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User Manual
Thanks for your purchase of a product of HIMPEL Co., Ltd.
Please read this instruction manual carefully before use so that you may
use the product long, more conveniently and safely.
You must read ଴Cautions for Safeଵbefore use and use the product correctly.
Model: FZA-L110S
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Instructions for Safety
This manual covers safety instructions, installation methods, etc. for bathroom ventilation fans that
we manufacture and sell. Please read the instructions, operation and how to check in this user
manual carefully and then use the product.
This product is a ventilation system to discharge contaminated air in a bathroom and toilet of
buildings such as an apartment house, a multipurpose building, commercial buildings, offices and
it is a product to realize a comfortable indoor environment by constantly discharging
contaminated air.
Warning / Caution
It is a symbol to draw attention to
issues and operation that concern
the risk of harm. In order to avoid the
occurrence of hazards, please look
carefully and follow the instructions.
If the instructions are not
followed, it may result in death
Warning! or serious injury to the user.
If the instructions are not
followed, it may result in
personal injury or property
Caution! damage to the user.
It is a symbol that shows how to
use to prevent the risk.
Do not disassemble
Please do not attempt to disassemble,
repair or modify a product arbitrarily.
It may result in fire, electric shock
and injury.
No wet hands
Please do not operate the power
switch with wet hands.
Electric shock or injury may be
Get grounding connection.
It may cause damage to the
product and electric shock.
If the power cord is damaged, please
stop using.
There is a risk of safety, so please
contact the A/S center contact and
use it after replacing the code.
Do not allow water to enter
electrical parts (motors, etc.).
It may cause equipment failure
and an electric shock.
If the gas leaks, please do not turn
on or off the switch of a fan.
The spark of a switch may cause
an explosion of the gas.
During installation and trimming,
please make sure to turn off the
Electric shock or injury may be
Please check if the
installation of ceiling support
and brace bar is correct.
Due to poor installation of a
product, the product may fall.
Do not use it for the direct
discharge in a place where
there are a lot of fumes.
The life of the product may be
Please do not use for a long
period of time around heaters
or in a place the ambient
temperature is over 40 ℃.
The product may be transformed
or the insulation of electrical parts
may be damaged.
Please make sure that the
main body and grill are
installed correctly.
Dropping may cause injury.
During operation, please
do not put fingers or
objects in the wings.
Equipment failure and
injuries may be caused.
Do not clean using thinner,
benzene, chemicals, etc.
Fire, deformation, discoloration
may occur.
Names of Parts
Installation of the Product
This product is a unit which is installed on the ceiling in the interior space
of the room to exhaust contaminated air to the outside.
This product should be installed on the ceiling surface 2-3m high from the
floor, so please be careful of the product safety to prevent it from crashing or
falling during the installation of the product.
Before installation, please secure installing location and space and then
check for abnormal sound of the product, for opening and closing of the
damper, and other abnormalities.
Installation Order
With cassette type of installation, it can also be easily extended to branches, and there is no need for access door,
so it is easy to install and maintain.
- Connect flexible duct to outlet.
- Fix displayed outlet location with screws as
shown in the figure.
- Ceiling construction conditions
Making a hole, 235 X 235mm of the ceiling and
installing brace bar on the top.
- After inserting the body, fix the body on the
ceiling using the screws.
- Insert the body to the top in the direction of the
arrow according to the outlet and inlet guide.
- Fix the grill by connecting 2 springs to the spring
- Insert the grill cover on the grill according to
the direction of the hook, and installation will
be completed.
Product Specifications
Static Pressure Ventilation Fan LED Lighting
(Zeroc) Model
Power consumption
Ventilation fan: 40W / Lighting: 9W
Size of opening
235*235mm (±5mm)
※ The specifications and performance of the product are subject to change without notice to improve the quality.
Precautions when using the product
In the event of strange sound, odor or smoke when
using the product, please turn off the main power
immediately and contact the A/S Center.
There is a risk of fire or electric shock.
The noise of the fan can be more increased or decreased
slightly than usual time.
This is a normal situation because the number of fan
revolutions changes for constant exhaust.
Maintenance of the Product
Around fans, grill, etc. may easily be contaminated with dust and fumes, so please keep
cleaning every 2-3 months on a regular basis.
(However, the cleaning cycle can vary depending on the degree of contamination.)
Precautions for Maintenance
■ For safety reasons, please turn off the main power before cleaning the inside of the pan.
■ When cleaning, please make the water not enter the inside of the body.
■ Please use neutral detergent to clean the grill.
■ Please make sure to wear gloves for the maintenance.
Product Specifications
Grill Dimensions
Product Dimensions
Checklist Prior to Reporting Faults
Big noise
Corrective Actions
1. Blackout
Please wait until the power is turned on.
2. The power switch is off.
Please make sure that fan switch is in
the ON position.
1. The horizontal fixation of
a fan is poor.
Re-install the fan horizontally and fix
the screws completely.
2. Duct is sharply bent.
Please spread the duct in the
discharge side slowly.
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