Operation Manual
Please carefully read the following instruction for correct operations, especially for the warning part. Incorrect
operation could lead to a potential risk of damage to your mobile phone. This manual will help you learn the
product in detail and prevent against accidents or mistakes.
Stand with adjustable smart phone holder.
Car charger with standard USB charging port, output 5V/1A.
FM transmitter with frequency range from 87.5 to 108.0 MHz.
3.5 mm Aux-in plug for mobile phone FM transmission.
LED Display.
Supports Micro SD card.
Cigarette Lighter: DC 12V~ 24V power supply.
Input: 12-24V
Frequency range: 87.5-108.0 MHz.
Music format: MP3/WMA
Micro SD: Maximum support up to 16GB
Transmission range: Approx 5M
How to Install:
The base of the stand is a sticky disk (picture 1). Detach it from main part by pressing the “push” button and
slide it out (picture 2). Select a proper position on the dashboard, remove the paper covering adhesive side
and attach to the selected position. With the base securely attached to the dashboard, re-attach the main part
onto the disk. (If you would like to purchase additional bases, please contact Sondpex Customer Service)
Put the charger plug into the cigarette lighter hole and connect Micro USB end to the micro USB port.
WARNING: Do not use the cigarette charger plug to charge your mobile phone directly. It’s
output voltage is 12V, you are at the risk of destroying the mobile phone.
Mobile Phone Holder:
The adjustable clamp has a max width of 8.7 cm to fit for iPhone and other sorts of smart phones. Press the
button on the left side of the holder, the two parts of clamp move to each side automatically.
Put your smart phone onto the holder and press the clamp to grip it, adjust it to a proper angle for easy
operation while driving.
FM Transmitter:
The stand is on work state once you connect it to the cigarette lighter hole; adjust the frequency to match
the frequency of the car radio. Make sure the radio channel you selected is clean.
Press “M”, the frequency number displayed on the screen will start blinking, press “+” or “-” to change the
For Micro SD card:
Insert a Micro SD card to the Micro SD card slot, the songs stored in the card will play automatically.
Press “+” or “--” to play the next or previous song.
Press and hold “+” or “--” to increase or decrease the volume.
Press “
” to pause and resume transmission. Press and hold “
”to turn the power off to the stand.
( Picture 5 )
For Mobile Phone:
Insert the 3.5mm plug into the Aux-out port of your mobile phone, play the music on the mobile phone, the
audio signal is transmitted to your car radio. The sound will come out from car speaker system.
How to switch from micro SD card to mobile phone:
Put the micro SD card to the slot, and it will play automatically.
To switch to mobile phone (AUX), connect the mobile phone to the transmitter using the AUX-IN cable,
Playing will switch from micro SD card to mobile phone automatically after a few seconds.
To go back to micro SD card play, pause or stop playing from the mobile phone. Playing will switch back
to micro SD card after a few seconds.
Press the “ ” button to pause/ resume transmission (Does not pause mobile phone, just radio frequency
Car Charger for mobile phone or device
Next to the power port is the USB charging port ( picture 4 ). Connect your mobile phone with the compatible
charging cable to charge your mobile device. The output is 5V/1A.
Remarks: Two cables are included. One is for Apple’s iPhone (for older models, adapter required for iPhone
5), the other with Micro USB connector, for other kinds of smart phones.
For customer service or questions, please contact Sondpex Corp. of America at 877-997-7888 or email to
WARNING: Do not use the power port to charge your mobile phone directly. It’s output
voltage is 12V, you are at the risk of destroying the mobile phone.
iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.
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