Bournemouth CPD Online Manual (for CPD leaders – setting

Bournemouth CPD Online Manual (for CPD leaders – setting managers)
(1) Logging On
The weblink to access CPD online is:
Type this into a search engine such as Google
And select
the link –
Google currently displays the website as its top link when you search for ‘bournemouthcpd’
Directly type the weblink into the address bar of your internet browser
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If you reach this page you are in the right place!
Select Early Years, then this screen will be displayed
Log in
And here is the logon box displayed bigger
Practitioner’s that have not already been set up as
CPD leaders can use this link to set themselves up.
We’ll explain how to do this later in the manual.
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Once you are logged in you arrive at your Home page, it looks like this
While you are logged in you can return to the Home page at any point by clicking ‘Home’
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(2) Searching for an event
From your home page click on ‘Search Events’, or use the shortcut over here
When you click on Search Events a drop down box appears
You can search by any of the three methods listed
Selecting Search Events from the drop down list (or using the shortcut on the right hand
side of the screen) and typing in BEY as illustrated below will bring up all workforce
development opportunities organised by Bournemouth Early Years. (Leave Subject as ‘All
subjects’, and Starts during or after as ‘Today’
Tip: If you were to amend the ‘Starts during or after’ drop down box to a date
in the past it will display all the events run in that month in the past.
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If you want to search only for a certain type of event you can use the Advanced Search
function, as displayed here. Put in as much information as you want. The more information
you input the more specific (and accurate to your search) your results will be. However, if
you input lots of information any you enter inaccurately (e.g. a spelling mistake) your
search may fail and not bring back any results. If you are unsure of information you can
leave boxes blank. In the below example I have left the Tutor box blank.
When you are happy with the information you have entered click on search
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Using the Event Catalogue is quite a different way to search. Its more hit and miss than
other search methods because it relies on the course administrator having inputted the
event by the subject or role you are looking for. The below shows events displayed by
Early Years events will be displayed under ‘Other events’
If you do manage to find what you are looking for you can also choose to download all the
events to Excel, which may help you to manipulate data or plan attendance. Click on either
of the Download Events (by Subject or by Role) to do this.
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Search Events – Quickest Method!
Probably the quickest way to search for an event is to use your Early Years Workforce
Planner to find the date of the event you wish to attend and click on this date on the
calendar on the left hand side of your Home screen.
If the calendar is not displaying the correct month click on the blue arrows either side of
the month name.
Click here to display
months before August 2011
Click here to display
months after August 2011
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Sometimes when you click on a date (try 5 October 2011) you find events that don’t seem
to be on 5 October. In the example below there are courses listed as starting in May and
September. Although these courses did start in May and September they both have a session
running on 5 October 2011. If this happens to a date you select scroll down towards the
bottom and you will find courses that start on 5 October 2011.
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(3) Booking a place on a workforce event
When you have found the training event you would like to book onto you simply click
‘Request a place’
If you would like more information before you book your place click on Full details,
Here is what it looks like:
If you decide the event is for
you click to request a place
To go back
to the main
listing click
If you are not sure
you can always
click to save the
event for later
If you are booking the event for someone else in your setting you
should print the event. Often the event description contains
information all attendees need to read. It may also ask attendees
to bring along equipment or photo ID for exam courses.
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Booking your place
After you have clicked on ‘Request a place’ you will be taken to this page. There is very
little that you need to fill in!
Click here to view
a map showing
how to get to the
If you have any special
requirements such as access
- or –
If you need additional support
adjustments to help you to take
part in the course these must be
detailed here when you book.
We will do all we can to help.
Last of all…click
You must tick this box agreeing to the terms
and conditions for your booking to progress
(click into box to tick)
Click here to read the
terms and conditions
If you are requesting the place on the course for your setting colleague (not yourself)
click here. The below screen will be displayed.
Select your colleague’s name from the
drop down box.
Of if they are not already registered
as a user on CPD online you can click
here to set them up (more on this
Tell us about any special
requirements the colleague has or
additional support they need here.
Tick the boxes to decide who receives the confirmation emails
about the training – safest to tick both you and the colleague!
Otherwise if there are last minute changes or cancellations
(e.g. snowed in tutors) one of you might not know!
Tick to agree the terms & conditions
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When the booking has been made you will see this screen.
To book yourself or another colleague onto the same course click request a place and go
through the process again.
Generally the CPD leader is the manager of a setting. Childminders working with
assistants/volunteers can book their assistants/volunteers onto training as they are set up
as a CPD leader. We have set up all childminders working with assistants/volunteers as CPD
leaders. If you do not currently have an assistant/volunteer but this changes in the future
you will need to contact us so you can be set up as a CPD leader. This enables you to retain
control over the training any member of a setting or a childminding assistant/volunteer
requests, to run reports on the training done, and keep an eye on expiry of essential
training such as first aid or safeguarding.
Colleagues within the setting can book others within the setting onto training but it always
goes to the CPD leader for authorisation no matter who makes the booking.
The Next Step: Authorising / Confirming the place booking
The CPD leader controls all booking requests from practitioners within their setting. Anyone
can request a place on a course. It then goes to the setting CPD leader to give permission
“authorise” or refuse the practitioner’s place. This ensures the setting CPD leader is able to
release the practitioner on that day and that the leader believes the training to be
appropriate for that practitioner and is willing to support the practitioner to implement
their learning from the training when they return to the setting.
It also ensures the leader is aware that the practitioner has requested the training as if the
practitioner does not attend the training (and hasn’t followed the cancellation policy) it is
the setting that is charged for that practitioner’s place absence. (It is the setting’s choice
whether to meet this charge themselves or pass it onto the practitioner, but the setting
remains responsible for the payment.)
This is why the screen states “Please note that this does not confirm your place on…”
Once a practitioner has successfully requested a place the CPD leader must authorise the
request. After the CPD leader has authorised the booking comes to Bournemouth Early
Years to approve the booking. CPD leaders have to authorise all bookings, including
bookings they make for themselves. This can be done in three ways. But first – the
importance of the logos displayed against the training events…
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IMPORTANT - Logo Spotting
CPD Online is shared by Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole Local Authorities.
The Logo displayed at the top right of a training event tells you which local authority is
putting on or supporting the training.
This is the Bournemouth logo
Here are the Dorset
and Poole logos
You will be able to request places on Dorset and Poole events, however, you will have to
pay for the place yourself. The only exception to this is if the Bournemouth SEN team have
asked you to attend an external event to support a SEN child you are working with.
Sometimes all of Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole early years teams work together to put
events on. For example, the joint BDP EYP network events (e.g. search event: 2 Dec 2011 A
Cry for Help?) Bournemouth Early Years will fund your place at joint events. If you are not
sure check your Early Years Workforce Planner, if its listed on the planner we will fund your
place. Or if you are still unsure contact for
This is a Dorset event
This is a joint event between
Bournemouth and Poole
This is a Bournemouth event
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(4) Authorising a course place request
There are three ways to authorise or deny a booking made by your staff members (or
1. Through email
2. Through the Home page
3. Through My Portfolio
(1) Authorising Through Email
Each time a booking is made you will receive an
email notifying you of this. (If there is more than
one CPD Leader at your establishment you will
each receive this email.)
Approve or Decline this booking by selecting the
appropriate link
After clicking ‘Approve’ you will see this screen:
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(2) Authorising through the Home page
When you log into the site there will be a red notification message.
Click the underlined ‘here’ to view the requests. This takes you to the Outstanding event
request for your establishment page.
Either click the box next to the name to
authorise or deny each booking individually
Click the box next to select all to authorise
or deny all bookings
Click the drop down arrow to display all three options
Select whether you authorise or deny
the booking request
and then click ‘Next’
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After clicking ‘Next’ a warning message will pop up checking you meant to authorise or
delete or deny the requests and warning you the action cannot be undone. Click ‘OK’ to
confirm your action.
If you have successfully authorised/denied the requests you will see this screen:
(3) Authorising through My Portfolio
The final way to authorise or deny a place request is through ‘My Portfolio’
Click on unauthorised booking requests
It will take you to the ‘Outstanding event requests for your establishment’ page. Go
through the same authorise/deny process as described previously.
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If you deny the booking request the staff member will receive an email confirming this
When you authorise a booking it then goes to Bournemouth Early Years Workforce
Development team for confirmation of the place. We respond to all booking requests within
10 days. If payment is required (e.g. for a restricted access course) we will not confirm
your booking until we have received payment – however, we will contact you to confirm
this and explain how long we will hold your place open for while we await payment.
Once confirmed the
booked practitioner
(and you if you
selected to both
receive emails) will
receive an email
confirming their
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(5) My Portfolio – all the tools at your fingertips!
Navigating the top menu: where to find everything
Portal Home – The front screen
Home - The page you are currently on
My Portfolio - Your own training portfolio, plus CPD Leader
Search Events - Link to the calendar, event catalogue and advanced
General Enquiry - will send an email to, who will answer or forward to the
early years workforce team
Log Out - will take you out of the site
Below is how ‘My Portfolio’ appears. Its from this page that you can control everything!
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Here are the functions of ‘My Portfolio’ explained line by line
The three icons above are how you update or amend your personal details.
Through change username and password you can fully customise your user
name and password to anything you like.
Select change contact details to amend personal information i.e. name,
establishment (setting), email address
Update user profile this activates/deactivates course alerts to be sent to
your email and you can change the type of events you are interested in.
See note below because its important you select certain subjects and
events audiences
Update your user profile
The subjects and event audience boxes that you tick are very important. These dictate
which events are sent to you on the weekly update email. If you wish to receive all the
courses that the Early Years Workforce team add you must select the following:
Under ‘Subjects’
 Early Years (for all 0-5 years relevant training)
 Out of school provision (select this if you are interested in training relating to children
aged 5+)
Under ‘Event Audiences’
 Early Years
 Out of school club staff
 Accredited childminders
If you are an accredited childminder you should select both Early Years and/or Out of
school club staff AND accredited childminders.
These are the only tick options Early Years plans to use. If you tick other subjects or event
audiences you are likely to have courses sent to you (via email) that are aimed at teachers
/ are put on by Poole or Dorset Early Years teams – so make sure you read the content of
the events carefully and check the logos/your Bournemouth Early Years workforce planner
to see if you would be charged for these external events.
Once you have selected (ticked) the options you are interested in scroll down to the bottom
of the screen and click in the box ‘activate event alerts by email’, then ‘save’.
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The top row concerns the CPD Leader’s own training
 Events due to attend,
 Cancel bookings made,
 Events attended (your training portfolio),
 Event details saved to be looked at later
The second row concerns the staff that the CPD Leader is responsible for.
 Bookings made on behalf of others - only a CPD Leader is able to do this
 Events colleagues are due to attend – so you can view everything booked by all your staff
members, this may help you to arrange staff cover and to ensure your staff members actually
 Events attended by colleagues - whole setting training portfolio
To access any of the events information simply click on the icon above the information you
want. For example ‘events I have booked for colleagues’ brings up a screen like this:
Where something is underlined e.g. ‘Show details’ ‘Cancel booking’ or ‘Map’ it means you
can click on these items to find further information or perform an action.
(How to cancel a place is explained fully in the next section – Section 6: Cancellations.)
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This is the area where you can add events that YOU
have attended that are not listed on the CPD Online
website. I.e. in-setting events or Early Years closed
audience events (e.g. ECAT)
You can also see the events attended by colleagues
Click Add CPD Event/Activity. Then fill in the title, description of event and date of event.
Click Save. Easy!
If you wish to add an event the whole setting or several staff members attended use the
bottom row of My Portfolio – Establishment Events.
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This will ensure the event goes into everyone in the setting’s (or those that you select)
training portfolio record on CPD online.
Click Add Establishment event
You may wish to select ‘Early
Years’ as your subject area.
Not CPD as illustrated here
Enter the information
about the event and
select ‘submit’
Once this information has been added you can
‘View’ the details or ‘add another event’
Viewing the details will allow you to
replicate the event, and check/add
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Click ‘attendance’, then ‘add staff to attendance list’
Then simply click to tick the box against the staff members that attended and select ‘Add
selected staff to the attendance list’ from the drop down box and click ‘go’
A screen will then be displayed showing ticks against the staff names added to the event
Click ‘back to event attendance’
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From here you can print a list (or register) of event attendance or edit the list to remove any
mistakes. A common mistake is adding the attendees twice. Simply click ‘Remove’ against each
duplicate entry or staff member that should have been entered.
The Manage Establishment events icon opens a search page
 Enter the information – getting the Keyword correct is the most important.
 You may also wish to leave the Subject as ‘All subjects’ as this will bring up all entries
relating to the keyword you enter.
 If the event is in the past remember to adjust starts during or after to a date in the
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The search results will be displayed under your search criteria
From the results you can make changes (edit) replicate the event (e.g. if you ran the event
again but on a different date – replicate and simply change the date), print, view or amend
My Portfolio - the fourth row holds the CPD leader tools. We’ve already looked at how you
can click ‘unauthorised booking requests’ to see events you staff team have requested a
place on.
The other icon cpd leader reports allows you to view either a Colleague Report or an Event
Attendance History report (select which report you want by clicking on the drop down
CPD Leaders are able to create reports in
order to establish who has attended
what, and when, in setting.
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Example of a Colleague Report. Click on Show details for more information about the
events they have attended. Its also downloadable to Excel so you can manipulate the data
Example of an Event Attendance History Report.
Again the report is downloadable to Excel so you can manipulate the data or store the
records elsewhere.
Keep an eye out as the information may go across several pages. Click Next Page to view
the next set of information.
Click the underlining on the event title to view
the full details about the event.
Depend on the search parameters you set this report can illustrate all the training the
practitioners in your setting have attended. Its great for showing Ofsted how you value the
professional development of your staff team.
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Section 6: Cancellations
Once a practitioner has requested a place, and you, the CPD leader, has authorised their
attendance, Bournemouth Early Years will then confirm the place is booked.
Bookings cannot be cancelled through CPDonline until the original place request has been
confirmed by Bournemouth Early Years. If you need to cancel a place that has not be
confirmed yet telephone 01202 456393 or email
To cancel a booking for yourself
To cancel a booking access My Portfolio, under Events click ‘cancel a booking’
The Cancel booking screen will display with all the future events you are booked onto.
Click Cancel booking against the event you wish to cancel
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Then complete the Cancel Request box, this is a safeguard to ensure you intended to
genuinely cancel the booking.
Click submit when you have filled in all the information.
Cancelling a booking for another staff member
To cancel a booking for a staff member other than yourself access My Portfolio, Events,
then events colleagues are due to attend
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The screen will list all the future events the team are booked onto. Click cancel booking
against the name of the person you need to cancel the event for.
Fill out the cancel request screen and click submit.
Selecting My Portfolio, Events, ‘Events your colleagues are due to attend’ again will provide
the summary screen so you can check your cancellation was successful
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The practitioner will receive an email confirming their booking has been cancelled within a
short time period of the cancellation being made. These cancellation confirmation emails
are automated and generated by the system not sent by Bournemouth Early Years. If the
practitioner has not received the cancellation confirmation email within 24 hours Select My
Portfolio, Events, ‘Events your colleagues are due to attend’ to ensure you successfully
cancelled. As the example on the previous page illustrates it shows up in red (Booking
cancelled) or on the right hand side of the page the Booking states changes to Booking
status: Cancelled.
Cancellation Periods
Please note there are minimum cancellation periods in place to ensure all training places
can be fully utilised and to provide enough time to offer a cancelled place to a practitioner
on the waiting list. If you cancel your place through CPD online and you are not within the
cancellation deadline you will still be charged for your place.
There are two periods for cancelling, this is to try to provide settings with as much
flexibility as possible while still maximising attendance.
 If your cancellation is for a training event you must provide three clear working days
notice (minimum 72 hours before event start date and time) to avoid charge.
 If you cancellation is for a meeting we ask that you provide as much notice as possible
when cancelling your place (confirmed booking) at a meeting. If you are unable to
attend on the day of the meeting you must telephone 01202 456393 within two hours of
the start time of the meeting to avoid non-attendance charges
If you are unsure which cancellation period applies to the event you wish to cancel view the
details of the event on CPD online – the cancellation period will be towards the end of the
event description. It is also described in the course information sheet which is accessible
Cancellations can only be made via CPD online or direct to a member of the Early Years
Workforce Development Team.
Workings days are calculated as Monday-Friday for cancellation purposes.
If you do not feel confident cancelling your place through CPD online you can call the Early
Years workforce team on 01202 456393. When we are not able to answer the phone the call
will default to voicemail, please leave a message, we accept cancellations left as messages
on this phone’s voicemail. You can also choose to email to cancel your place.
Charges raised for non-attendance or late cancellations vary as they reflect the true cost of
a place on the course. As many events are advertised at a fully funded or subsidised rate
the cancellation charge (true cost) may be a higher charge than the advertised cost of a
place. The non-attendance or late cancellation charges are subject to a minimum charge
of £50. Charges are waived only for unannounced Ofsted inspections and significant
personal illness requiring hospitalisation.
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Section 7: New Users
Bournemouth Early Years has only set up CPD leaders and childminders. This means most (if
not all) of your setting staff are not set up to use CPD online yet.
There are two ways to set up new users (i.e. practitioners in your setting without a CPD
online account).
The easiest way is for staff members to set themselves up! Here’s how:
Click Early Years
This will take them to the home page
In the Log on box simply click ‘New User’
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IMPORTANT The new user must select
your setting (establishment) as their
employer. If they do not you will not
be able to view or control their CPD
online training requests or records.
The job title you select is important, this is because course administrators select the job
roles the training will suit when they add courses onto CPD online. Please only select from
one of the five following job titles to ensure you receive Bournemouth Early Years training
for early years/childminders/children’s centre/out of school club staff members:
 Childminder
 Children’s Centre Practitioner/Outreach/Manager
 Early Years Practitioner/Owner/Manager
 Childcare settings Owner/Manager (for out of school club owner/managers only)
 Childcare settings work (for all other out of school club staff)
Page 18 of this manual states the Subjects/Event audiences new users should select to
ensure they receive the Bournemouth Early Years training events.
At the very bottom of the second screen the new user sees is the tick box to Activate event
alerts by email. Ticking this box will send a weekly email to the practitioner informing
them of any new events that have been added within their subject or event audience
choice. Practitioners do not have to tick this box, but without it they won’t be informed of
new courses added.
Finally press Save.
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The other way to add setting colleagues is when requesting places for them on events.
Select the link to ‘Add a new
Complete the form for the
member of staff to be added including their email address and select ‘Submit’
NB: Please take care when
entering the email address and
make sure that it is correct
before submitting
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Once the new staff member
has been added, you can
proceed as normal
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Section 8: Course Closure
CPD online closes the bookings for all courses three days before the course start date.
If you wish to make a last minute booking contact the workforce team on
Training place bookings are only accepted in writing however you can telephone us for
general enquiries on 01202 456393.
If you have not booked and had your place on a course confirmed by Bournemouth Early
Years please do not turn up ‘just in case’ there is space for you. We agree strict number
limits based on the content of the teaching with our tutors. When extra practitioners
attend over our limits we incur financial penalties for stepping outside of our contracted
maximum numbers on top of the cost for the course per person. If a practitioner turns up to
a course they do not have a confirmed place on we will either ask the practitioner to leave
or charge the practitioner/setting the cost and the penalty cost of the place.
Section 9: Light at the end of the tunnel
There is light at the end of the tunnel!
If you need further help after reading through this manual for CPD leaders you can contact
Bournemouth Early Years Workforce team
Carol McNicol and Sarah Carter
Telephone: 01202 456393
Ben Walliman – Early Years Foundation Stage Improvement Advisor
Telephone: 01202 458938
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