Home Screen
This is the main screen of the
application when loaded. The application has 6
main buttons that you can use to navigate
throughout the phone. The House and
Emergency buttons, the top two buttons
apprear on all screens and have two
functionalitites, the home screen takes the user
back to the home of the program and the
emergency button takes the user to a screen
where they can contact emerency services in
ase of an accident or emergency. Tap any
button to navigate thru the phone. Note the
output on your screen may differ due to the
fact that there are many differing types of
android phones.
Text to Speech Screen
This is the speech to text screen and
what apprears when the user clicks the
microphone button, When the user speaks
into the phone’s microphone the text will
then appear in the box. The user still has
the option to return home or go to the
emergency screen.
Emergency Screen
This is the emergency screen of the
phone, and 9-11 is already dialed in to contact
emergency services you press the call button. 911 is already programmed in to save you time
and allow you to be able to dial 9-11 quickly
without playing with a key pad typing in
numbers. This allows the user quick access, and
they don’t have to spend time punching in
Task Screen
This is the Task Screen of the phone will
be shown when you click the Brain icon on the
home screen. Here you will be able to enter in
tasks and reminders and the phone will then
later updated you when the tasks need to be
performed or have been completed. Reminders
will be removed when they are completed, or
the schedule reminder is noticed. The phone
will notify you with an alarm if you need to
complete a task
Magnifying Screen
This is the Screen that pops up when
you click the magnifying glass icon. This allows
the user to zoom in on objects using the phones
camera (if the phone does not have a working
camera this function will not work). The phone
will be able to zoom in up to 5x times.
Hearing Application
This is the hearing application screen,
and this helps people express their feeling and
concerns. When you click any of the buttons the
phone will speak how you feel, for example if
you click tired, the phone will say I feel tired.
The phone has 7 buttons to click, with seven
different sayings. They sayigns are shown in the
picture, and the volume can be adjusted with
the phone.
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