XA Series Manual Final - X

Built To Perform™
XA Series
Class IIIB & IV
For Professional Indoor Use Only
X-Laser, LLC
PO BOX 353
Laurel, MD 20725
Note: X-Laser strongly recommends keeping this manual with your new laser
fixture at all times both as a laser safety reference and a field reference for DMX
operation. DMX charts are included for your convenience.
1. Do not expose the human eye directly or indirectly to focused or scattered
laser radiation as loss of vision, complete blindness, and/or other serious injuries
may result.*
2. This fixture is NOT intended for audience scanning effects. Operators must
ensure that the primary laser beam and any reflected beams remain at least 3.0
meters in lateral and vertical separation from any person or persons.
3. This unit is intended for indoor use only and should be at all times be
protected from fluids and humidity. Do not expose this fixture to
temperatures outside of its’ normal working range of 60-85 degrees F.
4. There are NO user serviceable parts inside of the fixture. Opening the outer
casing will void the warranty and could result in radiation exposure. Any
modifications to the fixture are prohibited, may be dangerous, and will
immediately void the factory warranty.**
5. Always ensure that the power supply is properly grounded before use.
6. DO NOT USE this fixture if you suspect that it contains a defect of any kind
either from manufacturing, damage, general wear or has a broken
manufacturer’s seal. Return the fixture to the factory for service and/or
maintenance immediately.
7. Sound Active and AUTO modes provided with this fixture via the rear dip
switches are provided as a convenience for testing only. This unit should
ALWAYS be used in DMX mode during any demonstration, performance, or
road use unless being used in conjunction with an X-laser ESSD (available
separately). See the dip switch explanation later in this manual for more
8. Lasers are capable of starting fires at great distances. Do not use this product
around or in a path to any combustible or otherwise flammable materials. The
XA350RGBV lit a cigarette in our workshop. Use caution.
9. Before using this product in any capacity, ensure that the unit properly
secured to prevent accidental beam shifts and that a safety cable is used for any
aerial rigging.
10. Blue color lasers must be used with special care because the wavelength is in
the hazard zone for photo-toxicity also known as the 'blue effect'. This
wavelength can cause injury well below the thermal MPE levels.
11. This product is not a toy and should be kept inaccessible to unauthorized
persons before, during, and after use. Authorized persons should only be
employees of an FDA variance holder. Keep away from minors.***
12. This unit should never be left unattended while operational and should
always be unplugged from both DMX and power while being transported,
rigged, de-rigged, cleaned as described below, or when a qualified operator is
not present. We also recommend keeping your DMX controller separate from
the laser at all times to prevent unwanted activation.***
13. Before using this product, it is the responsibility of the user to be familiar
with all Federal and State reporting and usage requirements. Laws vary by state.
An FDA variance is required to operate this product. Refer to the included user
DVD for more information.
14. Keep all body parts and clothing away from the laser, and particularly the
aperture mirrors at ALL times. The mirrors move EXTREMELY fast and will
cause serious injury.
15. Do not stand in front of the laser while active. All persons should wear
protective eyewear while rigging, maintaining, or otherwise working with the
*Failure to follow the above precautions and other precautions contained in this user
manual, particularly with regard to human exposure to laser radiation and electrical
safety, may result in serious injury, loss of vision, electric shock, skin damage, and death.
Please refer to the section on laser safety later in this manual for more detailed operation
guidelines. Always be mindful that Class 3B and 4 lasers shoot potentially hazardous
radiation at the speed of light. They should be handled and operated with the same care
and caution that you would use if you were using a loaded firearm.
**Any service and/or maintenance to the fixtures is to be performed by factory
authorized technicians only except as specifically described in this manual.
***This product should not be operated by persons who are not trained in proper laser
safety procedures and/or do not know how to use all components of a DMX system
Thank you for purchasing an X-Laser product! You now own one of the
most powerful and best crafted aerial laser display systems ever created for
the mobile entertainment industry. Your new X-Laser is capable of
producing absolutely stunning aerial laser effects over audiences in nearly
any performance application with the convenience and flexibility of full
DMX control. With the power of the X-Laser fixtures also comes a
responsibility for safety so we strongly encourage you to read and follow all
of the notices throughout this manual. If you have any questions about
proper use of these laser systems, laser safety, troubleshooting, or anything
else, visit us on the web 24/7 at www.x-laser.com so that we can best assist
Your new X-Laser should contain the following items:
1) One professional laser light show fixture;
2) A grounded power cable;
3) This user manual;
4) Several pieces of "black wrap" foil;
5) A DVD containing letters, forms, and a wealth of other information about
this product specifically and laser safety in general.
Quality Control Measures:
When you open your new X-Laser, you will notice that the laser unit and
components have already been opened and re-sealed. Each laser that is
delivered from the factory is tested and given a 26-point safety inspection
before it is sent to you. All of the functions of your new laser including the
DMX protocols have been checked to ensure excellent and safe
performance. If you find any defects in one of our products or see a broken
factory seal on the unit itself, please contact your authorized X-Laser dealer
immediately for warranty service.
General Guidelines For Proper Usage:
1. Always treat your laser with great care as some components are very
fragile. This is not a standard “DJ” light that can bounce around in the back
of a van for years and work just fine. Care for it as you would an intelligent
mirror scanner. See also "Warm-Up" on page 12 of this manual for more
usage information.
2. Avoid turning the laser on and off frequently as it will reduce the diode
life. Also, this fixture does not have a set duty cycle but we do not
recommend using it for more than four hours continuously.
3. From time to time be sure to clean the mirrors or laser aperture with a dry
tissue that does not pill. You may also use an alcohol prep wipe to clean the
mirrors and compressed air to blow dust from the vents. BE SURE the
alcohol has dried fully before activating the laser This is the only user
allowed maintenance.
4. Always keep all factory supplied labels on the unit and visible. These are
all required for legal compliance.
5.The unit is supplied with several pieces of black wrap foil to be used as
'beam blocks' to prevent the laser from accidentally being moved into a
danger area. These are provided separate from the fixture so that they can be
applied, adjusted, and removed easily for mobile entertainment applications.
If this unit is to be permanently installed, you may permanently apply the
foil to the outside of the unit. To apply, simply use thin strips of gaffers tape
or a heat safe glue for permanent installation. Using this foil is required for
maximum safety and we recommend replacing the foil and/or tape at the
first signs of wear. Replacement foil strips can be obtained very
inexpensively through your X-Laser dealer.
6. During any use of your X-Laser product, be sure to leave an open space
around all sides of the laser to facilitate airflow through the unit. Do not
obstruct the holes in the casing as these permit air to enter and cycle though
the unit.
7. Always allow the laser 10 minutes of warm up time to reach full power.
The unit will stay “warm” for some time even if off.
General Guidelines For Safe Laser Usage:
Your X-Laser product is a powerful laser device intended for aerial indoor
lighting displays operated by professionals. The major concern with
professional laser systems is to avoid human contact with the laser beam and
to create a safe area where patrons and staff can enjoy your light show.
Please observe the following guidelines when using your X-Laser product.
1. For all venues you must designate safe and restricted areas of the venue
where persons are or are not allowed to be respectively. The "safe areas"
should not be subject to any laser radiation either directly or indirectly. By
protocol, there must be at least a 3 meter buffer between safe and restricted
areas on all sides. In other words, all laser beams must terminate (ie. not be
reflected away) in the restricted areas to avoid human contact.
2. As a laser light show operator you have a responsibility to reasonably
foresee circumstances where conditions could present a safety risk to patrons
or staff. This means that making sure all laser units are properly aimed via
the onboard DMX, physically blocked to prevent radiation spill or reflection
into safe areas, and securely mounted are all "musts." Also, to be sure that
these conditions are met properly, trained employees should be the only ones
using these products.
3. Because the AUTO and SOUND ACTIVE modes of the laser do not
allow for manual X/Y scanning control, this unit should ONLY ever be
operated in DMX mode in demonstration conditions. You can and should
use the X and Y axis controls built into the DMX protocol to properly focus
the laser into the restricted areas of your venue only.
4. Because there are no user serviceable parts inside of X-Laser products,
the outer case should never be opened by the user. To ensure proper safe
operation in demonstrations and performances, please immediately
discontinue use of your X-Laser product if you notice or suspect that any
part of the laser is not functioning properly. In such a case, call us or your
dealer for an RMA number and we will repair the unit to bring it back into
5. As a reminder, Class 3B and 4 laser products may only be used by a
person or employees of an organization which holds a Laser Light Show
Variance. All such persons must have adequate and appropriate laser
operation and safety training, keep a copy of their variance with them at all
performances, and keep appropriate safety logs and checklists. The variance
holder must also file annual reports as required by the CDRH (FDA) and
ensure that their variance is renewed prior to expiration. Copies of these
forms, introductory training materials, and more may be found on the DVD
enclosed with this product.
6. We strongly recommend that each user of an X-Laser Product read “Safe
Laser Display” literature published as ANSI Z136.1 and Z136.10. These and
a wealth of laser safety information is available from www.rli.com and the
Laser Institute of America. We also strongly recommend that proper safety
equipment such as wavelength specific laser safety glasses be used during
any times which a technician or others could be exposed to laser radiation.
7. Excellent laser training is available from a number of private institutions
such as RLI above and we recommend that all of our users undertake it.
Basic safety training is provided with this product but is NOT meant to be
comprehensive. Please follow the enclosed instructions on the user DVD.
We want you to have a wonderful experience with our products so that you
can bring the thrill of professional laser light shows to your audiences. The
common sense safety procedures outlined in this manual should be easy to
successfully implement in your shows and provide you with years of safe
and profitable laser displays. Please contact us or your X-Laser dealer if you
have any questions about how to safely and effectively use our products!
Blue Light Hazard:
For X-Laser products which contain blue or blue violet lasers there is a
special issue which must be taken into consideration called the “Blue
Effect.” Essentially certain wavelengths of light can cause damage to the
eyes at levels well below what it would take to have thermal (heat) damage.
Using this product as specified herein and as required by a variance will
virtually eliminate this hazard except that you want to allow an additional
1.5 meters of clearance from any diffuse reflection to someone’s eyes. In
other words, if the laser hits a white wall such as during testing, you should
stand at least five feet back from the wall. Proper laser safety glasses should
ALWAYS be used during any time when the unit is being worked on or
when beams could come close to an operator.
Temperature And Lasers:
Lasers work best at room temperature with colder and warmer temperatures
resulting in inconsistent performance. Always ensure that the laser housing
has excellent airflow around the case and that the air is no colder than 60
degrees and no warmer than 90 degrees. Failure to do so may result in weak
output, overly strong output (this is also a safety issue!) which will diminish
the life of the unit and/or large output power swings. All X-Lasers are
thermostatically monitored so we can determine if a diode failure was
temperature related. Such failures are NOT covered under our manufacturers
warranty. Extreme cold and hot temperatures WILL cause a diode failure.
Keep this unit climate controlled at ALL times.
Using the safety requirements above and included on the user DVD as a
preliminary but not exhaustive guide, you may hang or otherwise mount
your new X-Laser product in any suitable orientation EXCEPT upside down.
The writing on the sides or front of the fixture should always be right side up
or at no more than a 90 degree angle to level. Use great care if you change
the orientation of you laser from show to show to make sure that your DMX
programming and beam blocks are suitable for the new orientation and will
result in safe operation.
Operating Modes:
Locate the dip switch bank on the rear of the laser which consists of a series of
10 white switches or “pins.” Pushing these pins up and down in different
combinations will allow you to access different working modes and DMX
addresses as described below. Be sure pins are fully engaged to achieve the
desired effect. Up is “ON,” down is “OFF.”
SOUND ACTIVE: Unit responds to low frequency notes in music and runs
through available laser patterns and/or animation frames. Sensitivity to sound
may be adjusted using the knob on the rear of the unit.
Access Sound Active Mode by pushing all pins DOWN/OFF. Should only be used
for testing unless with an X-Laser ESSD.
AUTO MODE: Unit replays all available beam or graphics laser sequences in
Access Auto Beam Mode by pushing up pin #1 to the ON/UP position leaving all
other pins down/off. Access AUTO ANIMATION MODE by pushing pins # 1&2
ON/UP. Should only be used for testing unless with an X-Laser ESSD.
DMX: Unit responds only to DMX control inputs from an external DMX
controller. SOUND ACTIVE and AUTO modes are also accessible via DMX
Channel #1 on all fixtures.
Access DMX Mode by making sure that pin #10 is ON/UP and use pins 1-8 to
set the DMX address as show below.
DMX +1 +2 +4
+16 +32 +64
To reach a DMX address of 49 for example, turn switches 1, 5 & 6 to
“On,” (1+16+32=49).
Master/Slave: Multiple lasers in a DMX daisy-chained (explained below)circuit
NOT controlled by a DMX controller can be controlled instead by a single laser
of the same model. Set pins on the “Master” laser to either Sound Active or Auto
modes and then turn all dip switches on all “Slave” units DOWN/OFF except
pin #3 which should be ON/UP on Slave lasers only. All units may require a
power cycle to send/receive the control signal.
Creating a DMX Circuit:
Your X-Laser product can be linked to other X-Laser fixtures or other DMX
compatible fixtures. To create this link, it is recommended that true DMX cable
be used for best operation and that the DMX chain be terminated at the end of
the link. Please follow these steps:
1) From your DMX controller, connect a 3 pin DMX cable to the “DMX IN”
port on the back of your X-Laser Product. For any additional fixtures, continue
to daisy chain the DMX cable from the “DMX OUT” port on the first fixture to
the “DMX IN” port on the next fixture and so forth down the line. Your total
length of DMX cable should not exceed 300’.
2) At the end of the DMX link, place a DMX terminator in the “DMX OUT”
port of the last fixture in the link.
3) Use the dip switches (explained above) to set the DMX address of each
fixture in the chain.
-Before powering on the laser, be sure that you have a
minimum of 3 meters clearance from any safe area and that all
operators are out of the laser path.
-Be sure that the laser is properly and safely rigged.
-Be sure that you have a reliable method of attenuating the
laser beam or powering down the fixture in case of emergency
and have used the enclosed checklist for additional safety.
-Make SURE that the laser has adequate air clearance around
all sides and that the ambient temperature is BELOW 90
degrees F
X-Laser Safety Labels:
Please see the last page of this manual for label copies and placement.
Introduction To Laser Effects:
Your new XA series X-Laser is capable of producing absolutely stunning aerial
effects as well as moving or static graphic projections. As with all lasers, the use
of a scattering medium such as haze is recommended for best results as is
moderate to substantial darkness. X-Lasers are designed to show well even
under moderate ambient lighting but more darkness will give a better effect.
The animation capabilities of your XA series laser may be accessed in two ways.
First your laser comes complete with many built-in animations and aerial
graphics which are accessible via DMX. These are basic animations but will still
be exciting when used in live performance situations as the XA series of lasers
can manipulate these images in so many different and unique ways.
The custom animation capabilities of your laser system require an external
software controller for operation just as a DMX light requires an external DMX
controller. This software is available separately from X-Laser in the XA Live!
package and numerous other vendors. Your laser system contains an ILDA
approved interface for communicating with these graphics suites but we strongly
suggest buying a package which is both compatible with the ILDA interface,
allows connection from the parallel port on the rear of the laser, and is of high
quality to ensure the best performance.
If you are experiencing difficulty with custom laser animation software please
be advised that we cannot provide support for third party software packages.
However, you can easily test the functionality of your laser system by accessing
the on-board animations via DMX or AUTO-ANIMATION modes. These
modes were specifically designed to use the same circuit pathways of the ILDA
interface so as to be able to easily determine if difficulties are resulting from
laser defect or software issues. Thus, if your laser is producing animations
properly in either of these two modes, you can be sure that the difficulty rests
outside of the laser system. Finally, when configuring the software it is always
advisable to use the LOWEST scan rate (10K is standard) possible to achieve
the effect that you need. Setting a scan rate too high can damage your laser
X-Laser DMX Traits:
All XA Series Single Color Models
Channel Function
Beam Attenuation
(See note below for
multi-color lasers such
as the RGBV)
Pattern Selection
Moving Y-Axis
Moving X-Axis
X Axis 3D Spin
Y Axis 3D Spin
Sound Active
Auto Aerial Mode
Auto Animation Mode
Manual to Sound Active
Full Manual*
Laser OFF*
Various Beam Effects, Strobe
Frequencies, and Blanking
Laser Full ON
Various Animation Frames And
Aerial Patterns
Manual Adjustment, Auto Scroll
Manual Adjustment, Auto Scroll
Manual Spin
Automatic Spin
Manual Spin
Automatic Spin
Manual Rotation
Auto Clockwise
Auto Counter Clockwise
Zoom (Z Axis)**
Pattern Size
Beam Cohesion
Drawing Modes
Auto Zoom Larger
Auto Zoom Smaller
Auto Zoom w/ Speed Control
Default Mid-Sized
Smallest To Largest
Converts Patterns To Individual
Dots And Adjusts Scan Speed
Animated Drawing
Animated Drawing Effects
XA Series Multi-Color Models
Laser OFF
Single Colors
Color Effects
*Certain effects such as auto running effects will only function when the laser is
in full manual control.
** Your X-Laser XA100G also includes a manual zoom knob on the rear of the
fixture which works in tandem with DMX controls.
Note: CH1 MUST have a value above 150 for full beam
attenuation. SA/Auto will have periodic activations.
Cleaning and Maintenance:
1. Units are only to be serviced by factory authorized service personnel. DO
NOT open the laser unit under any circumstances.
2. Please see Page 5 for limited maintenance suggestions.
3. ALWAYS be sure that the unit is disconnected from power and DMX
signals before beginning any cleaning.
4. The use of wavelength specific safety glasses are very strongly
recommended during any testing, or cleaning.
Power supply indicator
does not light up.
Unit powers on but does
not produce laser in
Sound Active Mode
Unit powers on but does
not produce a laser in
DMX mode.
Unit powers on and
accepts DMX signal, but
responds erratically or
Unit has a loud grinding
or clicking noise during
startup or during some
Light output is low or the
beam is not sharp.
-Check power cable to be sure it is fully inserted. Then
check power supply to the unit.
-Check input voltage.
-Check unit fuse and change if needed. Be sure to
replace with correct fuse type.
- If the unit works but the indicator does not light up,
return to factory for service.
- Turn up music and adjust the audio sensitivity on the
rear of the unit to "Max."
- Be sure that your audio source contains sufficient bass.
- Be sure that dip switch #10 is in the "ON" position.
(also for AUTO mode)
- Be sure that your DMX console is connected and
configured properly.
- Check that the DMX addressing on the rear of the
fixture corresponds to DMX programming.
- Be sure that dip switch #10 is in the "OFF" position.
- Be sure that DMX channel 1 is not set to "Laser OFF"
or "Sound Active Mode."
- Check DMX indicator light to see if the unit is
receiving a DMX signal.
- Check the DMX addressing on the rear of the unit to
be sure that it matches with your DMX programming.
- Install a terminator in the DMX OUT port of the last
fixture in the chain.
-Be sure that you are using high quality DMX cable.
-Unit may be too warm or too cold.
- This is not a product defect. The laser will "home"
each time it is turned on and may exhibit some similar
noises during high speed scanning patterns. Usually the
pattern noises fade with time as the stepper motors get
worked in.
- Clean the mirrors with a lint free cloth and a little
window cleaner. Allow to dry fully before use.
- Laser may need a few minutes to warm up from a
"cold start" or the diode may be damaged/worn.
If none of these solutions are successful, perform two power cycles allowing
the unit to rest completely off for at least five minutes each time. If you still
have difficulties, please contact your dealer or X-Laser immediately for
DO NOT attempt to use this product if it is not performing optimally.
From a "cold" start, it may take your X-Laser system as much as 15 minutes to
reach full power. More commonly, warm-up time is less than 10 minutes.
However, this time will be greatly increased if the unit is too hot or too cold.
Excessive temperatures, especially cold, will reduce the laser power output by as
much as 90% and may damage the laser. DO NOT LEAVE THIS FIXTURE IN
Once the laser reaches full power, the diode may be turned off via DMX and
then back on at a later time. If this is done within approximately thirty minutes,
the laser will still project at nearly full power. Avoid turning the laser on and off
repeatedly in short intervals or leaving it on for more than three to four hours
continuously. This fixture does not have a duty cycle and unlike most intelligent
lighting systems with discharge lamps, the laser will perform a "hot re-strike,"
but it is not recommended as this may shorten the life of the laser.
Power Variations:
X-Lasers are hand built laser light show products produced from scratch and
built to order. Because lasers are made with such small power levels variances
from fixture to fixture do and will exist. This can be influenced by a dozen
factors from temperature and diode age to normal voltage fluctuations and initial
cold start power. We make all lasers within very small <10% tolerances
(1/100th of one watt) but under some conditions differences can be noticeable. If
you require precisely matched diodes please contact your dealer and request a
power match before ordering as variances within tolerance are not considered a
ILDA Interface:
The ILDA interface on the rear of most XA series lasers uses an ILDA DB25
cable for data transmission from the computer to the laser. Do not use standard
printer cable. ILDA cables have different pin configurations and are available
from X-Laser in various and custom lengths.
Technical Specifications:
This laser product is designated as Class 3B during all procedures of operation,
maintenance, and service and may only be sold, rented to, or used by
organizations which already hold a valid class 3B or 4 laser light show
performance variance.
Refer to X-Laser.com for the most up-to-date model specifications.
Wavelength: 405-650nm
Laser Power: <1000 mW
Laser Type: DPSS, GaN, and Direct Diode
Testing Modes: AUTO and Sound Active
Working Modes: DMX ONLY
Rated Power Consumption: 100W MAX, 75W Common
Control Input: 3 Pin XLR
Text Generation: Four Lines Max, Less than four words recommended. ILDA
controller required and available separately.
Voltage: AC 110V; 50HZ-60HZ, Fuse: 3A/250V
Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty:
X-Laser warrants that this product will be free from defects of materials or
workmanship for 12 months for the mechanical components of the laser system
and 90 days for the laser diode from the date of end user purchase. This
warranty will only apply to laser systems purchased from an authorized X-Laser
dealer. This limited, non-transferable, warranty does not cover product abuse,
exposure to the elements, accidental damage, shipping damage, improper usage,
liquid or smoke damage (including fog juice), or units which have a broken
factory seal, have been modified, rented, transferred to a third party, or are more
than 12 months old.
Limitation of Liability:
By using this product, the end user certifies that he/she is familiar with and agrees to practice all
industry standard laser safety procedures and such procedures contained herein. The purchaser of
this product acknowledges that they have been advised that an FDA variance is required prior to use
of any Class 3B or 4 laser system and the purchaser certifies that this product will only be operated
by employees of the variance holder and in accordance with the terms of the variance. X-Laser
specifically disclaims any liability arising from improper or unsafe usage of this product, usage
without an active variance, or usage of this product in any manner other than intended. By using this
product, the end user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless X-Laser LLC, its’ dealers and
distributors, employees and staff, subsidiaries, and partners in any action arising from use of this
product. Finally, the end user also agrees that prior to any use of this product, he/she shall have in
effect a liability insurance policy with a sufficient per incident limit to cover any claims arising from
the use of this product. Any purchaser who does not agree to these terms may return their X-Laser
product within 7 days of purchase for a full and unconditional refund.
Location and Placement Of Caution and Explanatory Labels:
Labels may vary slightly from those shown here.
LASER Light – Avoid Exposure To Beam
New products labels as shown here will be effective for new products
produced after August 1 2009. If you have purchased an older laser with
several smaller labels, rest assured that those will remain legally compliant.
Front Of Laser Housing Where Laser Originates:
Side Panel Of Fixture: Unified Label
For a complete product listing along with accessories, performance
ideas, local dealers, product videos, and so much more, please visit
www.X-Laser.com. While you are there, please register your
product with us so that we can keep you up to date with the latest
information regarding your X-Laser product and future releases.
We thank you for purchasing an X-Laser product and
wish you many happy shows!
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