or another mass storage with
write permissions). If the U.motion Builder is launched from a CD (or another data support without write permission), you
can normally use it, but all your changes will be lost when terminating the U.motion Builder.
The U.motion Builder folder can also be copied more than once on your own PC, for example using different names for
the main folder. This brings the advantage that more instances of the U.motion Builder can be started independently
from each other, which means that you can handle more than one project contemporarily.
To start the U.motion Builder, the file START_UMOTION_BUILDER.exe in the main folder must be launched by doubleclicking it. In the connection, the virtual environment that hosts the U.motion Builder will be created automatically. The
start of this virtual machine can take some minutes, depending from the performance of your PC.
Note: during the first execution of the U.motion Builder it can be possible that the Windows Firewall will
show a warning message regarding the connectivity of the U.motion Builder. In this case please allow the
execution of the U.motion Builder in order to continue the loading procedure.
U.motion Builder
Technical Manual
At conclusion of the loading procedure (up to 5 minutes, depending on your PC) you can minimize this window (don’t
close it, since it contains the U.motion Builder environment) and use your browser to access the following URL:
After a short loading period, the following login screen will appear (if not, U.motion Builder is still loading; in this case
please wait a little bit and retry to access again):
Note: it is recommended to use GOOGLE CHROME in order to work with the U.motion Builder. In alternative,
also the browser APPLE SAFARI is supported by the U.motion Builder.
U.motion Builder
Technical Manual
To successfully login to the U.motion Builder, the following pre-configured user accounts can be used:
 System administrator
User name: admin
Password: admin
 System manager
User name: manager
Password: manager
 Base user
User name: user
Password: user
To import an existing project into the U.motion Builder, please follow the steps below:
 Export the project from the desired U.motion device using the corresponding menu in the configuration area
 Start the U.motion Builder and login as system administrator; then click on the “ADMIN” button in the upper
right corner (contained in the user context menu)
 Please select the main entry “SETUP” and then click on “BACKUP/RESTORE”
 Select the “IMPORT” option and browse for the previously created backup file; then click on „EXECUTE“ in order
to start the import
At termination of the import process the project can be edited at will. Further information regarding this topic can be
found in the user manual of your U.motion product.
Note: in the same screen it is also possible to import / export the image files used within the project into a
separate file!
In order to export a project from the U.motion Builder (as temporary backup or as project for a U.motion product), please
follow the steps below:
 Start the U.motion Builder and login as system administrator; then click on the “ADMIN” button in the upper
right corner (contained in the user context menu)
 Please select the main entry “SETUP” and then click on “BACKUP/RESTORE”
 Select the “IMPORT” option and click on “EXECUTE“ in order to download the export file to your PC
At concluded export of backup, you can use the resulting project file to import it into a U.motion device or another copy
of the U.motion Builder.
In order to close the U.motion Builder, please maximize the window of
the virtual environment again and close it through the corresponding
symbol. A pop up window with 3 options will appear; please select the
option “POWER OFF THE MACHINE” and confirm it by clicking on the
button “OK” to terminate the U.motion Builder.
U.motion Builder
Technical Manual
The U.motion Builder is based on the software VIRTUALBOX PORTABLE, a special version of the virtual machine VIRTUALBOX created by ORACLE, which doesn’t require any installation on the own PC. Further information regarding VIRTUALBOX and VIRTUALBOX PORTABLE can be found on the following web pages:
No responsibility for hard- or software issues (like e.g. data loss) caused by the use of upstanding software in other terms
as in combination with the U.motion Builder is taken.
The U.motion Builder only on PCs with MICROSOFT WINDOWS (32bit or 64bit) can be used in the form described until
now. In order to use the U.motion Builder also on other systems, it has to be configured manually. This procedure can
also be necessary when you encounter errors on the execution of the U.motion Builder or when you already have a version of VIRTUALBOX running on your PC:
 Install the latest version of the VIRTUALBOX software (version 4.0 or higher) on your PC (please follow the instructions on www.virtualbox.org )
 Create a new virtual machine using the corresponding button in the toolbar. In the appearing configuration
menu, please use “U.motion Builder” as name, “Linux” as operating system and “Linux 2.6” as version (optional,
please check out the screenshot A on the next page). Afterwards, click on “Next”
 Assign 256MB of your PCs RAM to the virtual machine and continue (check out Screenshot B)
 In the next menu, please select “Use existing hard disk” and select the image file of the U.motion Builder hard
disk. This file can be found in the main folder of the U.motion Builder under
“data\.VirtualBox\Machines\UMOTION_BUILDER \UMOTION_BUILDER.vdi”.
Please confirm your selection and continue by clicking on the “Next” button
 Terminate the creation process by clicking on “Create” in the next menu
 Now select the created virtual machine in the menu on the left and click on the “SETTINGS” button in the
toolbar. In the appearing settings menu, please click on the menu entry ”Network“
 Select “NAT” from the “Attached to“ menu, click on “Advanced” and type in the following value for the field
„MAC Address“: 080027C69C34
 Now click on “Port Forwarding“, add a new rule and type in the following values (check out Screenshot C):
- Host Port:
- Guest Port:
 Save all the settings and start the virtual machine through the “START” button in the toolbar. At completion of
the loading process you will be able to reach the contents of the U.motion Builder through the URL, as already mentioned before in this manual.
U.motion Builder
Technical Manual
Screenshot A:
Screenshot B:
Screenshot C:
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