Ruggard RC-P18 Rain Cover for SLR Cameras User Manual

Ruggard RC-P18
Rain Cover for SLR Cameras
Thank you for choosing Ruggard.
The Ruggard RC-P18 Rain Cover protects your SLR camera from conditions like
rain, dust, and mud, so you can shoot in almost any weather. It’s easy to set up and
remove, allows full access to your camera, and won’t take up a lot of space in your
photo bag.
Please read these instructions carefully before using your Ruggard rain cover.
Box Contents
Two (2) rain covers
User manual
Setting Up Your Ruggard Rain Cover
1. Remove the rubber eyecup from your camera’s viewfinder.
2. Insert your camera into the rain cover through the bottom opening.
3. The RC-P18 features a precut round hole to give you full access to your
camera’s viewfinder. Locate the hole and align it with the viewfinder.
4. Stretch the hole to fit it around the viewfinder. Replace the rubber eyecup when
you are done.
5. Pull the lens sleeve drawstring to a snug fit around the front edge of the lens. To
help seal out moisture, use in combination with a lens hood.
Tip: You can pull the drawstring opening shut over the lens if you need to keep it
completely covered.
6. For handheld use, insert your hand through the bottom opening in the rain
cover to hold your camera.
For tripod use, mount your camera onto the tripod through the bottom opening
in the rain cover.
Customizing Your Ruggard Rain Cover For Tripod Use
You can customize your Ruggard rain cover to leave the bottom opening free for just
your hand. This will allow more room for your hand to maneuver when your camera
is mounted on the tripod.
1. Puncture a small hole in the rain cover below the tripod socket of your camera
or lens. To maintain protection from rain, keep this hole as small as possible.
2. Mount your camera onto the tripod through the small hole.
While this and other customizations may make it easier to use your camera with
the Ruggard RC-P18 Rain Cover, they may reduce the rain cover’s ability to seal out
moisture and other foreign elements.
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