Solar Controller WS - C2415 USER MANUAL Thank you for

Solar Controller
Thank you for purchasing our WELLSEE solar controller. Please read these instruction before use.
Our controller named as follow:
WS - C
|_________ 15: maximum current (A), 15=15A
| ______________ 24: (V)= 24/12V automatically distinguish voltage
| ____________________ Solar Universal controller
|__________________________ WS: WELLSEE brand
According to the voltage of the battery, the controller can adjust the charging current and decide
whether to supply power to the loads.
1. Always keep the battery on full voltage condition.
2. Prevent the battery from over-charging.
3. Prevent the battery from over-discharging.
4. Prevent the battery from reverse charging to solar panels during nights.
5. Choose the suitable Wire Diameter according to the current. Please refer to the technical Index
for details.
6. The solution for ther controller can't charged because of the low voltage of battery: please
remove the load first, press the button RESET to make the controller will reture to work , then
charge the battery, in the last place, you can connect the load again.
7. If there is some problem with charging the battery, you should increse the power of panel or
charge the battery.
As indicated in diagram:
1. Connect “+” an “-” poles of the solar panels with the correct terminals on the controller (the
first and second from the left)
2. Connect “+” and “-” poles of the battery with the correct terminals on the controller (the third
and fourth from the left)
3. Connect “+” and “-” poles of the load with the correct terminals on the controller (the fifith and
sixth from the left)
Indicator light
There are 3 red LEDs indicate the voltage level of the battery: a red charging indicator light
(CHARGE), a green load indicator light (LOAD), and a battery power indicator light (BATTERY).
The battery is full when all 3 leds are on. When 1 or 2 ledsare on, it means the batteryis on the low
level; in this case the loads may not work normally. As the voltage of tne battery reaches 12.6V, the
loads will start working automatically.
1. The battery is stronglycharged when CHARGE is on. The battery is floating charged when this
LED is flickering, and the battery has stopped charging when the LED is off.
2. When LIGHT is on, it means the load can work; when it's off, it means the load can not work.
3. When BATTERY is red means the battery is under voltage, green means the battery is full and
orange means the battery is under normal situation.
1. Please check the rated voltage of solar panels, battery and load before connecting. Make sure
their rated voltage should be all 12 v or (24v).
2. Pay more attention to “+” and “-” poles of solar panels, battery, controller and loads during the
process of connection.
3. The rated current of solar panels and loads must be lower than controller.
Technical Index
Rated Voltage
Max Load current
Input voltage range
Length≤1m Charge loop drop
Length≤1m Discharge loop drop
Over voltage protection
Full charge cut
Low voltage cut
Temperature compensation
No load loss
Max wire area
Ambient temperature
WS - C2415 10A
WS - C 2415 15A
12V / 24V Automatic voltage recognition
12V~17V / 24V~34V
< 0.25V
17V / 34V
13.7V / 27.4V
l10.5V~11V / 21V~22V
-25ºc ----- + 55ºc
The loads cannot directly connected to the solar panel.
A: Shut off the power, press th “RESET” button let the controller resume work, after charge battery.
Then connect the load.
B: If battery charge have a problem, should increase the solar panel power or charge the battery.
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