General information FM/AM Clock Radio

FM/AM Clock Radio
Operating Instructions
©2014 Sony Corporation
Battery may explode if handled incorrectly.
Do not recharge, disassemble or dispose of
in fire.
Dispose of used battery promptly and in
accordance with local environmental laws
and guidelines. Keep away from children.
Printed in China
Before operating the unit, please read this
guide thoroughly and retain it for future
For customers in Europe
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To reduce the risk of fire, do not cover the
ventilation of the apparatus with newspapers,
tablecloths, curtains, etc. And do not place
lighted candles on the apparatus.
To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do
not expose this apparatus to dripping or
splashing, and do not place objects filled with
liquids, such as vases, on the apparatus.
Do not install the appliance in a confined
space, such as a bookcase or built-in cabinet.
Do not expose batteries or apparatus with
battery-installed to excessive heat such as
sunshine, fire or the like.
As the main plug is used to disconnect the unit
from the mains, connect the unit to an easily
accessible AC outlet. Should you notice an
abnormality in the unit, disconnect the main
plug from the AC outlet immediately.
The unit is not disconnected from the AC
power source (mains) as long as it is connected
to the wall outlet, even if the unit itself has
been turned off.
The nameplate and important information
concerning safety are located on the bottom
Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly
replaced. Replace only with the same type.
This symbol is intended to alert the
user to the presence of important
operating and maintenance (servicing)
instructions in the literature
accompanying the appliance.
Notice for customers: the following
information is only applicable to
equipment sold in countries applying
EU directives.
This product has been manufactured by or on
behalf of Sony Corporation, 1-7-1 Konan
Minato-ku Tokyo, 108-0075 Japan. Inquiries
related to product compliance based on
European Union legislation shall be addressed
to the authorized representative, Sony
Deutschland GmbH, Hedelfinger Strasse 61,
70327 Stuttgart, Germany. For any service or
guarantee matters, please refer to the
addresses provided in the separate service or
guarantee documents.
Disposal of waste batteries and
electrical and electronic equipment
(applicable in the European Union and
other European countries with separate
collection systems)
This symbol on the product, the
battery or on the packaging
indicates that the product and the
battery shall not be treated as
household waste. On certain
batteries this symbol might be
used in combination with a chemical symbol.
The chemical symbols for mercury (Hg) or lead
(Pb) are added if the battery contains more
than 0.0005% mercury or 0.004% lead. By
ensuring these products and batteries are
disposed of correctly, you will help prevent
potentially negative consequences for the
environment and human health which could
otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste
handling. The recycling of the materials will
help to conserve natural resources.
In case of products that for safety, performance
or data integrity reasons require a permanent
connection with an incorporated battery, this
battery should be replaced by qualified service
staff only. To ensure that the battery and the
electrical and electronic equipment will be
treated properly, hand over these products at
end-of-life to the applicable collection point for
the recycling of electrical and electronic
equipment. For all other batteries, please view
the section on how to remove the battery from
the product safely. Hand the battery over to the
applicable collection point for the recycling of
waste batteries. For more detailed information
about recycling of this product or battery,
please contact your local Civic Office, your
household waste disposal service or the shop
where you purchased the product or battery.
Operate the unit on the power sources
specified in “Specifications.”
To disconnect the power cord (mains lead),
pull it out by the plug, not the cord.
Do not leave the unit in a location near a
heat source, such as a radiator or airduct, or
in a place subject to direct sunlight, excessive
dust, mechanical vibration, or shock.
Allow adequate air circulation to prevent
internal heat build-up. Do not place the unit
on a surface (a rug, blanket, etc.) or near
materials (a curtain) that might block the
ventilation holes.
Should any solid object or liquid fall into the
unit, unplug the unit and have it checked by
a qualified personnel before operating it any
To clean the casing, use a soft dry cloth. Do
not use any type of solvent, such as alcohol
or benzine, which may damage the finish.
Do not connect the antenna lead to the
external antenna.
General information
If you have any questions or problems
concerning your unit, please consult your
nearest Sony dealer.
Should any problems persist after you have
made the following checks, consult your
nearest Sony dealer.
The clock flashes “0:00” or “AM 12:00”
after a power interruption.
The battery is discharged. Remove the old
battery and insert a new one.
Unsatisfactory reception
Extend the FM wire antenna fully to increase
reception sensitivity.
Rotate the unit horizontally for optimum
reception. A ferrite bar AM antenna is built
into the unit.
About the battery as a
backup power source
Replacing the backup
Keep the AC plug connected to the
wall outlet and remove the battery
compartment on the bottom of the
unit by pulling it up while sliding the
tab. (See Fig. -.)
Insert a new battery into the battery
compartment with the  side facing
This unit contains a CR2032 battery as a backup
power source to keep the clock operating
during a power interruption.
Dispose of used battery promptly. Keep the
lithium battery out of the reach of children.
Should the battery be swallowed,
immediately consult a doctor.
Wipe the battery with a dry cloth to assure a
good contact.
Be sure to observe the correct polarity when
installing the battery.
Do not hold the battery with metallic
tweezers, otherwise a short-circuit may
Do not expose the battery to excessive heat
such as direct sunlight, fire or the like.
Do not operate the unit over a steel desk or
metal surface, as this may lead to
The radio or buzzer alarm does not
sound at the preset alarm time.
Check that “ ” appears on the display.
The radio alarm is activated but no
sound is emitted at the preset alarm
Adjust the volume using VOLUME +/–.
When daylight saving time (summer
time) begins, the clock does not switch
to daylight saving time (summer time)
automatically. (UK model only)
Make sure the clock is set correctly.
When “Aut  On” appears on the display
after pressing and holding DST for more than
3 seconds, the Automatic DST/summer time
function becomes active.
Time display
UK model: 24-hour system
Australian and New Zealand models: 12-hour
Frequency range
87.5 MHz – 108 MHz
531 kHz – 1,602 kHz
Approx. 6.6 cm dia., 8 Ω
Power output
100 mW (at 10% harmonic distortion)
Power requirements
230 V AC, 50 Hz
For power backup: 3 V DC, one CR2032 battery
Approx. 101 mm  102 mm  101 mm (w/h/d)
including projecting parts and controls
Approx. 520 g including CR2032 battery
Design and specifications are subject to
change without notice.
When to replace the
When the battery is discharged, “” appears
on the display.
If a power interruption occurs while the battery
is discharged, the current time and alarm will
be erased.
Note for customers in the UK
The clock is preset at the factory, and its
memory is powered by the preinstalled Sony
CR2032 battery. If the “0:00” flashes on the
display when the unit is connected to AC
outlet for the first time, the battery may be
discharged. In this case, consult a Sony
dealer. The preinstalled CR2032 battery is
considered part of the product, and is
covered by the warranty. You are required to
show “Note for customers in the UK” (in this
instruction) to a Sony dealer in order to
validate the warranty for this product.
To remove the battery from the battery
compartment, push it out from the side
marked PUSH. (See Fig. -.)
Insert the battery compartment back
into the unit along the groove and
push it from above until it clicks. (See
Fig. -.)
The tab locks the battery compartment.
4Press RADIO to remove “” from the
When you replace the battery, do not
disconnect the AC plug from the wall outlet.
Otherwise, the current date, current time and
alarm will be erased.
If the unit will be left unplugged for a long
time, remove the battery to avoid any
damage that may be caused by leakage or
The frequency of the current radio
station is displayed as a rough guide.
Setting the clock
To change the clock setting manually, operate
the unit as follows.
Press and hold ENTER/TIME SET for
more than 2 seconds.
You will hear a beep and the last two digits
of the year will start to flash on the display.
2Press + or – repeatedly to select the
Setting the alarm
The alarm sound can be selected from RADIO
(radio) or BUZZ (buzzer).
Before setting the alarm
Make sure to set the clock. (See “Setting the
clock manually.”)
To set the radio alarm, first tune to a station
and adjust the volume. (See “Playing the
To set the alarm
1Set ALARM MODE to the desired
alarm sound (RADIO or BUZZ).
year, and then press ENTER/TIME SET.
Repeat step 2 to set the month, day
and time.
After setting the time, two short beeps will
sound and the seconds will start
incrementing from zero.
Australian and
New Zealand
models only
The alarm time appears for a few seconds,
and then “ ” appears on the display. (It
does not appear when the switch is set to
If you do not press any button for about 1
minute while setting the clock, clock setting
mode will be canceled.
To change the display to
indicate daylight saving time
(summer time)
2Press SET ALARM TIME + or –
repeatedly to set the desired time
while the alarm time appears on the
For UK model
AC power cord
Change the clock setting manually to the
daylight saving time (summer time) if you have
canceled the Automatic DST/summer time
FM wire antenna
For Australian and New Zealand
There is a tactile dot beside VOLUME + to show the direction to go to turn up the
Getting Started
Connecting to an AC
power source
Connect the AC power cord to a wall outlet.
To wall outlet
About Automatic DST/
summer time adjustment
(UK model only)
This unit automatically adjusts for daylight
saving time (summer time). “DST” automatically
appears on the display at the beginning of
daylight saving time (summer time), and
disappears at the end of daylight saving time
(summer time).
The Automatic DST/summer time adjustment
is based on GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).
Daylight saving time (summer time) begins
at 1:00 AM on the final Sunday of March.
Standard time begins at 2:00 AM on the final
Sunday of October.
For UK model
The current WET (Western European Time)
appears on the display.
(This unit is preset to the current date and time
at the factory, and is powered by the back-up
The implementation of DST/summer time
and its beginning/ending date and time are
subject to circumstances and laws in each
country/region. Should this interfere with the
desired adjustment, cancel the Automatic
DST/summer time adjustment and set the
clock manually as necessary. Customers
living in a country/region that does not use
daylight saving time (summer time) should
cancel the Automatic DST/summer time
adjustment before using the unit.
If you live in a country/region other
than in the Western European Time
Refer to “Setting the clock manually” to set the
correct time.
To cancel Automatic DST/
summer time adjustment
The Automatic DST/summer time
adjustment can be canceled.
Press and hold DST for more than 3
seconds while the clock is displayed.
A beep sounds, and “Aut  OFF” appears
on the display to show that the Automatic
DST/summer time adjustment has been
canceled. The clock display returns.
To reactivate Automatic DST/
summer time adjustment
Press and hold DST for more than 3
seconds. A beep sounds, and “Aut  On”
appears on the display to show that
Automatic DST/summer time adjustment
has been activated. The clock display
Change the daylight saving time (summer
time) adjustment setting according to the
following procedure.
Press and hold DST for more than 3
“DST” appears on the display and the clock
display switches to daylight saving time
(summer time).
To deactivate the daylight saving time (summer
time) adjustment, press and hold DST for more
than 3 seconds again.
Playing the radio
1Press RADIO to turn on the radio.
2Set BAND to the desired band (AM or
While setting the alarm time, “ ” flashes on
the display.
Notes on the alarm in the event of a
power interruption
If the set alarm time comes in the event of a
power interruption or a power interruption
occurs while the alarm is sounding, the display
will turn off and the alarm will not sound, and
the alarm status will be as follows:
If power returns within 60 minutes from the
alarm set time, the alarm will sound.
If the power interruption occurred while the
snooze function was operating, the snooze
function will continue.
If the snooze time had passed when the
power interruption occurred, the alarm will
sound after power returns.
In this status, if “” does not light up, ALARM
mode functions are available. The snooze time
will be fixed to only 10 minutes if SNOOZE/
BRIGHTNESS has been pressed.
Setting the sleep
You can fall asleep to the radio using the sleep
timer, which turns off the radio automatically
after a preset duration.
Press SLEEP.
The radio turns on. Each time you press SLEEP,
the duration (in minutes) changes as follows:
The radio will play for the duration you set,
then shut off.
To deactivate the sleep timer, press SLEEP
repeatedly to set the sleep timer to “OFF.”
To turn off the radio before the
preset time
When the alarm time setting operation is
complete, the clock display returns after a
few seconds and “ ” changes from flashing
to fully lit.
At the set time, the radio will turn on, or the
buzzer will sound gradually increasing in
volume. (“ ” flashes on the display.)
To stop the alarm
Press ALARM RESET/OFF to turn off the
The alarm will sound again at the same time
the next day.
To doze for a few more minutes
The sound turns off, but will automatically
come on again after about 10 minutes.
Each time you press SNOOZE/BRIGHTNESS,
the snooze time changes as follows:
To use both the sleep timer and
You can fall asleep to the radio and also be
awakened by the radio or buzzer alarm at the
preset time.
Set the alarm, then set the sleep timer.
When the alarm is set to sound during the
sleep timer duration, the sleep timer will be
deactivated automatically when the alarm
Setting the brightness
of the display
Three levels of brightness are available.
Tune to the desired station using
Adjust the volume using VOLUME +/–.
To turn off the radio, press ALARM RESET/
The display shows the snooze time for about
4 seconds and returns to show the current
time. (“ ” flashes on the display.)
Each time you press SNOOZE/BRIGHTNESS,
the brightness of the display changes as
To deactivate the alarm
“ ” disappears from the display.
The alarm time setting cannot be changed if
TIME + or – is pressed, “OFF” appears on the
display for about 0.5 seconds.
ENTER/TIME SET and DST are unavailable
while the alarm is sounding or the snooze
function is turned on.
If no operation is performed while the alarm
is sounding, the alarm will stop after about
60 minutes.
The alarm function works as usual on the
first and last day of daylight saving time
(summer time). When Automatic DST/
summer time adjustment is set, if the alarm
is set for a time that is skipped when daylight
saving time (summer time) begins, the alarm
is skipped, or if the alarm is set for a time
that overlaps the end of daylight saving time
(summer time), the alarm sounds twice.
When the alarm is sounding or the snooze
function is active, the brightness of the
display cannot be changed.
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