Ecospin Raptor Owners Manual

Ecospin Raptor
User Manual
Issue 1.3
Thank you for choosing the Ecospin Ltd Raptor
We hope you enjoy it!
This manual will provide everything you need to know to get started
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
• If there is a problem with the vehicles battery or electrical components do
not attempt to open/modify anything, doing so will void all warranty and
can pose serious risks including Fatal injury
• Never place the batteries where they are likely to be in contact with
• Ensure that throttle is fully off before engaging brakes, failure to do so will
cause brakes to be ineffective.
• It is important to fully discharge and recharge the battery at least once a
month, This is to condition the battery and to realign the state of charge
meter in the battery packs .
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Important Safety Information
Please ensure that you read and
fully understand all of the
following information before
turning on or riding your Raptor.
The owner or keeper of this
vehicle is responsible for ensuring
that all users of this vehicle have
also read and fully understand all
of the following information.
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Vehicle Components
Emergency/Security light
Front Hydraulic Disk Brake
Brake Levers
Rear Hydraulic Disk Brakes
In-Wheel Brushless DC Motor
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Vehicle Components
LCD Display
Lockable Glove Box
Battery Packs
Handlebar Controls
Rear Lights/ Brake Lights/
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Display Screen Controls
1)Lockdown Key
Switch used to bypass the Lockdown system Immobilizing
the vehicle (Optional Extra)
2)Admin key (Hi/Low)
Administrator switch to change between programmed
speed settings (Optional Extra)
Key 1 and 2 are optional extras and may change location
3)High Sunlight White Screen
Toggle between black and white background for clearer
viewing in direct bright sunlight
4) spare button not currently used
5)Hazard lights
Hazard/Emergency warning lights, noise is emitted to warn
rider hazards are on (there is a beat missed intermittently
to make the driver aware that the hazards are on and not
the indicators) If fitted)
6)Emergency siren tone change bottom button
Changes the sirens tone and pattern when icon appears (if
7)Trip reset
When Pressed and held the Trip is reset to 0
8)Start-up/Ignition Key switch
Ignition switch insert key and turn to start vehicle
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Instrument Cluster
Left Indicator Signal
Emergency Lights (On) (Optional Extra)
Lights on
Hazards warning icon below button
Siren Tone Indicator (On) (Optional Extra)
High (Full) Beam Headlight
Right Indicator Signal
Speedometer (Mph Or Kmh)
Resettable trip odometer
Battery Load Meter
Battery warning icon (Green /yellow/red/flashing)
Battery Temperature Warning Indicator
State of charge meter
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Instrument Cluster
1) Left Indicator Signal
6) High (Full) Beam Headlight
This icon will flash when the vehicles left indicator signal is
turned on and an audible beeping sound will be emitted.
This icon indicates that the High Beam setting has been
2) Emergency Lights Icon (Optional Extra)
7) Right Indicator Signal
This icon will appear when the emergency lights have been
This icon will appear when the vehicles right indicator signal
is turned on
3) Low (Dipped) Beam Headlight
8) Speedometer (mph/Kmh)
This icon indicates that the lights are turned on
Displays the current speed whilst travelling in mph or Kmh
4) Hazard Light Icon
9) Trip Odometer
This icon indicates that the Hazards have been activated by
Displays the number of Mph/Kmh in a journey since last
5) Siren Tone Indicator (optional Extra)
This icon indicates when the siren is activated
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Instrument Cluster
10) Battery Load Meter
Indicates the amount of power used at that moment in time by
the vehicle. This is represented by a meter
11) Odometer
Total number of miles the vehicle has travelled
12) Battery warning icon
Icon indicating the Battery/Batteries level of charge by colour,
from green (High ) to red (Low). The icon will begin to Flash
when the % charge reach's 10% as an indicator that the battery
level is low
13) Battery Temperature Warning icon
Warning icon displayed temperature extremes are reached
14) State of charge meter
This scale indicates the percentage of charge that is left in the
battery Pack(s). this is only an estimate based on each battery
being equally charged to begin with.
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Left Handle Bar Controls
1) Main Headlights
(Up Position Full Beam, Down
Position, Dipped beam)
2) Indicator Switch
(Middle Button Cancels Indicators)
3) Horn
4) Parking Hand Brake
5) Rear Brake Lever
6) Rear Brake Reservoir
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Left Handle Bar Controls
1) Main Headlights
Switch for main headlights full beam (Up Position
Dipped beam (Down Position)
2) Indicator Controls
Move switch Left for left indication Right For right,
Push middle button to cancel indicators. Sounds are
emitted when indicators are engaged to warn the
rider they are active
5) Rear brake Lever
Brake Lever for the rear wheel brakes
6) Rear Brake Reservoir
Contains brake fluid for the rear brake system, Level
indicator through glass eye indicator to show amount
of fluid in the brake system
3) Horn
Press to sound the Horn
4) Rear Parking Brake Lever
Parking Hand brake for rear brakes,
Application: apply brake lever and slide parking brake
retainer out of the way and push pin down then
release retainer
Release: apply brake and slide retainer out of the
pins path until pin clicks up
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Right Handlebar Controls
1) Safety Kill switch
2) Headlight Switch,
3) Start/Ignition Button
4) Siren and lights (If fitted)
5) Reverse button
Front Brake Reservoir
Front Parking Brake
Front Brake Lever
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Parking Hand Brake
Parking Hand brake for rear brakes,
Application: apply brake lever and slide parking brake
retainer out of the way and push pin down then release
To Release: apply brake and slide retainer out of the pins
path until pin clicks up
Brake Lever
Apply Brake using lever
Slide Retainer back whilst still applying brake
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Whilst still applying brake and holding retainer back Push
Pin Down The release retainer and brake
Mechanical Parking Hand Brake
(Note the mechanical parking brake is
fitted to the Road Legal versions and
Raptor 2.0 model)
Parking Hand brake for Front brakes,
Application: apply brake lever and push
down the pin
To Release: Apply the brake by pulling the
lever to release the parking brake
Brake Lever
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Right Handle Bar Controls
Safety Kill Switch
Once the switch has been hit the drive will be disabled.
(Disengage when attempting to ride) the kill switch is a safety
feature to kill power to the vehicle without moving your
hands from the grips whilst in motion should the need arise
7) Front Parking Brake
Parking Hand brake for front wheel brake
Headlight,/Lights switch,
Right position (Lights Off) ,
Middle position (day time running light or lights on
depending on country of use
Left position (Lights activated)
Release: apply brake and slide retainer out of the pins path until pin
clicks up
Start/Ignition Button
Press to power vehicle on (Key ignition must be in on
Siren and lights (Optional Extra)
Switch to active lights and sirens.
Left position ( Security Lights)
Centre position (Cancel Emergency Lights and sirens)
Right position (Both Emergency Lights and Sirens)
Reverse button
Press and hold for controlled 2 second reverse at 2Mph, (This
is a built in safety feature of the vehicle it may continually
pressed for prolonged reversing) this feature will only work
on flat terrain
Front Brake Reservoir
Contains brake fluid Level indicator through glass eye
indicator to show amount of brake fluid in the front brake
Application: apply brake lever and slide parking brake retainer out of
the way and push pin down then release retainer
8) Front Brake Lever
Brake Lever for the front wheel brake
9) Throttle/Accelerator
Twist throttle to make the vehicle accelerate and release to
decelerate. The throttle must be closed in order to stop
Don’t ever attempt to accelerate when reversing this will stop drive
The vehicle must be stationary before the reverse feature will
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Lockdown System
The lockdown system is activated by turning the key on the
lockdown switch to the on position.
The proximity tags will then be activate. The tag must be
carried in a waist high pocket which is forward facing.
When the tag is present the vehicle will engage drive.
when the tag is taken out of range the drive is disengaged.
There is a recheck period when the tag has been removed of
around 3 second for the vehicle to disengage drive
Ranges may vary from vehicle to vehicle but typically the
operating range is on the standing plate of the vehicle
Proximity tag
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Safety Features
• Extreme temperature shutdown
At 55 degrees Celsius the icon will light up to warn that the
Batteries are overheating at 60 degrees Celsius the vehicle shuts
itself down. Vice versa at – 5 degrees Celsius the icon shall appear
and at -10 degrees Celsius the vehicle will shutdown.
• Exceeding 30 mph
Whilst the vehicle is programmed to reached 25Mph as a
maximum if external forces such as steep gradients or towing
force it past to 30mph, The vehicle drive will shutdown. To Reset
this will require switching the vehicle off and on again.
• There are a number of other safety features built into the vehicles
programming If for any reason an electric stall occurs restart the
vehicle by manually turning it on and off allowing a 5 second
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Important Legal Information
• All riders of this vehicle must ensure that
the vehicle and the rider of the vehicle
conform to the laws of the country they
are operating in
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Important Safety Information
Rider and Cargo Information:
• Riders must wear a protective helmet at all times such as a
motorbike or high quality bicycle helmet
• If your helmet does not have a visor protecting your eyes
from debris whilst riding then we advise the rider to wear
goggles or other adequate eye protection
• Never allow a person under the age of 18 to stand on or
operate this vehicle
• Never operate this vehicle with a passenger, this is a single
occupancy vehicle
• Never operate this vehicle with a load greater than 120 kg.
(using 1 battery pack) 200kg when operating on 2 or more
Battery packs , This includes the combined weight of the
driver and their equipment/cargo.
• Do not carry items on the vehicle which overhang the outer
boundaries of the vehicle
• Any cargo carried on the vehicle must be firmly secured and
should not obstruct any movements or tasks the rider may
Riding Position:
• At all times the rider should have a secure grip of both
handlebars with both their left and right hand
• At all times the riders feet should be positioned inline with
the centre of the rear wheels or further forward (eg: moving
closer to the handlebars) this will give you maximum stability
and control
• Never operate the vehicle with your feet positioned behind
the centre of the rear wheels (eg: moving away from the
handlebars.) This may cause the front end of the vehicle to
• The vehicle is programmed to prevent the front wheel lifting
off the ground however standing towards the back of the
vehicle increases the possibility of this happening.
• Never ride your Raptor under the influence of alcohol or
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Using your Raptor safely
Please take time to familiarise yourself with the location and
function of the controls and display of the vehicle before
learning to ride the Raptor
We advise that all riders of the vehicle check the following
before every use of the vehicle
•To apply the front brake squeeze the right brake lever
•Check that all the batteries are equally charged to an
adequate level for your journey
•Brakes should be applied smoothly and gradually
•Check all tyres for punctures and worn tread
The Raptor is equipped with hydraulically operated disc brakes on
the front and rear wheels
•To apply the rear brake squeeze the left brake lever
•Sudden and sharp braking can cause loss of control and skidding
•Check that all of the vehicles lights and signals are
•Ensure that the brakes are operational and that you have
the correct level of brake fluid
•Check your tyre pressures
•If your vehicle has rear view mirrors ensure that they are
positioned correctly
•Always ensure that the hand brake/ parking brake is applied when
the vehicle is stationary
•Never park the vehicle on soft ground or any surface that will not
easily support its weight including rider and cargo
•Where possible always try to avoid parking the vehicle on steep
gradients if unavoidable park the vehicle transverse to the gradient
•Turn off the vehicle when not in use
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
General Use
How to ride your Raptor
• When driving up hill the rider should lean forward
towards the handlebars
• Leaning into corners slightly will improve the stability and
control of the vehicle
• Always turn the handlebars slowly and smoothly
• When driving down hill, be prepared to apply brakes
gradually to maintain a safe controllable speed
• The Raptor is able to turn or pivot 360° within its own
radius, this should only be performed at very low speeds
• Practice controlling the vehicle on small inclines/declines
and gradually build up to larger ones
• Never turn the handlebars quickly and sharply, this can
cause instability or loss of control
• Exercise extreme caution when turning on inclines while
operating the vehicle
• Ensure that all three wheels remain firmly on the ground
at all times
• Practice turning corners at low speeds before gradually
building up to higher speeds
• Never attempt to drive on a surface that will not easily
support the vehicles weight, including rider and cargo
• Avoid sudden changes in direction at speed this may
destabilize the vehicle and/or the operator
• When stationary always apply the hand brake/ parking
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
General Use
•Slowly and gradually twist the throttle to accelerate
•Once the desired speed is achieved hold the grip at that
position to maintain that speed
•Releasing or twisting the right handlebar grip will stop
power going to the motors, the vehicle will gradually lose
speed and come to a stop
• The Raptor has a built in battery recognition system that
recognises if they are present and charged. The maximum
speed reachable is programmable and can be tailored
according to fleet requirements. Default programming Is
25mph with 2 or more charged battery packs and up to
13mph on a single pack.
•Reduced acceleration and hill climb speeds will be
experienced with single pack operation.
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Battery Pack Information
The Raptor is powered by high quality Lithium-ion battery
technology. The following information will ensure that the battery
remains at maximum performance for the duration of the Battery
packs lifecycle.
•Warning. Only authorised Ecospin technicians are permitted to
open or alter a battery pack. Doing so can be extremely dangerous if
not fatal without specialised skills, training and knowledge. Braking
of the seals will invalidate warranty
•Only use a lithium charger provided by an Ecospin authorised dealer
that is compatible with the battery pack. any other may cause fatal
damage to packs and void warranty. Using the wrong charger may
cause thermal events including fires
•Although the Raptor can take one, two or three battery packs, it is
essential to prolong the life of the pack (number of chargers it can
take during its life span )that they batteries must be used and
charged as sets this will ensure batteries stay at optimum levels of
performance. To assist with this each pack has a battery
identification label (BIL) to identify it. (Sets can be used in different
vehicles so long as they are used and charged as sets, batteries can
be used in any slot however there must be a battery present and
charged in the bottom slot for the vehicle to move )
Battery Conditioning:
•The initial Battery charges and discharge (battery cycles)
will train the battery pack to operate at its maximum
operating capacity and align the state of charge meter.
•Once the battery conditioning period is complete you can
charge and use your battery whenever you like, but it is
recommended that once a month they be fully charged &
discharged. This action relearns and resets the state of
charge meter calibration (failure to do so may cause
inaccurate reading levels to be displayed).
•Lithium-ion batteries can be charged as often as required
and do not suffer from memory effect that some other
chemistries .
•Failure to comply and operate the battery packs In line with
these instructions can invalidate the warranty of the battery
•Batteries must be used as sets
•Never mix part charged packs and full packs if in doubt charge them
all. Mixing different states of charge battery packs even belonging to
the same set will damage the life duration of the pack. the charges
will only charge to full capacity (impossible to over charge)
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Battery Pack Information
•Each battery pack can be fully charged in approximately 5 hours
through a regular 13amp household plug socket (times may vary
depending on the choice of charging unit)
•To charge the Vehicle, simply plug the (approved) charger into
the front mounted charge point on the battery pack and connect
into mains supply. When the pack is full the charger will
automatically stop charging. The Batteries can be charged in or
out of vehicle. Ensure that vehicle is switched off whilst/if
charging batteries on board the vehicle.
•Specialised charging units for multiple battery packs will be
available in late 2014.
•If a battery has recently been used we recommend letting it
cool for a minimum of 1-2 hours before charging
•Batteries can take longer to charge if they are hot from recent
Storing battery packs:
The Raptor has been designed to be used with as many battery
packs as you require in sets, allowing for continuous operation
By storing battery packs at your base location you can quickly
swap depleted packs on board a vehicle with fully charged packs
and be back in operation in seconds.
•Battery packs must be fully charged when they are being stored
for weeks with out being used.
•All battery packs, including those in storage must be fully
charged at least once every 30 days
•If a battery pack is left for more than 30 days without being
charged it may become damaged
•Always store battery packs in a dry, well ventilated area and out
of direct sunlight
•Battery packs must always be stored between 0°C to 50°C and
always keep batteries well away from external heat sources e.g
Boilers/fires etc.
•It is recommended that all batteries are stored off ground to
reduce the likelihood of damage
•Failure to comply with battery storage procedures can void
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Battery Information
The image to the right shows the vehicles three battery packs (A, B and C) as well as
the drawer locking mechanism (D)
When in use:
•The vehicle can operate with one, two or three battery packs, if more than one
pack is used then they should be used always as a set that way.
•The primary pack is pack A and must be inserted in a charged state for the vehicle
to operate. No A pack will mean power up but no drive( dead man switch)
•The vehicles operating system will recognise the number of batteries on board and
will automatically select the drive profile appropriate
•With one battery pack (A) the operating system will select profile 2 this will allow
the vehicle to operate at speeds of up to 13mph with restricted acceleration and a
range of approximately 18 miles depending on duty cycle
•With two battery packs in place (A&B) the operating system will select base line
profile this will allow the vehicle to operate at speeds of up to 25mph with full
acceleration and a range of approximately 30 miles depending on duty cycle
•With three battery packs in place (A,B & C) the operating system will also select
baseline profile, this will allow the vehicle to operate at speeds of up to 25mph with
full acceleration and a range of approximately 45 miles depending on duty cycle
•The battery drawers must be in the locked position whilst the vehicle is in
•To lock the battery drawers in position insert the key into the drawer lock (D) and
turn 180° counter-clockwise
•The key can be removed and carried with the rider, preventing the batteries being
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Battery Pack Information
Removing a battery pack:
• Always turn off the vehicle when removing a battery pack
• To remove a battery pack insert the drawer locking key
into the drawer lock (D) and turn 180° clockwise to
unlock the drawers
• Once the drawers are unlocked any of battery packs can
be removed by pulling and lifting the handle of the
battery pack towards the rear of the vehicle. (always take
care to support battery when removing from vehicle)
Inserting a battery pack:
• Ensure the vehicle is turned off when inserting batteries
• Ensure that the drawer locking mechanism (D) is in the
unlocked position (turn key 180° clockwise) before
inserting a battery pack
• Once the drawer is fully inserted turn the key to the
locked position (180° anti-clockwise) before turning the
vehicle on
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Battery Pack Information
Charging the battery pack Front Point :
• The Batteries are charged using the
front charging point Shown at (A) Plug
the Three pronged Charging lead into
the Charging point. Pleasure ensure
that the batteries aren’t charged whilst
connected to the vehicle.
• There is also a battery meter tester
once pressed the LED lights shall light
up indicating the level of power within
the Battery Pack (B)
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Battery Charging
Battery Charging
The batteries must be disengaged from the
vehicle before charging please ensure that
Whilst charging they are not connected
Firstly plug in the Lithium Battery Charger
into a power supply,
And connect the three pronged charging
lead to the charge point on the front of the
Next turn on the charger with the switch on
the back of the unit.
LED1 shall light up red to confirm the
Charger is on, When LED2 shines red this
confirms that the charger is charging and
when LED2 displays Green this shows the
Battery is fully charged
The charging time can vary on the battery
current state of charge but typical charging
times are between 3 -5 hours before the
battery reaches optimum charge levels.
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Battery Range
Factors that decrease the range of your vehicle:
Battery Range:
The Battery pack range of any electrically powered vehicle is
very much dependant on type of duty cycle it is exposed to,
The Type of duty cycle is defined by the terrain “inclines or
flat” use and weight of “total payload" and aggressiveness of
drive (speed). Temperature can also reduce range when
reaching it extreme limits, tyre pressures can also dramatically
effect the vehicles efficiency
• Acceleration. The faster you accelerate the more quickly you will
deplete the stored electricity in your battery pack. In addition to
this the more often you accelerate the more power you will
Our range predictions are based on a 85kg payload operating
on the flat over a one tenth of a mile acceleration to full speed
and brake with turn around at each end
• Speed. Higher speeds require more power, the faster you travel
the more quickly you will deplete your battery
Under these conditions the ranges are
How to improve the range of your vehicle:
One battery pack (up to max 13mph speed) returns up to 18
miles range
• Accelerate steadily, avoiding full throttle acceleration and build
up to the required speed gradually
Two battery packs (up to max 25mph & increased
acceleration) returns up to 30 miles range
• Avoid carrying unnecessary weight on the vehicle
Three battery packs (same as two packs) returns up to 42
miles range
• Weight. Adding weight to the vehicle will require the motors to
work harder and therefore use more power reducing the range
expectancy of your vehicle
• Tyres. low tyre pressures will also reduce the range of the vehicle
• Maintaining a constant speed is more economical than stopping
and starting over the same distance
• Drive conservatively when you require the maximum range from
your battery pack
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Glove Box
The Raptor has an 11 litre lockable glove box as
seen below
To open the glove box press the lock button (A)
in and gently open the door as seen below
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Maximum Load
Length 1530mm x Width 850mm x Height
120Kg with one Battery
Rider Platform Height
Top Speed
25 mph (Programmable)
0-25 mph in 15 seconds
Vehicle Range
Up to 18 miles on single battery pack
depending on duty cycle
200Kg with 2 or more packs
Battery Type
Glove Box Storage Capacity
Reverse Drive
Yes (2mph for 2 seconds)
Turning circle
360° within the vehicles radius
Tyre size
11 Litres
Front 130/70/10 x Rear 110/17
Tyre Pressures
3 x hydraulic disc brakes (1 x front, 2 x rear)
26 psi (1.8bar) front
Recharge Time
26 psi (1.8 bar) rear
5 hours (with 5 amp charger)
Power Train
Rear wheel drive , 2KW brushless motors
Up to 45 miles maximum (three battery
packs) depending on duty cycle
Curb Weight (Vehicle weight with no
130 Kg
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
The vehicles VIN is a 17 digit code that is unique to your
individual vehicle. Your vehicles VIN will be required in a
number of situations such as ordering parts for the vehicle.
This will ensure that the correct parts are fitted to each
The VIN is located at the rear bar on the footplate stamped
into the chassis.
Location of VIN Number Stamped on Chassis
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Data Plate
The manufacturers data plate is located on the base of
chassis inside the battery cage in the left hand corner (as
displayed on the figure to the right) , This displays The VIN
Number and the current Ecospin ltd Website. Other
information may be added at a later point in time. In
Other countries different branding may be used although
vehicle may still show country of manufacture data plate
in line with legislation
Example Data Plate
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
The condition of all brakes should be checked at regular
intervals , if In doubt please contact your Ecospin Ltd
Dealer/Distributor .
Check your tyre pressures. Always maintain a tyre pressure
of 26 psi (1.8 bar) in the front tyre and 26 psi (1.8 bar) in the
rear tyres
If a tyre needs repairing or replacing please contact an
authorised dealer
It is important to check local laws on legal tyre tread depth
for motorcycles/mopeds. In the UK tyres should legally be
changed before the tread depth reaches 1.6 mm
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Fuse Box
Colour of fuses may vary please
ensure correct AMP fuses are
Number Of
Amps In Fuse
(Towards Front)
Auxiliary Power
(Towards Rear)
(Image shown Looking up at the Fuse
Box )
Front of
The fuse box is located
in the roof of the
battery cage and can be
accessed when
battery(s) are removed
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Vehicle Care
Ensure batteries are removed from vehicle and placed In a
dry environment away from any liquid
•Only wash your Raptor by hand using warm water and car
shampoo (mild automobile detergent)
•Use a sponge or soft fabric to clean the vehicle
•Never use any form of powered cleaning on this vehicle
such as pressure washers, steam cleaners, hosepipes
•Never use corrosive or harsh cleaning products on your
•To clean the display screen apply a small amount of window
glass cleaner to a chamois and rub the screen gently. Avoid
putting pressure on the screen as this may damage the
•Never put your vehicle through an automated car wash,
•Every care should taken to avoid water reaching the battery
box/electrical components
•Ensure no liquid/water is visible or present on the vehicle
battery connecters prior to reinserting batteries
• You can allow the vehicle to air dry after cleaning or use
in wet conditions
• Alternatively we recommend using a soft clean dry cloth
to dry the vehicle by hand
• Never use any form of powered heating to dry the vehicle
such as hair dyer, hot air gun, electric/ gas heater
• Never use a rough or abrasive fabric to dry the vehicle
• All fuses can be serviced, if unsure contact a Authorized
Ecospin Dealership
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Warranty information
Only authorised Ecospin engineers are permitted to inspect
or repair your vehicle battery, motor, controller, display and
chassis due to the inherent risk and technical skill and
training required to do so
•Opening or altering the vehicles battery pack will void its
•Opening or altering the vehicles motor will void its
• Altering the vehicles brakes will void its warranty
• Alter the vehicles tyre size will void warranty
• Altering the vehicles handle bar controls will void its
• Only approved accessories should be added to the
vehicle please contact your local dealer for more
•Opening or altering the vehicles controller will void its
•Opening or altering the vehicles display will void its
•Altering the vehicles chassis will void its warranty
•Altering the vehicles wheels will void its warranty
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
General Trouble Shooting
• The vehicle comes with a wide range of safety features to protect
the rider and the vehicle itself this section shall give a list of
things to check if there are problems with the vehicle
• Ensure that the safety handle bar kill switch is deactivated before
attempting to ride the vehicle
• Check that the batteries are correctly engaged and locked in
• If Battery A is not in place and charged the vehicle will not drive
any other battery present will allow the screen to display but
vehicle will not drive
• Ensure all the battery’s equally charged as sets before use as sets
• Ensure there are no blown fuses replace if needed
• As the vehicle has a wide range of safety features if any unusual
parameters are hit then the vehicle will enter shutdown mode
and will need to be turned off and on for a full reset. Turn off the
vehicle and restart after 5 seconds.
• Ensure that the handbrake is not engaged when attempting to
drive the vehicle
• In extreme temperatures of high or low the vehicle will display a
warning symbol on the display and will shut itself down to avoid
damage if the safe zone temperatures are surpassed
• If the vehicle feels unstable/spongy check the tyre pressures
• In the event of the lights not functioning, please check the bulb is
working correctly and the fuses are in working order
• It is possible for debris to become caught in the vehicle whilst in
use in this event please visually check the vehicle for foreign
• When using the vehicle if you experience any abnormal vibrations
and/or noise immediately stop use and contact your local dealer.
• Any other problems you are unsure of please contact your local
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
Ecospin as the manufactures of the Raptor reserve
the right without prejudice to change the vehicle
specification and technical data contained within
this owners manual
Ecospin Raptor User Manual
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