Aging and People with Disabilities
Mike McCormick
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Long Term Care
Action Request
Number: APD-AR-14-039
Issue Date: 7/2/2014
Due Date:
Subject: Registry and Referral System Changes and Data Entry Requirements
Applies to (check all that apply):
All DHS employees
Area Agencies on Aging
Aging and People with Disabilities
Children, Adults and Families
County DD Program Managers
County Mental Health Directors
Health Services
Office of Developmental
Disabilities Services(ODDS)
Other (please specify):
Reason for Action & Required Actions:
The Oregon Home Care Commission (OHCC) has implemented a new Registry and
Referral System (RRS) and homecare workers (HCWs) are now responsible to enter
their own profile information. This was previously completed by the local office based
on information gathered from the Homecare Worker Application (SDS 0355). HCWs
are now responsible to complete the following tabs:
• Personal Information
• Preferences
• Referral Conditions
• Services
• Schedule
• Phone number and email address
In order for HCWs to be available for referral, they must update their availability in the
RRS every thirty (30) days.
There are tabs HCWs will not be able to edit and the local office must continue to
update this information in the RRS or Oregon ACCESS. This includes:
• Demographic information – OHCC will continue to automatically transfer
individual HCW demographic information from Oregon ACCESS to the RRS.
Although HCWs will be able to update their email address and phone number in
the RRS, they will not be able to change their address. They must continue to
DHS 0078 (11/13)
contact the local office to update this information.
• Training information – CPR and First Aid expiration dates. Specific training
courses will be entered by OHCC staff.
• Orientation dates.
• All information under the Office Use tab. Entering information in this section
assists local office staff in tracking HCW enrollment tasks, including the initial
background check.
In addition, the local office must continue to do the following:
• Enter information into the RRS for applications received that have not yet been
• Direct HCWs to complete the entire application, as it includes information
required for entry into OACCESS and additional information not captured in the
• Document information on the application under the Office Use section.
• Retain applications in HCWs’ provider files.
• Provide assistance, as needed, to providers who do not have access to a
• During orientation, remind HCWs they must enter the information detailed above
or they will not be available for referral on the RRS.
The RRS Staff User Manual is available on the APD Case Management Tools
webpage under the Homecare Worker program:
Field/Stakeholder review:
If yes, reviewed by: Oregon Home Care Commission; APD Policy; APD
Operations Committee
If you have any questions about this action request, contact:
Contact(s): Jenny Cokeley, APD Operations & Policy Analyst
Ron McGhee, Registry Coordinator
Phone: For Policy questions, contact Jenny Fax: 503-947-4245
at 503-945-6985
For specific RRS questions, contact
the HCC at 877-867-0077 option 1
E-mail: Jenny – jenny.e.cokeley@state.or.us
DHS 0078 (11/13)
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