Optimum iCon Central Control brochure

Intelligent underfloor heating with iCon
Optimum offers you the iCon intelligent underfloor
heating control system. Slick, intelligent and versatile
with the ability to control 32 different zones, each
with their own individual heat profiles. Each zone is
monitored by either a blank plate room sensor or a
digital room sensor.
The system can also be connected to your home WiFi and
allows access via the internet anywhere in the world. Further
features for holiday and seasonal changes are included as well
as domestic hot water and radiator management. The iCon’s
blank plate sensors are available in numerous finishes to match
your interior décor perfectly. No other UFH control system
combines this level of function with coordinating design.
Stylish Touchscreen Design
One Central Console
to reduce
your annual
heating bill
Controls up to 32 different rooms
Each zone has it’s own heat profile
Controlled centrally from one easy to use console
Slick touchscreen design
Manages your domestic hot water
Connects to your home WiFi
Remote access via your device or mobile
4” and 7” versions available
Integrated user manual
Room sensors that match your existing decor
Optimum can supply room sensors in a range of finishes or can
match any decor to suit your own furnishings. Adjustable digital
sensors can also be used where local control is required.
Efficiency at your fingertips
All heating systems should have greater emphasis on controllability, underfloor
heating is no exception. We believe that the way in which the controls manage a
heating system is every bit as important, as the design, installation and heat source.
In most domestic situations, especially in larger houses, people spend most of their time in a
relatively small part of their home. The iCon allows you to accurately programme the correct time
and temperature profile for every room ensuring maximum efficiency.
Please give serious consideration to the level of control that you opt for, as escalating fuel prices and
global warming are both serious issues. It is important, as you have now considered a floor heating
system, that you take the time to decide which control option you choose. Making the right choice
can make a large difference to your fuel usage.
The extra cost of the iCon is normally recouped through reduced running costs within the first 18
months of operation. Optimum will always ensure that every iCon system has been set up correctly
so these benefits will be realised.
The Optimum Control for the Optimum underfloor heating
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