ColorChlor, ColorChlorHP TechniChlor and TechniChlorHP Owners

Salt Chlorine Generator for Pools and SPAs
with Built in Light Show Entertainment
ColorChlor, ColorChlorHP
TechniChlor and TechniChlorHP
Manual version: 7/30/09
Made in the USA by:
ControlOMatic, Inc.
13433 Lime Kiln Road
Grass Valley, CA 95949
(530) 852-7356
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Table of Contents
Package Includes
Important Safety Instructions
How the ColorChlor Works
Water Chemistry
SPA Water Preparation
Removal of Phosphates
Adding Salt
Adjusting the power
Light Show Selection - ColorChlor Only
Temperature and Salt Level
Light Show Selection - TechniChlor Only
Checking the Salt Level
Adjusting Chlorine Production
TechniChlor Boost Mode
Power Level Run Times and Level 10
Limited Warranty
Throughout this manual the ColorChlor will be used to refer to all models, and as needed specific model features will be indicated.
SPA Will be used to refer to both SPAs and small pools.
PPM: Parts per million, used to indicate chemical concentration.
GFCI: Ground fault circuit interrupter. An electrical outlet that has protection from ground faults.
ColorChlor: Small salt chlorine generator for SPAs up to 600 gallons and small pools up
to 1000 gallons. Includes 4 LEDs and 13 light shows.
TechniChlor: Small salt chlorine generator for SPAs up to 600 gallons and small pools
up to 1000 gallons.
ColorChlorHP: Small salt chlorine generator for SPAs up to 1000 gallons and small
pools up to 6000 gallons. Includes 4 LEDs and 13 light shows.
TechniChlorHP: Small salt chlorine generator for SPAs up to 1000 gallons and small
pools up to 6000 gallons.
Package Includes
Boxed Package: 1 Chlorine Generator with 10 foot cable, wall power supply, cable clip,
manual, water test strips and SeaKlear Spa Phosphate Remover or equivalent.
Retail Package in the clear tube: 1 Chlorine Generator with 10 foot cable, wall power
supply, cable clip, manual and water test strips.
Page Introduction
Congratulations on purchasing the world’s first all-natural salt water chlorine generator with brilliant
light show entertainment! We hope you will enjoy the many benefits of owning the innovative ColorChlor:
Reduced maintenance
Daily chlorine production
Self cleaning reversing polarity
Chlorine production automatically adjusts for variations in water temperature.
All-natural sanitation
Soft water for healthier skin
On average electrical costs $0.50 per month to operate
Does not require the SPA to be on to make Chlorine
Chlorine production takes SPA temperature into account
No need to measure the salt concentration, the ColorChlor will tell you if there’s enough
After SPA use, the ColorChlor increases the chlorine production for 24 hours
Generates Chlorine at 6 hour intervals
Doesn’t use stabilizing products which build up with Chlorine tabs
Doesn’t require tapping into the existing SPA plumbing
Entertaining, mood-accenting light shows, ColorChlor only
Temperature measurement can be viewed as one of the light shows, ColorChlor only
And of course, Easy to Use!
The ColorChlor is a small salt chlorine generator specifically designed for SPAs. The ColorChlor is
very easy to use and install. The ColorChlor system generates chlorine from a small amount of ordinary table salt, dissolved in the SPA water, to take care of most of the SPAs purifying needs. Less
than two teaspoons of salt per gallon of water is all it takes. Day in and out, you have fresh pure chlorine introduced evenly throughout the SPA from salt (without additives). Perfect for all SPAs up to 700
gallons (2.7kl) and the HP models for small above ground pools up to 10,000 gallons (37.8kl).
The ColorChlor system helps to provide soft silky clear water. Imagine no chlorine smell or irritation, no
red eyes or dry skin, just silky soft inviting water ready when you are ready. For fitness and pleasure,
nothing is more nature friendly than a ColorChlor system in your SPA.
Page Important Safety Instructions
 WARNING: Use and operate the ColorChlor only according to these instructions.
 WARNING: Install the ColorChlor in accordance with all national and local electrical, safety,
and other applicable codes.
 WARNING: Plug the ColorChlor into a GFCI or GFI (ground fault circuit-interrupt or ground
fault interrupt) protected 120V outlet only.
 WARNING: Protect power transformer and outlet from exposure to the elements including
direct sun, rain, snow, condensation, etc.
 WARNING: DO NOT allow children to operate the ColorChlor unless under adult supervision.
 WARNING: DO NOT allow children to plug/unplug the unit’s power transformer.
 WARNING: DO NOT insert objects into the ColorChlor body or tamper with in any way. Inserting metal objects into the body may damage the ColorChlor.
 WARNING: DO NOT operate the ColorChlor if damaged in any way.
 WARNING: DO NOT pull on the cord to disconnect the transformer. Rather, remove from outlet by firmly pulling the transformer from the outlet. Do not allow the cord to rest on sharp edges or
corners or be walked upon. Do not drop, throw, or otherwise rough handle the ColorChlor.
 WARNING: DO NOT handle the unit during chlorine production (visible bubbling). Slight
discomfort may be felt in cuts, sores, or sensitive skin areas because of the chlorine concentration
and electrolysis process. Wait until no visible bubbling for chlorine before handling or stop chlorine
production by either removing the ColorChlor from the water by lifting the cord from outside the water (not by grasping the housing) or by unplugging from the wall transformer from the power outlet.
 WARNING: Never grasp the ColorChlor body when it is making chlorine. Always lift it out using
the cord. Never unplug the ColorChlor by pulling on the cord, unplug by grasping the power supply.
 WARNING: Unit must be unplugged from outlet before performing any maintenance or troubleshooting operations.
 WARNING: Unplug and remove the ColorChlor from the SPA and store indoors when the SPA
is drained or winterized.
 WARNING: The purpose of this product is for use as a salt water chlorinator and light show
entertainment. Any modification or misuse of product will void warranty.
 CAUTION: If the unit is not working properly or has been damaged in any way, contact customer service before operating.
ColorChlor General SPA Usage Cautions
 CAUTION: Prior to using the SPA, leave the cover open for at least 30 seconds to allow
trapped gasses to escape.
 CAUTION: Prior to using the SPA, measure the water parameters and adjust if necessary.
 CAUTION: Make sure all of your SPA electrical components and power cords have been thoroughly inspected by a licensed electrician prior to using your SPA and ColorChlor.
Page How the ColorChlor Works
The ColorChlor is a semi-automated, salt water chlorine generating system designed to help sanitize
SPAs and small pools. The system requires a small amount of salt (Sodium Chloride, NaCl) to be
dissolved in the SPA water. The salt concentration is low, about 10% that of sea water and below
the taste level of most humans. The small addition of salt also benefits users by providing a softening effect on the water, leaving hair and skin feeling smoother and healthier than with other sanitizing
products. Note that the amount of salt added will seem like a lot, but it is small in relation to the volume of water.
When the salt dissolves in the water, a reserve of sodium (Na+) and chloride ions (Cl-) are created.
This reserve of ions is converted to chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) through a miniature electrolysis
process. The generated chlorine kills bacteria and algae which are further removed by the SPA’s filter. After killing the bacteria and algae, the used chlorine returns to ions and the process is repeated.
This chlorine generating technology has been proven worldwide in commercial and residential pools
for decades. The ColorChlor offers a miniature system designed for residential SPAs.
The ColorChlor operates independently of the SPA. For this reason it is possible for the ColorChlor to
operate 24 hours a day without needing the SPA pumps to be on.
Water Chemistry
It is important to properly maintain your SPA for the health and safety of its users. The ColorChlor will
generate chlorine at 6 hour intervals. Pools and SPAs are unique and no perfect automated sanitizing solution exists. The ColorChlor will significantly reduce the amount of SPA maintenance required,
but chemical check-ups including chlorine PPM and pH are recommended before each use. Proper
maintenance of the SPA will prolong the life of both the ColorChlor and the SPA. The following table
describes optimum water chemistry for portable SPAs in general.
Free Chlorine
Total Alkalinity
Calcium Hardness
Recommended Level
3.0 to 5.0 PPM
7.2 to 7.6
80 to 120 PPM
150 to 300 PPM
SPA Water Preparation
Under the following conditions the SPA water must be replaced:
The water hasn’t been replaced in over 6 months.
The previous sanitizer was bromine, stabilized chlorine tabs, or hydrogen peroxide
To ensure proper operation under these conditions, the SPA must drained, rinsed, refilled with fresh
water, and balanced to the recommended levels before installation. Use the provided set of test
strips to measure the water chemistry and verify it is balanced properly. Replacing the filter is recommended but not required unless the SPA was previously sanitized with a hydrogen peroxide system.
For SPAs previously sanitized with a hydrogen peroxide system the SPA must be drained, rinsed,
filled with fresh water, and the filter replaced. The combination of hydrogen peroxide and chlorine
may cause gum-like build up, discoloration of water, and skin irritation.
Removal of Phosphates
Phosphates in the SPA water can lead to a significant reduction in the efficiency of a chlorine generator from producing chlorine. If you replaced the water with fresh water you still need to check the
phosphate level as there may be phosphates in the supply water. Damage to the ColorChlor from
improper water conditions isn’t covered in the warranty. If you turn the ColorChlor on and there are
Page phosphates the chlorine output will gradually drop. This type of damage can’t be repaired.
When adding phosphate remover allow the filter to run until the water is clear and then clean the filter.
You will need to supply another means of chlorine during this process. Follow the instructions that
come with the phosphate remover.
Adding Salt
Use only sodium chloride (NaCl) salt 99% pure or better. Approved salts include “pool salt” made for
salt water chlorine generating systems, canning and pickling salt from your local market, and some
water softener salts. These approved salts are generally available at pool supply stores and home
improvement centers in a variety of sizes. Never use rock salt or salts that have more than 1%
“anti-caking agents”, “yellow prussiate of soda”, or “sodium ferrocyanide” added as these
compounds may cause staining of the surfaces.
The amount of salt to add to the SPA is dependent upon the size of the SPA. Too little or too much
salt will accordingly affect how much chlorine is generated. To add the proper amount of salt, determine the volume of the SPA in gallons by checking the SPA owner’s manual or by calculating it using
the following formulas:
Spa has water-displacing features such as seats
Gallons = Length x Width x Depth / 585
Gallons = Diameter x Diameter x Depth / 585
Few water displacing features such as above ground pools
Gallons = Length x Width x Depth / 292
Gallons = Diameter x Diameter x Depth / 292
Centimeters Spa has water-displacing features such as seats
Rectangular Liters = Length x Width x Depth / 2520
Liters = Diameter x Diameter x Depth / 2520
Few water displacing features such as above ground pools
Rectangular Liters = Length x Width x Depth / 1260
Liters = Diameter x Diameter x Depth / 1260
Next, determine the amount of salt to add from the following formula. If there is already salt in the
water you need to measure the starting concentration.
The desired salt concentration is 3000PPM. If there is no salt in the SPA enough will need to be
added to raise it all the way from 0 to 3000PPM. If there is already some salt in the SPA then enough
needs to be added to raise it from the current level to 3000PPM.
Pounds of Salt = SPA Gallons * (3000 - Current Concentration) / 120,000
Kilograms of Salt = SPA Liters * (3000 - Current Concentration) / 206,000
Add the recommended amount of salt to bring the concentration to 3000PPM. Use the SPA jets to
help dissolve the salt. Warmer water will also aid in dissolving the salt faster. If the water is cold it
may take several hours for the salt to dissolve. If the water is hot it may take 30 minutes.
hasn’t completely dissolved and the ColorChlor is turned on it will not make chlorine and there may
be a desire to add more salt.
Page Electrical
The ColorChlor requires a GFCI protected 110/120VAC outlet. Even though the ColorChlor power
supply is weatherproof it is highly recommended to keep it in a water tight enclosure. Water proof
components are available at most hardware stores. If a suitable outlet needs to be added to the SPA
have a licensed electrician add a 110/120 GFCI protected outlet with a rain cover big enough to hold
the power supply. Do not use an extension cord.
Changing the power level requires turning the ColorChlor off and then on. If the outlet is in the
SPA motor compartment and difficult to get to, an ON/OFF switch may need to be added to allow for
changing the power level.
Remove the tie straps on the ColorChlor cable and unwind. Pull the cable tight to remove the twists.
Do not pull any kinks or the cable may be damaged. If there are any kinks in the cable remove them
before pulling the cable tight. Attach the ColorChlor water tight connector to the wall transformer and
tighten the nut. Immerse the ColorChlor in the SPA water being careful to not let the power supply
make contact with the water. Plug in the ColorChlor power supply into a GFCI protected 110/120VAC
outlet. The ColorChlor will flash blue from 1 to 10 times indicating the current power level. Then it
should begin to generate chlorine, bubbles will be visible indicating the ColorChlor is working properly.
Attach the supplied cable clip to the outside of the SPA by removing the tape backing and pressing it
firmly to the SPA. Slide the ColorChlor cable into the cable clip to hold it in place.
Adjusting the power
The ColorChlor will generate chlorine based on a power level. The power level is how long the ColorChlor will be on every 6 hours. A new ColorChlor has the power level set to 5. Use the following
table as a starting point to initially set the level:
Power Level
SPA Volume in gallons
Less than 300
Between 300 and 500
Between 500 and 600
Above 600
On Time per 6 Hours
1 Hour
1.5 Hours
2 Hours
3 Hours
Daily on time
4 Hours
6 Hours
8 Hours
12 Hours
Use the following steps to set the power level in the ColorChlor:
1. Turn the ColorChlor off and take it out of water, then turn it back on while out of the water.
2. Count the initial blue flashes to verify the current power level. The ColorChlor always flashes
the current power level with blue led’s when turned on.
3. Observe a 3 second delay
4. The ColorChlor will start flashing green LED’s. The ColorChlor will flash from 1 to 8 times with
green LED’s for power levels 1 to 8, then one flash of blue LED’s for power level 9, and one flash
of red LED’s for power level 10. This will repeat after a 5 second delay. Count the flashes and submerge at the desired power level.
5. It will stop flashing and the LED’s will stay off for 5 seconds. Do not remove from the water
during this 5 seconds.
6. After 5 seconds it will start flashing red. Remove the ColorChlor from the water while it is flashing red, this will set the new power level.
7. The ColorChlor will stop flashing and restart. When it restarts the new power level can be verified by counting the blue flashes or simply put back in the water to start making chlorine.
Page Light Show Selection - ColorChlor Only
To begin a light show, follow these 3 easy steps:
1. Remove the ColorChlor from the water by grasping the cable and lifting up. The unit will sense
that it is out of the water and will shortly begin the light show selection process.
2. The ColorChlor will cycle through all 13 shows and repeat until it is put back in the water. Every 2
seconds it will cycle to the next show.
3. To select a light show, re-submerge the unit while the corresponding LED configuration is displayed. Once submerged, the light show will begin immediately.
Each light show will last 15 minutes. When the light show is complete, the LED’s will be off for 15 minutes and then the ColorChlor will re-start chlorine generation. To change a light show when already
in a show, repeat the selection process steps 1-3. In this case the show will start at the current show
and continue.
The ColorChlor includes 13 different light shows and 3 other light modes. The first 5 are solid colors,
the next three have a rainbow effect with fading between different colors, two flashing random, three
strobes, one for temperature, one for salt level, and one for all off.
Wild White, all LED’s are solid white.
Brilliant Blue, all LED’s are solid blue.
Awesome Aqua, all LED’s are solid aqua.
Passionate Pink, all LED’s are solid pink.
Radical Red, all LED’s are solid red.
Rainbow Delight, cycles from red, orange, yellow, green, aqua and blue
Rainbow Sensation, cycles from green, aqua, blue, aqua, green aqua
Rainbow Temptation, cycles from red, pink, violet, blue, violet, pink
Fast Flashing Random
Slow Flashing Random
Slow White Strobe
Wild White Strobe, fast flashing of all white
Strobe Brilliant Blue, fast flashing of all blue
Temperature Display
Salt Display
Light show off
Temperature and Salt Level
When set for temperature the units are degrees Fahrenheit. When set for salt level multiply the reading by 300 to get the level. A reading of 10 would be 3000PPM.
When set to temperature or salt display, the ColorChlor will flash red, then green, then blue, and repeat. Red represents hundreds, green represents tens and blue represents ones.
Page Examples:
x 100
For temperature, 1 red flash and 4 blue would be 104°F
For temperature, 1 red flash with a delay followed by a red flash would be 100°F
x 10
For salt level, 1 green flash would be 10 * 300 or 3000PPM. In this case the green LED
would blink one time and delay, and then blink again and delay.
Light Show Selection - TechniChlor Only
The TechniChlor doesn’t include the light shows. When using the SPA, remove the TechniChlor from
the water. When the TechniChlor is re-submerged it will be off for 30 minutes before resuming chlorine production. You can still check the salt level by observing the LED colors while making chlorine.
It is recommended that the SPA owner check chlorine and pH levels before each use or once weekly
if not in use. Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, and Salt PPM should be checked at least once per
It is recommended that the SPA be shocked once per month, or bi-weekly if used more frequently.
Notes for SPA’s with metal components: Chlorine levels above 5.0 ppm or salt concentrations above
5000 ppm may lead to corrosion of metal components.
It is important to measure the total alkalinity of your SPA regularly. Ideally, you should keep a hot tub
between 100-150 alkalinity. If your pH is a little high, you can add a little white vinegar to lower it. The
ColorChlor will raise the pH in a couple of days. If your pH is extremely low (less than 7.0), add a few
tablespoons of common baking soda. Always remember to leave the SPA circulating for a couple of
hours before retesting.
Add phosphate remover as per the instructions. If the SPA isn’t used often you can increase the
weekly 1 oz. additions to every two or three weeks.
Checking the Salt Level
Check the salt concentration once per month. Observe the LED’s on the ColorChlor when generating
chlorine and verify the LED is green and on solid. When generating chlorine the LED’s on each side
will be on indicating the status of the salt level as follows:
One solid Green - either side: On with good salt level
Both solid Greens - each side: Reversed plates with good salt level
One flashing Blue - either side: On with low salt level
Both flashing Blues - each side: Reversed plates with low salt level
One flashing Red - either side: On with very low salt level
Both flashing Reds - each side: Reversed plates with very low salt level
All flashing Greens every 10 seconds. Off portion of the 6 hour period, standby mode.
WARNING: If the salt is very low the ColorChlor may be stuck in the mode of light show selection.
The ColorChlor uses the detection of salt to determine if it is out of the water, and when the salt is
very low it can’t tell the difference from being in the water or out.
When in standby mode, the ColorChlor will flash all green LED’s every 10 seconds. The salt level
Page can’t be checked in this mode. Cycle power leaving the ColorChlor in the water and then when it
starts making chlorine you can observe the LED color.
Adjusting Chlorine Production
Selecting the proper power level for your SPA usually requires some trial and error. Many external
factors affect the sanitizing needs of your SPA including:
How often the SPA is used and by how many people?
Is there an Ozone generator and is it working?
What is the temperature of the water?
What is the length of time since the water was replaced?
Is the SPA covered?
When the ColorChlor completes a light show a chlorine boost cycle that lasts 24 hours is activated.
In this mode the ColorChlor will boost the power level by 3 up to being on continuously for 24 hours.
This helps to compensate by generating more chlorine when the SPA is used vs periods of non-use.
The best time to adjust the power level is when the SPA hasn’t been used for a couple days. In this
case measure the chlorine and if low increase the power level and if high decrease the power level. If
the chlorine is very high decrease the level by 2 and if it is very low increase it by 2.
If the water has been replaced prior to installing the ColorChlor the chlorine demand may be low. In
this case start the power level below the recommended starting level. When adjusting the power level
the ColorChlor will next perform a boost cycle. Return again after a couple days of non SPA use and
adjust the power level if necessary.
If the chlorine is zero 24 hours after installation the chlorine demand of the SPA may be above what
the ColorChlor can produce to break away from zero. In this case manually add chlorine or decrease
the chlorine demand of the SPA. The demand can be decreased by not using the SPA, lowering the
temperature, replacing the water, adding a non-chlorine shock, removal of phosphates, and cleaning
the filter. If the ColorChlor still can’t produce enough chlorine to break away from zero add 10% more
TechniChlor Boost Mode
Even though the TechniChlor does not have a light show, when it is removed from the water and
placed back in the water the boost mode will start after a 30 minute delay.
Page 10
Power Level Run Times and Level 10
If you use your SPA every day, and keep the power level set to 10, there is a good chance that the
chlorine level is just right. If you don’t use your SPA for a couple days there is also a good chance
that at this power level it will make too much chlorine when it isn’t used as the unit will be on all the
time. If you set the power level to 6, then when you use your SPA the boost mode will keep it on
for 24 hours after the light show which is like power level 10 for one day. Then if you don’t use your
SPA for a couple days the output will reduce after the boost mode to 34%. Note that power levels
6 through 9 will all be on for the full 24 hours after a light show which is the boost mode. The boost
mode will increase the on time by 3.
The power levels of chlorine production on times are:
PL 10: ON 100%, no temperature compensation.
PL 9: ON 83%, boost level 100% for 24 hours
PL 8: ON 68%, boost level 100% for 24 hours
PL 7: ON 51%, boost level 100% for 24 hours
PL 6: ON 34%, boost level 100% for 24 hours
PL 5: ON 25%, boost level 75% for 24 hours
PL 4: ON 16%, boost level 48% for 24 hours
PL 3: ON 8%, boost level 24% for 24 hours
PL 2: ON 4%, boost level 12% for 24 hours
PL 1: ON 0.5%, boost level 1.5% for 24 hours
It is always a good idea to revisit the user manual to make sure installation or maintenance steps
were not overlooked before referring to the trouble shooting guide.
Blinking Red Light
Chlorine consistently too low
Chlorine consistently too high
Page 11
Possible Causes
Salt very low
Plates need cleaning
Plates damaged
Power level too low
Plates need cleaning
Low salt level
Large bather load
Just doesn’t keep up
Power level too high
Corrective Action
Add salt
Soak ColorChlor cell in Vinegar for 10 minutes
The ColorChlor cell needs to be replaced
Increase the power level
Soak ColorChlor cell in Vinegar for 10 minutes
Adjust the level if necessary
Additional chlorine may be needed
Remove organic material, such as leaves
Make sure the ColorChlor is at the lowest point in the
Clean the filter
Shock the SPA water
Lower the power level
Limited Warranty
Models: This warranty applies to the ColorChlor, ColorChlorHP, TechniChlor and TechniChlorHP
models referenced as “System”.
ControlOMatic, Inc. warrants the System to be free of all defects in material and workmanship for one
(1) year from the original purchase date. The System includes the power supply unit, cable, electronics, and electrolytic generator for residential use only. The product must be installed properly and
used in accordance with this manual and all applicable local codes and regulations. This warranty is
not transferable.
In no event shall ControlOMatic, Inc. be liable for consequential damages for breach of this warranty.
Some States do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the
above limitation or exclusion may not apply to the buyer. The warranty does not cover any loss or
damage to the product due to improper installation, product abuse, misuse, negligence, or improper
maintenance of the product or SPA. The warranty does not cover any loss or damage to the SPA,
SPA components, users, or anything outside the product due to product failure. You assume all responsibility of using the product.
This warranty does not apply to any costs, repairs, services, damages, claims or losses for all of the
following: Service calls to correct the installation of the product, or to explain the usage of the product
to the buyer, repairs necessitated by use other than normal home use, damage resulting from misuse, unintended use, unforeseen use, non-SPA use, abuse, accidents, alterations, improper installation, and corrective work necessitated by repairs made by anyone other than an authorized service
Damage to the “System” from improper water maintenance isn’t covered in this warranty.
Should any problem develop during the warranty period go to to get the
proper contact phone number. You will need the serial number that is visible in the clear part of the
System body. You may be required to return the defective component and if necessary, the component will either be repaired or replaced.
Page 12
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