Thermage RF Beauty Machine Use Manual

Thermage RF Beauty Machine
Thank for your purchase for our beauty device!Before Using this device,
strongly recommend reading through the instruction and please keep this
manual in good condition.
Use Manual
1. Theory
How it works --- Thermage RF Machine ?
Thermage treatments are all about focusing radiofrequency energy to kic
k start the body‟s own natural renewal process. Like most smart technolo
gies, the process is relatively simple and it‟s a combination of heat energy
to treat deep tissue, and cooling effects, to protect the skin surface and de
liver better patient comfort. And our latest evolution of Thermage include
s Comfort Pulse Technology, gentle vibrations and interspersed cooling t
hat make your Thermage treatment even more comfortable. Even so, it‟s i
mportant to remember every patient‟s circumstances are different, so for
specifics, it‟s best to consult your Thermage physician.
2. Thermagic RF Machine
Technology wrinkle removal and skin lift principle :
Natural resistance movement of the subcutaneous tissue to produce heat
by RF into subcutaneous tissue, immediate contraction of collagen after
heating at the same time,stimulate the dermal layer secrete more new
collagen contraction and fill vacancies when collagen loss, then bracket a
gain hold up the skin, restoring skin elasticity.
3. Fractional RF Thermage CPT treat on face
Sagging skin
Loose jowls
Lack of definition in the jaw line
Sagging neck skin
Wrinkles and fine lines
Lack of definition in the lips
4. Fractional RF Thermage CPT treat on body
Sagging or bulging skin
Loose Skin
The appearance of cellulite
5. Main Parts
6. Treatment Effect
7. Technical Specification :
Thermage radio frequency
110/220V+10% 60/50Hz
8. Applications
1. Skin tightening
2. Deep and light Wrinkles Eliminating
3. Improving skin-elasticity and skin-shine
4. Pregnancy line restoring
5. Skin- metabolism improving
6. Focusing Radio-frequency, immediate effect
7. Anti-aging for whole body
8. Divide bacterium and diminish inflammation
9. Improve pore-expanding
10. Shape beautiful figure Specifications: Operating
11. Pregnancy line restoring
9. RF Advantages
1. Safe device, heating treatment handle piece to protect skin very well.
2. Simple operation: Complete English design makes operation clearer
and simple
3. Safe and reliable: Non-invasive, non-surgical, no scar, no bleeding,
no downtime or recuperation way of treatment, which makes
patients shape their charming figure and tighten their skin safely.
4. Special Effects: Effective wrinkle-removal, skin tightening, body
slimming by clinical experiments.
5. Thermage: energy is transmitted to the place between two electrodes;
the current permeates target tissue and generate heat.
6. Simple maintenance: The RF machine is designed and made
according to blocking technology OEM and OEM order is always
10. Operation Step
Clean the skin first.
Plug in the power supply. The light will turn on.
Apply products on face.
Press the ”Power” key to start the device.
Adjust time .Press “Time” button, set the time period
for 10~15 minutes. (“time+ “bottom to increase
time, ”time-” to reduce time)
6. Adjust energy. (energy 1—energy 10) from low to high
step to step by asking customer‟s feeling until at the
ideal energy.(“energy+” to increase energy, ”energy-”to
reduce energy.)
7. Press „Power‟ button after the treatment to turn off
the system if no
need to do other program.
8. Clean the device after use, and keep it at day place .
11. Prohibit:
1. Women who have baby or during lactation.
2. Who with epileptic.
3. Who with malignancy.
4. Who with acute inflammation or with pain and diseases.
5. Who with wound not healed up after operation.
6. Who with heart disease or heart pacemaker.
7. Who with nephropathy such as cholelithiasis.
8. Who with serious diabetic.
9. Heart,Cerebra,Nerve center of head, chine, eyeball,
bleeding parts, injecting parts.
10. Metal matrix ring.(can treat other parts)
11.Who have accepted belly operation during menses, birth
12. Who has much heat in body.
13. Who with atopic.
14.Who with hyper pyretic.
15.Who with serious capillary vessel enlargement, have
steroid hormone for a long time. or incretion
dis-adjustment. (can treat other parts)
16.who with serious bleeding.
12. Packing list
Main Device
Handle Probe
Standard Head
Power supply wire
User manual
13. Repair Record
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