Picture Type:
Image Sensor:
Panasonic 1/3” CCD
Sony 1/3" Super HAD CCD
Xvision XC1
Xvision IXC1
420 TVL
Lens Viewing Angle:
Infra Red Nightvision: No
Minimum Illumination: 0.3 Lux
(0 Lux when
light on)
0.1 Lux
(0 Lux when
light on)
For Technical Support for any Xvision product please contact your local
This product is supplied with a 1 Year warranty. The Warranty excludes
products that have been misused, (including accidental damage) and
damage caused by normal wear and tear. In the unlikely event that you
encounter a problem with this product, it should be returned to the
place of purchase.
Model: SSL150/300
Smart Security Light/Max with
built in Camera
PIR Detection Range: 5-12 metres
5-12 metres
PIR Angle
Floodlight (Watts)
The Smart Security Light/Max is designed for outdoor use. Please bear in mind the following
points when choosing a mounting position.
Operating Voltage:
• The camera must be positioned so that it will not point directly into the sun (sunrise and
• Avoid viewing areas where half the area is in bright sunlight and the other half is dark,
Before you begin
• Please unpack the box carefully and identify that all the parts are present.
sunset) or any bright light, as this may cause damage to the camera.
Dimensions (WxHxD): 138x225x133mm
such as in the shadow of a building. All types of cameras have difficulty in ‘seeing’ with
such a large lux level variation.
Manufactured exclusively for:
Xvision (Europe) Group,
Head Office: London, U.K.
Email: info@x-vision.co.uk
Web: www.x-vision.co.uk
• Do not cut the camera cables, this will void the warranty.
• Make sure you use only the recommended power supply. Damage caused to the unit by
incorrect voltage or wiring is not covered by the warranty.
Smart Security Light/Max with
built in Camera
Thank you for purchasing this Xvision camera. Before operating this
product, please read this instruction manual carefully.
1. Safety Precautions
4. Make sure that the movement sensor is pointed in the direction of
optimum coverage.
3. Features
The SSL150 has a Panasonic 1/3" CCD image sensor for 420TVL
resolution images and 0.3/0 lux (Light On) low light sensitivity and the
SSL300 also has a Sony 1/3" CCD image sensor for Colour 480 TVL
resolution images and 0.1/0 lux (Light On) low light sensitivity
The SSL150 and SSL300 feature a 3.6mm lens with 78° viewing
angle for sharp images and easy selection of the optimum viewing
angle during installation
5. Install the product on a solid surface, away from any heat sources.
High temperatures could cause the motion sensor to malfunction.
Setting up the floodlight
Adjust the VR using the three controls located at the base of the
motion sensor.
4. Contents
When in use please avoid direct contact with eyes and do not touch
the unit’s body as it can get very hot.
SENS: -/+
Sensitivity Setting
Rotate “-”
Decrease detection range to min. 5m
Rotate “+”
Increase detection range to max. 15m
When installing the unit, please avoid pointing it directly at paper or
flammable materials.
LUX: /
Timing of Lighting
Rotate “
” Standby on 24 hours
Rotate “
” Standby at nighttime
TIME: -/+
Lighting Time
Rotate “-”
Continuous lighting for 5 seconds
Rotate “+”
Continuous lighting for 12 minutes
Please avoid all direct contact with the halogen bulb to avoid
contamination. If you need to clean the glass cover of the floodlight
use cotton wool balls dipped in alcohol or glass wipes.
Turn off all power to the unit before opening the glass cover
or changing the bulb.
2. Product Description
SSL150- An excellent all in one product designed for houses and
small businesses. The SSL150 Smart Security Light combines a 150W
PIR Activated Floodlight and a High Resolution Colour Camera in to
one compact unit..
SSL300- An excellent all in one product designed for large houses
and business premises. The SSL300 Smart Security Light Max
combines a 300W PIR Activated Floodlight and a High Resolution
Colour Camera in to one compact unit.
Smart Security Light/Max with lead and mains 3-pin plug.
5. Installation & Operation
1. Install the product at a height of 2 to 2.5 metres to achieve the best
detection range from the PIR.
2. Check the voltage (AC 100 to 240V) before installation.
3. When replacing the halogen bulb, do not touch the glass surface
with your fingers.
For 12 minutes lighting- Turn arrow to 4 o’clock
For 7 minutes lighting- Turn arrow to 2 o’clock
For 5 minutes lighting- Turn arrow to 12 o’clock
For 2 minutes lighting- Turn arrow to 10 o’clock
For 5 seconds lighting- Turn arrow to 8 o’clock
Connecting the camera
BNC socket
video output)
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