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by CoolStream
Bluetooth Receiver
for Audi and Volkwagen
iPod Cables
Model BTR104VWA
Phone: 603 - 421- 6515
Quick Start Guide
Read this instruction manual before operating
Wirelessly stream music from your iPhone, iPad, or other
Bluetooth-enabled device to your Audi or Volkswagen car stereo.
The CoolStream CarPro plugs into the 30 Pin iPod cable and
integrates Bluetooth audio streaming into your car’s stereo
system. The CarPro is designed and serviced by CoolStream in
New Hampshire.
How to Pair for the First Time
How to Pair a Different Mobile Device
1. G
o to “Settings” on your iPhone/iPod/iPad or other mobile
1. In order to pair a different mobile device to the CoolStream
CarPro, the Bluetooth function of the first phone paired to the
CarPro must be turned off.
Product Overview
3. T
ap CarPro to pair. Enter four zeros, “0000”, as the PIN. Tap
Pair to complete the connection.
3. Now a different mobile device can pair to the CoolStream
CarPro using the instructions above.
4. T
he LED should be a steady blue light once the CoolStream
CarPro is paired to the mobile device.
LED Indicator
30 Pin Connector
2. S
elect Bluetooth. Confirm the Bluetooth function is on and
search/scan for available devices.
2. The LED will be a blinking blue light.
5. P
lay music. Confirm that the volume on your mobile device is
We strongly advise that full attention is to be paid to the traffic
conditions whenever the vehicle is moving. Distracted drivers can
lead to road accidents both large and small.
This Box Contains
How to Re-Connect
• CoolStream CarPro Bluetooth Receiver for Audi or Volkswagen
iPod Cable
• Quick start guide
1. T
he CoolStream CarPro can be left on the 30 Pin iPod Cable
all the time.
CoolStream cannot guarantee that Android 4.1 operating system
or earlier will be supported by the car’s media display and remote
controls when using the CoolStream CarPro.
How to Install in Car
1. Locate 30 Pin iPod cable that comes with original or aftermarket iPod integration.
2. Plug the 30 Pin iPod cable into the connector of the CoolStream
CarPro until it is locked in.
2. O
nce you turn off the car, the CoolStream CarPro will turn off
and the Bluetooth connection with your mobile device will be
3.After turning on the car again, the CoolStream CarPro will
automatically power on and re-connect to the last mobile
device paired to it. The LED will be a steady blue light once
that CoolStream CarPro is re-connected.
4. If the CoolStream CarPro does NOT connect to your mobile
device, go to Settings -> Bluetooth and tap CarPro to pair.
3. As soon as the head unit is switched on the CoolStream CarPro will power on. The LED will flash blue to indicate that it is in pairing mode.
Please consult our website,, for information about firmware updates related to new versions of IOS.
CoolStream will do everything possible to maintain compatibility
with IOS versions higher than IOS 8.3.
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packaging, website or other CoolStream materials are used for
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