Security Alarm Display Stand for Tablet PC

Security Alarm Display Stand
for Tablet PC
functions such as whole unit anti-removal, tray rack anti-removal, etc.
4.Charging function: The system can provide 5V charging voltage to charge
the digital products.
5.Remote control switch: The alarm probe of every port of infra-red remote
control functions automatically examine the reset function.
I. Brief Introduction
IV. Application method
The Security Alarm display Stand can be used for display of digital
products such tablet PC,MP4,GPS, ebook, etc. It’s made up of in-bult
alarm device, alarm probe, display rack, etc. It’s installed on the
display rack or counter. The alarm probe is stuck to the display product
with 3m tape. The client can conveniently take off the display product
from the rack and freely test and operate the display product functions.
If the client wants to take away the display product, the alarm device
will immediately give out the continuous alarm sound until the
management staff reset it with remote control.
1 Tear off the tape protective film of the alarm device bottom. Stick it
to the clean and tidy table surface.
2 Tear off the tape protective film of the sensor spring square box. Stick
the back of the digital product onto the sensor spring square box.
At this time, the alarm device will continuously gives out two
sounds. The first sound shows initialization of the alarm device.
The second sound shows the working status of the alarm device.
3 Insert the power line into the left insertion interface of the alarm
device. The red light will be on, which shows charging of the alarm device.
It’ll be automatically off when fully charged. If yellow light is on,
the alarm device is not in working status or it is under failure status.
4 Insert one end of the patch cord into the digital product and the other
end into MCUSB hole of the sensor spring line square box. The digital
product will be charged.
5 Factory password is 3 4 5. If alarm happens, aim the remote control to
the alarm device and continuously press 3 4 5, the alarm sound will
II. Parameters
1.Size: Length 130mm Width 140mm Height 110mm
2.Battery type: 3.7v
3.Charging voltage: DC 5v
4.Standby time: two months
5.Alarm sound: 105db
6.Charging function: It can charge the digital products
7.Anti-theft method: infra-red remote control
III. Functions:
1.Alarm functions: If the probe cable is cut or if the probe and the display
product are separated, the device will give out alarm immediately.
2.Backup battery: Once the salespoint is powered off, the backup battery
insie the system can continue to provide the power to the system.
3.Multiple anti-removal alarm: Provide multiple anti-removal protective
V. Usage of remote control
1.Change password: Take off the sensor spring line from the telephone hole
of the alarm device right side. Then the alarm device will give out alarm.
Press the password to get rid of the alarm. Long press the remote control
setting button and you will hear the sound. Input the old password. If
the old password is correct, the alarm device will give out two long
sound for two seconds. Then input the 3 digital new password. The alarm
device will give out the long alarm for two seconds. Input the new
password again. When the modification of password is completed, the
alarm will give out three sounds. The new password can be used. Note:
the password is 3 digital number. The new password shall be the same
when you input them twice. If the input interval exceeds 15 seconds,
the alarm device will give out one sound to show that the time limit
for password modification has been exceeded.
2 Forget the password: Remove the installed alarm device from the table.
Insert the gem clip into small round hole of reverse side of the alarm
device. The yellow indicator light will flash for three times. The alarm
device is reset to the factory status. The factory status password is
3 4 5
VI. Cautions
1.It’s forbidden to remove any parts of the products to avoid
affecting the product functions and lifetime.
2 . The normal standby time of the in-built battery is two
months.Pls charge it in time when battery is insufficient.
3 . In order to ensure the normal examination of every
communication port by the main device, application shall begin
after every probe communication cable is correctly connected.
4.In order to lengthen the battery lifetime, it’s recommended
not to charge the battery over 8hours and don’t connect the
charger all day long.
5. Attention: if the alarm device cannot be firmly stuck to the
table by the tape, pls don’t continue to use it. For your shop
security, pls contact your local distributor.
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