Safety Brand in the life
Caution for Safety
USER MANUAL(JS-230 Series)
Diecasting Alloy
Human Detection System
Electric Shock Prevention System
Double Safety System Against Fire
Imaginary Code System to prevent
exposure secret code
High Quality Individual Lighting
Double Security System
Specification(Front Ass'y)
For safety precaution is to ensure the safety of the user
due to accident, property damage and prevent inconvenience.
Please should read before use it.
Do not disassemble or alter the lock.
Do not install where the distance over
5mm between the door and door
Please do not expose the secret code
and change the secret code in regularly.
Batteries should npt be exposed
directly to heat sources or flames, or
submerged in water, because they may
leak or explode, resulting in severe
damage. Please do not use damaged
Do not press using sharp tools or press
numeric button excessively
Please make sure the batteries are inserted
correctly(+/-) as indicated in the battery
component. Otherwise, it ay cause a leaks
or explosions.
Numeric Keypad
Please do not mix old with new batteries or
use different types.
Always use new alkaline batteries.
Do not clean the product with flammable
materials such as alcohol, benzene or
thinners. Such materials may damage the
surface or cause a fire.
Pleae change all the batteries within 7 days
after hear first melody to change battery.
Reset Hole
Emergency power
supply Terminal
Product Composition
Product composition may be subject to change depending on the installation environment.
Specification(Back Ass'y)
Sensor Ratch
Open/Close Button
Back Ass'y
Front Ass'y
Front Ass'y
Installation Jig & Mounting Plate
Digital Key 4Pcs
Smart Tag(JS230S)
Strike & Strike Spacer
JS-230S : Secret Code + Smart Card (2W)
Manual Knob
Double Lock Button
For the Emergency use : if Open/Close
button is not working, then just turn to
open by finger
To Open the Battery Cover
User Manual/ Product Warranty / Installation
Template / AA LR6 Battery 4pcs / Screw
JS-230 : Secret Code + Digital Touch Key (2W)
Volume Switch
Register Button
As this is a keyless digital door lock, damage may occure to parts of
the dead lock system if it is not used according to the manual,
Users should be fully aware of the manual and how to operate this
To Open the Door From Outside (Secret Code)
To Open theDoor From Outside
The product set to double security mode from origianlly purchased.
Please refer "how to set double security mode" if you want to change
normal mode.
(Digital Key / Smart Tag)
Press slightly battery cover and push to the direction of the arrow to open.
Register Secret Code
The secret code can register between 3 to 20 digits and 1 secret code can use
Touch registered the digital key or the smart tag at the touch plate or tag touch
point where on the front ass'y
1. Press [Register] Button
2. Enter a New Secret Code
3. Finish to Register
1. To touch [Numeric Keypad]
Touch the [Numeric Keypad]
Success : "Biriri"
Fail : "Biribiri"
2. To enter the secret code
Touch registered the digital key or the smart tag at the touch plate or tag
touch point and the door open after a second front ass'y
Double security mode
Success : "Biriri"
Fail : "Biribiri"
Press [Register]
button shortly afte
open the battery cover.
If the digital key or smart tag have problem with automatic recognition
on the touch plate, then please touch again after touched [Touch Keypad]
Enter a new secret
code(3~20 digits)
Press [Register]
button to set on
please use secret code over 6 digits to prevent exposuresecret code
(Can be used the numeric 0 ~ 9 only).
Do not exposed secret code to any 3rd person. For this, you
should change secret code regularly.
Automatically delete existing secret code after register a
new secret code
You should check what a new secret code is register
properly or not before close the door.
To Register Digital Key / Smart Tag
Press [*] button after
enter the secret code being
light on all the numeric keypad
The light comes on any 3 numeric
button, then just press them regardless
in oreder
To Open/Close the Door From Inside
Open the door by Electronic
Close the door by Electronic
It will be automaticall deleted all existing digital keys or smart tags if register
new one, therefore you should register in once time up to 50pcs each of them
1. Press [Register] Button
Normal mode
Success : "Biriri"
Fail : "Biribiri"
Press [Open/Close] button to open
being deadbolt locked
Press [*] button after enter the secret
code being light on all the numerickey pad
2. Touch Digital Key or Smart Tag
Open the door by Mechanical
Press [Open/Close] button
to lock the door in manual mode
after closed the door
Close the door by Mechanical
The secret code should enter after numeric lamp turns on,
and if numerice lamp off during entering code, then
please touch [Touch Keypad] and enter secret code again.
After wrong codes are entered 3times in a the keypad will
become inactive for half a minute with a alram "Biriri Biriri Biriri"..
Press [Register] button shortly after
open the battery cover.
3. Finish to Register
Press [Register] button to set on
Turn manual knob
to open being deadbolt locked
Turn manual knob
to close after the door closed
Touch the digital key or smart tag at the
touch plate or touch pont
It can be registered several digital keys or smart tags, you should touch
continuously digital key or smart tag within 7second after start to register
first digital key or smart tag, and it will set up automatically after 7 seconds.
To confirm the register properly or not with the door open.
To Set/Release Double Security
Mute Mode Function
This function is any of the three numbers to authenticate after enter
registered secret code for exposure secret code to the other person
It is designed to be totally silent during operation so as not to disturb the neighbor
To set
1. Touch [Numeric Pad]
2. Press [#]
3. Enter Secret Code
4. Press [*]
Control the volume switch after open the battery cover
_ [0] = Mute(warning sound is keeping)
[4] button : Realse
[6] button : Ste up
Press [Register]
button after open the
battery cover
System Re-set Function
Press [Register] button to
set up double security system
Press "6" button
[1] = Mids, [2] = High
To Release Double Security from Outside
In case you accidentally double locking set on, it can be released
double locking mode from outside.
This is emergency solution such as reset of system due to temporarily unstable
circuit operations.
To release
1. Touch[Numeric Pad]
2. Enter Secret Code
Press reset button
3. Press [#]
[4] button : Realse
[6] button : Ste up
Press [Register]
button after open the
battery cover
Press [4] button
4. Enter secret code again
External Forced Locking Set/Release
5. Press [ ]
It makes strengthen security in case of long-term outing.
It will be alarming if operate the device indoor side.
Press [Register] button to
release double security system
The factory is not set up this function, please use after set up
External Forced
Locking Set
To Set Auto/Maual Locking
External Forced
Locking Release
The door is locked automatically or manually when the door closed
To Set/Release Double Locking
The [Manual/Auto] switch position
ishould be at [Manuall] or [Auto]
Double locking function is the door can not open from outside.
Maual Auto
- Auto Locking : Automatically locking the door within 3 seconds
after the door closed
Press [0] after touched
numeric pad in the locking
Locking Set
- Manual Locking : Press [Open/Close] button after closed the door
in manual mode
Turn [Manual Knob] to open
or press [open/close] button
Press [Doublelock]
button 3 seconds while the
door is closing
To Set/Release Volume
It can be control the beep volume when the door lock or unlock
It will release automatically if
using registered digital key or
smart tag and secret code from
Warning/Emergency Sound Release
Remove out battery after open the battery cover or touched digital key or
smart tag or enter secret code with press [*]
※The factory mode is original set(Release)
To Replace Battery
When replace the beep melody comes on
It will notice to replace the battery when those batteries getting
low voltage.
How to replace the battery
After the first beep is sounded, please replace all the batteries to
new batteries within 7 days.
- It will stop the system, if not change the batteries after the beep sounded
The battery life span may differ according to manufacturer,date of
manufacture, using environment
(AA, Alkaline 1.5V 4pcs, Lifes pan :10 ~12 months if 10 times to
use per day )
Please check the batteries every 6 months to see if the
batteries are leaking, in this case , the product will be damaged
It can not change secret code, digital key, smart card after
battery replacement beep is sounded until replace new battery.
To Use Emergency Power(Battery)
When it is time to replace the battery, and continue without replacing
the battery, the battery is discharged and the door lock not functioning
How to use emergency power
Purchasing square battery(6F22 / 9V),
- Using alkaline battery only
Human Body Detection Function Set/Release
1. Press [Register]button
1. Press [Register] button
2. Press [8]
Press [Register] button
to end
Press [5] button
Press [Register] button
after open battery cover
3. Press [Register] button
Press [8] button
Press [Register] button
to end
Repare with fee
Within a year after purchase
Free Repair
Same defect repeats 4times
Free Repair
Repare with fee
(will apply depreciation rate)
Can not repair by Manufacturer
No failure product
mistake and Consumer's error and carelessness
on purpose
Repair with fee
Wrong installation and other
No failure product
Consumer's error
and carelessness
Destroyed product
due to lost secret code
Consumer's error
and carelessness
Notice in danger state by alarm for 3 minutes due to remove out the
lock device by forced or breakage by abnormal way in door locked.
Re-install product by
door deflection or wrong
Wrong battery inserted
Failure and damage
caused by natural
disasters such as fire,
flood, salt.
High Temperature Warning System
Requests check
whether over product
without apparent failure
Product failure ordamage
due to the use of the
product other than
original purpose.
Due to water infiltration,
moisture condensation,
chemical injection, and in
case of a circuit failure
inside the product
Intrusion/Breakage Alarm Function
- If this system detect high temperatures, then it will activate an
alarm, and release door locking function to evacuate peoples
quickly(This function is basic system, therefore there is no setting or
releasing the function). It will activate at 60℃, it can vary depending on
the installation environment.
It will open the door within 5 seconds and alarm for 5 minutes
when it detect the high temperature(It will normal operation
when the temperature down normally).
Product Specifications
While contacting the external emergency
power terminal with a 9V(6F22) square
battry, enter the secret code or contact
digital key / smart card
Within a month after purchase
Consumer's Erro and Carelessness Detailes
Press [Register] button
after open battery cover
3. Press [Register] button
2.Press [5]
Within warranty Over warranty
* The door can be opened/closed by only human hands due to capacitive touch type
Power : DC6V
Operating Temperature
: -20 ~ 60℃
Sensor Activate : at 60℃
Front Ass'y
Back Ass'y
AL Alloy Diecasting
Digital Key
Smart Tag
2pcs(For JS230S Model)
1.5V AA LR6 Alkaline 4pcs
About Product Warranty
Our warranty valadity is a year from product purchasing date.
We will charge you even warranty period if in case of repair with
charge( Service Call Charge + Royalties + Components Cost).
When you apply for a service, you should present the product warranty,
installation information listed.
If you don't have product warranty, you can replace purchase receipt,
card slips, cash receipt(Simplified receipt disapproval)
If it can not prove the date of purchasing, then it will be recognized by
date of manufacture + Expiration date(6 months)
Distance of Sensor : 2cm
Up to 50pcs Register
Battery life span is for 10 months
based on 10 times to use a day.
※The battery valadity can vary depending on batterymanufacturer, production date, using
environment andfrequency.
62 EunCheong Street, Namdong-Gu, Incheon, Korea (zip : 405-817)
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