Thank you for purchasing our Digital Microscope, it is a slim type tool

Thank you for purchasing our Digital Microscope,
it is a slim type tool and can be easily used in different fields
1. Textile industrial for textile inspection
2. Printing inspection
3. Industrial inspection: PCB, Precision machinery…
4. Educational purpose
5. Hair examination
6. Skin examination
7. Microbiological observation
8. Jewelry & coin (Collections) inspection
9. Visual Assistance
10. Others
Currently we have two models of Digital Microscope: USB port and TV port
The USB microscope must be connected to the computer and TV microscope
be connected to visual device (N/P). User interface is very friendly and you can
do the Measure work easily.
You can find more information of the product on this manual.
Parts of Microscope
Notes before use
Product Outlook & Standard parts
Hardware and system requirements
How to install the Driver software
How to install the measurement software
Function options
How to do the calibration
Parts of Microscope
Focus roller
USB Line
LED Light
Metal Fixed
Image CMOS Sensor
Controller High Speed DSP (Driver Free available)
Focus Range 15mm ~ 40mm
Snap Shot Software and Hardware
Video Capture Resolution 0.3M.
Built-in 8 White-light LED and adjustable illumination ensure the
magnified images are clear and bright
Still Image Capture Resolution 640*480
Frame Rate 30 f/s under 600 LUX Brightness
Digital Zoom 5X Sequence Mode
Brightness Control Manual adjustment
Magnification Range 25 X ~ 200X (Manually)
Power Supply USB Port ( 5V DC )
USB 2.0 & USB 1.1 Compatible
Operation System Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 32 bit and 64 bit.
Language: English, Chinese and other language by selection
System Requirement: Pentium Computer with 700M Hz & above,
20M HD Space CD ROM Driver, 64MB RAM, Direct X VGA Card
CD disk Driver and Micro-Measurement Tool
Product dimension 112 mm ( L ) X 33 mm ( R )
Product net weight: 380g
Available color: Matting black, UV black; and other colors.
Notes before use
1. Don’t dissemble the digital Microscope or change the interior parts,
it can cause damage.
2. Don’t clean the Microscope with alcohol organic solvents
3. Don’t touch the lens with your fingers.
4. Avoid outdoor use if possible.
5. Storage temperature , 0°C ~ 40°C,Humidity:45%RH ~ 85RH%.
6. In case the product gets wet, leave PC connection immediately.
And do not dissemble or dry by hair dryer. Send to repair center if
the digit microscope was effected by liquid or other elements.
7. Measurement Data only for reference.
Product Outlook & Standard parts
1. Digital Microscope (1pcs)
2. USB 2.0 cable
3. Metal fixed Stand (1pcs)
4. CD ROM (Driver, Measurement software, User Manual)
Hardware system requirements
Windows 2000、XP、VISTA、WIN7 Pentium 1G, Celeron, AMD 1G &
above, 128MB Memory, 150MB Hard Disc memory space,16-bit &
above VGA ,CD-ROM, USB2.0 or USB1.1.
How to install the Driver
SEL2589X Digital Microscope is a free Driver Product,it can be worked
immediately after connected to the computer with operation system above
win2000 version.
1. Connect the Portable digital microscope by USB2.0 cable to your
computer, double click ‘my computer’ icon on your computer desktop,
below interface will be shown up.
2. Double click the Video device icon as above red marked in your
computer. Now it is ready to use.
If you can’t find the Video device, or if your computer can’t recognize it,
please follow below steps to install the driver.
Insert the attached CD, system will auto run to the interface as below and
follow the steps to complete the installation:
(NOTE:If the computer can’t auto run the disc, you need to operate
manually by click “My Computer” → ”DVD/CD Driver” →
1. Driver installation
installation progress.
to continue, the screen will show the
Click“next”to continue,as followings:
Click“next”to continue,as followings:
Click “continue Anyway”,as followings:
Click“Finish”to continue,as followings
Select ’Yes, I want to restart my computer now’, and click “finish”.
After restart your computer, Plug-in the USB port of Digital Microscope
into Computer USB port. Following the user guide by steps and complete
by click “Next” -> “Continue anyway” -> “Finish”.
2 Measurement installations:
1 Click
to continue, as followings
2 Click “next” to continue, as followings
3. Click “next” to continue, as followings
4. Click “next” to continue, as followings
5. Click “next” to continue, as followings
6 Click “Install” to continue, as followings
Wait a few seconds while the installation taking place.
7.Click “Finish”
and the installation completes.
8.After the installation completes, double click
start using the software.
Plug-in the devices, Display in operation window
at computer desktop to
9 Click
,open the operation system
Choose the Image resolution from 320*240 to 1600*1200, default at VGA
10 Click
to use measurement function.
11 Click
to open pictures, and click
Video PLAY(Pause) ,STOP
to save pictures
Image Parameter including Image setting and special effects
16 Click
Ruller, as followings
17 Click
, start calibration make sure certain accuracy.
Our experience told us that measurement could be controlled at 99% high
precision. Measure tolerance could be caused from human eye distortion
and defocus. More practice is helpful to measurements.
18 Key in the Measure data(Pixel),Unit, and Click’ OK’
Please do calibration again once Magnification Ratio changed.
20 Click
Color setting of display character
to export word or excel format.
Example: Measure data under word file
From Left to right:
Point to Point distance
Parallel line
(as below show)
Set-line Length
Point to Line distance
For example 1
Line measurement:
For example 2
Rectangular measurements:
For example3
Ring measurements:
For example 4
Arc measurements:
3Please click
to Continue when the NET
Framework2.0 is necessary
Download PDF