Welcome to 3Shape`s Dental System™ 2010 release!

Welcome to 3Shape’s Dental System™ 2010 release!
Once again the 3Shape Dental System™ has clearly established its position as the most
advanced and leading CAD/CAM solution on the market. Now, the 2010 release empowers
laboratories of any size with the opportunity to achieve the highest quality of output, improve
their productivity through reductions in cost and turnaround time, and prepare their business
for the future.
The 2010 version introduces new-generation additions and innovative technician-friendly
features to 3Shape Dental System™, including new indications, new tools and improved
productivity. The new major additions are described below followed by a list of minor
improvements. Please refer to the online user manual for detailed descriptions of each feature.
We hope you will enjoy exploring the creative power of the new release and trust that it will
create value in your daily operation!
Integrated online user manual in 10 languages
To increase user-friendliness, 3Shape’s Dental System™ 2010 includes a new
integrated online user manual. The Help-function can be activated in all steps of
the design phase, and the user is automatically guided to the right section in the
online user manual. Dental System™ 2010 supports multiple languages currently: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Korean and Chinese.
Simultaneous modeling of upper and lower jaw
With Dental System™ 2010, Technicians are now allowed the unique opportunity
for creating, scanning and designing a restorative case that engages preparations
in both jaws simultaneously – all fully aligned in occlusion.
Dynamic Virtual Articulation
The Dynamic Virtual Articulator allows for realistic simulation of the physical
movements of the jaws. Virtual jaw movements can be adjusted and restricted
according to user-defined values. Motion sequences can be planned and repeated,
contact areas can be recorded, and designs can be automatically adapted to fit the
dynamic occlusion.
Smile Composer – full anatomy bridges
This new powerful tool enables technicians to easily design highly aesthetic full
anatomy bridges by working with full smiles. Intuitive workflow utilizes full-smile
set-of-teeth templates. Virtual mirroring of designed and existing teeth enables
rapid achievement of perfect symmetry.
New powerful Cut-to-neighbor and Plane Cut tools
The 2010 release equips the technician with even more Sculpt tools to improve
esthetic and functional performance on critical design elements, such as copings,
abutments and connectors. Using the new Cut-to-neighbor functionality makes it
easy to adapt your design to fit the desired distance to neighbor teeth. The Plane
Cut tool allows you to cut your restoration with a plane, using similar plane
handling as for 2D cross section.
Enhanced flexibility with attachments, locators and generic CAD files
3Shape’s new attachment functionality enables placement of any attachment in
your design - e.g., slide attachments, ball attachments, wax pins, holes, springs
on RPD’s and generic CAD files. One or more attachments can be added to, or
subtracted from, any restoration while the position and orientation can
interactively be adjusted.
Non-uniform anatomical reduction
The new non-uniform anatomical reduction enables the option to define different
anatomical reductions/offset for lingual, facial, proximal, occlusion and for the
gingival for pontics.
Improved thickness measurement and enforcement
The algorithm for thickness measurement and enforcement of minimum thickness
has been greatly improved and now preserves the anatomy of the enforced
surface, making the enforced elements more usable in the end design.
Efficient design of Removable Partials (add-on)
The Removable Partial Design is the ultimate tool for highly productive and
reliable creation of removable partials, providing labs with accurate digital control
over a technique-demanding process while reducing production time by 70-80%.
The digital design process intuitively mimics the familiar manual steps, including
automatic blocking out, retention grid design, design of major connector and,
finally, addition of clasps and support bars.
3rd Generation abutment design (add-on)
New robotic abutment designer providing the technician with better design
control, including numerical fixed radius on edges, better control of shoulder width
and drill compensation ensuring optimal fit of simultaneous designed coping.
High-quality screw retained crowns (add-on)
Dental System™ 2010 features a fast, accurate and user-friendly workflow for
producing high-quality single-piece restorations such as screw retained crowns,
making these an attractive alternative to the more conventional 2-piece crown-onabutment restorations. Single-piece restorations can be created in many materials
such as E.max, Zirconia, composite and temporary materials.
Unique parallel abutments feature (add-on)
Use AbutmentDesigner™ to define a common insertion direction for groups of
customized abutments, thereby ensuring perfect angles for the secondary
structure. Virtually lock abutments together in order to interactively change the
insertion direction for all simultaneously.
Sophisticated implant bars (add-on)
Design sophisticated implant bars and bridges based on high accuracy scans. The
design functionality supports a very wide range of standard and free-form bars,
and enables virtual addition of attachments, locators and retention holes
anywhere in your design. Combine a scan of the acrylic denture with your bar
design to easily visualize and measure on-screen for a perfect match between
denture, bar and implants.
Multi-order scanning using D710 Multi-Die Feeder
By selecting multiple orders in DentalManager™ single dies from multiple orders
can be combined in the same Multi-Die fixture and scan batch.
Improved Adaptive Impression Scanning
Adaptive Impression Scanning now features an even faster scanning, better
alignment of single-tray impressions and significant optimization for the available
model making machines (milling and 3D printing), see below.
Unique Virtual Model Builder
The design of virtual models is vastly improved to provide increased performance
and better fit of the prepared dies in the arch model. ID tags can easily be applied
to the model and it is now possible to extract the dies while the model is placed in
the articulator. In addition, neighbor teeth can be made extractable in the
manufactured model.
Advanced search function in DentalManager™
The new search functionality in DentalManager™ allows the user to perform
advanced searches in a simple and intuitive way, making it easy to find the
relevant orders. It is easy to set up and combine any number of search terms and
you can always save your custom searches for use at a later time.
Additional order import/export functionality
Dental System™ 2010 offers order information exchange with third party
applications, by interfacing through several formats, including the open 3shape
order exchange (3OX) format. The new release supports 3rd party order formats,
UDX (www.oxdig.org) and DDX (www.ddxdental.com), as well as full order import
for 3M LAVA C.O.S. and Cadent iTero. Dedicated visualization output is now
available for viewing scans and designs in the same coordinate system (dongle
Enhanced user-friendliness in Dental System™ Control Panel
The Dental System™ control panel has undergone an extensive makeover to
improve its user-friendliness and provide new functionality. A new next-generation
user-interface allows faster navigation between the different elements and makes
it easy to customize the necessary settings. The material import-export
functionality has been given a new face, and all material settings are now
presented in a systematic one-page overview.
Improved integration with CAMbridge™ (separate module)
The combination of Dental System™ 2010 and CAMbridge™ 2010/2 allows for a
higher level of automation and more streamlined production. Introducing filters
based on order information and type of dental indication will assist you in your
daily work. The utilization of the order information is now an integrated part of
most of the features in CAMbridge™.
Dental System 2010 - Detailed Release Notes
New features and issues solved in the releases of 3Shape’s Dental System™ 2010 are
described below. Significant new features added during 2010, but already included in the 2009
version, are also listed.
Version (May 2011)
The following new features and solved issues are available in Dental System™, version
Increased functionality and more training material available in Download Center
(previously called Documentation).
Allow multiple DentalDesigner’s to run on the same PC simultaneously.
Improved handling of materials.
Support for implant cases on imported scans.
Improved integration with 3Shape TRIOS.
New list of Dental System shortcuts is available in the online help system
(see Appendix B - Using Mouse and Keyboard)
General update of Help System (update available in English; other languages will be available
in the next release).
Various issues fixed, including issues with import of 3M Lava C.O.S. scans.
Version (April 2011)
The following new features and solved issues are available in Dental System™, version
Support for bars on telescopes and copings (does not require Implant Bar & Bridge add-on module).
Import of Sirona CEREC and InLab scans (using 3se file format) for CAD design in Dental System and output
as usual (requires add-on Sirona Import/export interface).
Shortkeys 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 to select predefined settings in Add/Remove in Sculpt Toolkit (use
CTRL+shortkey to define short key settings).
Introduced customized Order Form fields.
Introduced Inlay Margin Protection.
Inbox supports for TRIOS® scans.
The color column is now available in the Inbox view.
Possibility to enable mandatory color selection in Order Form (enabled per material in Control Panel).
Added possibility to encrypt tooth libraries.
Improved integration with 3Shape Communicate™.
When exporting to FTP, settings are now remembered.
Various issues fixed, including several Access Violation errors.
Version (April 2011)
The following new features and solved issues are available in Dental System™, version
Hot-fix to solve problem with remodeling older orders after upgrade.
Only install implant libraries included in the installer if library is added on the dongle.
Version (March 2011)
The following new features and solved issues are available in the Dental System, version
Improved integration with 3Shape TRIOS.
Improved integration with 3Shape Communicate.
Possible to make anatomical reduction equal to zero enabling solid crown and coping from the same design.
Various scan issues fixed, including alignment of wax-up scan and freeze of the scan application.
Version (March 2011)
Hot-fix to solve problem with importing orders of format 3M, 3OX, DDX, iTero and UDX
Version (February 2011)
The following new features and solved issues are available in the Dental System, version
Updated C15 Smile Library.
“My recent” orders filter added in Dental Manager.
Added support for importing 3rd party implant-position files.
Improved coverage for scanning.
Various issues fixed, including possibility to save orders containing Korean signs and export of
Version (January 2011)
The following new features and solved issues are available in the Dental System, version
Default tooth index system changed to FDI instead of UNN.
Multi Language On Demand Documentation available through the Dental System Control Panel.
Multi Language “What’s New” information available on install.
Installer size reduced greatly.
Choice of language specific download of manuals offered during install process.
CAMLOG Implant System added to the system.
Various issues fixed, including multiple abutment scanning problem.
Version (December 2010)
Order management (DentalManager™)
General improvement of DentalManager™ performance particular for large amount of orders.
“Copy order” functionality in DentalManager™.
Auto-closing of modeled orders in Dental Manager after selected number of days.
Daily folders option under order folders.
Improved error logging for different Dental Manager versions.
Supporting Windows 7 if user does not have administrator rights (Move materials/configuration out of
Programs folder).
Improved 3D Preview in DentalManager™.
Order creation
Possible to change order without losing scan/design (note: orders might need re-design).
Possible to change material for modeled orders.
Update of order form user-interface.
Keeping “Order form” settings as part of the Installation.
DentalManager Inbox™
General Dental Manager Inbox™ performance improvement.
E-mail notifications in case of problems in receiving orders in DentalManager Inbox™.
DentalManager Inbox™ FTP can now run on SSL.
Sculpt Toolkit
Cut to antagonist for all indications.
Sculpt in finalize for single overpressed crowns.
General DentalDesigner™ improvements
Lingual band and non-uniform offset for pontics.
Improved memory handling in DentalDesigner™ allowing design of larger bridge frameworks/more single
Export of drill coordinates for abutments to XML-file.
“Back” button supported for all scans.
Improved implant bridge/waxup bridge and bar scanning.
Possible to re-register a new scan to the old scan when re-scanning in ScanItRestoration™.
Improved usability in case of die alignment issues in ScanItRestoration™ by showing a color map of the
alignment error and allowing the user to perform manual alignment.
Support for scanning of unsectioned models.
Improvement of manufacturing DLLs.
New manufacturing DLLs (e.g. 3M, KAVO, SIRONA).
Possible to output standard 3OX files to CAM software for order information synchronization.
Product Improvement Program systematically collecting user feedback.
Improved import/export of materials in DentalManager™ Control Panel.
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