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Page 1 Sieuíllriwhlan* __ `Tunic-am _ User Manual Page 2 Page 3
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ToolC am
User Manual
[pe [Prod (elite de Camera with Wie Dear Monti
Copyright Notice
This manual is furnished under llcense and may be used or copied anly In
accordance with the terms of such license. Except as permitted by such license,
no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored In a retrieval system, or
transmitted, in any form or any means, electronic, mechanical, recording, or
otherwise, including translation to another language or format, without the prior
written permission of SecurityMan. The content of this manual ls furnished for
informational use only, is subject to change without notice, and should not be
construed as a commitment by SecurityMan, SecurityMan assumes no
responsibility or liability for any errors or inaccuracies that may appear in this
book. All other product names, trademarks and registered trademarks In this
document are the proper-tles of their respective holders.
FCC Information
Notes on FCC's “Consistent Statement of Information” This product meet the
requirements specified In Part 15 of FCC Regulation. Operation rests with the
following two conditions:
(1) The equipment should not cause any harmful Interference.
(2) The equipment must receive and process any interference, including any
possible Interference caused by operation mistakes.
After testing the product, we confirm that the camera complies with the provision
for class C digital equipment in the 15th part In FCC regulations; and the receiver
complies with the IImitations for class B digital equipment In Part 15 of FCC
regulation. The product generates, applies and emits radlo waves. It might cause
harmful interferences to wireless communication if not be Installed and used
following the description of the manual,
The product may cause Interference In residential area, and the customer should
take remedies to eliminate the Interference on thelr own costs.
If the product causes any harmful interference to wireless equipment or disturbs
the receiving of TV signals (it can be identified by turning on and off the product),
you can solve the trouble by following methods:
-Readjust the product or put [Ein another place.
-Extend the distance between the equipment interfered and the product.
-Refer to dealers or experienced radio electrician for help.
SecurityMan warrants that this product will be free from defects in materials and
workmanship for one year or otherwise specified on the product packaging. This
limited warranty shall commence from the date of purchase. SecurityMan Products
warranty is not transferable and is limited to the original purchaser. If the product
Is found to be defectlve then, as your sole remedy and as the manufacturer's only
obligation, SecurityMan will repair or replace the product, This warranty shall not
apply te products that have been subjected to abuse, misuse, abnormal electrical
or environmental conditions, norma! wear and tear or any conditlon other than
what can be considered normal use.
Limitation of Liability
The liability of SecurityMan arising from this warranty and sale shall be limited to
a refund of the purchase price. In no event shall SecurityMan be liable for costs of
procurement of substitute products or services, or for any lost profits, or for any
consequential, incidental, direct or indirect damages, however caused and on any
theory of liability, arising from this warranty and sale. These limitations shall apply
not withstanding any failure of essential purpose of any limited remedy.
4601 E. A:rport Drive, Ontario, CA91761, USA
Tel: 888-977-3777 or 909-230-6668
Fax: 909-230-6889
Email: [email protected]
Website: hitp://
Copyright 2009 by SecurltyMan v2.0
2.4GHz wireless camera works at 15M band. It may cause Interferences with other
wireless equipment that operates at the same band, Please turn off one of the
equipment to eliminate the interference.
Product Assurance
2.4GHz wireless camera will emit electromagnetic wave, just like other wireless
products. But the output power of the products is lesser than other wireless products
such as mobile phones. The 2.4GHz wireless camera meets wireless frequency
security standards and recommends indexes while working. These standards and
Indexes are certificated by academic organization and represent the cogitative
research of the scientific workers who continuously explore and annotate the
involved fields. So we believe that our products are safe for customers.
Operating Restrictions
DO NOT use thls product to violate one's privacy. Monitoring one's private activitles
without consent is Illegal and this product 15 not designed and manufactured for
these purposes
DO NOT put this product near any medical equipment. Radio waves might patentially
cause breakdown of electrical medical equipment. This product should be placed at
least 1 foot away from any heart pacemaker. Radlo waves might potentially Influence
heart pacemaker and lead to respiratory disturbance.
DO NOT use this product for any illegal activities. SecurityMan shall not be respon
sible for any consequences of illegal conducts made by users.
Please read the following messages to make sure whether your working environ-
ment ıs suitable.
* Ensure there 1s enough space around the receiver for ventilation.
* The temperature should be kept between 10°C and 50°C (14°F ta 122°F). The
relatlve humidity should remain from 15% to 80% RH.
* Avold putting the product In places where occur might change rapldly In
temperature or humidity
* Keep It dry, dustless and avoid exposure in It directly In sunlight
* Keep product away from heat sources such as electric heater
* Do not use the wireless camera near aggressive chemicals
* Do not place product near any strong magnetic objects
Do not shake or stricken the product.
In order to avoid Inflammation or electric shock, this converter kit should be kept
away from exposure to raln or malst, and It shall not be put In or near bath-rooms,
washing pools, washhouses, molst basements, or swimming pools, unless it is well
In use of sockets set on walls or extension wires, attention should be paid not to
exceed their load capabilities to avoid inflammation or electric shock.
Do not disassemble the product casings, otherwise the internal precision parts
may get damaged, or personal Injury caused.
Switch off the power supply In thunder and lightning weather or when not in use
for long periods of time.
Dao not attempt to service the product yourself as opening or removing covers may
expose you to dangerous voltage or other hazards. Refer all servicing to qualified
service personnel,
PACKING LIST +"+""""""""w<"<"""<<<<crrccenvenmaena nas s sera sas n au 02000000 1
HARDWARE BASIC EEE FN EA EEE EA FA AE ha dwn kha Rhee domme aman m mas hms hm ona 2
1.Handgrip Batteries Installation + revi, 4
2.Flexlble Cable/ Camera to Handgrip Installation ----------""<<- 5
3.Mirror, Hook & Magnetic Installation +=. ce+vessancas a nec a sceau nue 5
4,Hard Wired Monitoring ++++444000- rer ea 6
5.Powering LCD Monitor ------- PS 7
GENERAL SAFTEY INFORMATION «“«<<0000ceece eee rence rneerne 8
Thank you for choosing our inspection video camera and portable color
LCD monitor. Please read the manual carefully before using this product.
This product is designed as a remote visual Inspection device. It is ideally
used to look into tight spots and feedback real-time video to the monitor.
Typical application Includes HVAC inspection, cable routing, automotive/
Boat/aircraft Inspection, and etc.
Packing List
Г O - >
Handgrip x 1 Mini Camera 2.4"LCD Color Adapter for
with Cable x 1 Monitor x 1 Monitor x 1
=, Fe и == ===
Adapter Cable X 1 Accessory Accesso Accessory
Hook x 1 Mirror x Magnet x 1
Extended Tube Video Cable
Manual x 1 (optional) (optional)
dl A des FE a Fa
(Camera & Handgrip
Camera «
and LEDs
Power Indicator
—Slgnal Output
Battery Compartment
LCD Monitor
Video Cutpul.
Power Socket/-
Video Input
2.4” TFT LCD
— Power LED Indicator Light
—— Power ON/OFF Switch (side)
- — “Image Orientation
- «Brightness
— —.«Contrast
Signal Input
An Tal Ann dev det kl Anl! Anr— a
1. Ideal far - Pipé/Drain/HVAC/Electrical inspection - Leak detection
-Equipment/diagnosis Weld inspections
2. Large, High-Resolution (480x240) color LCD display (2.4")
3. Waterproof {IP67) 2.4GHz mini wireless color camera with 2 LEDs
and semi-flexible 3" cable
4. Detachable and comfort handgrip with adjustable LED tuner and
detachable 2.4" LCD color monitor
5. 17mm camera head fits into holes 3/4", with LED lights night
vision up to 2ft,
6. 2.4GHz wireless recelver bullt-in LCD monitor for portabllity {up
to 150ft clear line of sight)
7. Rechargeable LI-battery built-In the monitor last up to 5 hrs
8. One video input for optional wired camera and one video output
for larger monitor display or recording
9. Camera uses 4 AA batteries (not included) good up to 3 hrs of
continuous run-time
1.Handgrip Batteries Installation
Use a screwdriver to remove screw and then remove the battery cover
as shown below:
Remove battery compartment and insert 4 new AA batteries into the
proper slots of the battery compartment holder. Check the polarities of
the batteries to ensure that + is to + and - is to as illustrated below.
Insert the battery compartment holder back into the battery compart-
ment, slide the cover back in and tighten screw to secure.
Dry your hands before Installing or replacing batterles.
2.Flexible Cable/ Camera to Handgrip Installation
Match the keyed end of the flexible cable camera to the keyed socket of
the handgrip gun. Once the grove matches and aligned, connect them
together and then finger tighten the knurled knob clockwise to secure,
as illustrated in the pictures below. Turn the knurled knob counter
clockwise to remove.
Keyed to keyed socket Fasten the knurled knob
3.Mirror, Hook & Magnet Installation
The mirror, hook and magnet attachments are installed to the attach-
ments grove towards the tip of the flexible cable camera, as Illustrated
Attachment here Snap to lock
Make sure the stem of the attachments are placed at side face from the
arrow mark, and then snap the latch to secure.
4. Hard Wired Monitoring
Hard wired monitor by matching the LCD monitor to the handgrip groves
and the slide the monitor from top to down to secure, as illustrated in
the pictures below.
pe NN
[a |
mim at the
Slots E lower
7: Match pins and LCD onto
groves handgrip
of Make sure the,
grove has a sliding
elses to secur
ZN anitor |
Slide the
ET downwar
Bath sides installed
of pins
For wireless monitoring, simply disengage the LCD monitor from the
handgrip to automatically recelve wireless camera signal.
Note: Wireless LCD monitor can only receive wireless camera using
2468MHz frequency band.
5. Powering LCD Monitor
Plug the adapter cable into power socket of monitor and then plug the
A/C adapter to an electrical outiet and the other end into socket of the
adapter cable.
The built-In Li-battery will be automatically charge after the A/C
adapter Is plugged. The power indicator light will turn red to indicate
the battery Is charging. The Indicator light will turn off after the battery
Is fully charged.
Note: The adapter cable is required to be used to power up and charge
the internal rechargeable battery of the LCD monitor. Do not attempt
to plug in the A/C adapter directly into the LCD monitor without using
the adapter cable.
WARNING! Read and understand all instructions below, Failure to
follow the Instructions may result in electric shock, fire
and/or serlous personal injury.
x Prevent object and liquid entry. Avold liquid spill of any kInd on the
LCD Monitor. Liquid may Increase the risk of electrical shock and damage
to the product.
% ToolCam is not shock-resistant. Do not use it as a hammer and avold
dropping It.
% Do not submerge handgrip and LCD monitor under water. Store it
In a dry place to avold and reduce the risk of electric shock and damage
of product. The imager head camera and the 3ft flexible tube cable are
water resistant,
* Do not use the camera If condensation forms Inside the lens.
Let the water evaporates before use.
Roll the ON/OFF switch towards the handgrip to turn the camera ON,
and the power indicator light will turn red. The rolier switch becomes a
dimmer switch used to control the lighting. To brighten the LEDs lights
surrounding the camera, tune it in towards the handgrip (vice versa to
dim), as shown below. Roll the ON/OFF switch away from the handgrip
to turn off the camera.
Twin LEDs provide
Turn the monitor ON by switching the side ON/OFF switch to the ON
position. Then press the power button, the power indicator light will
turn green and the picture wlll display on the LCD screen. Adjust
brightness, contrast, and orientation by pressing on the respective
buttons on the LCD monitor. Roll the ON/OFF switch on the camera
(handgrip} to adjust the image to perfection. To turn off the LCD
monitor, simply press the power button and slide the ON/OFF switch
on the right side to the OFF position.
Switch acts
as a dimmer
When In use, the flexible cable can easily be maneuver into many
different positions and angles for the Intended object. Intended objects
can be underneath the refrigerator, under a duct, inside dry walls, and
ect. To monitor as a hard wired camera simply slide the LCD onto hand-
grip and remove LCD monitor from handgrip for wireless monitoring as
illustrated below.
wireless wired
The flexible cable can be bent into a certain shape which will
aid in exploring into narrow, small, and hard to reach areas.
The accessorlas attachments of
Handhold inspection camera can
be used to retrieve small items
such as rings (hooks), screws
(magnet), hard to see areas
(mirror), and etc,
Larger Monitor Display
VIDEO QUT (cable not Included)
Wired Camera Input Г
— VIDEO IN (cable not included)
Yideo Input
To use the video input socket; make sure the LCD monitor is connected to
the handgrip and the ToolCam camera is turn off to avoid conflicts. Connect
any wired camera into the video Input of the LCD to start monitoring. The
video input cable not Included, please check local electronic stores to
purchase one, 3.5mm (male) plug to RCA (maie) plug.
Note: The input Image quality is normally darker than the actual image
quality, please adjust the brightness and contrast on the LCD monitor for
brighter image. Both A/C power adapter and video input cannot be used
simultaneously. Video input cable is not included.
Video Output
To use the video output for a larger monitor display; make sure the LCD
monitor Is removed from the handgrip, the video signal will NOT transmit to
the output monitor if the LCD monitor is connected to the handgrip.
Connect a 3.5mm (male) to RCA (male) cable (not included); the 3.5mm
end goes into the video output of the LCD monitor and the other RCA end
plug into VIDEO IN jack of the larger monitor (TV, CCTV monitor, etc), as
illustrated in the diagram above.
Note: Video output cable is not included. Remove the LCD monitor from
handgrip to activate video output signal. Change the larger output monitor
to auxiliary mode, le. VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, LINE 1 or LINE ? to enable video
Input of the larger monitor.
Imaging Sensor CMOS, Calor
Total Pixels 712 (H}x 485{V)
Signal System NTSC
Horizontal View Angle 50 degree
Transmission Frequency 246BMHz
of Minimum Illumination 0 Lux (LED ON)
X | Modulation Type FM
Z | Bandwidth 25MHz
© Power Supply 4 x AA (Not Included)
Unobstructed Effective Range 150ft
Waterproof Capacity IP67 (only for imager head)
Dimensions{W x D x H) (Exclude Frexibld Tube)
Camera Head Diameter 17mm
LCD Screen Type 2.47 TFT-LCD
Effective Pixels 480 x 240
Video System NTSC
x Wireless Recelving Frequency 2468MHz
o Exterior Supply Yoltage 8VDC
2 Consumption Current 450mA (Max)
= Video Output Level 0.9-1.3V, .,0750hm
Recelving Sensitivity
< -55d8m
Rechargeable Battery
3.74 1750mA
Dimensions (W x D x H)
100 x 70 х 30(mm)
Weight( whole kit) 2.301bs.
Operating Temperature ~10°C~+50°C/14°F~122°F
Operating Humidity (Max.) 15~85%RH
* Actual transmission range may vary according to weather, location, interference
and building construction.
* All the specifications are subject te change without prior notice.
* The apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and that
no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the
* Turn off the Camera/Monitor if the system is not in use.
" The adapter Is used as the disconnect device from the mains. The
adapter shall remain readily operable,
* The Camera/Monitor can only be completely disconnected from the
mains by unplug the adapter.
* Do not cut the DC power cable of the apparatus to fit with another
power source.
* Attention should be drawn to the environment aspects of battery dis-
* Remove the batterles (handgrip) when cleaning the unit.
* Remove the batteries (handgrip) before storing the unit for a long
- Replace all 4 AA batteries when color starts to fade on camera or
when necessary.
* Use only the AA size of battery (recommend: alkaline batteries),
* Be sure to install the batterles with the correct polarity as Indicated
on the battery holder of the battery compartment.
* Please properly dispose the battery as exposure to high temperature
can cause the battery to explode which can result in fire, Tape all
terminals to prevent contact with other objects that can spark resul-
ting in fire. Different countries may have different regulations conc-
erning battery disposal, please follow accordingly.
EU Environmental Protection
Waste electrical products should not be
disposed of with household waste. Please
recycle where facllities exist. Check with
your Local Authority or retailer for
recycling advice.
wwiv. securitymaninc.comn
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