Satellite CS Commercial Manual

CardioScan Premier Commercial User Manual V1.6
CardioScan Premier Commercial is a special version which allows the
technician in a service center to analyze a patient’s data and upload
the results back to the Satellite Server for the Client to download.
Installing CardioScan Premier Commercial
To begin the installation of CardioScan Premier Commercial on the
Analysis PC, make sure CardioScan Premier 12 is already installed and
a USB security key labeled “C-12” is plugged in. Then, locate the file
named “UpdateAnalysisCommercial5xx.exe” and double-click it (the
x’s can represent any number or letter depending on the current
Follow the on-screen instructions until installation is complete.
After the installation is complete, run the CardioScan Premier software
like you normally would. To verify that the technician PC is running the
correct version, it should say “Commercial” above the Version number
on the top right corner.
Using CardioScan Premier Commercial
After downloading a patient’s data from the Server using Satellite
Explorer, a technician can analyze the data by locating it under “Prior
When finished, the technician will be able to return the completed
analysis by going into the “Report” options and clicking on the
“Satellite(x)” button.
If this is the first time running the Satellite function, a welcome
message will appear, prompting the user for the Server information.
An administrator account is required here.
Click “OK” when finished. The program will now test the connection to
the Server.
If the connection is working, a successful message will appear.
If the connection is not working, an error message will appear. You will
need to go back and verify your settings.
Once the connection has been established, the Send window will
Click the “Send” button to send the analysis result back to the Server.
If successful, the window will close itself after 5 seconds.
If the window does not close itself automatically, then there was an
error. See the log for details.
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