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Pensions Online Filing System
Issued January 2011 / Revised September 2014
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1) I am having trouble completing the data entry or submission due to error messages or
“Business Rule Message”; what do I do?
a. First consult the Help/User Manual and if the Help/User Manual does not contain the
answer to your question, phone or email the Compliance Officer for your plan. When
logged in to the Pensions Online Filing System, the Compliance Officer contact
information appears in the left-hand margin of every page.
2) What if my Compliance Officer is unavailable?
a. The upper right corner of every window in the system has a “Contact Us” link that
takes you to the general contact page for Employment Pensions, which includes our
general phone number and our general email address.
3) How do I update our contact information for the plan, including our primary or alternate
contacts as well as or our consultant, actuary or fundholder?
a. Send an email to your Compliance Officer with the update.
4) Can I change my Account Name or Password?
a. No. The account name and password is provided by our office and does not change,
allowing you to remember them easily and to pass on the information to new
employees or your consultants when needed.
5) How do I pay my AIR filing fee?
a. Once the AIR has been submitted, a confirmation email is sent to the Plan
Administrator Contact. That email contains the amount of fee due [including any late
fees as noted in 6(a) below] and the address of the cheque. The cheque is payable
to the Government of Alberta. NOTE: The content of the confirmation email also
appears as the first page of the PDF copy of the submitted AIR that the user is asked
to print and/or save during the submission process.
b. When sending the cheque, identify the plan’s CRA# on the pay stub. You can use a
copy of the confirmation email as the cover letter. Although we do not currently have
an e-payment option, but we hope to introduce this in the future.
6) What if more time is needed to file the AIR or CC?
a. To obtain a filing deadline extension, a written request to the Compliance Officer
must be made prior to the prescribed filing deadline, identifying the extenuating
circumstance(s) and the date for which the extension is requested. A written request
includes an email.
7) What if I file the AIR after the prescribed deadline?
a. The Superintendent of Pensions will assess a late filing penalty of 10% on any
pension plan where the AIR is received after the prescribed filing deadline or, where
the Superintendent of Pensions has consented to an extension of the original filing
deadline, the extended deadline.
Pensions Online Filing System Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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b. Our office collects information on behalf of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) on
“Schedule A” of the AIR. When the AIR is filed late or is not filed at all, CRA can
impose financial penalties under subsection 162(7) of the Income Tax Act, of $25.00
per day up to a maximum of $2,500.00. The CRA may even revoke a plan’s
registration under subsections 147.1 (11) and (12). NOTE: The Superintendent’s
office informs CRA when a filing deadline extension has been granted,
however, CRA still has the right to impose their own late-filing penalty based
on the original deadline.
8) Is filing electronically mandatory?
a. Yes. It became mandatory effective October 1, 2014.
9) How do I make a change to an AIR or CC that has already been submitted?
a. Send the change/update to the Compliance Officer via email.
10) Can I use the “Enter” key to move from field to field when data-entering?
a. No. The industry standard for data-entry in web-based forms is that the “Tab” key
moves you from one field to the next. You can also use your mouse to click into a
the next field.
Pensions Online Filing System Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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