ACD90L 90 l / day Commercial Dehumidifier
with digital Humidistat
Thank you for choosing Amcor
Please read this user manual before using this innovative
Commercial Dehumidifier
and keep it safe for future reference.
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Safety Instructions
Control Panel
Quick reference guide
Water Drainage
Care and Maintenance
Technical Data
• Carefully read the instructions before operating the unit. If used on commercial
premises the site manager should ensure that the operator has access to the user
manual and understands the operation of the unit
• This appliance is for indoor use only and intended for use in a commercial or
domestic environment only. Any other use is not recommended by the
manufacturer and may cause fire, electrical shocks or other injury to operator or
• Rating: This unit must be only connected to a 220-240 V / 50 Hz earthed outlet.
Always operate the unit with the grounding plug supplied. A grounding plug is a
safety feature that helps reduce the risk of shock or fire.
• If you are in any doubt about the suitability of your electrical supply have it
checked and, if necessary, modified by a qualified electrician.
• This dehumidifier has been tested and is safe to use. However, as with any
electrical appliance - use it with care. This unit is a commercial / industrial
dehumidifier and was not designed with children in mind. Do not allow children to
play with or around this commercial dehumidifier, this could result in injury. Make
sure the unit is not accessible to children either in use or not.
• Installation must be in accordance with regulations of the country where the unit
is used.
• Disconnect the power plug from socket before dismantling, assembling or
• Never connect the unit to an electrical outlet using an extension cord. If a power
outlet is not available, one should be installed by a qualified electrician. Using
extensions will lead to reduction of voltage supplied to the unit and overheating of
the electrical cable at can only be done to customer risk
• Never operate this appliance if the cord, power adapter or plug is damaged.
Ensure the power cord is not stretched or exposed to sharp object/edges.
• A damaged power supply cord should be replaced by the manufacturer or a
qualified electrician in order to avoid a hazard.
• Avoid mishandling the dehumidifier. Dropping, throwing the unit can cause
damage to its internals and increases the risks of operating it.
•This dehumidifier must not be used in spaces where there is a high concentration
of gases, solvent or other volatile organic compounds; in very dusty environment; in
any commercial or industrial environment where air composition is flammable.
• Avoid touching any moving parts of the appliance. Never insert fingers, pencils or
any other objects though the guard
• This appliance is not intended for use by operators (including children) with
reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities. It is also not intended for use by
those with a lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given
supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance by a person
responsible for their safety.
•Do not operate the dehumidifier in pooled or standing water, as this may create a
risk of injury from electrical shock. If the case or the inside of the unit become wet
dry the unit before restarting it. If fails to operate discontinue use and call the
service centre.
• Do not clean the unit by spraying it or immersing it in water.
• Any service other than regular cleaning or filter replacement should be performed
by an authorized service representative. Failure to comply could result in a voided
• Do not use the appliance for any other purposes than its intended use.
• Do not tilt the unit while in use. The unit is design to work only in vertical position.
Always operate the unit on a stable, level surface e.g. solid floor, so that the
dehumidifier cannot fall and cause accident.
•This dehumidifier must always be stored upright, otherwise irreparable damage
may be caused to its compressor.
• Rest for minimum 8 hours after been transported in horizontal position. Avoid
restarting the dehumidifier unit unless 5 minutes have passed since being turned
• Never use the mains plug as a switch to start and turn off the dehumidifier. Use
the provided ON/OFF switch located on the control panel.
• Always place the unit on a dry and stable surface.
• The appliance should not be installed in laundry or wet rooms where the humidity
is higher than 85% RH. Operate this unit in an ambient temperature between 5°C
and 40°C.
• Avoid any water ingress into dehumidifier. Make sure no dust or wet building
materials are entering the unit.
• Do not place the unit next to heat sources e.g. electric or gas fires, radiators,
boilers etc.
Energy Saving and Unit Safety Protection Tips
• Do not cover or restrict the airflow from the outlet or inlet grills.
• For maximum performance the minimum distance from a wall or objects
should be 50 cm
• Keep the filters or grills of the unit clean. Under normal conditions, filters or
grills should only need cleaning once every two weeks (approximately). Do not
use the unit without the air filter as this will allow dirt to gather inside the
dehumidifier and could invalidate the warranty. A dirty filter will restrict the air
flow into the machine which will increase the resistance on the fan and could
result in damage and might invalidate the warranty.
Since the filters remove airborne particles, more frequent cleaning maybe
necessary, depending on the air quality. Vacuum and wash the mesh filters with
hot soapy water and dry them before placing them back in the unit. Do not
allow grease, oil or any contaminants to be absorbed into dehumidifier.
Your Amcor dehumidifier is a top of the range commercial dehumidifier with
features not found in other units
Large 90 litres per day max extraction
Metal body, ideal for hire or commercial operation
Portable on large castors, efficient, easy to use
LCD screen with Humidity display
Intelligent CPU controlled humidistat with exact settings and power
saving logic
Auto mode for easy set and forget operation
Touch control panel with led indicator
Timer on / off settings
Permanent drainage with uplift pump included
Remove any water from the water tank before starting the unit. In
order to save energy, do not open windows or doors while the unit is
running. Place the unit on a hard / flat surface. On first use run the
unit continuously for 24 hrs.
To reduce noise levels:
Place a piece of carpet or a rubber mat under the unit to reduce any
vibrations while the unit is running.
Amcor commercial dehumidifiers use compressor technology to
extract water from the environment. The Amcor range of commercial
dehumidifiers are ideal on ambient temperatures ranging between 5
- 30⁰C. We recommend using the units at above 10-15⁰C.
Amcor commercial dehumidifiers are light and easy to move around
on large wheels and caring handle. They are also intelligent
dehumidifiers which will extract unwanted humidity while saving
money due to their humidistat and advanced power saving logic.
They features an intelligent humidistat with exact settings and auto
mode insuring your room is not dried too much and power is not
Right side panel
Outlet grill
Top panel
Control panel
Left side panel
Inlet grill
Side handle
Front panel
Small castors
with stopper
Rubber wheels
Drainage pipe
Rear handle
Power plug
Cable holder
Power cord
Air grill
Optional accessories
1.Carbon filter Optional
2. PU filter
Operating Keys and Quick Guide
Power On / Off Key (beeps twice)
Turns the unit On / Off
Timer Selection Key
Selects the stopping timer or continuous operation
Dehumidification Level +/- Controls Keys
Set the target humidity level set desired humidity with an increment of 5% RH
or sets to continuous dehumidification. Keep the +/- button pressed for 2
seconds to advance quicker.
If you press first the Timer Selection Key first than humidistat can be setup in
conjunction with the timer
Mode Key
AUTO shows AU on LCD) AUTO dehumidifying
a. If ambient temperature 5℃ compressor will not start (compressor
b. If ambient temperature between 5℃-20℃ unit will work with RH60% preset
c. If ambient temperature between 20℃-27℃ unit will work with RH55% preset
d. If ambient temperature 27℃ unit will work with RH50% preset
< ,
> ,
Continuous dehumidifying—— LCD shows CO unit work without humidity control
Standard dehumidifying——unit work as standard following the humidity setting
Auto defrosting function in low ambient temperature
When the unit is running in a room with temperature between 5℃
and 12℃, it will be stop to defrost for every 30 minutes
When the unit is running in a room temp between 12℃ and 20℃, it
will be stop to defrost for every 45 minutes
Operational Advice
1. Take out the unit from the box, if required keep the packaging
material to repackage the unit for storage. Connect the pipe to
the drainage port tightly
Note: make sure the correct connection is used with the rubber
sealed pipe, avoiding leakage problem)
2. Plug to power, press ON/OFF key to turn-on the machine; press
ON/OFF key again to turn-off the dehumidifier. The LCD display
will show ambient humidity
3. After being turned off the machine will remember the last settings
for the next power cycle.
4. When unplugging from the wall socket use one hand to hold the
plug and the other hand against socket to avoid power cord
Warning: Using poor quality sockets, extensions or overloading
the circuits may cause damage to the machine or may start a fire.
5. When switching OFF the machine, do not simply unplug the unit
from the socket - ensure you turn off the machine properly before
unplugging. After dehumidifiers is OFF, the fan will keep running
for a couple of minutes and heat will be produced to dry the
Humidity control
When room humidity is higher than set humidity by 3%, Fan and
compressor will start dehumidifying. When room humidity is lower
than the user setting by 3% fan and compressor will stop. Humidity
display/ settings range: 20%-95%
Timer control
Stopping timer
On power on mode adjust the stopping timer using + / - key to select
the number of hours after the unit will stop
Start timer
On power on mode adjust the start timer using + / - key to select the
number of hours after the unit will start. Then turn off the unit.
The dehumidifier will restart after the set time.
For models with memory function, the dehumidifier will restart in the
same operation mode as before power off state.
Protection and Diagnosis
After working for 30 minutes if the compressor coil sensor reach -1℃,
unit will stop to defrost. This is normal operation.
If the detected temperature exceed the operation range, unit will
indicate E1 error code which is temperature sensor fault. In such a
mode unit will be with dehumidifying 30 minutes and defrosting for
15 minutes. This is normal operation and will recover as soon the
temperature will change.
If the detected humidity exceed the operation range, the
dehumidifier will indicate E2 humidity sensor error. Unit will work
trying to dehumidify continuously.
After the temperature and humidity fails back within main operating
range unit will start operating again.
Positioning the dehumidifier
Badly positioned dehumidifiers will have little effect in effectively drying the
place. In positioning the dehumidifier please ensure circulation of air in not
restricted around the unit. Please observe figure bellow in installing the unit.
Your AMCOR dehumidifier will begin to protect your space from the harmful
effects of excessive moisture as soon as it is turned on.
Excess moisture travels throughout your place, in the same way that cooking
smells spread around the house. For this reason, the dehumidifier should be
positioned in a central and clear location so that it can draw this moist air
towards it from all over the place. A warmer spot is an excellent position for
your dehumidifier. If possible, leave interior doors ajar to allow air circulation.
Alternatively, if you have a serious problem in one area you can begin by
positioning the dehumidifier there and moving it to a more central location at a
later date. Please note the unit should not be placed directly against a
radiator or other heat source.
When positioning your AMCOR dehumidifier, ensure that it is placed securely
on a level surface clear of any obstacle that may limit the air movement.
This dehumidifier is designed only for indoor residential / office and
commercial / industrial applications.
Place the dehumidifier on a flat dry surface.
The dehumidifier must be operated in an enclosed area to be most effective.
Close all doors, windows to create the best operating environment.
Do not use outdoors.
Water Drainage
This unit was designed to extract a very large amount of water while being
compact and portable.
Continuous draining
This dehumidifier has a continuous drain hole that can be connected with a
plastic pipe. The water in the body will drain through the drain hole.
Water can be automatically plumbed in or drained into sink, a larger external
tank or bucket or through the wall into an outside drain by attaching a pipe to
the unit. A standard pipe is supplied with the unit.
Insert the pipe into the drain outlet at the back of the unit. Make sure the
connection between pipe and the drain outlet is tight and do not leak. Then
direct the pipe to a suitable drainage point. This unit uses gravity fall to dispose
water hence the drain should be lower than the dehumidifier water outlet.
Be sure to run the water pipe downward and let the water to flow out
smoothly. Do not kink or bend the pipe.
NOTE: The permanent drain can be used in conjunction with water pump (e.g.
when draining a cellar) to lift the water upwards. Certain models may feature
and embedded pump.
Care and Maintenance
Always switch off the unit and unplug from the mains before cleaning or
performing any maintenance. When it is not in use for long periods it is advised to
remove the plug from the plug socket. Do not use chemical solvents (such as
benzene, alcohol or gasoline) as they may cause irreversible damage to the unit.
Filter Cleaning
Air-inlet and air-outlet may gather dust easily, please clean it often with a soft,
damp cloth. If the filter is covered by dust, the airflow and the performance of
the unit will be affected, it may even cause machine damage. We recommend
that you regularly clean the filter. Let the unit dry before reuse.
1. Take the air inlet grill out first than remove the filter from the unit.
2. Clean the filter with a vacuum cleaner or soft-brush.
3. Replace the filter in position.
Grille and Case Cleaning
Use water and a mild detergent. Do not use bleach or abrasives. Do not splash water
directly onto the main unit. Doing so may cause an electrical shock and can lead to the
insulation to deteriorate, or cause the unit to rust. The air intake and outlet grilles get
soiled easily, so use a vacuum attachment or soft brush to clean.
Out of season storage
1. Turn off the unit and wait for the
drying cycle to finish before unplugging the
power cord.
2. Clean and dry the water-tank.
3. Clean the filter, air-inlet, air-outlet and
unit body.
4. Coil the power cord in the holder
5. Cover the unit to prevent it from
gathering dust.
6. Store the dehumidifier in a cool and
dry place.
Power Cord Maintenance and Replacement
If the power cord is damaged, it could cause a short circuit or become a fire risk.
Please avoid pulling the cord, twisting or pressing it and keep it away from pets. If
the power cord is damaged, power the unit off and unplug if immediately. Contact
an electrician for repairs; do not attempt to repair the unit yourself.
Possible Cause
The unit does not operate
Has the power cord
Check if the used
voltage is lower or
higher than the rated
40℃ or below 5℃?
E1 error maybe on LCD
function does not work or
no air is discharged
Plug the power cord into the socket. Plug in
the unit also check power at outlet.
Check and make sure rated voltage only to
restart the unit.
The temperature protection sensor is
activated and the unit cannot be started.
Is the air filter clogged?
Clean the air filter as instructed under
cleaning section
Is the air intake or
Remove the obstructions
humidity is lower than
50% RH (E2 error may
be on LCD)
Below 50%RH the dehumidifier becomes
inefficient. It is recommended to switch off
the dehumidifier
Is the unit tilted or
Move the unit to a stable, sturdy location.
Is the air filter clogged?
Clean the air filter as instructed under
cleaning section
Operation is noisy
The air filter is soiled
The unit may be wet
Wash the air filter
Allow more time to dry
Contact the service centre
The fan does not spin
Unit continuously in
defrost and you can see
an ice block on the
Unit does not defrost
maybe defective
Contact the service centre
The dehumidifier is in
defrost cycle
The dehumidifier will switch on the fan
automatically after defrost ends. If this fails
contact the service centre.
Fan not running
Contact the service centre
Defective PCB
Contact the service centre
The room temperature
is to low (E1 may be on
Defective relay valve
Defective temperature
Assure that the device is only set up in
rooms with temperatures above +5°C.
Contact the service centre.
Contact the service centre.
Contact the service centre.
Note: when the fault cannot be solved by the solutions above, please contact service centre for help, do not
attempt repairs.
Technical Data
Rated dehumidifying capacity
Rated voltage
Rated current
Rated power consumption
Max power consumption
Max current
Max condensing pressure
Max evaporating pressure
Tested condition
220V /50Hz
6.59 A
3.6 MPa
30℃ 80RH%
Global Warming Potential (GWP)
The unit cannot be operated when room ambient temperature is lower 5 ℃
*Rated capacity was tested under 30℃ RH80% test condition.
Disposal: Do not dispose this product as unsorted waste. Collection of such waste
must be handled separately as special treatment is necessary.
Recycling facilities are now available for all customers at which you can
deposit your old electrical products. Customers will be able to take any old
electrical equipment to participating sites run by their local councils.
Please remember that this equipment will be further handled during the
recycling process, so please be considerate when depositing your
equipment. Please contact the local council for details of your local
household waste recycling centres.
All information provided is for reference only. Products specifications may change due
to continuous product development.
Please, for your own convenience, make these simple checks before
calling the service line.
Has the unit been standing upright? (for at least 2 hrs)
Is the unit plugged into the mains? Is the fuse OK?
Switch the unit on and wait three minutes to see if the issue is resolved.
Check whether the water tank is full.
If the unit still fails to operate call:
0871 620 1057 or fill the online form
Office hours: 9AM - 5PM Monday to Friday
Unit 2, The Nursery, Berristow Lane, South Normanton, Derbyshire, DE55 2FX
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