Water Bath Constant Temperatutre Oscillator
the outlet. Open the cover of the instrument, nipping the vessel in need
. Brief instroduction
of oscillation in the spring multipurposed calm,
It is manufactured by imported corrosion-resistant plate with advanced
turning on the power source switch and oscillation operating switch, and
technics.Each index of performance can meet national standard requirements. It is
choosing the speed of oscillation and opreating temperature you need.
in possession of many merits ,such as high precision of controlling
Adjust the speed of oscillation from slow to quick. Control the
temperature,steady oscillation,reliable quality,long service life and so on .The clam
temperature to what you need according to temperature display unit.
is adopted advanced stainless spring multipurpose ones,used conveniently and
extensively in culture of microorganism and also scientific research and
experiments of food, life-form,medicine,agriculture,and environment protection.
. Technical index
There’s guiding lights to guide operating mode. Green means heating
while red means stop heating ,the indicated value is the real temperature
in working room.
. Precautions
1. If timing is needed,adjust the knob to relevant place.If no adjust
it to “ON”.
1. Power source: 220V 50Hz
2. Range of temperature controlled: 0-100
(precision ±1
2. while taking out or put into vessel, the instrument should be
turned off.
3. The instrument should be placed steadily.Don’t use it inclinely.
3. Rotary speed: 30-360rpm
4. In order to assure the safety of your body and property,the outlet
4. Timing: 0-120 minutes
5. Oscillation amplitude:
should have safety grounding device. The outlet must be turned
6. Net capacity of working room:
off after finishing working.
7. Working load:12 Kg
8. Working method: continuous
. Method of application
The power source of this instrument is inalternating current of
220V. Before using,please assure the current rating of outlet is not less
than 6A,and having safety grounding device. Otherwise please replace
The products in our factory are assure to be maintained all the
time.Please use them at your ease.(Cost of production will be paid
extenuatorily when using improperly or imparing artificially)
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