Adtec MPEG Player Setup
Adtec MPEG Players supported by the Aavelin require some specific
configuration before they are able to be triggered automatically by the Aavelin
player unit. The Adtec player must be placed on the network as all
communication between it and the Aavelin takes place via Ethernet.
To configure the Adtec player’s network settings, use the RJ-11 to DB-9 serial
cable included with the Adtec player. Connect the DB-9 end of the cable to a
serial port on your PC, and the RJ-11 end to the ‘RS232 In’ port on the back of
the Adtec player.
Once the serial cable is connected, press the ‘Reset’ button
on the front of the Adtec player. Without resetting the
player, the serial connection will not work. The reset
process should take approximately 20-30 seconds,
With the serial cable in place, use the HyperTerminal program included with
Windows to connect to the player and make changes. Click on ‘Start’, ‘Run’,
type in ‘hypertrm’ and press ‘Ok’.
Enter a name for the new connection and press ‘Ok’
Aavelin User Manual
Under the ‘Connect Using’ field, select the COM port the serial cable is
connected to on your PC, and press ‘OK’.
Set the COM port properties as pictured above.
Bits per second: 38400
Data bits: 8
Parity: None
Stop bits: 1
Flow control: Xon/Xoff
Press the ‘OK’ button to connect.
The network addresses can be set using the following commands. Note that
each command is preceded with ‘* ‘ (the asterisk character [shift-8] and a
IP Address: * ipa
Subnet Mask: * ipm
Gateway: * gip 0
Note: Multiple gateway addresses are allowed. In the
example above, the primary gateway is set. To set
additional gateway addresses, change the 0 to 1-3 (4 total
address allowed.
Aavelin User Manual
Additional commands can be issued while connected to change various
settings of the player. Some of the more common commands are listed here.
Sets the output of the Adtec player when no spot is being played.
Recommended: Black
* bl black
Causes MPEG spots to play repeatedly. Default is on, recommended:
* rpt off
When on, the player will begin playing clips immediately upon startup.
Recommended: On
* stu off
DVD Copying
Two commands that ease the loading of MPEG spots via the DVD
drive. When enabled, MPEG spots on a DVD will be automatically
copied to the player’s hard drive, and the DVD will be ejected from the
drive when done. Applies to the Edje DVD only.
* dej on
* dup 1
XCP Protocol Support
XCP is an alternate connection protocol that the Aavelin will use if it is
enabled, and improves timing and accuracy. Recommended: On
* xcp on
Saving Changes
When finished, the following command commits the changes to memory.
* cfg save
Aavelin User Manual
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