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Tuning Forks
Earth Resonant Sound
Energy Tuners
Low frequency for bones
and ligaments. Based
on the 7.83 Hz earth
resonant frequency, or
Schumann Resonance.
Effective for grounding
and deep relaxation.
Pouch Included
A set of three different high
pitch tuners that are easy to
use because
they are
lighter than
the larger
fork. High
pitches have
#46045 Otto Tuning Fork a more
128 Hz effect on
#42756 Otto Tuning Fork the brain
than the
64 Hz lower
#42757 Otto Tuning Fork pitch forks. 4225, 4096 and 4160 Hz.
32 Hz $41.95
Pouch included.
SPECIAL: Buy all 3 Otto Tuning
Forks and SAVE!
Order #42758 $119.95
BioResonator Set
The BioResonator Set uses
tuning forks to create specific
frequencies called different
tones. These “difference tones”
are used to align your brain
waves for deep meditation,
relaxed awareness, problem
solving, creative thinking and
other benefits linked to specific
brain frequencies. One tuning
fork has adjustable weights
allowing you to create variable
cps, creating different tones.
The different tones are related
to Theta, Delta, Alpha, and Beta
brainwave patterns. When you
try different settings, you will
see that each setting is like an
inner ear yoga causing the ear
to “gate” in order to
process the sounds.
Trying different
settings will
increase your inner
ear strength
and ability
to listen.
Notice the
tones you
prefer and
the ones that are
difficult. You can be
creative. Serious users
of tuning forks will love it!
The set includes two
BioResonator boxes with tuning
forks, plus a mallet.
#42759 BioResonator Set
#46046 Angel Tuners Starter Set Of Two Tuners
Complete Tuning Fork Kit
Two forks sound the interval
of a fifth– the most important
interval for relaxation, ­centering
and aligning the body's ener­
gies. Contains: 256 Hz and 384
Hz, (C & G), plus ­instructions
and carrying bag. Included in
Harmonic Spectrum Kit.
Contains: Solar Harmonic
Spectrum Kit, Calendula CD, the
John Beaulieu video and the John
Beaulieu book “Music and Sound
in the Healing Arts.”
BioSonic Brain Tuner Set
DNA Forks
These tuning forks (D and A)
maintain the sacred ratio of 8:13
(phi). This interval is not usually
found in contemporary music;
it is found in nature and living
tuning forks
an outer
spiral of the
series, where
people seem
to journey
when they
hear the
sounds of
this pair
together. 288
(D) and 468 (A) Hz.
#46047 Body Tuners™ $49.95
Tuning Fork Set
This set contains a full octave
of tuning forks. When played
together they create a series of
overtones to help you relax and
center yourself. Each interval
relates to a different state of
consciousness . Based on the
work of Pythagoras, recognized
as the world’s first researcher to
combine the science of sound
with mathematics. Instructions
and carrying pouch are included.
Full octave: 256-512 Hz.
#71064 DNA Tuning Forks $49.95
Crystal Tuner
The Crystal Tuner
amplifies the healing
power of crystals
through sonic
vibration, creating
#46048 Solar Harmonic
a bridge between
Spectrum™ Kit $159.95
heaven and earth.
It is useful in dream
work, spiritual work and
Tuning forks balance your body,
physical work with the
nervous system, muscles and
cranial rhythms. 4”. 4096
organs by tapping the tuning
forks, you generate true sine
Hz. Included in Angel
wave patterns based on precise
Tuners Set #46046
#71065 Crystal Tuner $22.95
#46049 Complete Tuning Fork Kit
mathematical proportions. This is
known as Pythagorean tuning.
Brain Tuners are based on
brainwave studies using
electroencephalography (EEG)
technology to map different
states of consciousness known
as Delta, Theta, Alpha, and
Beta. When the Brain Tuners
are simultaneously sounded
(one in the left ear; the other
in the right ear) the two
hemispheres of the brain
function together to integrate
the two sounds, creating a
third, different tone called
the binaural beat. When the
Fundamental Brain Tuner
tuning fork is sounded with any
of the other four, the difference
between the two tuning forks
creates a binaural beat which is
heard as a pulsation … which
gently signals the brain into a
different state of consciousness.
Set of 5 tuning forks and a
wooden stand.
#99863 BioSonic Tuning Fork Set $99.95
Tuning Forks
Spotlight On Ohm
Ohm carries the frequency of 136.10 Hz, considered by many to
be the most powerful of vibrations. It is described as primordial
sound, the sound from which all other sounds emanate. The
sound wave created by Ohm tuning forks works like kinetic
energy to move disharmony and tension from the body, thereby
restoring a sense of well-being. Disharmony, manifested by
stress, muscle soreness, and fatigue, creates blockages to our
natural energy flow.
When the different range Ohm forks are sounded together, the
healing musical interval of an Ohm octave is experienced. By
drawing the vibration of Ohm into your body, the forks enhance
the musical experience while negating the source of the
disharmony and assisting with meditation. It is truly a profound
Ohm Tuning Fork
Octave Set
The Ohm
Octave is a
beautiful and
healing musical
us with the
Earth and
furthering our
of Ohm. Set
consists of
the Mid-Ohm
(136.1 Hz) and
the Low-Ohm
(68.05 Hz)
tuning forks,
overview of
sound healing,
plus information on octaves and
overtones, plus instructional
#43107 Ohm Tuning Fork Octave
Set $89.95
Tuning Fork
considered the
classic Ohm
(136.10 Hz) and
in the middle
range. This is
an excellent
place to begin
for those
interested in
sound healing.
Includes: tuning
fork, Activator,
sound healing
booklet and instructions.
#43106 Mid-Ohm Tuning Fork
Kit $44.95
Tuning Fork Activator
Shown: 2 Mid-Ohm tuning forks. One
fork on each side of upper chest wall, in
groove toward armpit. This enhances and
deepens breathing… releases tension in
shoulders, arms, and upper back… is
calming, soothing and energizing.
Musical Compositions
Created In the Ohm
A Tuning Fork Primer
Harmonizes beautifully with
Ohm Tuning Forks. Listening to
these CDs and the tuning forks
together produce a harmonic or
This laminated, double sided
“stereo effect.” While listening
chart demonstrates 14 useful
to the CD, place the forks on
applications for self-treatment
your body in specific places
Use this rubber Activator as
and for treating of others. where there is tightness to
a surface to gently strike the
11” x 17”.
relax the tension. Developed
weighted end of the tuning fork
#43112 Tuning Fork Instructional by an accomplished musician
to “activate” vibration. Works
Chart $14.95
and sound healer. Each CD is
well with all tuning forks,
weighted and unweighted. 2 ½” High-Ohm Tuning Fork Set approximately 50 minutes.
wide x 1 ½” high.
#43104 There’s No Place Like
Ohm CD Vol. I $16.95
#43105 There’s No Place Like
Ohm CD Vol. II $17.95
#43110 Tuning Fork Activator
#43125 Mobile Activator with
Leg Strap
Tuning Fork
The Low-Ohm
Tuning Fork
has a deep
and earthy
quality with
overtones when
activated, and
is an excellent
choice for
working on
the body, as it
is particularly
grounding. Use
alone or with
the Mid-Ohm
Tuning Fork
to create an
Ohm Octave, a
beautiful music
interval. 68.05
Hz. Made from
space grade aluminum
#43109 Low-Ohm Tuning Fork
Use The Entire Harmonic
Spectrum For Healing
The Solar Harmonic Spectrum
was used to create a healing sonic
journey in which the notes of
each Pythagorean
interval move
from the right
ear to the left and
back to balance
the left and right
brain hemispheres.
Includes 20 page booklet
#46050 Calendula CD
Ideal for use in the energetic
field around the body, and for
clearing and resetting the energy
of a room. Creates a sound wave
that is soothing and therapeutic
and can help restore balance.
Contains two aluminum forks
(272.2 Hz and 544.4 Hz) plus
#43124 High-Ohm Tuning Fork
Set $74.95
Jumbo Tuning Fork
Contains: #46045, 46046,
46048, 43106 on these
pages. Total: 13 tuning forks.
If purchased separately,
#42755 Jumbo Tuning Fork
Assortment $269.95
Deep Relaxation and Meditation
Learn How to meditate using Trance Music
Ultra Meditation System: The 5-level Transcendence System. The difficulty with most traditional meditation practices
is it takes years of concentrated effort to train your brain to redirect its energy into optimal patterns. That’s why the Ultra
Meditation System was developed.
You will be transported into
another time and place, filled
with delicious relaxation,
stimulating memory flows, and
heightened consciousness states.
It may seem like your mind and
body are in two separate places.
Words can hardly describe the
experience but it is like taking
a two-week vacation in 28
Ultra Meditation™ was
designed to open the mind to
greater levels of awareness, by
driving consciousness inward
and feeding the brain with a
steady flow of psychic energy.
frequencies and harmonics
it’s designed to shift your
internal state and unfold a
deep meditation and expanded
awareness. The audio matrix is
subsonic so you don’t hear it,
but you sure feel it. What you
do hear are the sounds of an
underground stream, Tibetan
bells and angelic voices.
LEVELS II-V (Transformation,
Awareness, Cetacean Mink Link) Each sound track uses an
increasingly more intense matrix
designed to expand awareness.
And to further that goal, your
kit includes several powerful
bonus libraries.
Chants, Amazon Shaman,
LEVEL I (Theta Consciousness)
Voodoo Mating Ritual, Mayan
For the first 30 days plug into
9 Transcendental Mind sound
Sun Ritual, Indonesian Karma,
Level 1. Using special sound
tracks are included... Zen Healing Eskimo Spirits, Pyramid Visions,
Transformation, &
Aboriginal Dreamtime.
Your kit includes a
into your unconscious.
Because they use “sacred
phenomenal book and
Plug your
sounds” embedded within
experimental Brain
brain into the
companion Brain the matrix, they act as
CD free.
Supercharger CD powerful triggers for personal
19 mind
and experience
Music™ is designed
Intelligence” and
to further your spiritual
teach you
“Mozart Brain
awakening. The 8 titles include:
to activate
Boost.” Healing Dreams, Emotional
“right” brain
#63456 Super Brain Power Well-being, Inner Harmony
awareness and open a window
Use The Kaleidoscope To Relax And Meditate
You’ll be amazed
at how the rhythm
of the animated
morphing patterns
magically matches
the beat to your
music selections.
There is no audio,
so you are free to
enjoy either the
peaceful silence
or choose
whatever music you like.
Use it alone or with a social
gathering. Everyone will enjoy
this beautiful, mystical
experience. The title,
“Tarriance” means “to
linger in expectation.”
60 minute DVD.
#99847 Tarriance $19.95
OPEN 24/7
Page 27
Tune-up, Radiant Health,
Peaceful Sleep, Dream Therapy,
Inner Child Healing, Spiritual
5 additional items are included
free. The Super Brain Power
book and CD, plus 3 workshops
on CD: Mind Power Secrets,
The Secret of Living a Perfect
Life, How To Find Your
All of this adds up to less than
$10 per CD.
*Requires headphones!
#63452 Ultra Meditation
Transcendence System $199.95
Relax Anywhere Fast
It Just Takes 5 Minutes
Want to unwind at
the end of the day?
Put the Relaxease
glasses on, sit down
and turn them on.
Pulsating light
guides you to deep
relaxation, a great
distraction from
your busy world.
Everything is in the
glasses, so there
are no wires to
untangle, no bulky attachments.
Take them to work, on
vacation, business trips, or
anywhere you want. Enter deep
alpha/theta states in minutes!
Relaxease comes with builtin brightness and frequency
control (3-11Hz), so you
can adjust them to fit your
sensitivity. The timer can be set
to 15, 30 or 60 minutes. Battery
#46041 Relaxease Light Glasses
Deep Relaxation and Meditation
Speeds Up The Art Of Meditation… Boosts Intelligence, Creativity… Deals With Stress
Creates Remarkable Emotional Changes At The Deepest Level!
Super-Enriched Training For Your Brain!
You’ll enter deep, meditative
states normally experienced
only by seasoned yogis
meditating for twenty or more
years. Research shows that in
these states the brain produces
some very pleasurable (and
instantly stress-reducing)
brain chemicals, including
endorphins – plus others that
dramatically increase longevity
and slow aging!
A new neural pathways connect
and “synchronize”
the two sides
of the brain,
you’ll develop
what scientists
call “whole brain
creating dramatic
in mental abilities:
learning, intuition,
mental clarity, creativity,
focus, concentration and
intelligence. Most people
report amazing quantum leaps
in insight and self-awareness.
You’ll become happier and
more peaceful… your stress
level will go way down…
dysfunctional feelings and
behaviors will fall away – even
those that have stubbornly
resisted change with other
methods! You’ll release anger,
fear, anxiety and sadness.
improve. Your
Relaxation And Meditation
This shawl is
32” x 72” and is
extremely soft
and made of a
rayon. It has
been imprinted to
emit a soothing,
calming and
nurturing energy
pattern when worn on the
body. It is a wonderful
support for meditation or for
a restful sleep. In addition, it
helps in de-stressing, relaxing
and protecting from EMF.
Users report it to be effective
in clearing and opening the
energy centers or chakras…
pain relief… more energy and
clarity, and an overall increase
in general vitality. Can be
washed and hung to dry.
A Twelve Month Meditation
Correspondence Course
For thousands of years,
meditation has served as the
living cornerstone for every
major spiritual tradition. From
the founders of the Insight
Meditation Society, this indepth program is now in its
eighth year. In your own home,
you are now able to cultivate
the sacred environment of a
meditation retreat… with the
help of a personal instructor,
assigned to you when you
#51093 Wrapture Relaxation
Shawl: Cream $79.95
#51094 Wrapture Relaxation
Shawl: Silver/Gray $79.95
ability to feel good about
yourself and succeed in the
world will skyrocket.
Based on research on how
human beings evolve to
higher levels of functioning,
this is a program utilizing a
powerful audio technology
called Holosync®. A precise
combination of embedded
audio signals beneath soothing
music and environmental
sounds, Holosync® gives the
brain a very specific stimulus
that creates states of
deep meditation
– and causes the
creation of new
neural connections
between left and
right brain
The complete
package includes:
Super Longevity
CDs, 3 superdeep Holosync®
sound tracks, a hefty
package of introductory
return your first lesson
by mail. Insight Meditation
presents: 12 sequential lessons,
18 hours of classical teachings,
practices and meditations,
an 88 page workbook with
interactive exercises, resources
and articles, plus one-on-one
guidance from your personal
instructor. Most people ask
this about meditation: “How
do I get started, and how do I
keep going?” If this is you…
this outstanding and complete
program is the answer. 24 CDs
information, complete
instructions, all support
materials, all special reports,
the book “Thresholds of the
Mind” and the telephone
hotline! You also receive
Holosync® Quietude, a deep
alpha-level relaxation and
super-learning Oasis CD,
taking you into the creativity
and intuition-enhancing theta
state plus a third “surprise”
sound track sent to you
FREE about 2 weeks into the
There’s a full one-year moneyback guarantee. And, in the
unlikely event you return the
program for a refund, you may
keep the free bonus sound
Note: You’ll be receiving the
bonus materials approximately
2-3 weeks after you receive
your Centerpointe program.
CD format.
#75183 Centerpointe Program
in a binder plus workbook
#51001Insight Meditation
Awakening Kundalini
Music For Healing And Unwinding
Kundalini is the extraor­
dinary powerhouse of
cosmic energy that resides
within you. It is the source
from which all creativity,
genius and psychic gifts
spring. Traveling upward
through the chakra system,
it removes obstacles to living your highest
A wonderful theta meditation program. CD: 60 minutes. See page 35.
Your body is a self-healing instrument. Given a
chance, it will always tend
towards a healthful balance.
Using sophisticated sound
technology these compositions
create a response of deep
relaxation, contentment, and
well-being. We’re pretty sure
you play these over and over
again. 2 CD set: 2 hours.
#45015 Kundalini
#99862 Music For Healing And Unwinding $19.98
Deep Relaxation and Meditation
From the Greek word kosmos, which means the sum total of reality, matter, body, mind and spirit.
Kosmic Consciousness By Ken Wilber
Leap Ahead In Your Spiritual Evolution
• How meditation works
• Reincarnation: myth or provable
• Sexuality in the gross, subtle,
and causal bodies
• Lucid dreaming, astrology,
and the enneagram – integral
• How love “re-wires” the self,
and much, much more
#42517Kosmic Consciousness
Before the birth of the
universe there existed your
“Original Face,” the limitless
Self that has been present
throughout the unfolding of
inert matter into life – and
that continues to dwell
within us at every level of
consciousness. Where is this
grand evolution taking us
– and how can each of us
participate more fully in it?
On Kosmic Consciousness,
Ken Wilber invites you to
find out. In ten fascinating
sessions, Wilber pursues
questions especially relevant
to spiritual seekers: What are
the most effective tools for
“jumping” to the next level
in your spiritual, creative,
and cognitive development?
Does prayer work? How do
Learn About Guided
Mindfulness Meditation
MUSIC FOR THE MIND Unleash The Power Inner Peace With The
Music Of Steven Halpern
Of Theta
Brian Paulson’s Brain Buster
An exhilarating yet calming
sonic journey into the mind,
body and spirit. By combining
the ancient knowledge of
sacred geometry, harmonics
and the recent discoveries in
brain research, physics and
cosmology… here is music
capable of unleashing the
untapped potential of the
mind. Relaxation, creativity,
intelligence, meditation can all
be enhanced with this music.
Headphones should be worn to
make this CD more effective.
Mindfulness is finally being
recognized as a highly effective
tool for dealing with stress,
chronic pain and other illnesses.
By opening to an awareness of
how things actually are in the
present moment, we are often
able to experience very deep
states of relaxation and wellbeing – of both body and mind.
This is a four part home training #51082 Brian’s Brain Buster
course that will enable you to
sample the universal aspects
of stillness, clarity, wisdom,
compassion, and well-being that
Guided Mindfulness Meditation
offers. 4 CDs, 5 hours.
#51056 Guided Mindfulness
See all the BRAIN-SYNC products
from Kelly Howell
On Page 35
Different products result in different effects on people. People with special
sensitivities may experience some unwanted side effects. Other users report
that benefits didn’t start to occur for several days. This can be attributed to the
cumulative effects of many of the products in this catalog.
women and men experience
consciousness differently?
Is subtle energy real and,
if so, how do we harness
it? Can we cultivate infinite
love by loving one, finite
person? What, exactly, does
“Kosmic consciousness” feel
like? For Ken Wilber’s many
avid readers, and anyone
who has been waiting for a
highly accessible invitation
to his work, here is one of
the most significant thinkers
of our time – spontaneous,
passionate, irreverent
– sharing a feast of ideas to
inspire you on your evolution
toward Kosmic Consciousness.
10 CDs, 121/2 hours. Highlights
Vivid Imagery Sparkles
Inside Your Mind’s Eye
Simply put, it is to engage in
contemplation or reflection. Some
say it is the art of allowing your mind
to do nothing. Anyone who wants
to reduce stress and otherwise
“clear their heads” will find great
joy and solace in meditation, leading
to marvelous, euphoric feelings for
and Hemi-Sync
This comprehensive 2 CD
program puts you into the
deep and elusive Theta state.
Over a 4-week period, your
brain’s electro-magnetic energy
is progressively balanced,
organized and amplified.
You enter the precise state
of meditation essentially
empowering visualization and
accelerating manifestation. Best
results are achieved when used
with headphones. 2 CDs. 60
minutes each.
This CD from The Monroe
Institute will immerse you in an
inner peace that is uplifting and
deeply restorative. It features
a suite of seven hypnotic
musical tracks of compelling
meditative music fashioned
around an infrastructure of low
tones to ground the body and
higher frequency harmonics to
crystallize the delicate textures
you feel spiraling around in your
head. It quiets the mind while
simultaneously resonates with
body, mind and spirit. 57 minutes.
#41047 Sacred Ground $16.95
#51086 Deep Journeys $19.95
Relieve Jet Lag
fog associated with jet lag.
Contains no spoken words.
Powerful combinations
of brain wave frequencies
are harmonically layered
in beautiful music. 2 CDs:
120 minutes. See page 35.
Arrive at your
destination feeling
refreshed, alert and
ready to go. Helps
balance and restore
your brain’s sodium
and potassium levels,
thus reducing mental
fatigue and brain
#45014 Relieve Jet Lag $16.95
Deep Relaxation and Meditation
For People Who Can’t Let Go By John-David
How Sound, Movement And Color Affect Your
Eliminate self-sabotage
Enhance your self-esteem
Sharpen your recall
Communicate better
Improve your ability to
concentrate, make decisions
and solve problems
BrainSpeak is an
interactive, not passive,
personal tool for
BrainSpeak alters your
brainwaves to achieve more
relaxed alpha and theta
states, a technique proven to
be effective by neurologists,
physicians and educators. The
beauty of BrainSpeak is that
YOU decide what results you
want to produce… whether
it's a tool for enhanced
meditative practice, a doorway
to better health, or a means
of accelerated learning
– your decisions activate your
Ascend To Higher Levels
Binaural beat frequencies will
lift your physical tensions and
mental anxieties in minutes.
Helps you reach a profound
meditative state. See page 29
#45006 Deep Meditation CD
Heavenly Music
Music by Iasos
Described as similar to the
“heavenly music” heard by
people who have lived through
near-death experiences. 60
#46042 Angelic Music CD $16.95
Holographic Mind Music
Listen with headphones,
close your eyes and leave
the universe! Iasos’ newest
creation… 8 years in the
making… this is his most
subconscious mind. And,
depending upon the issues
and concerns facing you at
any given moment, your
subconscious will lead you to
the answers that are right for
you. 4 CD Set, 127 minutes.
Manual and John-David
historical literature.
#75354 BrainSpeak $349.95
celestial album ever. Excellent
for enhanced creativity,
alignment, mood elevation
and consciousness travel. 60
#81033 Realms of Light CD
Sacred Sonic Tools
From Iasos, this book and
CD present you with the
opportunity to receive a handson experience with this very
effective set of “sound tools”
to enhance physical, emotional
and mental well-being. Book:
63 pages. CD: 60 minutes.
#36510 Sacred Sonic Tools Book and CD $24.95
Getting Past Sorrow
Experience Joyful
Discover how
sound, color
and movement
affect our
physiology and
Fabien Maman
has brought
together sound,
color, Chinese
medicine, and
for powerful
health and
well being. A
key body of
work detailing
how energetic
healing affects us on many
levels. Includes theory,
research, practical applications
and techniques. Four books
(approximately 450 pages)
and a CD including: Music
feedback from customers as
to how this particular CD has
helped overcome grief, sadness
and bad news. It contains
continuous angelic music
for true relaxation, balance,
harmony and healing. Over 1
in the 21st Century; color
photography of how cancer
cells die when specific musical
frequencies are played,
while red blood
cells become
vibrant. Raising
Human Frequencies, Sound
and Acupuncture, Healing with
Sound, Color and Movement
and the CD Resonance of
Ancestral Memories. Highly
#63028 Sound, Color and Movement Series $122.95
Rest, Re-Balance, And
Replenish With Classical
Music For Healing
Listeners will enjoy a selection
of soothing classical music,
scientifically selected and
performed to reduce physical
tension, dispel anxiety, and
#18703 Inward Harmony CD create inner calm. Through
subtle rearrangement and
emphasis on the underlying
Achieve Joy And Bliss
psychoacoustic harmonics
By Brian Paulson
embedded in the music, Joshua
A great recording that removes Leeds and Andrew Weil, M.D.
the edge from life, and evokes draw out each composition’s
joy, bliss and expansive
innate healing potential. 74
awareness. 260 Hz tone plus
gently pulsing over­tones. A
#99858 Relax And De-Stress
delightful ride into peace and
harmony. 26 minute continuous
play CD.
#74021 The Power of Seven CD $18.95
by Marcey Hamm
We’ve received wonderful
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Sleep Never
Sounded So Good
Get The New Sound Pillow
Wouldn’t it be great if you
could comfortably tune out
the world and tune in to your
favorite music to help you fall
asleep? Sound Pillow plugs
directly into your sound source
just like headphones, but the
speakers are hidden inside the
pillow so only you can hear.
You get a full-size pillow with
a 5’ cord with speaker jack.
Just think of all the things you
can use this for… the kids can
fall asleep to stories or music,
self-help tapes, listen to an
audiobook as you fall asleep,
learning programs while you
#42751 Sound Pillow $49.95
wafer thin
speakers reo
Special Offer
Connect your own sound source.
Noise keeping you awake? See page 64
for the Sound Screen/Sleep Mate
Use the Sound Pillow with our
best selling, most effective sleep
CD — Harmonic Sleep
Buy both and SAVE! Only $5.00
more for the sleep CD
Order #51103 Sound Pillow and
Harmonic Sleep CD $54.95
Keeps The Light Out
Total Darkness With Your Eyes Open
Great for airplane travel, deep meditation,
biofeedback exercises, headaches and
naps, while seated (but not for night time
sleeping). With adjustable velcro strap
and ear plugs. This is one of the very few
products that we have tested that gives
#46021 Mindfold Mask Listen To Your
Favorite Tapes, CDs,
or Radio Without
Relax-Sleep Better-Relieve
Just place Pillowsonic under
your pillow cover, connect your
sound source and enjoy the
sounds. Two quality speakers
are enclosed at both ends of a
14” long soft, thin cushion, that
is then placed inside your pillow
cover or under the pillow itself.
Complete with a 6’ cord.
Connect to your radio alarm
clock, and awake without
disturbing your spouse.
#82058 Pillowsonic Stereo Pillow
Speaker System $29.95
Buy 2 and SAVE! $26.95 each
Shows partially
exposed CD player
not included
Special Offer
Use the Pillowsonic with our best selling, most effective sleep CD —
Harmonic Sleep
Buy both and SAVE! Only $5.00 more for the sleep CD
Order #42033 Pillowsonic & Harmonic Sleep CD $39.95
­ ur Most Popular Sleep
CD And No After Effects
Developed and tested by
Dr. Paul Swingle, the noted
the harmonic blend in this 74
minute CD embodies a proven
technology. It
involves a complex
harmonic blend that
is embedded at a
much lower level
than the audible
filtered “pink noise”
that you hear.
• Reduces the time
to fall asleep
• Enhances the quality of sleep;
allows you to have good night
Excellent for the elderly, those
with autism, ADD, or sensory
integration dysfunction. For
college students in dorms and
for hospital patients who share
a room.
of natural, peaceful, and deep
• Effective for persons with high
stress and pain.
It seems like we all know
someone who could benefit
from Harmonic Sleep... it really
works! It can be used for 15
minutes prior
to retiring for
the night or
can be played
throughout the
night with your
CD player set
on “continuous
#22150 Harmonic Sleep CD $19.95
Get A “Good Sleep”
Better Sleep And Deep Peace
Sleep Like A Baby Tonight!
Includes three proven “harmonic retreats”
to give you instant access to a state of
restorative rest:
Your pineal gland is the gateway to lucid
dream states, enhanced intuition and
expanded perceptions
of reality. Users
report feelings
of elation, deep
visual imagery.
Serenity contains
pineal gland tissue,
Vitamins E and C.
Makes you fall asleep faster, keeps you
asleep until it’s time to wake up, enables
you to wake feeling
refreshed and well rested.
Heightens REM sleep
and improves mood,
diminishes irritability.
450 mcg of Melatonin,
100 mg 5-HTP, 10 mg
coenzymated vitamin B6, 200 mg Choline, and
150 mg Rhodiola Rosea,
a plant substance that has
been found to be very effective in reducing
stress and helps with sleep disorders.
• The 22 minute vacation: Generate deeply
rejuvenating states of body and mind
• The 22 minute nap: A quick period of rest
when you feel sleep deprived
• Sweet delta: A full, revitalizing night of
An excellent 68
minute CD from
the renowned Tom
#45722 Deep Rest
#48375 Serenity 100 capsules
Buy 3 and SAVE! $39.95
#72016SleepTight 90 capsules
Not for use by children, pregnant or lactating women,
or those under 40.
help prevent soiling.
Every pad is checked and
re-checked to be certain the
magnets are arranged so that
magnetic the North poles face the body.
mattress Pad Tools For Wellness has the
For Deep, Energizing Sleep utmost confidence in the high
quality construction and quality
Our magnetic mattress pad is
control standards used in the
the best and easiest way to bathe manufacture of these pads.
your entire body in an all-north
The proof is in the high degree
pole magnetic field. Strong
of customer satisfaction; we just
grade VIII ceramic magnets
are spaced in a 4” grid over the don’t get returns from satisfied
entire surface of the mattress
pad, each giving over 8” of field #48304 Travel 30” x 72”, 119 magnets
#48305 Single 37” x 73”, The pads are covered in “loom
162 magnets $179.95
state” fabric imported from
#48306 Full 52” x 73”, Belgium and the quality is
234 magnets
immediately apparent to anyone #48307 Queen 59” x 78”, who touches it. The binding is
266 magnets
color coordinated to match the
#48308 King 75” x 78”, cover and the whole pad has
342 magnets
a non-skid backing. They are
#48309 Pillow 12” x 18”, deliberately slightly narrower
18 magnets
and shorter so they will fit on
Additional $15.00 each for shipping
the mattress without overhang
except pillow. Rush/Express service
and can be covered with a
not available.
Continental U.S. delivery only.
conventional mattress pad to
Relax Your Way To Restful Sleep
The Shealy Relaxmate
90% of individuals report that
its use leads to deep relaxation
within 5-10 minutes. Superb,
restorative sleep is achieved
in about 30 minutes. The
Relaxmate does not employ
sound, just light pulses. It
uses a specific bandwidth of
frequencies and color saturation
determined to be the most
effective. Used 30-40 minutes
a day induces mind-body states
associated with lower blood
pressure, headache relief,
reduced anxiety, improved
digestion, and an overall
reduction in stress-related
You can fine tune your
sessions with brightness,
color spectrum and frequency
controls. The lower
frequency range (1-7 Hz) makes
it much more comfortable to
use than other more complex
machines. Has a 20-60 minute
timer. By regulating the
length of the sessions, it can
also be used to boost energy
and improve concentration.
We found it exceptionally
easy-to-use; the results just
happen without a whole lot
of effort. Developed by Norm
Shealy, M.D., a pioneer in the
therapeutic use of light. Battery
#45017 Relaxmate II $149.95
Shut Out The Light! Shut Out The Noise!
Sleep Master was invented
for people with sleeping
difficulties, for those who just
enjoy napping during the day
or while traveling, and even for
those whose partners watch TV
or read late into the night.
Powerful Sounds For
Deeper Sleep
Guides you into deep Delta
brainwaves, the home of deep
sleep. Includes two programs of
soothing music and frequencies,
forest and ocean sounds. 2
hours. 2 CDs
#46022 Delta Sleep System $19.95
It is an all-in-one sleep mask
that combines light elimination
and sound reduction. Sleep
Master is the only sleep mask
available on the market today
with patented built-in sound
muffling. Ear plugs included.
The Sleep Master fits easily
and comfortably around your
head, easily connected in
the back by Velcro strips,
simultaneously blocking both
light and reducing sound.
One-size-fits-all, lightweight
and compact so you can
take it along with you. Very
affordable so you can have
more than one.
#34014 Sleep Master $34.95
Buy 2 and SAVE! $32.50 each
body and
looks for your
best possible waking time. This
revolutionary watch wakes you
at just the right moment, during
a window of time that you
set. Its internal sensors detect
even the most subtle physical
signals from your body. Worn
like an everyday watch, this is
ideal for anyone who wants
to start off the day alert.
Great for travelers, students,
busy moms, and those with
irregular work schedules. Many
features and settings enable you
to customize it to any situation,
plus it functions like an
ordinary watch during the day.
#45713 Sleeptracker Watch
Many sleep problems happen because our
minds are too cluttered with many thoughts.
There are four stages in the process of sleep:
first, our brainwaves begin to slow down
from an alert state of beta to a more relaxed
state of alpha. Then we drift off into a light
state of sleep (theta) where we dream. Finally
our brainwaves slow down further into delta
where we enter into deep sleep. Over 50
million Americans have sleeping disorders
leading many to turn to sleep-assisting
technologies such as psycho-acoustic CDs.
All information contained
herein is for educational
purposes only. No health
claims are intended or
inferred. Statements made
in this catalog have not
been evaluated or approved
by the U.S. Food and Drug
Administration. If you have
a medical condition, please
consult your healthcare
Learn How To Stay Calm During Highly Stressful Situations
When your stimulating nerves
become more active, they
cause you to feel nervous,
tense and restless by increasing
your heart rate, breathing pace
and brain activity. When the
pacifying nerves become more
active, they decrease your heart
The Natural Solution For
A Restful Night’s Sleep
Based on the principles of
traditional Chinese medicine,
Dreamate produces a double
frequency massage stimulation
on specific sleep-related
acupressure points on the
The “sleeping golden triangle” is
located on the inner wrist and is
responsible for calming the body,
stress relief and sleep inducement.
Powerful Approach To Relaxation
Activation of the right and
left hemispheres of the brain
occurs as two separate tracks
are played simultaneously,
to different hemispheres
of the brain. Suggestions
come from metaphors and
rate. Your heart continually
rises and falls in a wave-like
manner based on the changing
interplay of the stimulating
and pacifying nerves. The
StressEraser allows you to
visualize this wavelike activity
on its screen, and guides you
to synchronize your breathing
with it. Within 15 minutes,
you’ll achieve deep relaxation.
Using it for two weeks, you’ll
feel the difference all day long.
Within a month, you’ll have
stress-free days. For excellent
results, use StressEraser before
underside of your left wrist
for calming, sleep-inducing
stress relief without side
effects. Pulsed electronic waves
promote blood circulation to
help normalize the body’s
biological clock into a natural
sleep rhythm .Dreamate is
designed to help your body
naturally improve sleep quality
gradually, providing a long
term solution to your sleep
problem, not a temporary
bed to relax and recharge
during the night.
This is a medical-quality
device that previously has been
available only to psychology
professionals. The name of this
product is aptly named; using
it will not only “erase” stress;
it will change your approach to
life and its everyday issues. It
provides a lasting therapeutic
Lightweight and about the size
of an iPod, the StressEraser
comes with a carrying case,
User’s Manual, a terrific
stories spoken in the left ear
as positive affirmations and
#99871 StressEraser
Noise keeping you awake?
Get Rid Of The Racket And Commotion
We’ve sold a lot of these
to thousands of satisfied
users, and we recommend it
enthusiastically. The units
are durable, lightweight and
are providing many years of
reliable service. They create
a consistent, smooth sound of
rushing air. Tone and volume
of the sound are regulated
by simple controls. The
remarkable “white noise” sound
effectively masks unwanted
noises and creates a sense
of calm, making it easier to
concentrate, relax and/or sleep.
This popular and very
economical sound conditioner is
“quick fix.” If you’re having
widely used for restless sleepers
trouble falling asleep because
and to overcome appliance
of noisy neighbors, insomnia,
noises and the constant din
stress, or traffic noise, this
of air conditioners. With the
could be the answer you’ve
widespread use of office
been looking for. Ideal for shift cubicles, our sound
workers, frequent travelers and conditioners
insomniacs. Battery-operated.
are used to
#99870 Dreamate $79.95
Take A Look At
“Getting Started” Guide and
a one year warranty. Batteryoperated. For sale only to U.S.
suggestions are spoken in the
right ear. Both the creative
mind and analytical mind
are stimulated to increase
motivation, confidence,
focus and well being while
decreasing stress, anxiety, fear
and self-doubt. 56 minutes.
#81031 Art of Self-Relaxation
mask conversations to allow
for better concentration. The
durable beige plastic housing is
suitable for use anywhere and
it occupies only 6” of space; 3”
high. AC operation.
#63041Sound Screen/Sleep Mate
2 speed
“Your Sound Machine helps my two year old
to stay asleep while my 6 month old cries
in the night. Works like magic. Even my
pediatrician uses them because the office
walls are a little thin. I highly recommend
this to other moms.” L.S. Illinois
All information contained herein
is for educational purposes only.
No health claims are intended or
inferred. Statements made in this
catalog have not been evaluated
or approved by the U.S. Food
and Drug Administration. If
you have a medical condition,
please consult your healthcare
Dazzling Visuals Allow You To “Let Go”
Key Features:
•50 built-in sessions in several
categories (relax, meditate,
sleep, learn, energize,
visualize, entertain, special,
and random)
•Connects to external music
lights flash at different
intervals, can be varied
•Very easy to use
•Dynamic lights not available
anywhere else
Recommended For:
•Light and sound users who
have become bored with their
current machine
•Consciousness Explorers
What We Like:
•Gradual on/off light pulses,
Light & Sound machines
Specifications: 6” x 4” x 1”,
internal battery, 1 year
Includes: control unit, light
glasses, headphones, batteries,
patch cord, and user’s manual.
#42048 Luma 10 with TruWhite,
Blue, Red/Blue or
5 TenColor Glasses
#42048 Luma 10 with
ColorTrack glasses (see
page 14) $312.95
#63619 110v Adapter
SUMMARY: The Luma 10 contains very innovative program­
ming that involves “Light Weave” technology with flashes
of light that change “gently” (as in a dimmer switch) from on
to almost off. Light Weave technology generates visuals that
create movement of patterns within colors that have never
been seen before in light and sound machine technology.
Brainwaves take on the same rhythm as the flashes of light
making this an effective tool to alter brainwave states. Some
people, however, find flashing lights to be uncomfortable.
The technology used in the Luma 10 solves that problem
because the lights don’t flash and the intensity wavers up
and down creating smoother transitions from one brainwave
state to another. When the frequency of light and sound
remains constant for any period of time, the brain becomes
“bored” diminishing your ability to focus within a brainwave
state. When the light and sound machine randomly changes
its frequency within a specific brainwave state (beta, alpha,
theta, or delta), the brain maintains maximum ability to focus.
Light Brightness of Our Machines
The TOOLS FOR WELLNESS Brightness Factor helps you
gauge the brightness of our light glasses, from dim (1), to
bright (5). Brighter light glasses promote and enhance a fuller
spectrum of colors, and generally create a more spectacular
and vivid visual experience (with eyes closed).
Share us with a friend
Help someone else enjoy the lifeenriching products at TOOLS FOR
WELLNESS. Send us their name and
we’ll rush a catalog to them.
Designed For Light & Sound
Machines. See Page 39
All-Around Machine For Beginners
Includes: PureWhite™ white
light glasses, headphones,
Key features:
• 23 built-in programs
• AudioStrobe Multimedia
What We Like:
• Unique random session creates
a different session every time
it runs
• Manual control (0.1 to 30.0
Hz) of pulse rates to create
precise stimulation protocols
for personalized exploration
• Turns any sound source into a
synchronized light show
• Terrific value and easy-touse
Recommended For:
• Beginners
• Professionals to recommend to
Specifications: 4” x 3” x 1”,
battery-operated, 1 year
patch cord, user’s manual,
carry case, AudioStrobe
Multimedia, sample CD, AC adapter.
#42688 Sirius
$99.00 1
SUMMARY: Easy-to-use, excellent reliability, many features
at a terrific price. Built-in programs for relaxation, learning,
increased energy, visualization, sports performance, and
more. Stylish, compact control console with built-in folding
stand. This is important when you want to relax at home, be
more productive at work, or help with jet lag while traveling.
Program Your Own Light
And Sound
Learn how to
use both sound
and light to
control your
state of mind.
For use by
owners of all
light and sound machines. 95
pages, by James Mann.
#46014 Awakening Mind I $45.00
Persons subject to any form
of seizures or epilepsy, using
a pacemaker, or suffering from
cardiac arrhythmias or other
heart disorders, SHOULD NOT
use any light and sound machine
without medical supervision.
FREE To Purchasers
Of Light And Sound Machines
Written by a long-time user, this
booklet helps you to maximize
their enjoyment while avoiding
commonly-made mistakes. Booklet
shipped FREE with orders of all
light and sound machines.
“I am enjoying the Light and Sound machine and am so very happy that you exist to
offer the different items that are difficult to find anywhere else. I also find that you have
the best customer service both on the phone and online. I am a lifetime customer.
Thanks again. I’ll be back soon.” — C. S. Wilmington, Delaware
Different products result in different effects on people. People with special
sensitivities may experience some unwanted side effects. Other users report
that benefits didn’t start to occur for several days. This can be attributed to
the cumulative effects of many of the products in this catalog.
Light & Sound machines
A superb machine
cord, and user’s manual
You Won’t Outgrow This
One Anytime Soon
#81073 InnerPulse with
Blue, 4 TruWhite,
Red/Blue or TenColor
Glasses $259.95
Key Features:
• 64 built-in sessions (stores an
additional 25)
• AudioStrobe Multimedia
• Connects to external music
#81073 InnerPulse with
ColorTrack glasses (see
page 14) $349.95
#63619 110v Adapter $11.95
What We Like:
• Unique features: gradual on/off
light pulses, can change the
session time, random light
flash setting
• Lots of tone selections: surf,
chords, binaural beats, dual
monaural binaural beats
• Manual control (frequency
range 0.25–42)
Specifications: 4” x 3” x 1”,
battery-operated, 1 year
start dim and gradually increase until full illumination, and
then gradually decrease in light intensity. This means that
your eyes will be very relaxed because it is not stressful on
your eyes like other machines that pulse - off/on.
The breath-pacing programs entice you to extend your
inhalation/exhalation vis a vis exercises that actually allow
you to “see” through an increase, or decrease in light
intensity corresponding to your breathing. The InnerPulse
contains another unusual feature called “Phase Erase”. Let's
say you are “locked” into a particular state of mind, such as
daydreaming. You can use “Phase Erase” to recondition your
mind. Select the frequency associated with daydreaming.
Choose the Phase Erase feature, and random light flashes
within that brain state zone will disassociate your brain wave
patterns, helping you to learn other options.
Guide To Light And Sound Machines
Can Be Compact
Description Built-in
AudioStrobe Customized Size
• Advanced Users
• Consciousness Explorers
• People who are adept at
computer programming
SUMMARY: Has sine wave light which pulses light waves that
Beginner’s Unit
Advanced X
Advanced X
Advanced Features
Recommended For:
Specifications: 6” x 4” x 1” ,
battery-operated, 1 year
Includes: control unit, light
glasses, headphones, patch
Luma 10 $229.95 Proteus
Procyon $299.95 InnerPulse $259.95 Zen Master $229.95
DAVID Pal $259.95 Nova Pro $439.95 100
#75044 Proteus
• 50 built-in sessions (stores an
additional 100)
• AudioStrobe Multimedia
• Random sessions
• Connects to external music
• Unique features: advanced
programming software,
BiColor red/green light
• Manual control (frequency
range (0.4 – 50)
• Meditators
• Consciousness Explorers
Price Key Features:
What We Like:
Recommended For:
Unit Advanced Programming
Allows For Creating
Dynamic Sessions
Includes: control unit, red/green
light glasses, headphones,
computer cable, patch cord,
AudioStrobe sampler CD, AC
adaptor and user’s manual.
SUMMARY: It features both rich red and deep green lights.
While red is stimulating, green is relaxing. The results of using
both red and green light is very intense “magical” imagery.
When your eyes are closed, you actually see “dichroic colors”,
the same vivid iridescent colors that occur on tropical birds.
The Proteus has an amazing array of programs featuring
different uses of sound. This definitely impacts your state of
consciousness because sound quickly changes emotions. The
Proteus is special because it has dual color choices, meaning
that you can accent one color over the other. For example, you
can slowly dim red light, while slowly increasing the intensity
of green light. This can be a great help in transitioning
between brain states.
The Proteus software also allows you to alter sound waves
from square to sine, to triangle. What this means is that the
quality of your sessions can be dramatically impacted. Square
sound waves are typical of wind instruments like a trumpet,
while sine waves occur in piano and violin. Triangle waves
are what occur in percussions instruments like drums and
triangles. If you are a sound wave voyeur, you'll enjoy the
For Brainwave States And Relaxation
Take a virtual trip through
a world where audio and
video synergistically come
together. Journey into a
place where inner and
outer space converges
into a universe of endless
possibilities. Enjoy relaxing
entertainment and mind
expansion while you
connect with feelings
of infinite space. You
will love the lush
colors of the sacred
geometry images
combined with
pulsing frequencies of
sound. DVD.
#41028 AV3x: The Innerscape Adventure $34.95
Advanced Light & Sound
A new kind of light and sound
experience, melding a full
spectrum of color choices with
clean, pure digital sound. The
resulting new mediaform can
be used to modulate states
of consciousness in rich new
ways. Its state-of-the-art
color synthesis elements
can modulate smoothly
between fields of pure color
(ganzfeld), through subtle
shimmering effects, to full-on
flicker frequency range up
to 75 Hz. Each color channel
(red, green, and blue) is
independently programmable,
allowing up to three
simultaneous stimulation
frequencies at once. This
variety of innovative visual
effects enables a new kind of
audio-visual experience, and
can closely match color to the
desired mental state.
It also has the ability to
precisely synchronize audio
material on a CD or MP3
with a Procyon program.
This exclusive feature, called
SynchroMuse, is ideal for use
with color-work, language
learning, hypnotherapy, personal
growth and the immense
libraries of music now available.
• 255 shades of each color (red,
green, blue)
• Complex, multiple visual
effects and waveforms
• Frequency range: 0.1 to 75.0
• Large flash memory storage
• Each color channel is
independently programmable
• Digital audio interface
• Can be controlled by a PC or
other devices with its USB
Light & Sound machines
Heart Rate Feature
Promotes Deep Relaxation
Key Features:
• 18 built-in sessions
• Music modulation
• Connects to external music
Includes: control unit, TruVu Omniscreen glasses,
headphones, 9 volt battery,
patch cord, user’s manual.
#42042 DAVID Pal $259.95
What We Like:
• Heartbeat sound (to pace your
• Tru-Vu Omniscreen light
glasses with 3 color therapy
• Small and light-weight
Recommended For:
• Beginners
• People who want to condition
themselves with heart beat
Specifications: 21/2”x1”x31/2”,
internal rechargeable battery, 1
year warranty.
SUMMARY: Well thought-out machine so beginners can get
maximum benefits. The heart beat feature enables the user
to rapidly settle down after a stressful situation. You get
great visuals from the music modulation feature. The Tru-Vu
Omniscreen light glasses are unique to this machine and are
very gentle on the eyes.
Includes: Control unit,
GanzFrames color glasses,
headphones, USB cable, carry
case, manual, free programming
software via download, and one
year warranty.
#46081 Procyon
Summary: The first of the advanced audio-visual synthesizers.
Pure and vivid flickering light. Programmable and expandable.
Recommended for users of light and sound machines who want
to advance to state-of-the-art technology.
Brainwaves range from fast to slow (approximately 0.5 to 40 Hertz, or cycles per second)
Active State
Passive State
(when Rested)
(When Stressed)
Beta 13+ c/s
Alpha 8-12 c/s
Day Dreaming
Theta 5-7 c/s
Lucid visualization
Delta 0.5-4 c/s
Deep Sleep
Enhance The
For Consciousness
Exploration And
Mental States
The blend of Kava Kava, Ginkgo
Leaf, Passion Flower, Kola
Nut, Bilberry, Schizandra berry,
Chamomile Flower and a very
fine variety of Korean Ginseng
produce a synergy where the
“whole is greater than the sum of
its parts.”
This is a powerful nootropic
combination and contains no
Ephedra. For adult use only and
not to be used while driving or
operating machinery. The spray
bottle makes it easy to put 2-10
sprays under your tongue for
exceptional absorption. Each
bottle contains 30-50 doses.
This is a powerful
formula of unique
specifically balanced
to promote a sense of
tranquility and reduce
mental and emotional distress.
Users report a wonderful boost to
their experiences with light and
sound and other consciousness –
boosting adventures, such as inner #41063 Altered States 1 oz.
journeying, meditation, tantra,
and deepened intuitive awareness.
Buy 2 and SAVE! $34.95 each
Read About Light And Sound
“Must” reading for those
serious about using
light and sound.
Learn about
binaural beats,
ADD, brain symmetry, memory
and learning. 38 pages
#42555 Advanced Guide to Light and Sound
& Sound machines
Expand Your Light And Sound Sessions With New Glasses
st P
For vivid visuals
Red & Blue
For sleep and deep rest
For energy
For creative visualization
How To Select Light Glasses
If your machine is a Nova Pro 100, InnerPulse, Luma 10, Muse Sharp, Zen
Master, choose:
If your machine is an Orion, Proteus, Sirius, DAVID Paradise, Audio Imaging
Decoder, choose:
• TruWhite • Red
• TruWhite • Red
• Blue
• Red & Blue
• Blue
These three glasses are available by special order only. Allow additional 7-10 days for delivery.
Multi-Color Light Glasses
TENcolor™ Lightframes
feature independent left eye/
right eye color selection and
connect directly to most light
and sound machines.
The TENcolor hues will
vary somewhat depending
upon which light and sound
instrument they are being used
with, but the general colors are:
Located on the left side of the
TENcolor Lightframes are
eight color selection switches,
controlling the right eye color
and the left
Four small peel-off black
dots are also included with
an instruction sheet. Many
TENcolor users have found
placing one dot, dead-center,
over each LED chip better
diffuses the light stimulation
across each eye lens.
Conversely, many do not apply
the black dot over each LED
chip, preferring a more intense
illumination. This is obviously
a personal choice for the user
and we therefore include them
for your experimentation.
TENcolor Lightframes will
work on the following Light
and Sound Mind Machines:
MindGear (all models),
InnerQuest (IQ I, II, III and Jr.
models), Photosonix (Luma 10,
InnerPulse, Muse Sharp and
Nova Pro 100)
#51043 TENcolor Lightframes
Included is a set of
four “bobby pin” style color
selection tools that makes
changing the color switches
State-Of-The-Art Light And Sound Glasses
Surely, these new glasses are
a result of the “wish list” of
all serious users of light and
sound machines. To all those
who dreamed about a product
like this, your wish has become
reality. Phenomenal electronics
inside these glasses allow you
to take advantage of these
many features:
• Works with virtually every
light and sound machine
The kaleidoscope of colors and
patterns will take you along a
colorful adventure, producing a
new and engaging experience,
even to those who have used
light and sound for a long
time. A revolutionary age of
light and sound glasses is here.
Come along and explore!
Graphics on glasses
are simulated for
presentation here.
• A
menu, including two
selections with different colors
in each eye
• One menu selection where the
color responds to the flicker
frequency that is fed into the
glasses; the color actually
tracks and changes with the
• Color and intensity controls
in the glasses for conveniently
changing the color or intensity
by pressing a button
• Ultra-bright LEDs create
remarkable visual images
• Downloadable
Made by
the leader in audio-visual
stimulation, these glasses
are sure to please the
most knowledgeable and
discriminating light and sound
user. The name “ColorTrack”
comes from the frequencyfollowing mode in which the
color responds to the frequency
of stimulation. No other light and
sound glasses even come close.
#46091 ColorTrack Glasses
Works with InnerPulse, NovaPro 100,
Muse Sharp and Luma 10
100 Fascinating
Advanced Mind Machine
Key Features:
• 100 built-in sessions (stores an
additional 100)
• AudioStrobe
• Connects to external music
What We Like:
• You won’t outgrow this
Light & Sound machines
• 2-user system
• Lots of tone selections – 8
(tone, surf, chords, binaural
beats, binaural beats with surf,
dual monaural binaural beats)
with 6 octaves of pitch (16 – 960 Hz.)
• Manual mode (frequency range
0.25 – 42)
Recommended For:
• Researchers
• Professionals
• Experienced and Advanced
CD Player With Light And Sound
Key Features
• Built-in CD player
• 50 internal sessions; stores
an additional 25
• Lightweight and portable
What We Like:
• Comes with a very handy
CD player inside
• Sparkle feature enhances
the visuals
• Manual mode and random
select feature
• User-friendly controls
Recommended For:
• Music aficionados
• Beginners
Specifications: 6” x 5” x 11/2”.
1-year warranty. Batteryoperated or use AC adapter (not
supplied). Includes: all-in-one
control unit, white light glasses,
headphones, user’s manual.
Use Biofeedback To Achieve A Deeper Sense Of WellBeing, Relieve Stress, And Live A More Balanced Life
By artfully combining
beautiful biofeedback activities
with effective meditation
and breathing techniques,
you to transform the rhythms
of your mind and body as you
Mac and PC installation disk included.
Requirements: Mac G4 or higher, OSX
v10.2.8 or higher. PC Windows 2000,
XP or higher, 1.25 GHz processor.
Specifications: 4” x 9” x 1”,
internal rechargeable battery, 1
year warranty.
Includes: control unit, light
glasses, headphones, AC adapter,
patch cord, programming
software, computer cable, and
user’s manual.
#48603 Nova Pro 100 Specify
TruWhite, Blue, Red/
5 Blue or TenColor Glasses
#48603 NovaPro 100 with
ColorTrack glasses (see
page 14) $523.95
SUMMARY: It offers more programs than any other
machine; 100 different programs authored by talented
session programmers. Microphone jack–an industry FIRST!
Therapists and hypno– therapists can now talk to their clients
while in a deep receptive state. Two user capability allows
for two people to do sessions at the same time. For those into
sound therapy using binaural beats this unit has very low
pitch control. In manual mode, you can create binaural beat,
and dual binaural beat frequencies using very low pitches
(carrier waves). It’s like getting two machines in one.
#75336 Zen Master
#25032 Blue glasses
(For meditation and sleep)
SUMMARY: For people who
listen to a lot of music, the
Zen Master makes it very
easy to do so and also add
visual effects to the music.
The built-in CD player is a
welcome feature.
watch them play together on
your computer screen.
• Finger sensors measure your
skin conductivity levels and
heart rate variability
• You are able to watch your
real-time feedback
• Outstanding full color training
manual and user’s guide
• Track you improvement over
• 30 guided meditation and
breathing exercises
• Developed in conjunction with
Andrew Weil, M.D., Deepak
Chopra, M.D. and Dean Ornish,
Rediscover your body’s natural
healing abilities with HEALING
RHYTHMS, a truly outstanding
product from the folks who
brought you WILD DIVINE.
#99868 Healing Rhythms
The First “Inner Active” Computer Adventure Using Biofeedback
By integrating biofeedback as a tool to gain access to the mind-body connection,
WILD DIVINE allows a person to “see” how their body is responding to certain
stimuli. As a result, you will learn techniques to alter brain activity, blood pressure,
muscle tension and other critical bodily functions.
How It Works: Using the LightStone™ and finger sensors, our unique biofeedback
device allows you to progress through the game’s enchanting and mythical
landscapes using the power of your thoughts, feelings, breath and awareness.
Meet Your Guides: Wise mentors teach you meditation and breathing exercises as
they guide you gently throughout the realm helping you to cultivate a new sense of
self awareness that is both peaceful and mindful.
Biofeedback Events: Learn to focus through Zen
Archery, build a magic stairway with your breath,
juggle halls with your laughter – these are just a few
of over 40 energy events you will discover on your
An enchanting adventure for mind, body and
spirit that links special biofeedback equipment
with your computer to create an enlightening
and entertaining multi-media experience. Visit
a mythical world of towering palaces, sacred
temples, sumptuous gardens and wise mentors
where you are challenged to deepen your selfawareness with every step you take.
The benefits from doing the sessions include:
• Enhanced powers of creativity, intuition, and
• Reduced stress and anxiety
• A sense of being in balance, connected, and in the
• Increased relaxation and energy
• Improved mental and physical performance
• Greater awareness of mind and body
This unique biofeedback device measures skin
conductivity and heart rate, then the signals are
fed back to you through energy “events” on
your computer screen. By increasing, decreasing
or synchronizing body rhythms, you’ll quickly
learn to master the “events” and progress... all
while enhancing your personal growth and wellbeing. You’ll be able to share the “Journey” with
another player, if you wish. Family and friends
will enjoy the “Journey,” too.
Works with PC and Mac. Contains: Energy
Translator and 3 biofeedback finger sensors,
cables, software, user’s manual, “Soul Flight”
music CD, and a 115 page companion guide.
What a great gift item!
#42556 WildDivine
Part II Of The “Journey” Series
Experiment with advanced
biofeedback techniques as you
are enveloped in breath-taking
three dimensional landscapes,
soothing music and inspiring
visuals. This will enable you to
build upon the knowledge you
acquired in Part I, The Passage,
by teaching new meditation
and breathing techniques.
Includes: “Game Quest” and
“Guided Activity” modes, new
manual with tips and strategies
for meditation, new music and
Greatly expands the original
#42692 Wisdom Quest
Find Deep States Of
Relaxation And Peace
A Video Game That
Improves Life Skills
This accessory provides
rapid visual and auditory
feedback by showing
changes in your stress
levels. Using the three
finger sensors allow you
to read your stress levels
by directly changing the
3D environments. The
beautiful imagery and
music in this marvelous
program provide:
You’ll learn to relax under
pressure. You’ll be able to apply
this relaxation training to your
daily life. Sensational graphics
and clever strategies teach you
how to relax to win!
Beat the game by
mastering your mind
& emotions (shown by
skin sweat & heart rate).
Apply this mastery to
your everyday routines
to remain calm during
stressful situations.
This video game improves
life skills. You don’t need
to try to relax. Just play
the game and the feedback
will teach you.
• More accurate stress
• Relaxing musical feedback
• Environment descriptions
• Beautiful backgrounds
• Line graph displays
• Full screen option
#99860 Particle Editor 3
#99861 Inner Tube $79.95
Biofeedback made easy
Relax And Reduce Stress
Grapher Expansion Pack
Allows users to save Heart
Rate Variability, Skin
Conductance Level, and Raw
Heart data during play. You
can view this data while using
other stimuli as a real-time
biofeedback device. Saves data
in ASCII format and prints
in full color. Requires 256
MB RAM, 800 x 600, 24 bit
color display and a CD-ROM
drive. A great addition to your
original investment in Journey
To Wild Divine.
#42709Grapher Expansion Pack
The ThoughtStream
Performance Feedback System
precisely and accurately
measures minute changes in
the conductivity of your skin.
Changes in your
skin resistance
directly correspond
to changes in your
stress or relaxation
level as reflected
in changes in
muscle tension,
pulse rate,
respiration, body
temperature, blood
pressure, etc.
These changes are
usually so subtle
that you are not consciously
aware of them. The term
biofeedback has come into
popular use to describe the
assistance of a device to help
amplify these changes as they
are taking place.
Biofeedback can tell you
a great deal about the
influences that affect the
way you feel and react to
situations. It is a powerful
way for you to acquire more
control over your life. You
can learn to become more
relaxed, to release stress with
greater ease, and to be able
to exercise greater control
over the influences that affect
the way you feel and react to
situations in stress-filled lives.
How it works:
ThoughtStream measures
changes in the electrical
conductivity of your skin.
When skin moisture increases,
conductivity goes down;
moist skin conducts electricity
better than dry skin. As you
relax, your skin moisture
content decreases meaning
that electrical conductivity
decreases as well – a highly
accurate reflection of changes
in your physiology. This
information is translated into
audio and visual signals which
provides the biofeedback
You’ll enjoy using
ThoughtStream because of
the immediate and positive
reinforcement you will receive.
It’s like riding a bicycle: A
bicycle is a tool to efficiently
get you from one place to
another in less time and
with less effort, but you are
responsible for doing the work.
ThoughtStream works with
you to more quickly and easily
help you calm your mind and
release muscular tension.
ThoughtStream is a
particularly valuable addition
to many relaxation and
personal growth training
programs. We are sure you
will get many years of benefit
from this device.
Includes: User Guide, Program
Log, a program of sophisticated
mental games, palm sensor,
headphones and carry case.
#75049 ThoughtStream
ThoughtStream is not a medical
device, and therefore is not intended
for use in the diagnosis,
mitigation, treatment or prevention
of disease.
Measure Your Own Stress
And Learn How To Reduce It
The GSR-2 precisely monitors
your stress levels by translating
tiny tension-related changes
in skin pores into a rising or
falling tone. By resting two
fingers on the sensors, you
learn to lower the pitch and
your stress level.
It can also be used for entering
deep states of relaxation,
enabling you to access guided
imagery, psychotherapy,
physical rejuvenation,
meditation and to manage your
stress levels.
Deluxe System
addition, The Deluxe System
allows you to do hand
warming” biofeedback, as it
also includes a temperature
sensor and remote
electrodes for hands and
GSR2 Biofeedback
unit, earpiece, finger
temperature and GSR
gauge, temperature
meter, thermometer,
owner’s manual,
instructional CD and
carrying case. Our
customers prefer this allinclusive kit.
#46068 Basic GSR2 Biofeedback System $59.95
It’s easy to use and takes only
15 minutes. You get everything #46069 Deluxe GSR2
Biofeedback System that you will need in both
the basic and deluxe kits. In
See the Stress Melt Away
temperature readings. By
testing different methods of
relaxing, breathing, laughing,
or just letting go of held
muscle tension you will see the
temperature rise. With practice,
you can learn to relax at will.
Easy to read digital display with
tilting desktop stand
Includes: “Time To Relax” CD,
and training guide.
The Stress Thermometer
displays accurate digital
#46070 Stress Thermometer™
Kit $29.95
in how we feel. Three sensors
read the muscle activity of
your forehead (which
shows your overall
level of muscular
tension) and feed
it back as an audio
tone. Simply close
your eyes and
learn to release the
stress that often
causes headaches
and mental tension.
1-year warranty.
Increase Your Motivation, Energetic Drive and Focus
Your heartbeat is your body's
most meaningful rhythm. The
accurate, Freeze-Framer system
effectively monitors heart
rhythm. Subtle changes in heart
rhythm have been connected to
shifts in emotional and mental
Using the Freeze-Framer
system in a short midday
break is very effective in
offsetting the afternoon drag
and re-energizing the emotional
When you’re stressed, the beat
to beat changes are chaotic and
can be observed on the FreezeFramer heart rhythm monitor
as a jagged, incoherent wave
But, it doesn’t have to be
that way. Why not practice
intentionally shifting your
Biofeedback unit, earpiece,
operator’s manual and
instructional CD.
heart’s rhythm into a
coherent pattern? Even when
you’re not feeling stressed, it
can’t hurt. It’s easy with these
three steps: Heart focus, Heart
breathing, Heart feeling. Make
what’s natural more normal in
your life.
Most people find that using the
Freeze-Framer in a quiet place
for five minutes or more, a
couple of times a day helps to
accumulate energy, recharges
their emotional system, and
cushions the impact of day-today stress and anxiety.
The Freeze-Framer Features:
• Fingertip pulse sensor
• Real-Time pulse and HRV
• Entrainment scoring and
• Frequency spectrum
• Three easy, fun and selfreinforcing games
• On-Demand Session Review
• Session to session progress
• In-depth on-line reference
Contains: Software CD,
Fingertip pulse sensor/foam
finger spacers, Quick Start
Guide, User’s Manual, book by
Doc Childre and Heart Zones:
Music CD.
#42551 Freeze-Framer Version 2.0 $295.00
Get Rid Of Stress
Learn to deeply
relax and let go of
chronic muscle
tension that may
cause headaches,
insomnia, jaw
tension, stiff
upper shoulders
and fatigue.
Many of us cannot
voluntarily relax the
muscles that would
really make a difference
Buy 5 and SAVE! Only $24.95 each.
#46072 Antense® $159.95
Take A Look At
Master Your Mind
Flow into a state of
relaxed concentration
where the right and
left hemispheres of
your brain move into
prefect sync. You’ll feel
invigorated as you access up
to 90% more of your
untapped ability to
#45003 Brain Power $14.95
Increase Memory Capacity – Improve Concentration
And Language Abilities – Enhance Mental Efficiency
Sharpen Cognitive Processing
Brain Fitness is a new way to
improve your thinking ability
quickly and easily.
20 minutes a day is
all that is needed to
greatly improve your
cognitive skills. It
will give your mind
a workout that tests
your recent memory,
language skills,
concentration, and
ability to decipher,
classify, and order
The CD-ROM contains 28 fun
and innovative exercises (with
difficulty levels) and tools that
will provide your brain with a
full mental workout. Your brain
requires complex stimulation
to build brainpower and this
program provides just that!
You’ll increase thinking ability,
prevent brain aging, and hone
all five cognitive functions:
memory, language, logic,
concentration and visual/spatial
skills. Moreover, it will provide
you with the tools to monitor
and track your progress… and
compare your performance with
other individuals of
the same age, gender,
and educational level.
For example: You
can choose to take a
tour of exotic places
around the world.
You’ll be asked to
remember details
about your “virtual
visits” throughout the
exercises. Engage
your friends and family to join
you; Brain Fitness can track the
progress of multiple users.
No matter what your age or
skill-level, your mind will
be challenged. If you choose
to put your mind to work, to
stimulate it and use it in the most
efficient way, Brain Fitness is
for you. Makes a great gift, too!
System requirements: Windows,
Pentium II 266, 64 MB RAM,
CD-ROM 4X, and 100 MB free
disk space.
Nourish Your Memory
How To Get The Most Out Of Life With ADD
a 1000 year
old Indian
Ayurvedic brain
nerve tonic,
is now being
recognized for
its memoryenhancing and
effects. It also
nourishes neurons, inhibits
age-related cognitive decline,
improves spatial memory,
enhances episodic memory, and
alleviates anxiety.
#75019 Bacopa Vitality 90
capsules $15.95
Take A Look At
“Mind Power”
Page 42
“The Einstein Factor”
Page 42
#99825 Brain Fitness
This is a
and up-to-date
guide to living
a successful
life with ADD.
expressly to
ADD learning
styles and
attention spans, this book
provides accessible, engaging
discussions of every aspect of
the condition, from diagnosis
to finding the proper treatment
regimen. Several gripping
profiles of ADD patients who
have triumphed are included.
If you have ADD or care about
someone who does, this is a
“must read” book. Hardcover.
416 pages.
#99955 Delivered From
Distraction $25.95
Memory and A.D.D.
Improve Focus, Reduce Distractions,
And Increase Attention
Inexpensive, Direct and Proven Approach
Played softly in the
in the background.
background, this program
It sounds like the
contains subliminal
“whooshing” of wind
sounds that are proven
through trees or the
to boost alertness and
“shushing’” of distant
reduce mental fuzziness.
traffic. Its frequency
Paul Swingle, Ph.D tones are embedded at a
Listening for only two
minutes produces great results.
much lower volume, below the
Rather than “entraining”
threshold of awareness.
brainwaves, these sounds can
How To Use Effectively
be used to “disentrain” the kind
of brain activity associated with It is effective with speakers or
headphones. It can be played
fogginess, distractibility and
immediately before any activity
inability to focus.
when mental
This CD actually
clarity is desired,
reduces the
or continuously for
as long as an hour
noise” so you
when unbroken
can concentrate;
concentration is
it was developed
desired. The CD
by Dr. Paul
contains four tracks,
Swingle Ph.D., a
each specially
clinical psychorecorded at a
physiologist who measured the
specific sound pressure level
effects of various subliminal
to be maximally effective for
frequencies at various volumes
people with different hearing
until he discovered the almost
habits and characteristics.
magical formula reproduced in
Longer lasting results can be
this product.
achieved by setting the CD
player to “Repeat”. 15 minutes
Play Gently in the
#48410 Attention!™ CD
The audible “pink noise” (a
warmer version of “white
Great for classroom
and therapeutic work!
noise”) should be played softly
Test And Improve Your Memory
This is a workout designed to
challenge the limits of your
mind, build-up your brain
power, develop creativity…
and have some
fun without
noticing that you
are improving
your memory.
These exercises
take the memory
function and place
it in a unique
and fun universe,
training with
various “games”
and difficulty
levels. There are 12 programs
that work not only on your
memory but also all other
mental skills such as logic,
language and attention. It’s
quite an innovative approach
to a problem that’s
getting much
attention these
days… not only
with senior citizens,
but from baby
boomers as well.
You will love the
beautiful graphics
and how easy it is
to operate. A PC
and a 4x CD-ROM
is required.
#42672 Test And Improve Your
Memory $59.95
Vibrant Health And Detox
Growth Hormone Capsules
An Intelligent Approach To mega-dose amino acids. By
Growth Hormone
Growth Hormone
Naturally produced
Users of Hgh Plus
report increased energy
and libido, memory
improvement, elevated
mood, improved
sleep, immune
system enhancement,
restoration of hair
and muscle mass,
improved skin texture,
and much more.
How is Hgh Plus
different from other products?
Hgh Plus is the only formula
that stimulates your body to
produce the optimal HGH
amount for your system. This
gentle approach works with the
naturally occurring rhythms
and cycles of the body. Most
other products use synthetic or
non-botanical ingredients. Some
even contain potentially harmful
Plus are 100% natural; there
are NO synthetic ingredients.
This product is composed of
herbs that are wild crafted and
free from pesticides or other
harmful additives. This is
important, as the body accepts
herbs like foods, allowing
them to be readily absorbed.
The liquid form has a high
absorption rat. The carrier
solution is rice vinegar and soy
seed oil, not harsh chemicals.
This formula has a long
history of use. It was initially
developed by a master herbalist
and expert in clinical nutrition.
It has been shown to be
gentle and safe to use. 1 oz.
is approximately one month’s
#61043 Hgh Plus 1 oz.
#61046 Buy 3 for $179.95
and get one FREE
Ron Teeguarden’s
The Most Effective Source of Chinese Tonic Herbs
With An Anti-Stress
Stay calm yet alert with
Alphathean, a green tea shown
to produce healthy alpha
brainwaves. 60 capsules
#83055 Tao In A Bottle
Used By The Chinese Zen
And Daoist Traditions
This formula is extremely
centering and has an astringent
quality, preventing the leaking
of Jing. 100 capsules
#72093 Microcosmic Orbit
With An Adaptogenic
by the body, growth
hormone levels
start declining
after the age of 25.
People who have
augmented this
depletion with this
type of dietary
supplement report
that they attain
higher energy
levels, show an
improvement in
skin and hair quality. They
experience enhanced sexual
performance, improved
memory, and a greater feeling
of overall well-being. Contains
2,100 nanograms per cc in a 1
oz. bottle.
#34056 Omega Growth Hormone
Synthesized 1 oz.
Buy 2 bottles and SAVE! $139.95 each
Develop A Peaceful,
Universal Attitude
This is a superb tonic for
those suffering from anxiety,
excessive worry, chronic fear
and those who are experiencing
physical or mental exhaustion.
100 capsules.
#41044 Pearl Shen
An Excellent Sexual Tonic
And Athlete’s Formula
This is based on an 1100 year
formula used to build yang,
especially those in good health
who wish to increase their
creative and sexual capacity.
100 capsules.
#72099 Super Adaptogen
#72098 Supreme Creation
#48407 Pro Symbio-Plus 180 capsules $89.95
Share Us With A Friend
Help someone else enjoy
the life-enriching products at
Send us their name and we’ll rush a
catalog to them.
For over five thousand years the people of Asia have been using a wide variety of
herbs and have developed an herbal system that is the world’s most sophisticated
form of natural medicine and natural health maintenance. Asian herbalism differs
from other herbal systems in that it emphasizes the promotion of health rather
than the elimination of disease. We are pleased to offer the finest line of tonic
herbs in the world to anyone seeking to improve their life and to find true radiant
Helps the body to adapt
to various stressful
challenges posed by
chemical agents, by
promoting a cellular and
systemic balance. 100
This is an all-natural, free
form amino acid blend,
which provides optimal and
rapid absorption.
Contains no milk
proteins and is
Take for 3
months, then skip
a month. This
regimen avoids
the potential
depletion of
vitamins and
minerals, precursor
which may lead to enzyme
Enhances Immune System
And Protects the Liver
This extract is made from wild
red Reishi found only in the
Changbai Mountains, and is not
widely available in other Reishi
products on the market. 2 oz.
#41042 Wild Reishi Drops
With Reishi Herbs
Promotes calmness,
centeredness, balance, inner
awareness and strength. Reishi
is used to develop energy,
improve digestion, improve
sleep, reduce stress, and
to aid in strengthening the
immune system. Made from
100% Duanwood Reishi. 100
#41038 Duanwood Reishi
Vibrant Health And Detox
Detoxify While You Sleep
A Natural “Listen To Your
Gut” Approach Without
This is an 8” pillow filled with
grains that can be heated (in
an oven or microwave) and is
designed to draw blood and
nutrients toward the stomach.
It soothes the symptoms of
many stomach and intestinal
disorders, such as irritable
bowel, common belly aches,
stress, cramps, PMS, etc. The
weight and warmth of the pillow
does wonders without relying
on drugs and treatments to solve
the problem. It works on the
Solar Plexus, which is regarded
by Eastern healing practitioners
as the “seat of our emotions.”
Includes instruction manual.
Burgundy color.
#99864 The Belly Buddy $34.95
Gut Wisdom
Most healthcare professionals
now recognize that the gut and
brain are inextricably connected.
Positive thoughts of joy, peace,
and love contribute to a healthy
gut. Negative thoughts of rage,
resentment, and anxiety are like
toxins in the gut.
This book will
help you learn
how to listen
to your gut to
achieve total
health. Written
in a friendly
style that gives
you specific,
practical procedures to help with
your problems.
#99865 Gut Wisdom $15.99
fatigue, improving circulation,
increasing metabolism, and
repairing a compromised
immune system.
Each 2” x 3”
pad is made
from fermented
walnut and
bamboo wood
containing a
There are
no chemical
additives. Use
one pad on
the bottom of
your foot for
8-10 hours (usually overnight).
The footpads are placed on the
arch of the foot to maximize
the detoxification, since that
particular area of the body
hosts reflexology points to
most of the major organs of
the body. For best results,
alternate between left and right
foot, and use for at least 10
days. Through stimulation of
circulation, the normally slow
detoxification of the system
(through the body’s sweat
mechanism) is accelerated,
allowing for the removal of
toxins such as Mercury, Lead,
Arsenic, asbestos, plastics,
dyes, etc. from the body. The
visual evidence is compelling…
the pads become discolored.
10 pads per box.
Trade In Your Cigarettes, Alcohol, Coffee And Sugar
For A Healthy You
Reduce Swelling With Pure
Colloidal Gold
BodyPure is a soft, potent
footpad designed to absorb
toxins from
your body.
from years
of medical
in Japan,
this natural
product is
effective in
the body
from the
inside out.
It is effective
in absorbing
body toxins, combating
In an average week, Americans
drink 4.5 billion sugared or
caffeinated soft drinks,
2.3 billion alcoholic
drinks, 1 billion cups
of coffee, 3.4 million
cups of tea, smoke
8.3 billion cigarettes,
eat 400,000 tons of
sugar and 20 million
pounds of chocolate. In
addition, 146 million
antidepressants and 83 million
tranquilizers are prescribed each
year. Whether it’s to
relax, get a boost or just
plain feel good, it is clear
that we are dependent on
chemical stimulants. This
book offers practical
alternatives. 340 pages
#41058 Natural Highs $14.95
This could be the scientific
answer to how to reverse
or prevent the
effect of aging,
including memory
loss, weight
gain, sexual
dysfunction, and
The author’s key
#51081 DetoxPads $29.95
to longevity and well-being
is balancing the brain’s four
important neurotransmitters.
A simple test is offered which
determines which of the four is
dominant in you, and what you
can do to maintain the right
balance. Softcover, 256 pages.
The Edge Effect $12.95
Oxygen Therapies For A Polluted World
Author Ed McCabe’s book discusses the
problems caused by lack of oxygen in the body,
proven and safe solutions, and gives the historical
and modern proof of the effectiveness of various
oxygen therapies. Oxygen gives you energy, it
helps alkalize your blood, which brings the vital
nutrients from your food to the cells for rebuild
and repair. 591 pages
#42019Flood Your Body With Oxygen
Colloidal gold
has been used
for centuries
for a variety
of ailments
including easing
the discomfort
of rheumatoid
arthritis. It is also
used to improve
memory and mental alertness.
Colloidal gold possesses a
negative charge at the surface of
the particles and bonds strongly
to other molecules making it
highly bio-available. Dosage
is only one tablet daily of this
99.99% pure colloidal gold. 30
#75337 AurasolTM 10 mg
Reverse Aging
Is Shangri-La reality? The
author reports
that at 27, his
bioelectric age
was 39 but now
at 51 calendar
years, his bioelectric age is
19... what's his
secret? Find out
how to go backward in age. 5th
Edition. 384 pages.
#48378 Young Again
Vibrant Health And Detox
Take Back Your
Power And Re-charge the
Body Electric!
The Silver Pulser has two
1. It makes ionic-colloidal silver
2. It neutralizes microorganisms in
the blood.
The Silver Pulser is an
experimental non-invasive
method called blood
electrification, used by health
researchers only. It is based on
research and patents that shows
that electrification of the blood
neutralizes viruses, bacteria
and fungi. This unit also
generates colloidal silver using
99.99% pure silver electrodes. used for over a century to
ameliorate numerous health
Colloidal Silver has been
Magnetic Pulser Detox With Chelation
For Lymphatic Stimulation Chelation is the binding of a
metal or mineral to
another substance,
which in turn
enables those
materials to be
flushed out of the
body. This formula
employs the weak
acid EDTA, and
has long been
the treatment
of choice for
This is the best magnetic pulser removing lead
we have ever seen under $1,000. and other heavy
metals. Along
An excellent adjunct to the
Silver Pulser. With a biological with this, EDTA
penetration of 9” it is primarily enhances blood flow and
relieves symptoms associated
used on the lymph system
with atherosclerotic vascular
as well as the deeper organs.
disease. Not for people with
Through the principle of
coronary artery disease.
induction, this magnetic field
Used to help:
can create eddy-currents (tiny
• Removes heavy metals and
electrical micro-currents)
in living organic material
• Minimizes blood clots
that contains electrolytes.
• Thins the blood
Includes AC powered base
• Reduces lipid peroxidation, a
unit, magnetic hand paddle,
major cause of atherosclerosis
operating instructions and 2Garlic is one of the most
year warranty.
time-tested natural cholesterolThis device is for experimental
lowering agents. Each capsule
purposes only and is not
contains: Garlic 400 mg and
meant to cure or treat medical
EDTA 100 mg.
conditions. Consult with a
The oral administration of
medical professional.
EDTA may be appropriate
#73055 Magnetic Pulser
either in developing a long-term
Experience The Healing
Power Of Breathing With
problems. This powerful liquid This Four Week Program
can be made at home, and is
of the highest quality. The
Silver Pulser makes colloidal
silver at 3-5 parts per million
in one hour per 8 oz. glass
of distilled water. The ionic
colloids range in size of .005
to .015 microns, the optimum
size and concentration for most
This device is for experimental
purposes only and is not
meant to cure or treat medical
conditions. Includes: batteryoperated base unit, 99.99% pure
silver electrodes, copper plated
stimulator probes and sleeves,
straps, instructions, carrying
case and a 3 year warranty.
#73054 Silver Pulser $229.95
“insurance policy” for helping
to reduce buildup of plaque
in your cardiovascular
system, or taken as a
dietary supplement to
other EDTA treatments.
Because minerals are
leached out in the
chelation process,
we recommend that
you use this product
along with a good
vitamin and mineral
#48386 EDTA 480 capsules $71.95
If something is troubling you,
then changing the way you
breathe will help. In fact, the
FDA has approved breath
training as a recognized
treatment for hypertension,
and there are many studies
that show its effectiveness in
relieving anxiety, depression,
chronic fatigue, and more.
This very effective training
program will help you master
the skills of this healing art
at your own pace, in just 10
minutes a day. You get: DVD
that teaches the Lifestream
Breathing Technique, an audio
CD with guide sessions to
expand your consciousness, heal
from emotional trauma, increase
energy levels, and reduce
stress… plus study cards and a
#51054 The Breathing Box
Breathing Techniques To
Relax At Any Time
Longevity Breathing cultivates
your ability to relax at any time
and concentrate on what you
are doing without becoming
All-Natural Colloidal Silver distracted. This Taoist practice
Using only 99.99% pure Silver of breathing with
the whole body
and nanopure
releases blockages
water, using
in the mind/ body,
a unique
enhancing wellelectrosonic
being and spiritual
yielding true
Recommended for
particles in the
anyone involved
more desirable
in healthcare,
and stable 1meditation, athletics, and the
9 nanometer
performing arts (particularly
for those who use their voices
range. May be
professionally). Includes
taken orally
classroom sessions as well as
or applied
practical animations. 90 minute
topically. 1
month supply.
#43121 Colloidal Silver Drops 4 oz. $24.95
#41064 Longevity Breathing DVD
Vibrant Health And Detox
Safe, Effective And Natural: Detox In 14 Days ENHANCE YOUR
The Total Body Cleanse
parasites. This program
consists of six formulas to
systematically support and
assist the body to
cleanse the
main channels
of elimination:
the Blood,
the Liver, the
Bowel and the
Urinary Tract
of unwanted
waste and
These five
have been
to address
each of the eliminatory
systems, while the sixth
is formulated to eliminate
includes easy-to-use directions
to be taken over a 14 day
We think this
is the most
clinically tested
body cleanse
system on the
market today. These
formulas used
bioenergetic testing
and were designed
to attack the source,
restore the immune
system and promote
general good health.
Each of the six bottles contains
100 capsules.
Improve Digestion With
you want
to clean out
and detoxify
the colon, or
your system
for enhanced
performance, Oxybliss is
a great way to go. For an
aerobic lift, mental stamina,
stress reduction, increased
sports performance. A superoxygenated formula for brain
boosting, increased energy,
detoxification and regularity.
#48379 OxyBliss Powder 250 gms (81/2 oz.) $61.95
#33811 OxyBliss Capsules 100s
Get The Toxins Out; Get The Nutrients In
Oxygen aids the functioning of
increased substantially. As a
every body system. Even
result, this product provides
with aerobic exercise, we
an incredible oxygen source
are not getting optimum
and delivery system. The
resulting benefits are:
#22149 14 Day Body Cleanse levels of oxygen into our
bodies. It is estimated that
the earth’s atmosphere
Anti-Aging Manual
Clean Out Your Body
oxygen; now it’s below
Contained in the formula
This Encyclopedia of Natural
This is a true colon conditioner.
20%… in some cities, it is
are: “aerobic” proteins, 17
It increases bowel activity, and
as low as 10%.
amino acids, 34 enzymes,
sive, and well-arranged, natural
releases oxygen that actually
78 major and trace elements,
health book
removes old impacted fecal
deuterons, electrolytes, and
matter helping to remove
oxygen. A few drops
harmful pathogens
over 95% of its nutrients to
in a glass of water are all it
the entire
and revitalize
be absorbed and utilized at
takes. 1 month supply.
holistic field.
the entire colon.
#75001 Cellfood 1 oz. $24.95
is colloidal, bioavailability is
Buy 2 and SAVE! $22.95 each
allows room the information
on: 90 vita­
bowel process
mins, 100
and to resume
with age and therefore may
SILICA Additive
normal activity. minerals, 55
be needed among the elderly.
A Healthier, More Youthful,
This product
proteins, 450
And Pain-Free Body With
Studies also show that silica
Reduced Healing Time
does not cause
power foods, 900 herbs plus
counteracts the effects of
Silica enables our
neurotransmitters, hormones,
Aluminum and may be
bloating and
1600 disease conditions. A huge bodies to remain
important in supporting
does not have
index makes it easy to find what flexible, resilient and
neurological health. 40 day
harsh effects on you are looking for. 1742 pages. energetic. Aids in
supporting healthy
your system.
#42021 Anti-Aging Manual #99628 Cellfood Silica 4 oz. bones, joints and
It does not just
3rd Edition
cartilage, skin, nails,
push out waste material. It works
Buy 3 and SAVE! $22.95 each
by breaking down old matter
hair, teeth and gums.
so the elimination is gentle and
Silica levels decrease
Don’t Accept Aging natural. Some people take it daily As A Fact Of Life
for continuous cleaning action;
Breathing The Qigong Way
others adjust the dose according The accumulation of acidic
Are you breathing effectively? Ken
to their needs Compared to
is the process
Cohen teaches you can master the natural
the myriad of products on the
of aging. Learn
way to instantly breathe energy and
market, Oxy-Cleanse has been
how to remove
found to be very safe and very
healing qi (life force) into your body
effective. It is a proven 70 year them and reverse
every minute of the day. Bring more
aging. 123 pages
old formula (updated over the
oxygen into your body, stimulate your
years) 75 capsules
vital organs, and create a joyful calm that
#62077 Reverse
penetrates throughout your body. 75 minute CD
#22118 Oxy-Cleanse $19.95
Buy 2 and SAVE! $18.75 each
#45710 Healthy Breathing $15.95
Personal Life-Enhancement Tools
Accelerate Healing With Subtle Energy Plates
Highly defined subtle energy
tools that work by sympathetic
resonance to awaken those
universal energies that exist
throughout the cosmos, and
within our own selves. The
Powerforms Kit help to activate
our own unique potentials.
The Activator Disk shares
its well-tuned copper and
silicon energy antennas with
our energy field (the aura)
through sympathetic resonance.
The Activator Disk
Transform Your Negative
Energy Patterns
Place your fingertips on the CellBalancer to experience a sense
of cellular balance. You are “in
circuit” with the transformational
energies. Spiritual patterns of
transformation flow through
your energy pathways, directly
into the spiritual cells of the
body. Featuring tuned harmonicgeometric copper antennas, the
Cell-Balancer Plate gently and
effectively aligns your cells
with your Future Self’s positive
blueprint. This activates your
cell’s higher potential, and
Bioelectric Science
Overcome Trauma
The author, a medical doctor
and pioneer in bioelectric
a look at
the role
plays in
With much
color and
the book details the research,
medical politics and discoveries
that may lead to harnessing
the body’s healing powers. A
very mind-expanding reading
experience. 368 pages
As a pioneer in alternative
medicine, Dr. C. Norman
Shealy helps you to understand
the power of the mind-body
connection and its relationship
to restoring wellness following
a trauma such as surgery or a
life threatening disease. These
exercises use a progressive
relaxation technique, along
with Hemi-Sync audio signals
imbedded by the Monroe
Institute to gentle guide you
into a deep, receptive state of
#42749 The Body Electric
Different products result in different
effects on people. People with
special sensitivities may experience
some unwanted side effects. Other
users report that benefits didn’t
start to occur for several days. This
can be attributed to the cumulative
effects of many of the products in
this catalog.
Boost Your Energy Field
With Tachyon Energy
Proven highly effective in
focusing Life Force Energy
directly into the body, foods,
plants, even your
pets. Whether you
are concerned with
pain, enhancing
meditation, or
increasing your
athletic skills, you
can put these to
For deep benefits, add some
conscious intent. 2”
The Portal Energy Plate is an
interactive subtle energy device
that helps us quiet our mind
so we can access our spiritual
realms. 5”
Using the three simultaneously
will produce multi-dimensional
healing. Included are three
comprehensive user’s manuals.
The Portal Energy Plate
The Neutral-Space Plate
interacts with your energy field
to unify body, emotions and
the mind. Place the Balancer
on your body to dissolve
stuck energy blockages from
your aura, chakras (energy
centers), and meridians (energy
pathways). 6” x 41/2”
#34019 Powerforms Kit 3 Subtle
Energy Plates
The Neutral-Space Plate
prepares you for our planet’s
rapidly quickening spiritual
evolution. 6” x 41/2”. With
#42715 The Cell-Balancer Plate
#42673 All 4 Subtle Energy Plates
relaxation. A guidance manual
and four exercises are included:
Mind and Emotions, Endocrine
System, Immune System, and
Nervous System. 4 CDs
#45010 Network Of Light Series
work for you. Just tape them to
your body.
Pain Control
Listening to this program from
The Monroe Institute can help
you reduce pain signals until
they no longer seem significant.
You will also learn an effective,
time-proven method to diminish
pain signals anywhere they
occur. This Hemi-Sync exercise
helps you balance and equalize
your mental, emotional, and
physical self and guides you
gently into a deeply restorative
sleep. CD: 44 minutes.
#42748 Pain Management CD
Tachyonized Cells
#48149 1/4” Pack of 6 Opals
#48150 3/4” Pack of 1 Opal
OPEN 24/7
Magnetic Therapy Device
Using A 5,000 Year-Old Chinese Technique
Those that have tried
acupuncture know without
question it works. If you're new
to acupuncture, read on.
Acupuncture has been
around for over 5000 years.
Originally developed in
China, acupuncture is now
used by respected doctors in
every major country. There
are over 10,000 licensed
acupuncturists in the U.S. In
fact acceptance has grown so
much that over 1000 licensed
medical doctors have joined the
American Academy of Medical
All of the
key points of
the human
body can
be accessed
from points
on the palm
of your
hand. What
the Aculife does is send a
magnetic pulse on your palm
to the corresponding area in
your body. The magnetic pulse
helps unclog micro-energy
pathways and improve blood
circulation to help strengthen
the immune system, allowing
the body to better fight illness.
Stimulate areas such as the
heart, lungs, spine, liver, colon,
bladder, intestines, an aching
back, and stiff muscles. Aculife
strengthens the immune system
against hypertension, insomnia,
fatigue, asthma, ulcers,
hemorrhoids, rheumatism,
muscle pain and many other
common ailments. The Aculife
is compact and lightweight
enough to be taken virtually
43/4” x 21/2” x 11/4”, frequency
range: adjustable from 1–21
Hz, timer, memory preset,
battery operated or uses AC
You get: Aculife Magnetic
Wave Therapist, guide book
with hand chart, AC Adaptor,
Clip Holder, Magnetic Wave
Pointer with ear plug, and
instruction DVD.
#42509 Aculife Magnetic Wave
If you are under any medical
treatment, consult your doctor
before using this product.
� Sore Eye, Ear, Jaw, Shoulder & External Upper Extremity
Pain, Swelling, Abdominal Distension, Weak Bladder.
• Heart Meridian of Hand-Shaoyin
• Small Intestine
Meridian of HandTaiyang
Right Occipital
Shang Yang
• Large Intestine Meridian of
Hand-Yang Ming
� Shoulder Pain,
Stomach ache,
Constipation, Stiff
Neck, Sore Throat.
Gastric Ulcer
� External Upper Extremily Pain,
Toothache, Abdominal Distension,
Diarrhea, Shoulder Pain,
Rhinorrhea, Rhinorrhagia,
Abdominal Pain.
Shoulder Pain
• Large Meridian of Hand
� Influenza, Cough, Sore Throat,
Fever, Headache, Tonsil,
Bronchial Asthma, Interior
Upper Extremily Pain.
Arm Pain
Back of
Tinnitus •
Otitis Media
Neck Acupoints
Sciatic Nerve
Shoulder Pain
Cervical Spine
Spinal Column
Thoracic Spine
Lower Spine
Lumbar Spine
Vertebral • Lumbar • Leg
Allergic Acupoint
Sacral Spine
Coccyx Spine
Blood Pressure
Developed by The Monroe
Institute to help you strengthen
your mind-body connection
and access inner resources to
boost your immune system.
It incorporates four selections
with specially blended HemiSync frequencies to guide you
into focused, whole-brain states
of consciousness. The four CDs
Pimples • Acne
• Problem Skin
Blood Pressure
Sexual Dysfunction
Menstrual Cramps
Trauma Rehabilitation
Stress & Anxiety
for your radiation treatments
• Journey Through The T-Cells:
Strengthens and maintains
your immune system
• Sleeping Through The Rain:
Journey from deep relaxation
into natural refreshing sleep
#51090 Cancer Support Series 4 CDs
• Chemotherapy Companion:
Supports a positive outcome
for your chemotherapy
• Radiation Companion:
Supports a positive outcome
Chemotherapy Support
Back Pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Chronic Fatigue
Neck & Shoulder Pain
Sprains & Sports
• Tendonitis
Cancer Support
• Sanjiao Meridian of Hand-Shaoyang
� Stomach-ache, Heart Pain, Frequent Thirst,
Dry Throat, Rapid Heart Beat, Nervousness,
Physcic, Sleep Disorder, Elbow Pain,
Isomnia, Internal Upper Artm Pain.
Good Results Reported For:
Supports a positive outcome
for your chemotherapy. Verbal
guidance and Hemi-Sync
sound technology transports
you to a profound state of
total relaxation where you
are immersed in feelings of
inner peace and tranquility.
Mental imagery and a series of
positive affirmations are used
in support of your return to
physical well-being. You will
also learn special encoding
cues you may use anytime to
reinforce the healing effects
of your chemotherapy or help
you overcome the possible
side effects of nausea. Note:
This CD is included in #51090
Cancer Support Series.
#51091 Chemotherapy
Companion $19.95
Create a Continuous Flow
Of Positive Chi
This unit will powerfully
assist you in your self-healing
and pain relief, by clearing
emotional, mental, physical
blockages, and protect you
from the bombardment of
electromagnetic and other
pollutants. Many users report
a powerfully accelerating long
term effect on their lives…
moving them swiftly beyond
former obstacles to growth and
The O.R.B.I.E. (Optimum,
Regenerative, Biofield
Instrument, Ener-Chi System)
consists of: a chi-producing
hand held module, a base with
interior chamber (also chi
producing) and a pull out
hand-held copper coils
for placement on body,
under foods/water or
held in the hands. It
is portable, never
needs recharging,
and has no parts
to replace. No
electrical source
or batteries are
needed; nothing
to wear out.
Anywhere this
device is placed,
there is a powerful,
unlimited fusion of
chi energy that is
readily experienced and
translates to available
The Fluid Of Life
Orgone Energy Primer
Tachyonized water
draws Life Force to
every cell of your
body. It has been
called the elixir of
life, working from the
inside out, increasing
energy, endurance,
and balance.
Based on the
discoveries of Dr.
Wilhelm Reich,
this book updates
information on
the construction
of orgone
blankets, box-type
#48146 Tachyonized Liquid 4 oz. etc. using simple,
dropper bottle (one month readily available
materials. Many
supply) $14.95
The Power Of Chinese Medicine And New Technology
Wouldn’t you love to have a
magic wand to take away your
everyday aches and pains?
While it may not be magic,
our Acu-Point Pen utilizes
specially designed electronic
acupuncture probes which
simulate traditional acupuncture
Passing the Acu-Point Pen over
the palm of your hand allows
you to identify areas that may
need attention.
You’ll feel the
stimulus signal
sent to the
specific area
as it stimulates
the nerve
and muscle
while promoting improved
blood circulation to the desired
area. Can be used just about
anywhere on the body. It has
a diagrammatic screen that’s
easy to read; the controls make
it easy-to-use. Lightweight. 9”
long. Battery-operated.
#99857 Acu-Point Pen $99.95
This product is not intended for the
diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of
any disease.
energy to get things done, have
clarity of mental focus, ease in
the handling of emotions, and
an increase in positive feelings.
It is a powerful environmental
clearing device for large areas
that reverses the negative
effects of EMF, pollution and
toxins. It is a healing tool used
for massage and charging
chakras and acupuncture
meridians, as well as a
water and food purifier.
#41036 O.R.B.I.E. Energy-Chi System $299.95
Optimum, Regenerative,
Biofield Instrument, and
Ener-Chi System
diagrams, photographs and
complete bibliography and
resource guide.
Foreword by
Eva Reich, M.D.
Softcover, 162 pages.
#51077 The Orgone Accumulator Handbook $12.95
Take A Look At
IonizerFor Your Car
dust, pollen,
germs, bacteria
and smoke. Relieves fatigue
and promotes alertness while
driving. Produces a cleaner
driving environment. Plugs
into your cigarette lighter.
#75233 Automobile Ionizer $29.95 See Page 69
How To Use Trigger Point Therapy
For Pain Relief
Used for decades by doctors, chiropractors,
pain specialists, and massage therapists
to quickly stimulate the flow of oxygen
and promote rapid pain reduction; trigger
point therapy has become one of the fastest
growing techniques. Now being used to
relieve formerly undiagnosable muscle
and joint pain. The technique involves
apply short, repeated massage strokes to
trigger points, those tiny contraction knots in muscle tissue where
restricted circulation and lack of oxygen cause referred pain. 2nd
edition. 323 pages.
#45707 Trigger Point Therapy Workbook $19.95
Take A Look At
Soothes Sensitive Gum Tissue
and Helps Remove Plaque.
A wonderful feeling when you brush your teeth and massage your
gums with this excellent formula containing a high level of oxygen
along with spearmint and peppermint essential oils. It disinfects the mouth. You could really call it a “mouth rejuvenator.”
#41087 OxyVital Gum Elixir 1oz. $24.95
Buy 2 and SAVE! $23.50 each
For Self-Healing, Stress Reduction,
Mental Creativity, Meditation
And Relaxation
Without Electricity Or Batteries
Gentle powerful waves of
energy move through your
body, producing a marvelous
serenity. And, best of all, it
requires no external power
source. That’s right…
no batteries and no
wires plugged into an
electrical outlet.
BioCircuits were
developed by Leon Eeman
in 1920 to promote healing
from serious injuries that he
What are they and how do
they work? They facilitate
Reduces Stress
Increases Vitality
Alleviates Jet Lag
• Restores the Body
After Illness
How It Works:
Users report that simply lying on a BioCircuit for thirty
minutes refreshes them as deeply as a two hour nap.
BioCircuits work by externally linking key energy
centers, circulating and balancing the body’s natural
energy. This deeply releases and refreshes both the
body and the mind. It’s that simple, with no electrical
power source and no batteries required.
The Copper and Silver BioCircuits contain:
• Two (Copper or Silver) handles attached to
two (Copper or Silver) screens
• “The Science of BioCircuits” booklet
Superb Conductivity, Good
Choice For Beginners
People find that the Copper
system is excellent for a
first experience. Use it for
relaxing, falling asleep,
jet lag and power naps.
Contains: components as
listed above.
#46053 Copper BioCircuit
Basic $129.95
The kit contains: Copper
BioCircuit Basic plus a
reservoir bottle (for adding
ingredients to your energy
circuit) and two additional
Copper screens.
#75098 Copper BioCircuit Kit
the flow of subtle bodily
energy. There are two handles
attached to screens. Hold the
handles in each hand and put
the screens under each ankle.
When the body’s primary
energy centers are directly
connected with a conductive
material (we use Copper,
Silver, or Silk in the three
systems offered), energy flow
becomes greatly intensified,
leading to increased vitality
and peacefulness, furthering
healing, effortless relaxation,
and the relief of stress. 15-30
minutes a day is all it takes.
• Neck to base of spine segment with two
(Copper or Silver) screens
• Instructional cassette and booklet
• Carrying pouch
The Strongest. Produces A Constant
Energy Flow For A Great Energy
The Silver system gives the most
“kick” as Silver is one of the most
powerful conductors. It is used to
stay mentally alert, produce more
spontaneous creativity, and enhance
visualization. Contains: components
as listed above plus two foot straps.
#46054 Silver BioCircuit Basic
The kit contains: Silver BioCircuit
Basic plus a reservoir bottle (for
adding ingredients to your energy
circuit) and two additional Copper
#75099 Silver BioCircuit Kit $249.95
The Most Gentle. For Those
Who Are Very Sensitive.
Best Choice For A Sleep Aid
The Silk system uses Silk,
employed by meditators
for centuries, because of
its smooth and even action
in creating deep meditative
states. Excellent for those
who experience severe jet
lag. The Silk BioCircuit
Basic contains: four silk
pads connecting hands
and feet, neck to base of
spine segment with two
Silk pads, instructional
booklet and “The Science of
BioCircuits” booklet.
How To Use:
1. Lay down and put a
screen under each
2. Hold the hand grips
3. Relax, using breathing exercises or
soothing music
4. Within 30 minutes,
you will be amazed at
the results.
Contains: Copper BioCircuit
Basic, Silver BioCircuit Kit
and Silk BioCircuit Basic.
#42542 BioCircuit Combination
Kit $459.95
#46055 Silk BioCircuits Basic
The Mikio Sankey Collection
Esoteric Acupuncture made Easy!
An Integration of the Ancient
Wisdom Sacred Geometry
Books That Will Inspire All Who Are Interested In Spiritual Healing For The 21st Century
Qabbalistic Tree of Life Chakra
• Expanded Acupuncture Concepts
for the 21st Century
• Filled with Information For Non-acupuncturists
System with Traditional
Chinese Acupuncture
Esoteric Acupuncture
by Mikio Sankey, Ph.D., L.Ac.
An amazing synthesis of acupuncture, sacred
geometry and the Qabbalistic Tree of Life.
Enables you to accelerate your spiritual
advancement. Traditional needles or the
Beamers can be used to energetically activate
specific sequences of acupuncture points
for profound shifts in consciousness. A very
powerful tool for accelerating your own evolution, sense of
purpose and a deep sense of peace and oneness with the Self.
Highly recommended! 432 pages
#71005 Esoteric Acupuncture
• Never before Presented New
Encoding Patterns
• Never before presented Chakra
Alignment Patterns
• Understand Your Personal Steps
To Ascension
• Integrate Esoteric Healing Into Your Life
Contains many of the patterns from “Esoteric
Acupuncture” and “Discern The Whisper” plus
new encoding patterns. There is a pattern entitled
“Climbing Jacob’s Ladder consisting of 28
acupuncture sites. This work book is designed
for energy healers and the myriad of people who
purchased the first two books by Mikio Sankey.
It is presented with easy-to-see and easy-touse diagrams. There is also a short chapter on
Dinshah’s theory of color healing. 110 pages.
#42052 Climbing Jacob’s Ladder
Sea Of Fire – Cosmic Fire
This is volume 4 of Dr. Sankey’s series,
published in August, 2006. It further
Second in a series for all who are interested in expands the material presented in the
spiritual wellness for the 21st century. Volume earlier volumes. Also contains an in-depth
II by Mikio Sankey contains expanded
discussion on How To Connect Your
acupuncture concepts, new information for
Higher Twin Flame Within, the Seven Brain
non-acupuncturists, additional new encoding
Centers, and Their Connection To The
patterns. 397 pages
Seven Major Chakras, and The Building Of
A Search For Harmony at the Most
The Complete Antahkarana: How To Bridge
Fundamental Level
The Gap From Muladhara (Root Chakra) to
Sahasrara (Crown Chakra). 307 pages
#81068 Discern The Whisper Discern The Whisper
#45723 Sea Of Fire – Cosmic Fire $24.95
Locate Acupuncture And Trigger Points
The Pointer Plus Excel features a
built-in LCD digital display meter
for location of acupuncture and
trigger points. There are many
additional advanced features.
Frequency is adjustable (1 to 16 Hz)
and is also displayed on the LCD
digital display when the stimulation
button is pressed. There’s a
polarity reversal switch which
offers the option of energizing
or sedating. A flashing light
and sound indicates when point
detection is made. There are two
grounding plates, allowing use
with either left or right hands...
as well as a hand probe with
grounding pole. Two probe tips
are included plus a carrying case
and instructions.
Feel The Force Of Color Energy
Light treatments can strengthen, cleanse, invigorate, balance
and regulate metabolic processes and moods. A
very effective, yet gentle tool for relaxation and
meditation, too. Use it on chakras, acupuncture
points, reflex zones… just about anywhere on the
body. Completely safe and non-invasive. Use it for
5 seconds or 5 minutes; you set your own intuitive
protocols. Included is “Golden Light,” a 211 page
primer on color therapy, subtle energy, the chakra
system, and more. Book included.
#51099 Multi-Color Penlight
#42022 Pointer Plus Excel
Recommended for use by those
experienced in acupuncture or
acupressure therapy.
All information contained herein is for educational purposes only. No health
claims are intended or inferred. Statements made in this catalog have not been
evaluated or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. If you have a
medical condition, please consult your healthcare professional.
Experience The Inspirational And Healing Properties of Gemstones
This unique handcrafted jewelry has been cleansed using ancient techniques and energized
to amplify the power and healing properties of the stones. Once the jewelry is worn, the
wearer then infuses their own personal intention and energy into the piece. For optimum
results, it is suggested that it be worn for 10 consecutive days to enable the gemstones to
vibrate with the wearer’s own energetic field. Each piece is accompanied by a description
of the jewelry’s purpose and properties.
More Styles available Online
Bring Abundance,
Affluence, Blessings And Love
Into Your
The use of the
Sri Yantra sacred
geometry is a very
powerful means by
which an individual
may bring divine
blessings into their life.
The three-dimensional
form of the Sri Yantra,
dating back to 3000
B.C., is a multi pyramid
grid signifying unlimited
abundance and positive powers,
and helps to clear negative
energy. Quartz Crystal is a
stone of manifestation and the
Sphatik is a type of Quartz that
is revered in India to be the
dwelling place of the Goddess.
Silver is the color of the
Goddess. 161/2”
*#99707 Sri Yantra
Heal Yourself, Heal Your
Soul, Heal The Planet
Mawu, the African Mother
Earth Goddess, has energy
associated with the moon,
motherhood, respect,
forgiveness and gentleness.
Mawu’s message reminds us to
live in harmony with the earth.
She keeps us balanced and in
sync with this beautiful planetmother earth. This beautiful
piece has been created to
activate earth goddess deep
inside the soul of every woman,
where respect and harmony
Ammonite Fossil helps to find
your way down the spiritual
spiral path. Green fresh water
pearls represent growth purity
and integrity. Rutilated Quartz,
a stone of stabilization, reminds
For Sexuality, Creativity
And Power
The Sacral Chakra,
also known as
the 2nd chakra,
is located at
the lower
When this
energy center
is re-aligned
and balanced,
intimacy and
sensual pleasure are
restored. This
grounding stone
is worn to stay
focused and
present. Tiger’s Eye,
a stone of courage, balances
ying and yang energy. Amber
is believed to attract strength
and success. Wear this beautiful
piece to encourage optimism
and personal power. 21”
shares a connection
to the planet earth.
Citrine carries the
energy of the sun
and is a powerful
regenerator. Mother
of Pearl has a nurturing
and healing energy. Called the
“stone of security”, it brings
truth and higher wisdom to
situations. Feldspar supports
self love and self awareness.
Green turquoise is known as
a healer of the spirit. It blends
the energy of heaven and earth
bringing blessings of water and
the sky. Green Kyanite assists in
bringing calming and soothing
energy to the body. 48”
*#99714 2nd Chakra
*#46094 Mawu
Live Life To The Fullest
Artemis is
the goddess
of the hunt,
and inde­
She is the
protector of
women and
Call on her
to manifest
dreams into
reality. She
is com­
prised of
fresh water pearls (symbolic of
light, innocence and softness
– the essence of our being),
abalone (gift from the sea
– heals the heart and soothes the
soul), peridot (cleanses, heals
and aligns the heart chakra) and
appatite (the stone of health,
clarity and peace).
Inside of every woman lies the
imprint of the Goddess. Love,
passion, forgiveness, creativity,
and healing are amongst her
teachings. Listen carefully as
the Goddess speaks to you, for
she is the one whose lesson your
soul longs to learn. Watch as
you discover the Goddess that
lies deep within you. 52”
Bring About Passion,
Sensuality And Beauty
Aphrodite encourages us
to embrace and accept
our individual beauty and
femininity, to be comfortable
in our skin and to welcome the
instinctual sensual energy that
flows through you. Call upon
her to tap into the love that
surrounds you. She is comprised
of fresh water pearls (symbolic
of light, innocence and softness
– the essence of our being).
Rose Quartz (helps to connect
to the heart, encourages the
flow of love), Rhodonite
(unconditional love and grace).
Love, passion, forgiveness,
creativity, and
healing are
amongst her
teachings. Listen
carefully as the
Goddess speaks
to you, for she
is the one whose
lesson your soul
longs to learn. 54”
*#46096 Aphrodite $279.95
Enhance And Protect
Your Physical Well-Being
Turquoise, known as
the Stone of Heaven,
is considered a master
healer. This stone works
to protect and align
the chakras, which
in turn strengthens
the overall body.
Sodalite, a healing
stone, stills the
mind and encourages
relaxation. Agate works to
remove blockages from within
the body, as it
promotes balance,
which leads to
vibrant health.
The Chinese coin,
estimated to be 100500 years old, is the
ancient symbol of good
fortune with its round
shape representing Heaven
and the interior square
symbolizing Earth. Wear this
when you seek healing for the
physical body. 161/2”
*#99792 Health
* Ships factory direct.
Please allow 14-21 days for delivery
Attain Higher Consciousness
abilities, intuition, consciousness exploration and more.
Hemi-Sync users may be able to develop specific linguistic and/or mathematical skills, the ability to hyper
focus attention when appropriate,
and the remembering of some types
of information with new clarity and
Hem-Sync technology uses binaural
beat sounds that utilize two pitches
slightly out of key with each other.
The sound wave pattern generated by
these different pitches creates a third
tone which entrains your brainwaves
to experience the same frequency.
This technique is reflected in the
name HEMI-SYNC; both hemispheres
of the brain now in sync with the frequency and with each other.
The Hemi-Sync frequencies used
are not the same for every program,
and there are no embedded or subliminal messages. Specific elements,
such as verbal guidance, music, and
pink noise are carefully selected and
integrated with the appropriate HemiSync sound frequencies to create the
desired effect for each recording.
Hemi-Sync by The Monroe Institute is
a patented process, refined and supported by 40 years of research and
development. It is now considered
to be the cornerstone of brainwave
technology. The purpose of HemiSync patterns is to assist you in obtaining the focused brain state you
desire and Tools For Wellness offers
over 36 Hemi-Sync programs.
in your life. Anxiety and daily
concerns seem to float away as
you move into progressively
deeper states of mental and
physical calm. Designed to
rejuvenate both mind and body
and leave your cares behind. 64
will leave you centered, focused ETERNITY WITHIN Inspired
and totally refreshed. Nonby Robert Monroe’s own
verbal. 45 minutes
experiences (described in his
#99854 Hemi-Sync Meditation
book, Ultimate Journey), this
program provides a basis for
fundamental revelation to many
on a path of self-discovery and
produce the
personal transformation. 45
natural brainminutes
wave patterns
#46025Deep 10 Relaxation CD $19.95
Music For Creativity
A musical portrayal of
Kokopelli, the Native American
Music For Ingenuity
mythic hero who restored
Music that includes relaxation
abundance by
while heightening mental
bringing forth
abilities produces what is
the second
known as the “Mozart Effect.”
summer rain.
Now, you can benefit from
Deeply relaxing
the Mozart Effect and the
flute and guitar
remarkable brain synchronizing
blend exquisitely
effects of Hemi-Sync® with this
with sounds of
performance by J.S. Epperson.
water in soulful
Reported to be helpful for
composition by Richard Roberts
ADHD. 60 minutes.
#46023 Einstein's Dream CD that stimulates imagination and
creativity. 30 minutes.
Music For Meditation
Delicate, ethereal tones blends
with Hemi-Sync® to focus
you inward to the source of
creation. Enjoy a deep, sustained
meditative state as the entrancing
synthesizer music of Higher
transports you to illuminating
levels of awareness. 48 minutes.
#71049 Higher CD
Music For
Rejuvenation Uses
guided visualization to transport
you to a blissful state of total
relaxation followed by natural,
restful sleep. A highly effective,
time-proven means to counteract
the negative effects of stress
#46024Gaia CD
Celestial Music
Transports You On
A Journey Beyond
Space And Time Immerse
yourself in this inspired musical
depiction of a soul’s journey
to the realm of the Creator.
Performed completely on
analog and digital synthesizers.
45 minutes.
#75253 The Journey Home CD $19.95
relaxing sound patterns will
gently lead you into powerful,
free-flow explorations. This
extraordinary meditative tool
In addition to verbal instructions, this auditory-guidance
process involves carefully constructed blends and sequences
of stereo sound patterns
designed to evoke beneficial
brainwave states through
neurological mechanisms.
© The Monroe Institute
The Hemi-Sync process is an internationally acclaimed,
scientifically based
and clinically proven audio-guidance
technology. It uses
Robert A. Monroe
sound to influence
in a way shown to enhance physical, mental and emotional states. An
extensive assortment of highly effective Hemi-Sync audio programs
is available. Offerings include those
to reduce stress, manage pain, focus
attention, enhance sleep, and support meditation as well as those with
specific applications for healthcare,
peak performance, anxiety, memory,
creativity, children with learning dis-
of the Deltasleep state
and enjoy
the benefits
of totally
refreshing, deep
restorative sleep. Non-verbal.
45 minutes.
#48623 Eternity Within $19.95
#45718 Super Sleep
#48625 Lightfall $19.95
beyond your thoughts and daily
concerns into the free-flow
exploration of expanded states
of consciousness. 73 minutes.
#63423 Transcendence $19.95
extraordinary sojourn into a
dreamlike shamanic landscape.
Captivating shamanic music
combined with sounds from
the rain forest contribute to
the surreal, organic ambience.
Vivid images emerge as time
blurs and the world disappears.
52 minutes.
concentration frequencies to
support peak-performance
mental states. May be helpful
to those with ADD/ADHD,
dyslexia, and other learning
challenges. 44 minutes
your imagination and heighten
your creativity. Explore your
options and be open to spiritual
inspiration as a result of this
uplifting composition. 38
#63424 Masterworks
OASIS Discover an oasis
of serenity
with music in
a European
romantic style
with some
#48621 Between Worlds $19.95
Provides a safe
harbor from
and is also
electronic music with fast-paced
tempo and driving-rhythms
and imagination. 64 minutes
support faster beta patterns
designed for peak performance, #48626 Oasis $19.95
super learning and creative
flow. 44 minutes
have the power to soothe
#48622 Breakthrough $19.95
away cares with their tranquil
appearance and sound. Ever-
changing energy and movement
draw us into a mesmerizing
flow. Facilitates access to states
of inner calmness, support
stress management and promote
deep relaxation. 70 minute VHS
#45706 Streamsongs
Provides an ideal sonic
background to support
experiential meditation.
Powerful vibrational
harmonics restores balance
and harmony to your
mind-body. An exceptional
meditative tool. 45 minutes
#48629 The “SO” Chord $19.95
Use this cutting edge
composition for dance, jogging,
workout routines or listen while
doing everyday chores. Provides
you with added “horsepower.”
34 minutes
#48624 Hemi-Sync In Motion
yourself in these delicate,
floating rhythms to support
massage therapy, subtle energy
healing work for creating an
ideal meditative space for inner
reflection. The music here is in
soothing cadence with the art
of touch. This will tune up the
connection between body, mind
and spirit. 60 minutes
#48627 Reflections
Spellbinding shamanic stylized
music helps one remain
“heart centered” in the face
of adversity… a hallmark of
spiritual maturity. Best results
are achieved when listening
in a darkened, meditative
environment. 73 minutes
#48630 The Shaman’s Heart
fusion of East-West music.
This program’s ultimate
charm is its artful, unspoken
appeal for East-West unity,
spiritual awareness and world
peace. Richly composed and
beautifully played, this program
weaves intricate textures of
Indian music with Western
music, resulting in a relaxing
soundscape. 53 minutes.
#48631 Tranquility
Attain Higher Consciousness
Develop Mental Sharpness
Develop greater confidence
in your mental sharpness,
stimulate or enhance creativity,
improve memory and recall
with this CD from the Monroe
Institute. Combines
verbal guidance and
subtle sound effects
specially blended
with Hemi-Sync®
frequencies to guide
you into focused,
whole-brain states
of consciousness. 30
#71048 Think Fast CD
Sufferers Focus with
powerful Hemi-Sync® and
electronic music designed for
learning enhancement, peak
performance and creative
flow. Remembrance is perfect
for any mental task requiring
focus and concentration. This
composition, by J.S. Epperson,
is reported to be helpful for
ADHD. 66 minutes.
#46040 Remembrance CD $19.95
Overcome Learning
Challenges This CD mixes
high quality electronic music
with unique Hemi-Sync
concentration frequencies for
super-learning. Also helpful
for ADD/ADHD, and other
learning challenges. Zero in on
the task at hand. 71 minutes.
#41033 Indigo CD
Sharpen Your Focus And
Concentration Perfect for
any task requiring focus and
concentrationuse at home,
work or school
while studying,
reading, working
on a computer
or balancing a
check book. Play
in the background
or use with headphones to
enhance mental capabilities
while stimulating creativity and
imagination (non-verbal). 53
#46039 Concentration CD $19.95
The Gateway Experience
In 1975, Dr. Robert Monroe
developed “hemispheric
synchronization” or HEMISYNC, a patented technology
that sends different tones to
each ear. The two hemispheres
of the brain then act in unison
to “hear” a third signal. This
is not an actual sound, but
an electrical signal that can
only be perceived when
both brain hemispheres are
working together. The result
is a whole-brain state, an
optimal condition for improving
human performance. This
has been proven to enhance
alertness, induce sleep, and
produce expanded states of
Other benefits include:
Exercises use specially blended
HEMI-SYNC frequencies
combined with spoken guidance
and subtle sound effects to give
you an in-home audio training
These tools have evolved
directly from the acclaimed
residential programs taught
on location at The Monroe
Many so-called consciousness
technology programs are on the
market, but few have proven
themselves like this one…
with decades of research and
thousands and thousands of lab
sessions. 18 CDs, 6 booklets,
and 20 hours of exercises
• Creative insights to dissolve
your fears
• Support of existing meditation
• Attain self-discovery
that takes you beyond
your physical time/
space reality
• Control of your
• Deeper levels of
• Achieve new forms
of perception
Ships factory direct. Please allow extra
time for delivery.
profound program is designed
to address the concerns of a
person who is facing
death as well as the
family and caregivers.
This contains two
albums, one for the
patient (7 CDs) and
one for the group (8
The first album is for
the person who is in
the last and irreversible stages
of terminal illness or injuries.
The exercises can reduce
dramatically the common fear
of physical death and assist
the person to control calmly
#75169The Gateway Experience $399.00
Rated tops
in its field!
the sequence of this critical
event allowing it to be one of
peace and dignity. Included is a
detailed Guidance
Manual to help
all involved
and represents a
collaboration of
Robert Monroe,
Elisabeth KublerRoss, and Dr.
Charles Tart. 15
#22308Going Home Series $199.95
All information contained herein is for educational purposes only. No
health claims are intended or inferred. Statements made in this catalog
have not been evaluated or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug
Administration. If you have a medical condition, please consult your
healthcare professional.
Attain Higher Consciousness
Learn How Sound
Therapy Works On Your Brain
Sound and music has been
used for thousands of years
to alter human states of
consciousness. Drums and
chanting have been used
all over the world in rituals
and ceremonies to heal, and
to induce trance states. In
modern times, the use of
sound has developed into
a sophisticated technology
and is used to change
brainwave states, to heighten
focus and concentration, to
hasten relaxation, to induce
meditation, and to assist with
Enter Meditative States
Faster With Sounds Of Tibetan Monks
Tibetan instruments have been
used for thousands of years for
mental healing and to access
profound meditative states.
Tools For Wellness took a
critical look at how sound and
music alters consciousness,
and identified the techniques
that were the most effective.
Advanced sound engineering
was then used to mix
these different elements in
When using with speakers, just
relax and gently stretch for a
few minutes, lay down, slow
down your breathing and soon
you’ll be experiencing lush
internal imagery and satisfying
blissful meditation. This will
quickly open your psyche!
People commonly report being
able to see energy fields and
auras afterwards. Headphones
potentiate the experience...
you’ll be able to achieve onepointed concentration and
meditation. The bells and
bowls generate high energy,
high-wavering frequencies,
combined with a lower trance
inducing wavering pitch. It is
one of the most marvelously
effective CDs we’ve tested. 3
CD set.
#82069 Tibetan Bells and Bowls
Enhance Your Physical
And Emotional States With Vocal Overtoning
Wayne Perry, the noted sound
healer, teaches you:
• Self-healing with sound,
toning, breath,
and intention
• The 20 most
powerful voice
exercises and
• The sacred
sounding and
sound healing secrets of the
• 10 steps to healing pain and
disease, and the healing
sanctuary guided imagery and
• 20 steps for healing
emotional conflict
and communication
difficulties within
intimate relationships
#83076 Wayne Perry’s Vocal Overtoning 4 CD set $59.95
bring you the results you want,
faster. “Five Directions” is
the culmination of years of
synergistic ways to produce
involvement in the alternative
maximum results, quickly.
healthcare field by Tools For
Each sound track in this
Wellness. As a result of this
program contains a different
experience reviewing many
blend of music: relaxing
sounds, primordial, 3-D effects, products in the realm of sound
technology, we think that you
brainwave-altering pitches,
will find this program a very
energizing tones, and pulsed
healing sounds. What you hear straightforward and effective
is the music mixed with nature, tool to take command and
control of your brainwaves.
primordial rhythms, and 3-D
When listening to these CDs,
sounds. The neuroacoustic
technology is embedded in this people frequently report feeling
musical matrix at an inaudible a lasting euphoria, a heightened
sense of mental clarity,
experience a peaceful state
This novel approach of
synergistically combining these of mind, and even a sense
2 hours.
different elements means that
Headphones are required.
you get all sorts of different
#42541 Five Directions
sounds working together to
The Mozart Effect
For Clarity, Focus,
And An Organized Mind
Strengthen The Mind: For
Intelligence and Learning
#12136 $15.95
Heal The Body: For Rest and
#12137 $15.95
Unlock The Creative Spirit: For
Creativity and Imagination
Projects and Study: For Focus
and Clarity (2 CDs)
#12130 $29.95
Deep Rest and Rejuvenation: To
Relax and Unwind
Morning, Noon and Night: For
Yoga Practitioners
Each recording has been sequenced, edited and mastered to realize the
transformative powers found in Mozart’s compositions. The complete
set will allow you to select just the right piece for a particular situation.
Makes an extraordinary gift, also! Each CD: 60 minutes
Buy all 6 and SAVE!
Tuning Your Energy
Fields For
This video can
effect your life at
seven different
levels: Genetic,
Structural, Skeletal, and
Order #75260
Environmental. This is the
result of 16 years of study
by Sharry Edwards, maker
of the Square One, whose
work has been called “the
Rosetta stone of understanding
Metaphysics.” 55 minute DVD
#51020 Energy Medicine DVD $29.95
Attain Higher Consciousness
Relax With The Mysterious
Sounds From Space
Explore Altered
A grand tour of the solar system.
These beautiful and mysterious
Go Beyond
recordings of the interactions
Physical Limits
between the Solar Wind and
the magneto-sphere of planets,
moons and rings of our Solar
System create frequencies in the
plasma energy “ocean” that fills
the void of space. Each planet,
moon and ring system has a
distinctive “musical” pattern.
Listening to this unusual
collection has a mysteriously
relaxing effect. A must for users
of light and sound machines 8
Contains 4-D technology
CDs Total: 4 hours.
(binaural beats)­ which is the
#63044 Space Sounds $99.95
result of modern scientific
research and ancient healing
techniques. Precisely tuned
sound waves are used to create
binaural beats, inducing selfinitiated and controlled altered
states of consciousness. This
program will help to transport
you to a higher state of mind,
opening your consciousness to
endless possibilities and realities.
Self-controlled hypnosis and
guided meditation activates each
of the Chakras, including the
third eye. Increases your energy
flow and raises your vibratory
rate. 2 CD Set 120 minutes.
All information contained herein is
for educational purposes only. No
health claims are intended or inferred.
Statements made in this catalog have
#75238 Chakra Technique
and the Vibrational
Technique $34.95
not been evaluated or approved by the
U.S. Food and Drug Administration. If
you have a medical condition, please
consult your healthcare professional.
Attain A Profound Change In Consciousness
OPEN 24/7
Beautiful Music That
Opens The Heart & Soul
Captures both the
essence of sacred
sound and powerful
Tom Kenyon,
founder of Acoustic
Brain Research,
has incorporated
techniques from sacred
Egyptian and Greek harmonies
along with his own 4 octave
voice to create a musical
vision. This is a most unique
listening experience. Can be
#46026 The Ghandarva
Experience CD $19.95
The Magic Of The Power
Of Seven
listener. Combining hypnotic
ancient rhythms with psychoacoustic technologies, this
music will transport
the listener from
the beta to delta
brain state. Used
for healing and
inducing hypnosis.
by Brian Paulson
A magical sound
sculpture (tuned to
the color green),
which energizes
and balances the
heart chakra by
resonating the subtle
energy levels of the
Power of Seven CD
Keeps The Light Out
Total Darkness With Your Eyes Open
Great for airplane travel, deep meditation,
biofeedback exercises, headaches and
naps, while seated (but not for night time
sleeping). With adjustable velcro strap
and ear plugs. This is one of the very few
products that we have tested that gives
#46021 Mindfold Mask Music To Unlock The Life Force Of The Earth!
By Brian Paulson
By Brian Paulson
Bio-sonic music
A combination
designed to bring
of musical
forth the feeling of instruments
euphoria and bliss tuned to perfect
and a transcendent intervals and
creative sound
The musical
design using
instruments used
binaural beats
here have been carefully chosen for their
at 8 Hz and 4
abilities to elicit emotion and expression.
Hz. This generates powerful Alpha and
The subtle vibrations will bring you much
Theta brain states, a state associated with
joy and bliss, particularly when played in a ecstasy. Also combines the 12 frequencies
quiet and safe space. 51 minutes
mimicking the octaves of color and light.
30 minute continuous play CD.
#45709 Harmonic Bliss $16.95
#41057 Pulse of Life
used alone or in groups. Tom
Kenyon says “The Ghandarva
Experience will transport
you to the exalted celestial
and Archangelic realms
of experience.” Complete
written instructions on how
to conduct The Ghandarva
Ceremony both for
individuals and groups is
included. A favorite with
customers. 61 minutes.
For Healing and Higher
by Brian Paulson
You hear the rich, deep sounds of natural
and psychoacoustically engineered rain,
processed to duplicate the maximum
­resonance of
DNA pho­ton
emission – a
hypnotic sonic
excursion useful
for healing,
and the removal
of subtle energy
blocks. 29 minutes
#71023 Mystic Rain CD $16.95
Immerse Yourself In All
Four Brainwaves States
Anna Wise is the world's
leading authority on
EEG and consciousness
training. On this 4 CD set,
she empowers you to be
more productive, positive,
emotionally balanced,
and spiritually aware;
able to handle the stress
and strain of 21st century
modern society.
Because each moment of our
consciousness is determined
by a finely woven, intricate
interrelationship of brainwave
frequencies, you can actually
Uncover The Blueprint Of Brainwave States
Teaches you
how to control
your brainwaves
and to remove
the mental
blocks that hold
you back and put
you deeply in
touch with your
hidden potential.
With warmth and simplicity,
this book is ground breaking
manage your own states of
consciousness by deliberately
altering your brainwave
These audio
will aid you
in developing
state present in accomplished
yogis, spiritual masters, and
many highly productive and
creative people, individuals of
high performance whose states
of consciousness we want to
emulate in some way.
in its insights, yet accessible.
Anna Wise provides a clear
explanation of the four kinds of
brainwaves – beta, alpha, theta
and delta – and explains how the
conscious and unconscious mind
communicate. Learn meditation
exercises, self-hypnosis, imagery
and therapeutic techniques to
enhance problem-solving, selfhealing, communication and
interpersonal skills. 271 pages
• Concentrate and focus more
• Encourage self-healing
• Relax and de-stress
• Develop hidden creativity
• Reach profound meditative
• Handle challenges and solve
• Access and transform deep inner issues
• Improve spiritual connection
On each CD, Anna Wise
leads you through guided
meditation and exercises
designed to train you to
develop specific brainwave
frequencies. The effectiveness
of each piece is heightened
by complex, sophisticated
Brainwaves Made Simple
Why do we do the things we
do? Why do we have
certain feelings? Why do
we experience moodiness
and melancholy? Can we
alter these feelings? Can
you change from being
“down” to feeling “up?”
What control do we have
over our own mind?
Anna Wise reveals the
#46034 High Performance Mind practice of carefully designed
meditation exercises that lead
“frequency scores” that Ms.
Wise composed, binaural beat
pulses of sound embedded
in words and music to help
you developed the desired
brainwaves. The content of
the different tracks teaches
you a variety of ways to
use your higher states of
consciousness... including
personal transformation,
relaxation, creativity, selfhealing, intuition, empathy, and
sensualization skills, all leading
you to develop mastery of the
High Performance Mind.
Includes an informative
booklet explaining brainwave
frequencies and how you can
harness their potential.
#22129 High Performance Mind 4 CD Set
to a mastery of each type, can
vastly improve everyday focus,
memory, concentration,
and overall mental
awareness. A practical
approach to human
rather than clinical
examinations of
the topic. Highly
recommended! 255
#81061Awakening The Mind
The Anna Wise Collection: Two books and her 4 CD set. $78.85 value for $69.95 Order #41152
Treatment For Physical And Emotional Trauma
If you suffer
from physical
injury, pain
or mental
the mindbody-spirit
collapses into a heightened
condition of tension and stress.
DEEP RELEASE introduces
sound and music designed to
initiate the changes necessary to
begin the healing process.
This CD program, by Brian
Paulson, works by reducing
the rigidity in the body which
affects breathing, blood pressure,
muscle stiffness and mental
confusion. The method used
is entrainment and resonance,
and has been very effective. 32
minute continuous play.
#42741 Deep Release
Create Your Own Sound
You can have brainwaves on
a CD. Choose from 1 to 37
Hertz; each track has a different
brainwave… just use the “auto
repeat” setting, allowing you
complete entrainment control.
Whether you are a musician,
therapist or mind explorer, this
CD will take you to the exact
brainwave state that you select.
74 minutes.
#75351 LoopLogic 515 $59.95
Go On A Brainwave
Produce Brainwaves You
Wish To Achieve
Subtle pulses of sound
embedded in an evocative
musical soundtrack stimulate
your brainwave patterns –
Natural brainwave frequencies
with ambient music and natural
sounds, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson
has discovered a way to let you
orchestrate your state of mind to
stimulate concentration, release
tension, promote intuition, foster
communication and enhance
creativity. Blends subtle sound
pulses with sounds of nature.
Includes instructional booklet. 4
CD set. 60 minutes each.
transporting you to an enhanced
“visualization zone.” Ingrained
within various classical
selections from Vivaldi, Alberti,
Bach, Haydn, Mendelssohn
and others, are deep inaudible
vibrations that are intended to
add to brainwave entrainment.
Total: over 4 hours. 4 CD set
#34072 Brainwave Symphony $29.95
#46028 Brainwave Suite $29.95
Therapeutic use of sound
Brain Sync is the brain wave technology most often
recommended by physicians and psychologists around the
world. These CDs (60 minutes) have been clinically tested
with an astounding 95% success rate. With this technology,
you can reach states of being that directly nurture your
sense of self, your creativity, and the dynamic expression of
your power. These are states that will enhance your ability to
give and receive love, direct your will to achieve new goals,
and generate vibrant states of health and well being.
Flow into a state of relaxed
concentration where the right
and left hemispheres of your
brain move into prefect sync.
You’ll feel invigorated as you
access up to 90% more of your
untapped ability to learn.
#45003 Brain Power
Kelly Howell, creator of Brain-Sync, is internationally acclaimed for
her pioneering work in mind expansion. Her 20 years of research
into spiritual practices combined with her work with physicians and
biofeedback therapists has allowed Brain-Sync to develop and refine
this powerful, life enhancing audio technology.
Enter a high-powered, highperformance brain state ideal
for quick thinking, deep
concentration and ability to
focus mentally.
#99806 High Focus Within minutes, muscles relax,
fears vanish and stress fades.
A euphoric release for all that
troubles you.
#99809 Total Relaxation$14.95
#45006 Deep Meditation$14.95
Over a four week period, you’ll
go to progressively deeper
levels where electrical brain
activity will produce vivid
visualization and manifestation.
120 minutes.
Ever wish you could learn more
and faster, and then retain the
information longer?
#45004 Deep Learning $14.95
#41047 Sacred Ground $16.95
Change deep-seated behavior
patterns and build a positive
#42754 Weight Loss
Arrive at your destination
feeling refreshed, alert and
ready to go. Helps balance and
restore your brain’s sodium and
potassium levels, thus reducing
mental fatigue and brain fog
associated with jet lag. Contain
no spoken words. Powerful
combinations of brain wave
frequencies are harmonically
layered in beautiful music. 2
CDs: 120 minutes
Change ingrained behavior
patterns with lasting impact
so that your appetite and selfesteem work in harmony to help
you achieve and maintain your
ideal weight.
#75076 Slim Naturally $14.95
Exquisite beautiful music based
on Tantric traditions stimulates
your sexual energy centers
and opens your heart chakra.
Experience peak pleasure and
sexual fulfillment.
#75078 Ecstasy
With a shift in perception, we
can manifest a destiny that
fulfills our deepest intent.
#45014 Relieve Jet Lag $16.95
Awakening Kundalini
Hurtle past creative blocks and
stale concepts. Expand your
perceptions and sources of
#99807 Increase Creativity
#99801 Guided Meditation
Destiny $14.95
Treat yourself to this unusual
brain wave combination that
When the sacred energy of
feels like a holistic massage,
desire is embodied fully, it
creating rushes of positive
creates an irresistible magnetism energy.
that attracts the very thing we
#99808 Brain Massage $14.95
long for.
The electro-magnetic
#99802 Guided Meditation Desire
The power of faith is what
miracles are made of. It bridges
the gap between mind and
matter, between self and higher
#99803 Guided Meditation Faith
Through prayer, we can
overcome challenges and
transform reality in ways we
might never have imagined.
#99804 Guided Meditation
Binaural beat frequencies will
lift your physical tensions and
mental anxieties in minutes.
Helps you reach a profound
meditative state.
frequencies of the heart are
60 times more powerful than
that of the brain. This program
opens your heart to exude an
irresistible glow of radiance that
attracts the love you desire.
#42763 Attract Love
Walk your way to better health
and higher awareness. An R&B
musical score and a funky, hiphop beat motivate you to keep
moving. You’ll wonder where
the time has gone!
#99812 Walking Meditation
Science has proven that the
contents of our thoughts
and emotions directly and
immediately influence our
#99810 Healing Meditation
For nights when thoughts are
churning, this program will
make you feel as if you are
floating. Then, you’ll start to
slowly swirl and drift off.
#99811 Sound Sleep
A fusion of jazz, rock and world
beat music creates a perfect
soundscape for an endorphininducing accompaniment to
your work out.
#99814 Power Training Vol. I
#99815 Power Training Vol. II
Kundalini is the extraordinary
powerhouse of cosmic energy
that resides within you. It is the
source from which all creativity,
genius and psychic gifts spring.
Traveling upward through
the chakra system, it removes
obstacles to living your highest
A wonderful theta meditation
program. CD: 60 minutes.
Embrace The Life You
Were Meant To Live
Precision-engineered brain
wave frequencies guide you into
exquisite states of wholeness
and unity. As negative thoughts
are swept away by insight and
inspiration, you align with the
divine-ordering principle of the
universe. 3 CDs: 3 hours
Close your eyes and sweep
#45016Unfold Your Potential
away negative thoughts. Free
your spirit. Bring mind, body
Share us with a friend
Help someone else enjoy the lifeand spirit into harmony with the
enriching products at TOOLS FOR
#45005Guided Meditation
WELLNESS. Send us their name.
Sound Technology From Germany
Well worth the premium cost, these
are truly in a class by themselves.
Deeply Impacts The Physical & Mental Wellness Of Children And Adults Alike
Samonas sound technology
is a cut above everything
else we’ve heard, because it
combines the science of sound
with the proven theories of
music therapy. This concept
employs a whole new school
of auditory training, producing
benefits in areas such as
learning, listening, hearing,
balancing, attention, memory
and relaxation. German sound
engineer, Ingo Steinbach,
researched many scientific
and musical theories from
internationally acclaimed
professionals such as Dr.
Alfred Tomatis. Steinbach’s
studies led to the discovery of
the unprecedented technology,
engineering, recording
techniques and pure aesthetic
listening quality of Samonas.
• The recordings are captured
in various locations from
waterfalls to ancient
cathedrals to provide the
listening experience in diverse
• Particular musical
compositions and
instrumentation have
proven to be excellent tools
for overcoming physical,
emotional and cognitive
• Harmonics are accentuated to
spark interest for the auditory
• In some recordings, slight
weighting is applied to
provide the right ear (quickest
pathway to the language
center of the brain) a stronger
dose of music and sound.
Buy all 13 Samonas CDs and SAVE!
#51007 Samonas Collection
Special offer: Buy the
Samonas Collection of 13
CDs plus the marvelous
Sennheiser headphones
(see page 57) and SAVE!
#51008 Samonas Collection
with Sennheiser
Headphones $849.95
For people who need to improve their These CDs help you to calm down These CDs use light and cheerful These CDs use natural sounds to take
ability to concentrate, stay focused, from emotional upset and relieve the music to uplift your mood and you down to “very deep” states of rest
be more alert and for those who are tension of the day.
enhance your creative energy.
and relaxation, even meditation.
learning challenged.
Guitar trio embracing Jazz,
Classic and Flamenco... that
spirits the listener away. An
uplifting adventure. Evokes
different moods: light-hearted,
buoyancy, intensity and flaming
energy that entices relaxation,
inspiration and new ideas.
The natural circulation of water
#63442 Cadaques Night $59.95
Flute, harp and cello;
#63448 Carulli Duos CD $59.95
is combined with pure tones
a very definite healing and
Magical impressions on the flute and of music played on natural
Very lively music composed by
calming effect. Slightly right
instruments. The level of deep
harp radiate warmth, energy,
Rossini, Tchaikovsky and Grieg
relaxation produced here lies
happiness and contentment.
recorded in a northern Spanish
#63447 Classic
Particularly good for lifting the in the creative Alpha and Theta
cathedral which enriches the
domains. Altered states of
Composers from the classic and spirit of both body and soul;
sound of this orchestration.
consciousness have also been
#46029 Live In Catalunya
experienced in addition to deep
negative thoughts and moods
with rather unique acoustics,
#46030 Mystery of Water $68.95
Highlights flute quartets by
into happiness.
producing a very specific
Haydn and Mozart and a string healing and calming effect.
#63446 Cantabile
Natural sounds of bird song
trio by Pleyel. Light and often
#63451 Romantic $59.95
at dawn and dusk. The
cheerful, this CD has frequently
deeply relaxing sounds were
Soft music for focus and peace. in an old Spanish cathedral
been used for those with
developed through a time space
that has superb acoustics.
learning disabilities. Particularly Music of J.S. Bach, Kuffner,
transformation of natural sounds.
Carulli, Ravel, Villa-lobos
suitable for younger children.
Track 1 takes you into the Theta
and Piazolla. Encompasses
state. Track 2 takes you deeper
#63449 Mozart and feelings of security,
into Theta and the Delta region.
Contemporaries $59.95
fulfillment and relaxation.
Also suitable for super-learning.
#63445 Nocturne $59.95
Carulli was a contemporary of
Mozart. Features guitar and
piano music. The recording
is right ear-weighted‑so as to
stimulate the left hemisphere of
the brain and thereby activate
the logical domain.
• Heightened auditory perception
• Improved speech and language
• Improved motor skills
• Increased energy
• Improved concentration
• Accelerated learning
• Used for ringing in the ears
A soprano from Catalonia
presents expressive styles
ranging from child-like
playfulness to emotional
mischievous or soulful melodies
with a hint of sensuality. Tells
the story of human passion,
accompanied by the warm
dancing rhythms are perfectly
sounds of the guitar. An
extremely enjoyable CD for the proportioned in an intellectually
and emotionally balanced
end of the day.
#42046 Lascia Ch’io Pianga
#42045 Queen of the Night
#46031 Alpha and Omega $68.95
Peaceful pulsating of two
seas in the evening, conveys
the tranquility of nature. The
vibrating tone of a Tibetan
sound bowl is heard. Calms the
body and soul. The listener is
led into deep relaxation, and it
is particularly suitable for those
who do not want distracting
#46032 Nature-Sound-Synergy $68.95
These tapes are duplicated in real time, using state of
the art analog equipment, directly from the master, to
maintain the high frequencies on which the success
of the therapy depends. Copies would entail a loss of
frequency and would not yield the therapeutic effect.
Level 3: Hearing Issues
This advanced kit is designed
to further enhance the hearing
improvement initiated by the
recorded tapes of highly filtered Basic Kit. It combines a range
classical music could
of instruments and filtering
do so much, helping
styles to both activate and
conditions such as
soothe the ear. It includes
stress and anxiety, poor the filtered listening program
sleep, fatigue, ADHD,
and a Sound Therapy Self
tinnitus, Meniere’s,
Help Listeners Workbook and
Highly Filtered Classical Music
That Heals Your Body And Balances Your Mind
Dr. Alfred Tomatis was a
pioneer in the study of the
effects of occupational
noise and determined
that listening problems
are the root cause
of many learning
problems. His work
served as the foundation
for the development of
programs by Dr. Patricia Joudry
and continued by her daughter,
Rafaele Joudry. The basic
premise is that almost everyone
exposed to industrial and city
noise or loud music gradually
begins to lose hearing in the
higher frequency range, the
frequencies that energize the
When people hear about
often amazed, and perhaps
dubious, about the great
variety of conditions it can
address. How can it be that
simply listening to specially
Level 1: Basic Kit
This is the introductory
listening kit for SOUND
THERAPY. It includes
both the filtered
listening program and
a Sound Therapy Basic
Self Help Listeners
Workbook and Training
Course. Comprised of a set of
four 90 minute music tapes
with ascending frequencies.
Level 2: Full Spectrum
This is Level Two, designed
to further enhance the ear and
brain improvements initiated by
the Basic Kit (#51012).
It combines whole,
unadulterated classical
music with another
band of quiet, highly
filtered (10 KHz)
music. Once the ear
has been “opened” by
the Basic Program, this nonintrusive background is enough
to maintain the recharging
effect on the brain, while at
schizophrenia, epilepsy,
stuttering, dyslexia,
behavioral problems, and
much more?
The answer lies in the fact that
the brain constantly changes
its structure by creating new
brain connections, increasing
its efficiency and order.
The organized structure of
classical music with the added
enhancements due to Dr.
Tomatis’ work is an extremely
efficient way to improve brain
structure and function. As the
brain’s response to music is
enhanced, the motor pathways
retrain the ear muscles. This,
in turn, allows high frequencies
to reach the brain, creating a
constant cycle of improvement.
Level 4: Emotional
A selection of music to bring
resolution of the emotions, it
brings out the beauty in life
and assist in finding balance
between different sides of
the personality. Improves
Level 6: Ultimate Energy
This kit aids in motivation,
organization, mental faculties
and maximum brain stimulation
for peak performance.
Stimulates energy. This set
of tapes has the liveliest and
brightest melodies of this
It is the activation and
filtering of the music
which renders it into a
powerful therapeutic
program for the ear and
brain. The recordings are
fully analog, ensuring that
the true high frequency
harmonics are available to
the listener.
Classic Series
the same time; the listener can
enjoy the full spectrum of the
music. This dual focus provides
further stimulation for the ear
and also expands the
consciousness. One can
be attentive to the high
frequency band with
the higher regions of
the mind, while the ears
absorb the straight music.
Contains: 4 tapes, Sound
Therapy Full Spectrum
Self Help Listeners Workbook
and Training Course.
”Must Reading” About
Sound Therapy Tapes
These are Patricia Joudry’s
original set of four sound
therapy cassettes:
1) Mozart violin concertos,
2) Vivaldi flutes
3) Mozart concertos and
4) Boccherini flute concertos.
#51012 Sound Therapy Basic Kit Numerous case studies
documenting improvements in
#51013 Sound Therapy Full Spectrum Kit $269.95
This is the fascinating story of
Patricia Joudry’s development
of Sound Therapy. Her story
will inspire anyone who
has suffered a noise-related
problem. This 11th edition is
fully updated with the latest
documented results for: tinnitus
(ringing in the ears), chronic
fatigue, insomnia, stress,
anxiety, hearing loss, sound
Training Course for Hearing
Issues. Set of four 90 minute
tapes designed specifically to
improve ear function and can
be helpful in serious cases
of tinnitus. In addition, it is
uplifting for depression and the
resolution of difficult emotions.
Helpful for sleep.
#33807 Hearing Issues $269.95
communication with others.
Draws out those who have been
through difficult experiences
and can also help in the final
stages of the healing process.
Very effective in recharging the
#33808 Emotional Balance
series. Set of four 90 minute
tapes, The Sound Therapy Self
Help Listeners Workbook and
Training Course For Ultimate
#33809 Ultimate Energy
higher mind function, hearing,
vocal range and physical
energy. 90 minutes each.
#46033 Joudry Classic Series
disease, travel
sickness, jet
lag, ADD,
memory, and
205 pages.
#51011 Sound Therapy: Music
To Recharge Your Brain
All tapes on this page must be used with high quality cassette players.
Headphones should be at least 15,000 Hz.
enhance Your Listening
Listening And Learning
Without Distractions
The Neurophone provides a
means for ultrasonic waves
to be interpreted by our brain
as “hearing.” This technology
bypasses the normal audio
mechanisms used by the body
to hear sounds and provides
a direct neural stimulation to
the brain. By
the ears to
hear …
effectively allows you to “hear
without your ears.”
A very popular use is to use
the Neurophone with its builtin pink noise generator for
meditation and relaxation.
Some people go sleep with it
on. Many people like to listen
to pink noise through the
as they
to music.
have had
using it with
language and
programs for
direct ultrasonic
input to the brain
by connecting a
CD player to the
Pink noise plays a
studying and learning
role in all of these
becomes easier to comprehend
pink noise is white
and retain. Imagine a time when
noise that has
you were trying
One of the main goals while using been filtered
to concentrate
the Neurophone will be to increase to reduce the
on learning a
the gain levels (volume) of the output
over time. As you are training your- volume at each
new activity
to hear ultrasonically through octave, resulting
or concept and self
your ears, you will find that over time
recall how easy you are able to hear the output of the in a noise sound
Neurophone at a seemingly higher wave that has
it was to be
volume even though you are turning equal energy at
distracted by
down the gain control.
every octave.
other noises:
Pink noise
family, telephone, television,
vehicle sounds, etc.
pink noise has been said to
Hearing is an amazing sense;
be analogous to listening to a
however, our ears are not
waterfall in the distance. The
selective to the content that
integrated pink noise generator
they do or do
in the Neurophone
not hear. As a
provides pink
result, it becomes
noise on demand.
difficult to focus
Then, allow the
on the task
pink noise to take
at hand. The
your mind from
your daily affairs
• Having trouble screening out
extraneous noises
• Studying memorization
• Finding it difficult to focus,
comprehend, and retain
• Serious about meditating
to a new level of relaxation and
Patrick Flanagan, renowned
scientist and author, developed
the Neurophone as an advanced
microprocessor control to
create the finest experience
in ultrasonic neuropathic
stimulation. It is a precision
scientific instrument with
an extensive digital sound
processor that encodes
sound and modulates it into
ultrasonic signals. Its digital
engineering offers a quality
of ultrasonic transmission that
is more accurate and richer
in harmonics that an analog
representation. Ongoing
research is being conducted to
evaluate the Neurophone’s role
in accelerating learning and
memory retention.
Using the Neurophone is
simple… put the transducers
on your forehead using the
headband as shown. Everything
is supplied with your purchase.
#83077 Flanagan Neurophone
Are You Searching For
An Ultra-Listening Experience?
The Echofone generates the
sensation of sound through
neural induction, without any
mechanical stimulation of the
listener’s eardrums.
The modulated
as high frequency
audible sound. The Echofone
extends your hearing perception
to sounds well above anyone’s
hearing range. Music and sound
from any high quality source
comes alive with astonishing
fidelity and dimension.
The perceptual expansion of
overtones above your normal
hearing range adds
a sense of depth to
many recordings. For
example, you can close
your eyes and perceive
where instruments in
a recorded orchestra
actually are in space.
Remarkable, but true!
The results are enhanced tone,
crispness and depth… greatly
amplifying the fidelity of
quality recordings. If you have
any high frequency hearing
loss, such as damage caused
by exposure to loud sounds,
of the full
dynamic range
of music without
missing the high
Recommended for:
sound therapy sessions,
programs with binaural
beats, listening to high quality
recordings of music, learning
languages and other instances
where extremely faithful
reproduction is required.
The Echofone headband uses
a Velcro system allowing
you to attach the
transducers easily and
comfortably. You get
everything needed
to use the Echofone,
including a cable to
attach to a CD player.
#48609 Echofone $399.95
• Suffering from hearing loss
• Passionate about listening to
high quality music
• Listening to sound therapy
• Learning a new language and
programs with full dynamic
must listen to enunciation with
Dynamic Sound— Like Being At A Concert
Listening To High Quality Sound With Poor Headphones
Is Like Attending A Concert With Cotton In Your Ears.
We've had some customers
call to say they didn't get the
results they wanted with the
sound therapy programs and
music that they received
from us. After some
questioning, we
determined they were
using inexpensive
purchased at their
local discount
store. Then, after
buying fullspectrum
from us,
we checked
back with
them. A
three letter
word was
in all the
WOW! What
made the difference
is the Sennheiser
headphones which
we recommend for sophisticated
1. Made by one of the world's
most outstanding audio
2. Broad frequency response: 15-
28,000 Hz spatial sound for
professionals and audiophiles.
3. Open, dynamic, stereo design
with ergonomic comfort.
4. Advanced Duofol diaphragm
5. Excellent high
frequency response,
ideal for Samonas
and Patricia
Joudry programs
and brainwave
entrainment CDs.
6. Highly
magnet systems.
7. Outstanding
wearing comfort
for long listening
8. Lightweight
aluminum voice
coils for highly
efficient and dynamic
sound quality.
These headphones are
for those who want the very
best effect and benefit from
sound therapy programs and
classical music. Once you hear
the difference, you will never
go back to regular headphones
#42535 Sennheiser Headphones
SUMMARY: These headphones feature a special internal
Surround Reflector, which generates a spatial sound field. State
of the art, advanced Duofol diaphragms and highly optimized
Neodymium ferrous magnet systems… make these ideal for
high quality music listening and those brainwave technology
programs used in the therapeutic use of sound.
Superlative Sound
And Wireless, Too!
Switchable SRS surround
sound mode, auto-tuning
with memory, automatic
level control, lightweight,
comfortable to wear. Includes
a metal stand for storing
and recharging the batteries.
Operating time: 22 hours.
Frequency response: 18-21,000Hz
#43115 Sennheiser Wireless
Headphones $169.95
enhance Your Listening
Low Frequency Response Headphones
For Light And Sound Machines
And All Other High Quality Recordings
They offer the low frequency
response that many other
headphones are not sensitive to,
and are incapable of detecting.
You may have an excellent light
and sound machine capable of
low binaural beats frequencies.
Photosonix, leader in audiovisual stimulation devices and
maker of these headphones,
has now enabled you to
realize your machine’s full
potential. Binaural beat
frequencies in the low
pitch ranges (as low as 16
Hz) can be used in many
varied and beneficial ways,
and are outlined in the
booklet included
with your purchase.
These high quality
headphones can
be used with
any light and
sound machine
or stereo source.
They offer superb
music reproduction
as they produce a full
range frequency response.
We also recommend their
use with audio-only
programs, whether in
combination with audio-visual
stimulation or alone. You will
be pleasantly surprised at the
enhanced results you get when
used with programs such as
Hemi-Sync, Hypno-Peripheral
Processing and paraliminal
recordings, Brain Sync,
meditation and others.
Included is
an excellent
handbook on
light and sound,
explanation of
binaural beats,
pulsed beats
and an extensive
reference guide
for further
reading. If
you really
want to
get the
out of a light
and sound
machine, look no
#45019 UltraBass Headphones
SUMMARY: If you are serious about light and sound sessions
and want to use your machine to its full potential, these
headphones were designed with you in mind. They enable you
far superior use of the low binaural beats frequencies and add
a great enhancement of the audio-visual stimulation light and
sound experience. Because of their superb range, they allow you
to hear all types of music and sound sources like never before.
Take A Look At
Are Cell Phones
While it is still too
early to determine long
term adverse effects
of using cell phones…
some recent findings
indicate the following:
• During usage,
heart rate and
hormone secretion is
• Usage should not be
for prolonged periods
• Use by children
should be restricted or
• Protection devices do
help to reduce any
#42506 Digital Cell Phone Diode $24.95
See Page 85
Psychic Explorations & Dreaming
Learn How To Become Consciously Aware During Your Enter Meditative States
Dreams, How To Remain Lucid And Apply Conscious Faster With Sounds Dreaming For Personal Growth And Benefit
Of Tibetan Monks
• Easily remember
your dreams
• Analyze the deeper
personal meaning
of dream events
and symbols
• Track specific
dream patterns and
identify your own
dream cues
• Become consciously aware
(lucid) within your dreams
• Use your dreams to understand
and work out subconscious
• Use your dreams to achieve
personal growth in waking life
• Induce a lucid dream from the
waking state
• Control your actions within
your dreams
• “Program” or “incubate”
dreams about desired events
• Use your dreams to rehearse
situations for waking life
• Induce a lucid dream from the
waking state
• Control and steer your dreams
Here is a unique
to benefit
from states
of expanded
awareness during
times we are
not normally
conscious. This
four-exercise series on DVD
is designed to teach you how
to program and consciously
participate in your own
personal dreamscape. Clinical
research suggests that focusing
on the dream you wish to
experience while remembering
that you can consciously
participate in your dream state
can dramatically increase your
chance of success. This Lucid
Dreaming Series provides a
substantial advantage for those
interested in lucid dreaming
by incorporating the HemiSync sound technologies
from Monroe Products. These
Dreamwalk contains
two audio CD
tracks with binaural
beats, which can
be listened to
prior to going
to bed. The CD
uses a proprietary
harmonically layered
audio technology to trigger
a combination of Alpha and
Theta brainwave states in order
to increase your dream recall,
trigger more vivid and lucid
dreams, and teach your mind
how to remain consciously
aware while the body sleeps.
Also contains CD-ROM
features that include: interactive
dream dictionary, techniques
for developing dreaming skills,
dream journal templates and
Requirements: Windows 98
and above, Adobe Reader (free
download from Adobe.com)
#51034 Dreamwalk
exercises were designed to
facilitate the brainwave states
found in naturally occurring
sleep cycles. Accordingly, each
of the first three exercises is
90 minutes in length. With the
expanded capacity of DVD,
exercise #4 is designed for a
full eight-hour sleep period to
support your lucid dreaming
practice. Incorporates the
hemispheric sound technologies
from The Monroe Institute.
#99850 Hemi-Sync Lucid Dreaming $49.95
Drift gently into the mystical
dream state with soothing
ambient music, calming water
sounds and Hemi-Sync sound
#45011 Dreamcatcher $19.95
Tibetan instruments have
been used for thousands
of years for
mental healing
and to access
states. Relax
and gently
stretch for a
few minutes,
lay down, slow down your
breathing and soon you’ll be
experiencing lush internal
imagery and satisfying
blissful meditation. This will
quickly open your psyche!
A Complete Course For
Conscious Dream Travel
Ph., a
his simple,
The Ultimate
Dream Dictionary
This quick reference
guide is essential for
anyone exploring
the power of
dreams for personal
transformation. With
more than 20,000
dream symbols, this
guide distills the
Past Life Explorations And Out-Of-Body Travels
In this exciting 5 CD set,
you will experience guided
meditations, hypnosis and
instructional discussions in a
home workshop format.
• During a powerful regression,
trace the source of a current
• Examine the core of your
current relationships
• Explore and connect with your
spiritual guide or higher self
• Explore the unseen energies
that influence your life
People commonly report being
able to see energy fields and
auras afterwards. Headphones
The bells
and bowls
high energy,
with a
lower trance
pitch. 3 CD
#82069 Tibetan Bells and Bowls
for becoming fully conscious
in the dream state. Now
anyone can learn to consciously
explore and use their dreams
for self-discovery, emotional
healing, and profound insights.
Includes: book plus two guided
dream induction sessions on
#42528 Lucid Dreaming $19.95
essence of our night
dreams into concise
definitions that reveal
the spirit in even the
most mundane of
images. 658 pages.
#45701 Into Your Dreams $19.95
• Experience a progression to a
future event of a lifetime
• Alter negative patterns that
were created in the past
5 CDs each approximately 60
#41019 Exploring Your Past Lives $69.95
Psychic Explorations & Dreaming
Adventures Beyond The Body
This excellent program of
guided meditations provide the
listener with powerful tools for
out-of-body travel. Experience
total freedom as you leave the
limitations of your physical
body behind and become aware
of the radiance of your astral
body. Here are the titles of this
4 CD set by William Buhlman:
• Sleep Programming For OutOf-Body Experiences
• Spiritual Awakening
• Spiritual Growth And
• The Vibrational Technique
#99869 Adventures Beyond The
Your Mind Is a
Quantum Engine
Are You Ready To Fire It Up?
The art of “applied quantum
physics” is learning how
to harness the power of
consciousness as we move
through space and time. At the
heart of quantum theory lies an
astounding truth: that the act
Learn Self-Hypnosis From An Expert For Mind-Body Healing
This is the first multimedia,
interactive curriculum that taps
the mind-body connection
to optimize physical health,
break unwanted habits,
boost mental agility…
whatever you set your mind
to achieve. Features the
“Hypnotic Apothecary,”
with over 20 specialized
hypnotic applications
to relieve pain, assist in
weight loss, heal skin, boost
of observing events in your life
can alter their outcome. Our
minds may not be just along
for the ride in an impersonal
universe. Instead, we can
define the fabric of reality at
a fundamental level with the
choices we make, the things we
choose to see or not see, and
most importantly, our intentions
in each moment.
Quantum physics is an
astounding (and mind-boggling)
field of science, and you can
actually use it to change your
life with this “User’s Guide To
Your Universe.” 6 CDs; 71/2
hours of wisdom, lucidity and
#51049 Dr. Quantum Presents: A User’s Guide To The Universe $69.95
Waking From The Trance
Have you ever
felt that your
thoughts, feelings,
perceptions and
everything you’ve
known to be
“you”… might be
just the surface of
something far more expansive?
That somehow, there might
be a way to “wake up” to an
entirely new revelation of the
world and of yourself?
In this program, you are invited
to discover a revolutionary new
#51050 Waking From The
out-of-body experiences and
Balance Your Chakras,
Harmonize The Auric Field other ascension dynamics.
This music creates
a unified field
within and around
the human bioenergetic matrix,
in preparation
for altered states
of exploration,
shamanic journeys,
Journeys Out Of The Body
The out-ofbody experience
is a state in
which one’s
appears to depart
the physical
body allowing
perception by
means other than those of the
physical senses. This Monroe
Institute series was designed
immunity, and much more. 18
Ken Wilber Tells How CDs, workbook, and pendulum. To Upgrade The Way Over 20 hours of instruction.
#51059 The Self-Hypnosis Home
Study Course $199.95
understanding of the nature of
consciousness that can
help us to see beyond
the inner structures that
limit our awareness.
You will learn how to
identify the “frames”
that organize your
most basic experiences,
extend your awareness
to every level of who you
are… and, ultimately, to realize
whom you are beyond your
thoughts, emotions, memories,
associations and perceptions. 6
cassettes, 9 hours.
You Think… And Live
For many thousands of readers,
Ken Wilber has provided a
model that actually makes sense
of life and the universe. Now
in a streamlined, concise form,
Wilber has created the ideal
tool for sparking an immediate
revolution of mind and
spirit. With this multi-modal
“platform of the soul,” users
will learn how to see the world
with a whole new level of
understanding and philosophical
Listen to this CD
prior to the DNA
series on page 77 for
the most integrated
and expansive
journey to the
infinite probabilities
of the Multiverse. 58
#34011 The Odyssey $19.95
for those who desire to achieve
this state. With
practice, one can be
brought up to the
borderland sleep
state, and through
it, to experience the
out-of-body state
with full conscious
awareness. 6 CDs
and manual.
#51088 Journeys Out Of The Body $99.95
sophistication. Here is a chance
to receive direct instruction
from Ken Wilber. 2 CDs, 1
DVD, study guide.
#51058 The Integral Operating
System $39.95
Mental Acuity and Learning
Protect Your Brain From The Common Effects
Of Aging
Pump Up Your Brain Cells
Brain Lightning™
patients and
Why Use
is a highly
over 100 clinical
Brain Lightning™?
trials published.
• Feeling Brain Fogged?
Huperzine A also
Over 40 or interested in
formula suited for • anti-aging?
has had numerous
the discriminating • Want to rejuvenate your
published studies.
21st century
Over 100,000
individual. Brain • Exposed to environmental
people with
memory loss
• Want better memory recall?
features a natural, • Need a mental edge?
or Alzheimer’s
synergistic, safe,
disease have been
and effective formulation that
treated with Huperzine A.
will assist anyone who has
The European Journal of
a need for increased focus,
Clinical Pharmacology reported
concentration, or better memory in 1985 that Vinpocetine
at home, at school, or on the
accelerated the rate of learning
by 40% and that short-term
In a Princeton study by Gould
memory was improved in
and Gross, they discovered
one hour in 62% of persons
that three areas of the
tested. In 1997, the Journal of
cerebral cortex was capable
American Medical Association,
of regrowing brain cells, the
reported that Huperzine A
prefrontal, the inferior temporal, increased brain levels of
and the posterior parietal
acetylcholine and other neuroregions. Brown University
transmitters while decreasing
and the Howard Hughes
neuronal cell death from stroke,
Medical Institute investigated
epilepsy, and other brain
synaptic chemical activity in the disorders. Further exciting
brain. Their findings hint that
findings came from Walter
connections in the brain can be Reed Army Medical Research
modified thus facilitating long- Institute that Huperzine A was
term memory storage. Cornell
capable of protecting brain cells
University Medical College and against toxins.
McGill University in Montreal
Brain Lightning™
demonstrated that brain
comprehensively serves
cells responsible
both the neurological
for memory and
and endocrine systems,
learning are able
and does not contain
to regenerate, and
the “biological
that the process
noise” of many
of replacing brain
other products
cells continues
available today.
throughout life.
Brain Lightning™
More recently,
offers 100% natural,
a team of New
best grade, and the
Zealand scientists
highest purity in
determined that
all its ingredients.
our brain cells
The proprietary
can regenerate
synergistic formula
themselves after
is finely tuned to
injury or disease.
achieve the maximum
Powerful Natural Substances
neuro-physiological benefit, far
Aid Super Brain Function &
outweighing the capability of
any other product.
From the periwinkle plant to the Providing the Best Nutrition
weed-like Chinese Club Moss,
for the Human Brain
Vinpocetine and Huperzine A
Brain Lightning™ provides
are extracted. Vinpocetine has
a balanced blend of ten
been extensively researched for major neurological support
over 30 years involving 30,000
substances including
Huperzine A, Vinpocetine,
DMAE, Trimethylglycine,
DL-Phenylalanine, GABA,
L-Tyrosine, Ginkgo Biloba,
and Pregnenolone, supported
by a wide spectrum of specific
vitamins and minerals of the
highest natural quality. 90
#71061 Brain Lightning $69.95
Buy 3 bottles and SAVE! $59.95 each
Key Benefits
Of Brain Lightning:
• Promotes better short-term &
long-term memory
• Enhances focus &
• Faster, accurate thinking
• Improves mental &
intellectual function
• Protects against age-related
cognitive decline
• Protects against neurotransmitter exhaustion
• Improves glucose & oxygen
utilization in the brain
• Improves cognitive function
in Alzheimer’s patients
• Facilitates cerebral
• Assists cerebral
• Increases acetylcholine in
• Improves vision & hearing
• Enhances blood flow to brain
• Increases mental sharpness
• Increases memory recall
• Prevents nerve gas toxicity
• Alleviates glaucoma
• Helps scavenge free radicals
in the brain
• Facilitates clarity of thought
• Increases mental energy
With a
plan rooted
in extensive
data, and
hundreds of
studies, the
author (talk
show host and
champion athlete) has developed
a strategy that not only protects
the brain, but helps to counter
the effects of aging and such
common detrimental conditions
as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s,
depression, memory loss,
senility, insomnia and others.
336 pages.
#45708 Mind Power $24.95
Improve Memory,
Sharpness And Prevent
Aging Of The Brain
the tools for
the mind,
and less able
to focus at
work, or are
trying to help
a loved one who has suffered a
serious illness. Many topics are
covered such as: hidden brain
toxins in your medicine cabinet
and in the food you eat, treating
stroke, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s
and much more. 336 pages.
#45703 The Better Brain Book
Strengthen Your Memory
And Concentration
Sharpen Your Memory And Reading Skills
Ever wish
you could
learn more
and faster,
and then
retain the
longer? See page 35
your mind
for brilliance
with exercises
and new
perceptions that
stimulate your
hidden genius.
348 pages
#45004 Deep Learning CD
#46035 The Einstein Factor
Mental Acuity and Learning
See How Bright You Really Are!
Improve your performance
in memory, quickness, IQ
and learning capacity. The
ImageStreaming process opens
a secret passageway to the
dynamic resources of your
brain. You’ll feel brighter,
clearer, calmer, more confident
and happier. Two mental
exercises, “Hidden Question”
and “High Think Tank” get the
noise and interference that seem
to clog the lines between the
conscious and the genius mind.
This improves problem solving
and increases
the speed
of getting
and creative
insights. You
get 8 Program
CDs, “Think
booklet and a
each book helped you. This is
Personal Learning a powerful way to learn ANY
new subject. Like a miniCourse
Too many web pages to read?
Too many books, newspapers
and magazines to study? To be
successful in today's world you
need information. PhotoReading
can help you digest information
quickly and easily. Want to
learn how to golf? Great, go
pick out the five best books
on the subject. Then, with
PhotoReading, read all of them
in about 2 hours. Wait 24 hours,
while your mind organizes and
stores the information (while
you are enjoying life!). Next
use proven
techniques to
recall what
you read,
and how
Use The Genius-Like
Qualities That You Have
The vitality of Oxy-Bliss Liquid
is incredibly psychoactive,
producing a high-energy
feeling of well being,
optimism and clearer
thinking. Preferred by
athletes and creative
types. Sublingual
for faster and more
complete absorption.
Stimulates clearer
thinking and a
general feeling of
vitality and helps
detoxify the body
by scavenging free
radicals and toxins. (1-2 month
#83047Genius supply) 1 oz. bottle.
Gives You The Ability
To Read At Speeds Most
People Find Unbelievable
Clearer Thinking And Greater Vitality
college course all available to
you in a couple of days.
After a few weeks with
PhotoReading®, you will learn
• Enter peak learning states
• Improve memory and
• Save hours of time AND stay
ahead of your competition
• Never let “too much
information” slow your down
Your subconscious mind can
process an unlimited amount of
information. Be learning and
using these proven techniques,
you can take your knowledge to
new levels. In our information
rich world you need to keep up.
PhotoReading will
help you do just
Do you want a sharper edge?
Do you want to improve your
abilities? Are you a goal setter?
Do you want to develop more
passion for your ideas? Do
you want to see these ideas
blossom? How can your
intelligence be increased? Not
your I.Q. intelligence, but your
status, financial intelligence,
#46038 Oxy-Bliss
and your business savvy. You
Buy 2 and SAVE! $43.50 each
will get resources that will help
to improve your intelligence...
Here is How It Works:
through a series of practical
1. Place a book or magazine in
theories and exercises that
front of you.
you can use for as little as
2. Relax, close your eyes, notice
20 minutes a day and make
your breathing and sit up
meaningful gains in your genius
abilities. Each time you respond
3. State your purpose for reading. in some specific way to one of
4. Open your eyes, and turn the
your own ideas, you reinforce
pages in a relaxed rhythm
the behavior of being more
5. Focus on the entire page, and
creative and more intelligent.
mainly the white space, not
Contains: 6 CDs and a CDthe letters. Your mind is now
working like a copy machine to ROM workbook.
store each page in its entirety
in your subconscious
6. Close the book, and state that
you have completed learning
7. Wait 20 minutes to 24 hours.
(Longer is better to allow
your mind to process the
8. Use the activation techniques
to bring what you've read into
your conscious mind
#42712 Brain Boosters $79.95
Get Peak Mental
ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)
gives you the highest energy
levels for physical and mental
peak perfor­mance. All energy
from foods must be converted
to ATP to be utilized by cells,
What you get:
but environ­
16 Photo­Reading instruction
mental oxygen
sessions on CDs, and 4 books: deficiencies
The PhotoReading Whole
result in our
Mind System by Paul
bodies’ reduced
Scheele, Natural Brilliance
ability to create
by Paul Scheele, a manual,
required amount
and a pocket dictionary.
of ATP for
physical or
Supercharger CD.
mental output.
#42547 PhotoReading Personal
75 tablets; 3 month supply
Learning Course #46037 Soma ATP $244.95
Buy 2 and SAVE! $47.95 each
Mental Acuity and Learning
Improve Short-Term Memory, Reaction Time And Hand-Eye Coordination
With A Serious Brain Power Fitness Program
This is a software program
that was designed
specifically for the
effective training of a
variety of important
cognitive skills. It
covers a wide range of
abilities such as: visual
search, time estimation,
naming, categorization,
visual short term
memory, auditory short
term memory, location memory,
spatial orientation,
planning, ability
to inhibit planned
action, speed of
reaction and handeye coordination.
Initially, MindFit
evaluates the starting
point for each user,
and on the basis of
this information it
designs an individual training
program. It has an exceptional
Individualized Training System,
developed by a recognized
authority in the field of
psychology. It is easy-to-use,
mentally stimulating, and very
effective. User’s Guide and
booklet on CogniFit Training is
#99853 MindFit $149.00
Improve Your Capacity To Process Information With Greater Efficiency
BrainBuilder® “neurobic”
exercises can boost your whole
family’s ability to absorb and
process information quicker
and easier, and all it takes is ten
minutes per day!
Psychologists and educators
call it “sequential processing.”
It's essential to every mental
process, including every level
of verbal communication.
Better sequential processing
enables us to take in more of
what there is to see and hear.
It determines how quickly and
clearly we can grasp concepts
with 3 or 5 or 7 components.
And it determines how
effectively we can express
ourselves to others. Some
things work just fine. Others
work, but s-l-o-w-l-y, or more
crudely. Use brain-building
methods tested and proven
effective over a 30-year period
on over 20,000 children and
Fast, simple, easy-to-use
software helps you get powerful
results in as little as 10 minutes
per day. With BrainBuilder,
you play up to 7 different 2-3
minute activities every day.
BrainBuilder automatically
sets and adjusts the level of
difficulty to help you succeed
Explore Your Brain’s
This book has protocols
for lucid dreams,
getting to sleep, higher
consciousness, sports
performance, learning and
much more. It outlines
and challenges you to improve,
providing feedback every step of
the way.
The more you exercise your
brain's fundamental processing
capacities, the stronger, more
efficient and more organized
they become. As the pathways
of your neural network
proliferate and deepen, so too
will your ability to absorb and
process information quickly
and easily.
The result is clearer, quicker
thinking, less confusion and
better communication. You'll
have less need to reread
information or hear it repeated,
and faster, more accurate
responses to real-life or
academic problems. Naturally,
this means less stress, higher
self-esteem, and greater
satisfaction and all-around
success in life.
the different states of
mind, or brainwave
states, mapping-out
how to recognize
when you are in these
states. Also gives you
“fool-proof” methods
to readily slip into
There are three visual activities,
three auditory, and one intensity
activity. These six core
activities all involve seeing or
hearing, and then recalling, a
series of numbers.
With regular use of
BrainBuilder, you can gradually
increase the number or “span”
of digits, or numbers, that you
can store and retrieve, thus
increasing your short-term
memory. Better memory is
just the first level of benefit
you will notice. If you can
grasp the relationship of more
factors that are interacting
in a given situation you may
be able to solve problems
more successfully that would
otherwise be too complex to
• Increase immediate, working
and short-term memory capacity
• Improve auditory and visual
processing • Raise cognitive
processing speed • Develop
visualization & conceptualization
• Improve attention and
concentration • Enhance listening
& reading • Increase mental
efficiency & organization •
Reduce confusion and mental
stress • Enhance communication
and social interactions
#54816 BrainBuilder 3.0 CD-ROM $49.95
these mind states at will.
You are guided by progressive
exercises that involve breath
extension, tension-relaxation
techniques, visualization, and
cognitive awareness training.
2nd edition. 285 pages.
#46036 Brain States
Exercise, Puzzles And Games To Balance
Your Brain
This book
offers a
way for the
curious to
their own
“brain bias” (left side/right side
weakness and strengths), and
then fortify the side that needs
attention. Contains rigorous
training exercises that result in
enhanced mental power in every
area. 160 pages.
#34004 Workout For A Balanced
How To Develop The
3 Components Of
Intelligence That Matter
Apply the
of Jean
Piaget, the
This book
how everyone can understand
how his or her mind works and
how to use that knowledge to
build intelligence. Softcover,
304 pages.
#45012 Mind Magic $15.95
10 Minutes To Faster Reading
Grab a book,
turn on the
CD, and watch
your reading
speed increase
Even your
Hundreds of
thousands have already learned
from Paul Scheele, the world's
greatest reading instructor. CD
#42716 Double Your Reading
Speed in 10 minutes $19.95
Inspire Creativity with
page 27
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