User Manual - Serene Baby Products, Inc.

A newborn baby’s healthy physical and emotional development
starts with its parents. Fast, effective and simple to use,
WhyCry® Mini Baby Analyzer helps you recognize why your
baby is crying and respond to your baby quickly. When used in
conjunction with the Body Movements Table (Figure A) and
the Advice Chart (Figure B), you will soon become an expert at
understanding your baby’s only form of communication – its cry.
How WhyCry® Works
WhyCry® Mini operates easily, picking up all of your baby’s sounds. Just slide the
switch ( ) to the ON position and place WhyCry® Mini near the baby at the
specified distance (See below) . When WhyCry® Mini is turned on, the Power
indicator ( ) and the Ready indicator ( ) will turn a steady green. The lights will
turn off when the device is powered down.
Your child gains security and confidence and you gain peace of
mind knowing your baby is happy and comfortable!
1. When the crying is weaker or stronger than average, place
the WhyCry® Mini closer or farther from your baby. WhyCry®
Mini provides optimal results when there is no other
background noise.
Product Description
2. When WhyCry® Mini detects your baby's cry, the Ready
indicator (5) will blink. This means that WhyCry® Mini is
performing a cry analysis. The analysis takes approximately
ten seconds to complete. During this time, please make sure
to care for and supervise your baby.
Serene Baby Products, Inc., Anaheim, California, USA
Power on/off button
Reset button
Power/Low Battery indicator
Ready indicator (specifies when device is ready to analyze)
Reset indicator
Prognosis buttons (indicates whether the baby is Hungry,
Bored, Annoyed, Sleepy, Stressed)
Advice Chart
For a More Accurate Analysis
WhyCry® Mini is a highly reliable device and extremely useful
during the period when a baby cannot talk, i.e. approximately
the first ten months. Use in a quiet enviornment as background
noise in the room may cause a false reading or an incomplete
analysis. The final results of the analysis should be used as a
reference and compared with the Body Movements Table (Figure A)
and the Advice Chart (Figure B) contained in this manual.
Figure (A): Body Movements Table
Figure (B): Advice Chart
3. Should WhyCry® Mini fail to complete an analysis, the
Reset indicator (6) will blink red. Press the Reset button (2)
to start the analysis again. Make sure there is minimal
background noise and the WhyCry® Mini is set at the
correct distance.
Usually a high-pitched, demanding energetic cry.
Your baby is hungry.
Usually crying will stop when you play with the baby.
Stimulate your baby. Talk softly to him/her. Rub
your hand on your baby’s tummy.
4. Install new batteries into WhyCry® Mini when the
Power/Low Battery indicator (4) blinks green.
This WhyCry® Mini baby cry analyzer is not intended to replace appropriate
adult supervision. WhyCry® Mini must not be used as a medical device or in
place of appropriate medical supervision. This product is not intended for
use with infants with existing serious medical conditions.
WhyCry® Mini does not detect a baby's silent activity.
Keep out of children's reach.
Make sure WhyCry® Mini is correctly ventilated.
Do not use if product has been exposed to or is near heat source or open
Do not use near water or if product has been exposed to water.
Use only four 1.5V AAA batteries. (Included)
Usually starts with a long moan followed by a long
pause without a breath. Check for a wet diaper,
teething or tight clothing. If the baby has gas,
massage your baby’s tummy. Check for constipation.
Usually crying will increase when you try to stimulate
the baby. Change position. Speak softly or rock your
baby. Lay the baby on your chest so it can hear your
heartbeat. Your soft voice will sooth the baby to sleep.
Check room temperature and general comfort.
IMPORTANT: This warranty does not cover damage resulting from accident,
misuse or abuse, lack of reasonable care, or the affixing of or to, any attachment
not provided with the product. NO RESPONSIBILTY TO ANYONE IS ASSUMED
Purchaser’s sole remedy shall be to obtain a replacement of the product free
of charge from Serene Baby Products, Inc.
Usually a short cry that slowly drops and then rises
again. Find a quiet place with low light. Pick the baby
up and gently rock in silence. Walk with the baby then
lay your baby down again when the crying stops.
Speak softly to your child so you can comfort it with
the sound of your voice.
*WhyCry® Mini has been clinically certified with an accuracy rating of
more than 87% using light indicators and 98% when used with the
symptoms table in Figure (A).
Serene Baby Products, Inc. warrants each new WhyCry® Mini baby cry analyzer
against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days
from the date of purchase, and agrees to repair or replace any defective
product without charge.
The warranty above is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied;
including but not limited to all WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR OF
Mail the defective product and the original purchase receipt showing retailer
contact information, purchase date and product description, with prepaid return
postage to: Serene Baby Products, Inc., P.O. Box 27340, Anaheim Hills, CA
Package must be insured both ways and contain adequate packaging to prevent
in transit damage.