Dynamic Platform
Model 008PL
“Strict QA procedures for the imaging, planning and delivery of
radiotherapy using respiratory management devices are required
to ensure the safe and effective use of these devices.”
AAPM TG-76 report
The management of respiratory
motion in radiation oncology
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Tissue Simulation & Phantom Technology
•Commission 4D imaging and 4D radiotherapy systems
The CIRS Dynamic Platform provides an economical, user-friendly solution for the com-
•Quantify volumetric and posi-
tional aliasing of CT in the
presence of 3D target motion
The platform is made from stiff, low-density plastics. The device enables precisely con-
•Evaluate static and dynamic target localization accuracy of onboard imaging systems
phantom and traditional laser alignment marks enable accurate positioning of the entire
plex tasks associated with tumor motion and patient positioning in radiation therapy.
trolled inferior-superior motion up to 50 mm for any phantom up to 70 lbs. A removable
pin system in the main platform allows consistent placement and fixation of almost any
device. An independently controlled smaller platform provides Posterior-Anterior surrogate chest wall motion.
•Test accuracy and consistency of tumor tracking and respiratory gating devices
•Assess dosimetric accuracy of temporally modulated radiation therapy
•Train and evaluate personnel during implementation of new equipment and techniques
Computerized Imaging Reference Systems, Inc is recognized world wide
for tissue simulation technology and is the leader in the manufacture
of phantoms and simulators for medical imaging and radiotherapy.
Programmable Motion for Any Phantom
Model 008PL shown with CIRS Plastic Water-DT
(Phantom available separately)
Model 008PL shown with CIRS Model 002H9K
IMRT Head and Torso Freepoint Phantom.
(Phantom available separately)
Easy To Use Software
Graphical user interface
simplifies operation
of the Model 008A
Adjust motion amplitude, cycle
time and phase shift with pull
down menus and slider bars
Instantly Start, Stop,
Pause or Loop motion
Real-time display of target and
surrogate motion parameters
The CIRS Dynamic Platform is operated using CIRS Motion Control
Software, a user-friendly graphical user interface that can be installed
on any computer running Windows XP.
Amplitude, cycle time and phase shift can be applied to both the
surrogate and main platform using slider bars or by entering desired
values within the limits of the system. Five different waveforms are
available from a standard pull down menu.
An unlimited number of clinically relevant and patient specific waveforms or correlation models can be imported from tab delimited or
comma separated file formats.
There are also waveform editing, smoothing and analyzing tools to
ease the optimization of custom waveforms. All motion files can be
saved for future use.
The software also provides a convenient, real-time graphic display of
pre-selected target start position, current position during operation and
average time weighted position. In addition the ROI analyzing function
provides the time spent by the target between two chosen amplitudes
and the average time weighted position for that particular ROI.
Import patient specific waveforms from tab delimited or
comma separated file formats
Users can instantly start, stop or pause the motion at any time. New
start positions can be graphically selected and applied making the
device very useful for static test as well as dynamic testing. Users can
also select the number of cycles to be looped by entering the desired
value or choose continuous looping (1 million cycles).
Independently Controlled Surrogate Motion
The surrogate motion is mechanically independent of platform motion
and programmable through the CIRS Motion Control Software. This
feature provides even greater flexibility to the clinician and is useful in
assessing correlation between surrogate and phantom motion.
Surrogate AP motion range of up to 50 mm can be achieved. The
surrogate platform motor is powerful enough to accommodate bellows and other belts in addition to Varian RPM and various tracking
•Maximum surrogate motion is 50 mm
•Minimum cycle time is 1 second
•Maximum cycle time is unlimited
Advanced Electromechanical Components
Motions are generated through a multi-axis motion controller. A USB
port enables interfacing with most computers. The controller sends
instructions as well as supplies and conditions power to the actuators
thru a 25 pin serial cable. The motion controller can be fully operated
through CIRS Motion Control Software from a distance of up to 70 feet
with the Ethernet/USB cable provided.
Housed within anodized aluminum enclosures, the actuators contains bipolar stepper motors. Maximum range of inferior-superior (IS)
platform motion is 50mm with an accuracy of 0.05 mm. Maximum
range of anterior-posterior (AP) surrogate motion is 50mm with an accuracy of 0.05 mm. Motions can be synchronized to one another with
accuracy better than 20 msec. Motion cycle time accuracy is better
than 5 msec. Optical sensors ensure precise mechanical positioning.
The actuators are designed for continuous operation. If not manually
stopped and reset by the user, they will perform 1,000,000 (in continuous mode) cycles then stop automatically.
Model 008PL Specifications
Overall Dimensions:
67 x 32 x 28 cm
Overall Weight:
17.2 kg
110-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Platform Dimensions:
32 x 32 cm
Max. Platform Load:
32 kg (70 lbs)
Amplitude, IS:
± 25 mm
Amplitude, AP Surrogate:
±25 mm
Max. Surrogate Platform Load
5.4 kg (12 lbs.)
Motion Accuracy:
±0.1 mm
Cycle Time:
1 - ∞ (adjusted based on amplitude)
Editable built-in waveforms:
sin(t), 1-2cos4(t), 1-2cos6(t), sawtooth, sharkfin
CIRS Motion Control Software System Requirements
Windows XP®
Pentium 3® or equivalent
512 MB RAM
2 MB of available disk space
Ordering Information
Part No.
Component Description
Control unit with firmware installed (110-220 V, 50-60 Hz)
Motion actuator box
Gating actuator box
Base plate
CIRS Motion Control Software CD-Rom
1/8 hex key wrench
Network cable CAT5e, 75’
DB 25 male to male cable
USB cable 1’ A/B male
USB extender terminals
2 Amp fast acting fuses
Power cord
User’s manual
Carry Case
Chest plate with reflective 11.5 mm tracker balls
Optional chest plate for collecting chest motion and breathing data using an
optical tracking system
All standard CIRS products and accessories are warranted by CIRS against
defects in material and workmanship for a period as specified below. During
the warranty period, the manufacturer will repair or, at its option, replace, at
no charge, a product containing such defect provided it is returned, transportation prepaid, to the manufacturer. Products repaired in warranty will be
returned transportation prepaid.
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This warranty does not apply if the product, as determined by the manufacturer, is defective because of normal wear, accident, misuse, or modification.
Non-Warranty Service
If repairs or replacement not covered by this warranty are required, a repair
estimate will be submitted for approval before proceeding with said repair or
Warranty Period
Non-Standard or customized products
3 months
Training Phantoms and Disposable Products
6 months
Electrical Products and Dynamic Phantoms
12 months
All other standard products
48 months
Plastic Water
60 months
•Move any phantom with sub-millimeter accuracy and reproducibility
•Surrogate and phantom motion fully and independently
•Easy transport, set-up and
•Motion software enables different
cycles, amplitudes and
•Surrogate breathing platform
accommodates numerous gating devices
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